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From the time my family was glued to the television watching the Watergate hearings in 1973, I was hooked on politics.  It stunned me that such important men were being brought into the public sphere to answer for their misdeeds.  And it gave me pride in our political system that the corrupt would be brought to justice.  I knew that such a system could make it possible for everyone in our country to have an equal opportunity at the happiness and prosperity that we were all aiming for.  Fairness was my obsession when it came to making it in this world.  Doing something that helped others and protected the magnificent complexity of the earth drove my passions.

I was born and raised in Northern California to teachers who valued hard work, education and this equality of opportunity. With good grades and the opportunity for Federal loans, I was able to get an excellent education, learning about world economies and political systems at Pomona College, Rutgers University, and Columbia University.  With that education, I have proudly worked for two decades in public service, protecting and managing our natural resources and working to promote sustainable solutions to modern challenges. I have fought my whole life for common sense government that encourages innovation, responsibly protects our resources, and empowers communities.

My career has always involved making government more efficient and encouraging innovation while protecting the health and welfare of working families, and to ensure a level playing field for all companies. I know that we can restore economic vitality to our rural communities by shifting resources to the real job-creators and making big corporations pay their fair share. I will make sure that our communities, with vast forest and water resources that benefit the whole state, will always have a seat at the table, and will share in the prosperity that our natural resources provide.

I firmly believe that a strong middle class is key to America’s future. That’s why I will always work to make the dream of middle class life into a reality for working families, by protecting the right to retire, making college more affordable, and ensuring that all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care. As the working mother of two sons, I know first-hand the hardships that working families can face, and will always speak up for us when we’re threatened.

The daughter of one veteran and the mother of another, I understand that the promises we make to our service members are sacred. I will work tirelessly to ensure that our veterans receive the care and benefits they have earned, including disability payments and help transitioning to civilian life.

From protecting our resources to protecting our rights, I am ready to bring common sense leadership back to Washington, and advocacy for our rural Region.

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