Weekly Warrior by Leslie Baker 4/3/13

Weekly Warrior

By: Leslie Baker

Spring has sprung, and the cliché is fitting, for the trees are laden with buds and blossoms. With the new grass, sprouts new sports and activities. We at Downieville School are happy for the good weather and we hope you are as well.

To start off, we need some congratulations for another ambitious senior. MarieEllsworth has made it to the final round of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Seymour Award selection! She is one of 10 seniors in the northern region of California to qualify to this point and she has already won $2000 for making it this far. If she wins this last section of the contest,there is a prize of over $3000 and recognition at the CSF Conference on April 6th waiting for her. Root for her and celebrate her excellent academic achievement.

Speaking of achievement, a Downieville alumnus visited last week. Cody Fischer arrived with some friends from a computer tech college in Tempe, Arizona. They talked about tuition (large), standard of living, the weather (hot), the campus, and they accepted questions about miscellaneous college life. They also talked about majors, minors, and computer competitions. It was a good session for us to learn what university is all about.

The school would like to make a shout out to our wonderful community and beyond for an unbelievable turnout at our Student Council-run, All-School Talent Show.Thank you all for coming; we more than sufficiently paid for our Prom this year and are far enough back into the black to be comfortable. The acts were amazing! First was “Welcome Aboard”, a medley of songs from the upcoming school musical, performed by the drama class. Second was more singing and a hilarious bit of stand-up comedy performed by the K-3 class. After that was a Trash Fashion showcase put on by the Junior High students and Hannah Dunnam.  Sean Epps sang/played the “Cup Song”, followed by a group of high school students performing a live action version of the viral Internet sensation, the “Harlem Shake.” It brought an uproarious round of guffaws from the crowd and now it is on the Web. Then came the “I Knew You Were Stubble” parody of the Taylor Swift song “I Knew You Were Trouble,” performed by Makaila Rollins, Daisy Warta and Eliane Campbell.   Some original poetry reading by Mrs. Salva’s 4-6th grade class followed a chuckle-inducing life-based monologue by Alison Rambo. The ending was an amazing synchronized dance presented by the drama class to the song “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5. Thank you to Peggy Daigle, Cathy Stewart, Kathy Fischer, Cracker Eshleman, Greg Bostrom, BJ Jordan, Amber Sainsbury, Suzi Pangman, Lynn Fillo, Laura Salva, Alicia Schofield, Cynthia Schofield, Hilary Lozano and Corey Peterman for their help and coaching that led to such a fabulous show!

Another expression of gratitude goes out to those who bought “thank you” cupcakes for another Student Council fundraiser.  The sweet treats were delivered on Tuesday, March 26th.

The students in Mrs. Salva’s 4-6th grade class are learning about weather science and the students are rapidly improving their grades!  Students have gone up half a grade level and some, even a full grade, so that they are ahead in class.  Good job and keep up the good work!

Student Council would also like to announce that they are holding a dinner April 23rd at 5:00 p.m. before Open House. Prices for the dinner are not yet released, but the menu will be pulled pork, coleslaw, ranch style beans, iced tea and water, and a table full of yummy desserts.  The dinner is country themed, and we hope to see y’all there.

Finally, today is the end of the third quarter; report cards will be out after April 10th.  Tomorrow, the 29th of March, is the beginning of Spring Break, which lasts the whole following week. School comes back in session Tuesday, April 9th. Enjoy the balmy weather; I know I will!


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