Yes Don, there really is an AT&T 1/2/13

1/2/13 The Mountain Messenger has been going through two major setbacks the last few weeks. First Don Russell, the editor, had major knee surgery and has been away from his desk. And then the phone and computers connections failed.

Meanwhile, the newspapers’ internet service provider AT&T had some  serious miscommunication between their customer service representatives and what was happening out in the real world. Several days of repeated promises to be there during certain hours, resulting in people spending a lot of time waiting, making arrangements for someone else to wait and many telephone calls asking when they will be there as day after day no one came, and the telephone rep from AT&T kept saying they would be here any minute.  The Messenger has been without telephone or internet service for more than two weeks, a sorry state for any one but certainly for a business that relies on communication it was a critical lapse. AT&T’s business relies on people wanting to communicate so what happened, we wonder.

Finally today AT&T appeared

AT&T technician, who did a marvelous job, arrives in Downieville to repair the Mountain Messenger communications. It didn’t take him long to make the repairs maybe an hour or so, and so why, we wonder, did it take so long for the company to dispatch someone to Downieville.

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