Tage Gets it Straight 12/12/12

In a response to November 22, 2012 Mountain Messenger editorial by Editor Don Russell entitled “One Republican’s Analysis” non-partisan Tage Hansen wrote the following:

The article in your paper, November 22, “One Republican’s Analysis” the first 5 items are not realistic, but item 6, “Who did what that got us into this mess”, is the one I am trying to answer.
My non-partisan’s analysis: at this time all agree that Bill Clinton’s 8 years in the White House were good for the economy, leaving billions of dollars in surplus for George Bush to waste.
The Florida 2000 election results were all screwed up, and finally, the U.S. Supreme Court refused a re-count, and pronounced George Bush president on a 5-4 vote, when the popular vote favored Gore by half a million votes.
Bush/Cheney got us into the Iraqi war based on “Weapons of mass destruction” that never existed. They followed with a war in Afghanistan, making 2 wars the longest in U.S. history, and costing trillions of dollars. We ended his presidency by creating the worst recession since the great depression. No wonder that no Republican candidate in the last election wanted his opinion, not even the convention crowd.
Obama’s first 4 years resulted in the following:
1. He got Bin Laden (Bush declared “We will get him dead or alive”) Empty words.
2. He successfully bailed out GM and Chrysler at no cost to the taxpayers.
3. He made improvements regarding unemployment.
4. He ended the Iraqi war.
5. He stayed out of the “Arab Spring” conflict.
6. He passed “Obama Care” giving medical coverage to all, lining us up with the rest of the industrial world, and saved billions of dollars from the greedy insurance companies, health care for profit providers and pharmaceutical companies.
7. He retained our status in the outside world as being the no one world of power to be trusted. Remember George Bush’s landing on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Iraqi war with a banner “Mission accompliced”, what a sad joke.
For a better showing of your party in the 2016 election, I suggest the following:
1. Leave women’s issues to the voters.
2. Leave same-sex marriage issues to the voters.
3. Support a realistic immigration bill.
4. Avoid your religious talks about “legitimate rape” and “Gods intentions about the outcome”.
5. Realize that the tea party is a creation of frustrated losers living in the past, with no place in today’s life, nor in the future.
This gives you 4 years to get your act together before voting for the likes of Bush/Cheney, McCain/Palin or Romney/Paul.
Tage Hansen, Corte Madera

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