Fringe and Me Argue 10/2012

On his Free Marijuana piece……

On Oct 6, 2012, at 7:09 AM, Fringe wrote:

Don’t you wish that potty mouth man would stop talking about the devil weed?
Thanks for publishing my piece, even if you had to distance yourself a little bit.
I’d like to point out that only the Sacramento Bee has done a better job of chronicling the social change around marijuana.  My piece was extensive and comprehensive and I doubt you even read it.  Still, you told your loyal readers to read it and that is good enough for me.
I’ll try to write about kitties this week, to cheer you up!

Me replied:

Hey, my comments are designed to get people to read it… I read it… you know one big issue that keeps coming up from opponents is how difficult it is to have a test determining DUI with marijuana. There is no easy field test or quick breath test etc. so it seems possible there would be issues with unsafe drivers, you never talk about a solution to this. It is fairly easy to identify the difference between a drunk driver and someone suffering a medical condition ie: diabetic incident or stroke, you only talk about why it would be an economical advantage and don’t offer solutions for the problems it will create…

Fringe said:

You read it!  I’m satisfied if you read it.
Yeah, I know the whole “it’s inconvenient for the cops to bust you” argument, but it doesn’t really matter, since ganja alone is not highly represented in car crashes.  You are twice as likely to have a crash if you’ve just smoked as if you hadn’t, but still far less likely to crash than if you just got a big mac and a cup of hot coffee and try to eat while you drive.  if you ever eat at the wheel, you’re worse than a pot smoker, and I think we should have some kind of test for you.  Old people crash much more than people in their 30s; I don’t think we should let you drive; there is even already a handy test: your age.
No, I talk about it for the social benefit of legalization; money only comes into it because money is what drives cops, DAs, and people who grow and sell marijuana.  For me, it’s an issue of freedom.  No one has made a compelling issue of why my freedom should be taken away, and “because we already have alcohol” isn’t a compelling reason.  I’ll trade you: make wine illegal and legalize pot; alcohol is the real demon drug.
Thanks for reading my stuff!
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