Weed Workshop May 8th in SVL 4/17/13

SVRCD “ Weeds Zero” Workshop
May 8th 10-2pm Sierraville School
Sierra Valley RCD is kicking off its 2013 Weed Management Program season with a public workshop to be held Wednesday May 8th at the Sierraville School Building.  This informational workshop is informal and doors will be open from 10:00am till 2:00pm.   Weed identification material, self-monitoring tips and weed treatment cooperator signups will be available at the workshop.
Plumas-Sierra Ag Dept will offer permit renewals for commercial agriculture operators.  Please call in advance if you plan to renew your permit at this workshop, so permit paperwork can be prepared by the Ag Dept (283-6365).  Homeowners and hobby farmers are not required to have these permits.
Weed treatment professional, Rick Reimer, will be available to answer questions and discuss invasive noxious weed treatments based on weed specie and site specific characteristics.  Program focus is on Tall Whitetop, Hoary Cress, Musk Thistle, Star Thistle and Poison Hemlock. Other rated noxious weeds can be treated through this program depending on extent of invasion and scheduled workload.
Information about the recently funded Sierra Valley Agricultural Water Quality and Habitat Enhancement Project will also be presented.  Sierra Nevada Conservancy has funded this important project for Sierra Valley RCD and project cooperators under the Preservation of Ranches and Agricultural Lands Grant Program.
Bring your noxious weed questions (and site photos if available) and we will work with you to identity the best treatment method for your property and schedule a treatment for the 2013 season.  Questions contact project coordinators Carol at cjdobbas@yahoo.com, 775-722-2610 or Jeff at jc.1@sbcglobal.net, 823-4319. SVRCD email is sierravalleyrcd@gmail.com

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