Thanks from Mary Clemo’s Family 2/6/13

Dear Editor:
On behalf of Mary Clemo’s family, we would like to thank everyone for the kind and thoughtful expressions of sympathy. We received many lovely cards, notes, and telephone calls. Many of you shared your memories of our Mom, who was affectionately known as Grandma Mary, which we enjoyed and appreciated. What a special community.!!!
Rick and Gail Clemo

One thought on “Thanks from Mary Clemo’s Family 2/6/13

  1. I was an uphill neighbor years ago and saw Mary often, mostly just a friendly wave. One day, I was walking down the hill towards town and Mary waved for me to come over. We talked a little about her blooming Clematis, and then she asked if I was hungry and to come in. Inside, she gave me a bowl of lima beans and ham hocks! Just like that! Hot damn, they were delicious.
    I have been all over the country since then, but I have to say that was a most fortuitous meeting that day, and I’ll never forget her hospitality. To her family, sorry for the loss of your generous Mom.

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