What A Beautiful Morning 11/7/12

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!
by Bruce Bambaum

I woke up this morning to the sight of the top 2,500’ of Mt. Pilchuck,
which rises 4,400’ above our home directly south of us, covered in
snow. Last night we had a bit of a power rainfall that put nearly 2”
in our rain gauge, with temperatures low enough to cover more than
half the mountain with snow. Clouds were playing with the mountain all
morning, almost totally obscuring it at times, revealing trees at
various levels at other times, and revealing the mountain almost to
tits summit at other times. I ate a fabulous breakfast of pancakes
that my wife, Karen, made for me, all the while looking through our
huge front windows to the forest and mountain scene that fills our
view daily. It is akin to living in paradise.
I then took our three younger dogs on a morning walk in the
nearby U.S. Forest Service campground that is closed to the general
public from Columbus Day to Memorial Day, making it perfect for
walking the dogs the rest of the years except when heavy winter snows
prevent parking adjacent to it or walking through it. But this morning
as openings in the clouds allowed sunlight to stream through the
enormous conifers, maples, alders and cottonwoods, even while some
rain was falling, turning each raindrop into a glowing diamond as it
fell silently on the mosses and leaves covering the ground and the
campground roadways, which were turned into speckled pathways of
green, yellow, and brown leaves—with some hinting at orange and red
(not flamboyant like New England, but lovely nonetheless)—and
virtually covering the underlying asphalt. Karen stayed at home with
our oldest dog, Cecca (pronounced check-ah) who was too gimpy this
morning to walk the long roadways of the campground, but was able to
play and work with together on other things they bothenjoy doing
immensely. So they had a good time, even though missing the wonders of
the campground. So, in fact, it was wonderful for all of us.
It was, indeed, a spectacularly beautiful morning, one that most
people can only dream about, but one that we are fortunate enough to
actually experience in real time. We know how lucky we are.

What made the morning even more spectacular to me were the results of
yesterday’s elections. Here in Washington, in my newly redrawn
congressional district, right-wing-Tea Party candidate John Koster
lost fairly handily to an unknown former Microsoft worker, Suzanne del
Bene, who may or may not prove to be good in the House of
Representatives, but surely will be better than Koster, who will still
remain my representative on our Snohomish County Council. (He’ll still
be able to wreak havoc…locally. For example, he’s the guy who wrote
the legislation to make the motocross project possible…the one that
I’ve been fighting for the past 5 1/2 years. So he is a total
disaster, as are all the other Tea Party types. (The only good thing I
can say about that crew is that dress honestly, wearing the same
clothing that people wore 240 years ago, exactly  where they want us
to return today.) Koster’s loss made my morning better.
Beyond that, it appears that the governor’s race is heading
toward Democrat Jay Inslee, who has been a very good U.S. House
Representative for several years, and should prove to be a good
progressive force in the Governor’s office. His opponent, current
Attorney General Rob McKenna, is a very bright, very competent person
himself, but I was dismayed that he joined the other Republican
Attorneys General in opposing Obamacare in front of the Supreme Court.
This represents a mixed bag, but I see it as positive, on balance.
Bob Ferguson appears to be the winner for the next Attorney
General here in Washington State, against the absurd candidacy of
Republican Reagan Dunn, whose only claims to fame is that his mother
was former Rep. Jennifer Dunn, who named her son after her hero,
Ronald Reagan. Ugh! The outcome of this race surely made the morning
even more brilliant.
Gay marriage in Washington appears to be passing. We’re finally
recognizing the fact that gay people are no different from straight,
and will not prove to be the downfall of this country, as they have
never been the downfall of the Israeli military or now, our own
military. Maybe we’re beginning to wake up to reality. That, too,
makes the morning better.
But the best result was the presidential outcome. It put a real
final glow on my morning. Not that Romney (alias Mittens) would have
been a total disaster, for it seems to me that philosophically he’s
rather moderate, as he proved to be when governor of Massachusetts.
But he tacked so far to the right to win the Republican primaries,
then attempted his second etch-a-sketch revision as he swung back
toward the center to try to gain independent’s vote in the general
election. He almost pulled off the double scam. He came closer in the
popular vote than in the electoral vote. But our outdated rules say
that it’s the electoral vote that counts…and if we don’t like that, we
should amend the constitution pronto to get it right. Republicans, who
will point to Obama’s slim popular lead seemed not to mind when Bush
lost the popular vote in 2000, and was finally selected by 5 out of 9
justices from the Supreme Court
So it was a good morning. A wonderful morning. A beautiful
Beyond that, we have the future. (I’ll try to keep my thoughts
focused on the beautiful morning.)


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