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New Stickers Celebrating Rapid Growth At

by Mark

It’s official. This month is our biggest month ever at In fact, growth this season has been incredible and continues to build. We even had to bump up our bandwidth with our ISP and we’re already nudging that limit again. Here’s a graph that makes it pretty clear:


Average monthly visits at

Average monthly visits at

I am often asked if anybody reads anything around here and as it turns out, more and more people are doing that, resulting in roughly 11,000 visits a month this season. This month, with extra traffic generated just by the Undercover Boss articles, we expect to exceed 14,000 visits.  We are pretty stoked and we hope you are too.

Sure, it’s still tiny compared to the official Alpine Meadows site. It’s also a small fraction of the traffic generated by the other Unofficial guys in town. We’re more interested in genuine content here, by providing real local content that matters. About 240 articles have been posted over the last year alone and we’ll never resort to re-posting funny videos from around the internet to generate traffic.

We hope to continue our growth through providing the best information we can about what is really happening at Alpine Meadows. We love that we are getting more and more guest contributions each month because, clearly, we don’t know everything. Thanks to everyone that been providing content and sharing stories online.

In celebration, we have some new die cut stickers available in green, white and black. The size is just right for helmets, skis, your Thule box or rear window of your vehicle. Since Alpine Meadows is on a sticker removal campaign, we suggest not applying them to chairlifts, lockers or other company property. We need your help in continuing to get the word out about Catch Mark on the hill or send us an e-mail if you would like a new die cut in green, black or white – or the classic stickers in black or green.

UA die cuts


Thanks for your support of and think snow because we are tired of snain.

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