Weekly Warrior by Jojo Epps 3/13/13

 Weekly Warrior

                                          By Jojo Epps

Hello Weekly Warrior fans! Recently the elementary and high school students celebrated Read Across America on March 5th, by wearing their pajamas, receiving green eggs and ham sweet treats, and having ten guest readers. The readers read their favorite pieces of poetry, chapters of books, and Dr. Seuss books. A big thank you goes out to all thereaders– Peggy Daigle, Paul and Linda Guffin, Dee Wallace, Tom Schumann, Mary Nourse, Bette Jo Lang, Sandy Loving, Jim Johnston, and Derek Cooper. A lunch-in was also held for the staff, which they had celebrated with Seuss themed food, such as green deviled eggs and ham, Urtle the Turtle cheese cake, and greenfrittata. The teacher room door was decorated as a Lorax and the table was topped with red and white paper with Seuss quotes written on it, thanks to Fiona Baiker. The K-3 students celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday by doing their very own version of Walk It In My Pocket, and having their very own classroom creatures. Another thank you goes out to Peggy Daigle for organizing an amazing celebration for Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

            The Kindergarten thru 3rd graders are practicing their map skills, for future adventures! The students are also practicing descriptive paragraph writing, and are doing very well! The whole class is doing excellently in reading, and they are reading more books as each week goes by! Keep up the good work kids!

            The fourth thru sixth graders are getting ready for a marble party in celebration of their outstanding behavior. The fourth grade class is learning long division, and the sixth grade is learning improper fractions and mixed numbers. The fourth grade also just did a big writing test, and they all feel confident about the test.  The sixth graders have been setting amazing examples and have been great role models to all the classesyounger than them. All 4th, 5th, and 6th graders are submitting poems to the Young American Poetry contest, learningabout the human body, and studying vascular plants.

            The elementary students just finished off an amazing season of basketball with a game against each other. Lots of support came from the community members who attended their last game on their home court! The team honored Coach Fillo with a basketball cake made by Amber Sainsbury, a card signed by all the players, and a group hug at center court. Coach Fillo is also sending off high school girls to basketball camp to prepare them for next season!

            Juniors and seniors are starting mock stock market online, and learning more each day about economists and stock marketing skills. The high school is also starting their tennis season with eight players, and March 15th they will be attending their first official practice. The eight players are Hannah Ford, Marie Ellsworth, Fiona Baiker, Justin Anderson, Tommy Dines, Alexis Whitaker, AliRambo, and Savannah Burr.  Juniors are also gearing up to take their SAT’s; wish them luck! Savannah Burr has moved on AGAIN in the Lion’s Club Speech contest; good job Savannah! All students in the high school are preparing for the Talent Show, which will be held on March 22nd and the Spring Musical, which will be held the weekend of May 17th /18th.

            Students just attended Reach, and came back with nothing but positive vibes and goodadvice.  They mentioned that they all had a lot of fun, learned a lot, challenged their inner selves, and met many new faces. They are counting down the days until next year’s Reach Program! Thank you Shelley Fischer for organizing our participation at this annual event.

            A friendly reminder that there is a half-day on March 19th and the end of the quarter is on Thursday, March 28th.

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