So Long Fellows…. 1/9/13

Adios, Old Boys    

A Fringe Salute 


Dave Goicoechea and Bill Nunes have stepped off the Sierra County Board of Supervisors.  Having watched the Board the last few years, I have a good idea who these old boys are and what we’ll be missing.

Goicoechea, smarter than most elected officials, jumped ship after one term, and after making sure his district was erased from the Earth through redistricting.  An early lesson: he’s thorough.  Goicoechea was by far the most entertaining of the supes during his tenure, using such aw-shucks sayings as “that dog won’t hunt”, “if you’re hunting stupid this is a target rich environment” and “you can put a dress on a pig but it’s still a pig”.  It is not known how Goicoechea came on the information about the pig and the dress; he’s refused to comment.

Goicoechea was an old-boy’s dream on the board, watching out for the landed gentry and encouraging commerce when ever possible.  He was tenacious and defended those aspects of the county which make it unique.  In Sierra County, that’s how you look after the public’s interest.  He was savvy, cynical and smart-ass, a winning combination in a local politician.

Bill Nunes, in my view, was one of the best supervisor’s we’ve had.  In my years of watching the board I’ve seen over and over how Bill would clarify the issue, bring some reason to it, and seek a rational compromise.  Bill worked very hard, represented the county well in various groups, and did a good job of identifying and addressing resident needs.  Bill wasn’t as flamboyant a supervisor as some, his voice was often the softest in the conversation, but he was rock solid.  I feel he probably contributed the greatest effort toward resolution of difficult issues of any board member.  The whole county owes Bill major thanks.

Good luck, old boys, and good luck the rest of us!

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