The Fringe 10/31/12

Election Excitement

10/31/12 By the Fringe

Normally, I’m not very excited by politics but this year I have to admit I’m absolutely limp.  It’s been many a decade since I noticed that American politics swings all the way from deep right of center to just right of center.  At some point even the most average of us should realize politics is a sucker’s game, and no matter who wins, we probably lose.  In spite of that very disillusioned starting place, this year’s candidates disappoint me.

If Obama were to run unopposed he would lose; it takes the Republicans to make the Democrats look good.  The Republicans continue to be against almost everything while the Democrats are only against everything else.  Abortion, which is a medical decision and not the government’s business, continues to be the cause celebre for Republicans; they just can say something stupid enough on this deeply personal issue.   In response the Democrats have been extremist alarmist and even repressive.

However, we have to vote and we know it.  If we don’t vote, the other guy the worse one, will get in, and then who knows what would happen.

We all know what would happen: what’s going to happen anyway.  There are still Dems out there who feel that if Gore had been elected we wouldn’t have gone to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Obama hasn’t changed U.S. policy in the Middle East much, though, and justice is no more available to the average person under the half White president that it was under the all White president.

Keeping us divided and pre-occupied with issues like abortion and gay marriage and even gun control is a strategy.  Picking away at each others’ liberties is how we are kept from noticing what a racket for the rich government is.  Law and law making are games for the rich and powerful.  We can vote and divide the nation nearly equally and in the end the same handful of mostly White mostly Men will continue to make the decisions that count.

My solution?  What else.  I’m going to vote for the one guy instead of the worse guy.  What could it possibly hurt?

If you haven’t made your mind up between the guy and the one that’s worse, the parties are wooing you.  Go to

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