Superior Court of Sierra County Report 10/24/12

10/24/12 Adam Akhtar 33 of Davis appeared before Judge John Kennelly at his Felony Arraignment on October 23 at the Superior Court in Sierra County. Malik had previously been ordered to stand trial on felony level charges of attempted murder of a peace officer, Deputy Nathan Rust, by using an automobile, resisting a peace officer by means of threats or force, attempted battery on a peace officer, attempting to elude a peace officer in a reckless manner.

Superior Court Judge John Kennelly

In July of this year Malike allegedly threatened an employee of a restaurant and bar in Nevada County with a gun. During the chase that ensued involving Nevada County, Yuba County, the CHP and Sierra County law enforcement Malik racked up several charges against himself including an attempted murder of a peace office. Just prior to his arrest on Highway 49 in Sierra County Malik allegedly attempted to run over Deputy Rust with his vehicle and was shot by the deputy.  Malik faces 15 years to life for the attempted murder charge and several more years for the other five counts plus the possibility of a $10,000+ fine if convicted. Malik is still in custody in lieu of bail which is set at $150,000.

Defendant Adam Akhtar Malik with Public Defender Jerry Cooper

Sierra County Sgt. Tim Standley escorted Malik from Jail to the Courtroom and checks paperwork


At the hearing Public Defender Jerry Cooper assisted Malik with paperwork until his Attorney, Stephen Munkelt appeared. Munkelt attended the hearing by telephone on a speaker, and apologized saying he had not calendered the date correctly. During the hearing he took over as counsel relieving Mr. Cooper and Waiving Time for court proceedings. Malik faces 15 years to life for attempted murder of a peace officer and varying degrees of punishment for the other five counts against him plus $10,000 + in fines. Munkelt said his client pleas not guilty to all charges. A pre-trial is set for November 9 at 9 a.m.
In other proceedings Judge Kennelly heard a case involving interfering with a Peace Officers duties, a felony, against Konstantin I. Ostapenko. A Russian interpreter, Omar Katonoff, was used by the court to assist Ostapenko in understanding the proceedings. In the interests of justice, Ostapenko was allowed to plead to a misdeameanor 148 PC resisting or obstructing and  receiving 45 days in jail with credit for 20 days served, one year unsupervised probation. The Judge explained all of his rights and what it meant to plead guilty to the misdemeanor, including the possibility of deportation as he is not a citizen of the United States.
Superior Court Judge Charles Ervin also heard several cases involving Driving Under the Influence  and other charges .

Judge Charles Ervin hears charges brought against defendants by District Attorney Larry Allen for the People.

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