Useless Information 1/9/13

1. On February 22, 1989, Barbara Jo Rubin became the first female jockey to win a horse race. She rode Cohesian to victory at Charlestown Racetrack in West Virginia. The first woman to ride in the Kentucky Derby was Diane Crump on May 2, 1970.
2. The song “Hey Bulldog” on the Beatles’ album Yellow Submarine was the last song John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote in full collaboration. Oddly enough, while the song was on the album, it wasn’t used in the film of the same title.
3. The male fox will mate for life, and if the female dies, he remains single for the rest of his life. However, if the male dies, the female will hook up with a new mate.
4. Greek conqueror Alexander the Great ordered his entire army to shave their faces and heads. He believed beards and long hair were too easy for an enemy to grab in order to decapitate his victim.
5. Aristotle believed the main purpose of the human brain was to cool the blood.
6. When medieval clans wanted to downsize and dispose of unwanted folks without murdering them, they just burned their houses to the ground as a small hint. Thus the phrase “to get fired”
7. There are 40,000 muscles and tendons in an elephant’s trunk. This makes it very strong and flexible, allowing an elephant to pluck a delicate flower, untie a knot, or tear a tree out of the ground; yet the trunk is sensitive enough to smell water 3 miles away.
8. Discuss and hammer throwers are allowed only 2 spikes on each shoe.
9. The power lawn mower was invented by Ransom E. Olds (of Oldsmobile fame) in 1915.
10. When delivering his famous “Farewell Address,” Washington spoke through false teeth that were fashioned from whalebone.

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