Weekly Warrior by Marie Ellsworth 3/13/13

                              Weekly Warrior
                               Marie Ellsworth

Hello again! This month has been jam packed full of activities and upcoming events. Lions¹ Club Speech Contest club level winner Savannah Burr won regional in Nevada City and is moving on to the next level on March 23rd. The contest will be held in
Grass Valley. We¹d like to congratulate Savannah on her excellent performance and wish her luck.
Read Across America was on March 5th. We had several guest speakers from the community come into school and read to both elementary and secondary students. We¹d like to thank Paul and Linda Guffin, Dee Wallace, Tom Schumann, Mary Nourse, Bette Jo Lang, Sandy Loving, Jim Johnston, Derek Cooper and Peggy Daigle for
enlightening the school with their reading. In honor of the Dr. Seuss children¹s series there was ³green eggs and ham² sugar treats and baked goods in the teachers lounge, as well as the door decorated as the Lorax. The teacher¹s potluck lunch that day featured Dr. Seuss themed food, including green deviled eggs and ham, green frittata, and Urtle the Turtle cheesecake.  It was all in good fun and the elementary children even wore pj¹s and relaxed while they were being read to.

The Kindergarten through 3rd graders are practicing their map skills, for future adventures! The students are also practicing descriptive paragraph
writing, and are doing very well! The whole class is doing excellently in reading, and they are reading more books as each week goes by!  The fourth thru sixth graders are getting ready for a marble party in celebration of their outstanding behavior. The
fourth grade class is learning long division, and the sixth grade is learning improper fractions and mixed numbers. The fourth grade also just did a big writing test, and they all feel confident about the test.  The sixth graders have been setting amazing
examples and have been great role models to all the classes younger than them.
All 4th, 5th, and 6th graders are submitting poems to the Young American Poetry contest, learning about the human body, and studying vascular plants.

The elementary students just finished off an amazing season of basketball with a
game against each other. Lots of support came from community members who
attended their last game on their home court! The team honored Coach Fillo with
a basketball cake made by Amber Sainsbury, a card signed by all the players, and a group hug at center court. Coach Fillo is also hoping to send off high
school girls to basketball camp to prepare them for next season!

Upcoming events include a half-day on March 19th and a PTO Meeting on March 20th.   The juniors and seniors are starting Mock Stock Market Online, learning all about economics and stock marketing skills. The juniors are also gearing up to take the SAT. Wish them luck! Tennis practice begins on March 15th and the first game is in April. The team this year consists of veterans Hannah Ford and Fiona Baiker. New additions to the team include Marie Ellsworth, Justin Anderson, Tommy Dines, Alexis Whitaker, Ali Rambo and Savannah Burr. We will be practicing intensely for two hours after school the entire season. The year is almost three-fourths completed! The end of the quarter is on Thursday March 28th.

On March 22nd the Talent Show will be performed at Yuba Theatre. Many students from Downieville K-12 will be participating. Make sure to check out the talent of Downieville¹s youth. Tickets available at the door! In recent weeks the Drama Class has been working diligently on the upcoming Spring Musical called The Lady Pirates of Captain Bree.  The musical will be performed on May 17th and 18th at the Yuba Theatre at 7:00pm.

 Sweaty palms and the vehement pounding of your heartbeat in your ears accompanied by the sickening realization that your limits are going to be pushed farther than ever before: this is REACH. REACH for the Future 2013 was an amazing experience for the 7th-12th graders who attended. REACH is a three-day youth conference put on every year since 1992 at Richardson Springs, outside of Chico, California. Approximately 375 teenagers attended from sixteen separate schools, including C.O.R.E Butte, Colusa High, Nevada Union, Fairview High and Downieville High. REACH for the Future encourages teens to reach out to others through bonding and the sharing of experiences with new people and to find the courage within oneself to look to the future for hope and change.

Downieville High students had a two and a half hour car ride, but the more difficult journey was an emotional and spiritual one. One of the most heart-wrenching things that I saw while attending REACH took place on the third and final day of the conference at the Challenge Wall. In silence each person touched the fifteen-foot wall and gave it a symbolic meaning, or a challenge they wanted to overcome in their lives.
The goal of overcoming the Challenge Wall is to work together to push, pull, lift, and most importantly support each individual in their journey over the wall with man power alone.  Each year I have attended, this activity has always brought out the best in people; however this year stood out because of the level of courage shown exceeded all I have seen in the past.  One teenage girl was scared to try because of her weight; she attempted it but first did not succeed. Several minutes later after about a dozen more individuals went up and over the wall, she tried again. Never in all my life have I seen the courage displayed by this brave young woman. After all her effort, she succeeded and cried because she was so overjoyed with accomplishing something she thought she couldn¹t do. I couldn¹t help but tear up. She inspired others who thought they couldn¹t make it over the wall to try. It was truly a life changing experience witnessing such a display of hope.

REACH for the Future challenges students to be the best that they can be while staying true to their beliefs. I personally would advise anyone who has doubts about attending REACH to please attend. It can be a life changing experience.

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