Tim Guffin Needs Your Vote 4/17/13


Tim Guffin, son of locals, Linda and Paul Guffin, is quite the avid outdoorsmen.  When he’s not working, he is rocking climbing, bouldering, skiing, snowboarding, hiking and exploring the outdoors.  One of his greatest passions is photography; so it’s no surprise that he would register for a climbing photo workshop being held in Colorado this coming June.  This is where all of you come in.  The course is $1600, and the submitted photo with the most “likes”, wins a full paid course.  Tim has submitted nine photos in the Rock & Ice photo contest.  He needs your help to win this amazing opportunity.  To help, go to http://www.rockandice.com/Default.aspx?PageID=14527348&A=WebApp&CCID=17091&Page=21&Items=8

and click on each photo and then click the like button for each photo.  There are nine photos that you can vote for.  The photos are currently at the bottom of page 25 and top of page 26.  The photos might move to the next page, so just make sure when you click on the photo to enlarge it, it says “Photo by: Tim Guffin”.  Perhaps if Tim does win, and gets a spot in the workshop, he would come and share all his photos with us!

Tim who lives in San Francisco, loves to hit the outdoors in the Downieville area whenever he can.  Tim is a self-taught photographer who has had a lot of time to hone his skills with the camera.  To see more of Tim’s awe-inspiring photos, go to www.timguffin.com.
If you need any help with the website, or have any questions, call Linda or Paul Guffin at 289-2751, Rachel Guffin at 289-2720.

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