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DOWNIEVILLE- The Western Sierra Medical Clinic’s Dr. Scott Kellermann, who also hangs his stethoscope in Uganda treating the Batwa pygmies, needs your vote. And as Chicago’s Mayor Daley said “Vote often!”

            That request is because there is an award called the 4th Annual Classy Awards and Kellermann has been selected as a Western Region Top 5 Finalist for “Volunteer of the Year” of those Classy awards. The awards are sometimes referred to as the Oscars for philanthropy and feature the largest philanthropic awards ceremony in the U.S.

            The next stage of the selection process is an on-line vote before July 26th. That reminds us of the amazing record of a similar voting process initiated by Randi McCreary for the school prom when the whole town joined in as mad voting machines. That was a while back but the practice was good preparation for this one and the reward of this also well worth the campaign.

            So- The spot is listed midway down the page under VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR.

            Read more about it at:– poverty-to-self-sufficiency.

            Although Kellermann admits to being moved by this tremendous honor, he also notes that “the positive media attention will help gain new friends and assist in supporting the work in Uganda. Please help spread the word!”

The information may be shared with friends, family and everyone else, by Facebook and other links, including this newspaper, with the recognition that every vote counts.

            So once again- The spot is listed midway down the page under VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR. Vote-vote-vote!

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