The Old Timers Page 9/29/12

9/29/12 I ran across this on the Facebook page “You know you’re from Sierra County  if you remember”, if you aren’t on Facebook that page is worth signing up for. Meanwhile for some 2002 history of Alleghany, Forest, Pike go here 2002 Reunion Alleghany




9/7/12  Downieville Champions

Downieville Champion Fast-Pitch Softball Team
Back row left to right is Blair Alexander, Tommy Smith, Bud Hallman, Clyde Kintz, Elmer Butz, Bob Kintz and Ronnie Walston.
Front Row left to right is Mel Ponta, Sammie Beckoff, Jackie Agen, Julio Daneri, Andy Ponta and Turk Johnson. Photo courtesy of David Marshall





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