William Henry Bishop
December 19, 1921 – November 15, 2012
Bill Bishop was a long-time resident of the Downieville and Goodyears Bar area. e was born in a small town east of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, served in t4he Army Infantry n Europe during WWII and participated in many of the major battles of the war.
Following the war he moved to Downieville to pursue a job offer from the Forest Service. He spent a great amount of his life working in the timber industry as a forester.
He was also the tax assessor for Sierra county for several terms in the 1960s and early 70s. He proudly was the owner of Oak Ranch for many years.
Around 1974 he moved to the Salmon, Idaho area. He was very fond of his horses and his numerous trips into the back country of California and the wilderness of Idaho.
He was an avid reader and enjoyed the Wall Street Journal early every morning as well as hundreds of books, mostly history. He strongly felt “he was an ordinary man, nothing more.” He often said “the only significance of death is that it’s now another person’s turn.”
Bill died November 15 in Hamilton, Montana, where he had battled Alzheimer’s Disease for about 10 years. He was nearly 91 years old. Per his wishes, there were no funeral services of any kind. His remains will be placed in one of his favorite places by his immediate family
He is survived by two sons, Vernon and Joe, daughter Jessie, six grandchildren and our great grandchildren.
As he would say: It’s now somebody else’s turn.

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