Veterans Luncheon at the Grubstake 11/14/12

Siierra County Veterans met at the Bell Tower in Downieville on Sunday November 11 and mustered for a march down  Main St to the Grubstake Saloon, Don and Mary K. alongwith Laura and Joyce served a wonderful tasty primerib luncheon. After lunch Colonel Andy Rosenau gave a talk on his Desert Storm duty.

Mary Johnsen and John Funk organize flag carriers.

Gary Grutkowski and Sam White prepare to muster.

Nancy Pate Carnahan wears her fatigues..

Dan Farrington carries American Flag and leads Sierra County Veterans down Main St with Andy Carpenter to his right.

Steve Wurtzburger and Bob Burkhard order lunch from Laura

Tom Schumann, Patty and Tommy Gingg with Freddy watch Veterans march down Main St.

Art Loveland in uniform.
Photo by Mary Johnsen

Bernie Stringer introduces Colonel Andy Rosenau
Photo by Mary Johnsen

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