Gabby Fringette 12/24/14

The Twelve Do’s Of Christmas
By Gabby Fringette

gabby-in-social-space-150x150The holidays can be a rocky time of the year. Many times you waste your time on trivial stuff, and learn to hate the holidays. Here’s twelve tips to make it better for you!
2. Slow down! Christmas only rolls around once a year; and it’s a big holiday, so slow down, and enjoy the cinnamon cookies.
1. Sing! This seems to be a season of annoyingly catchy songs. If you can’t fight it, join it! Singing will make you feel better. Try it.
2. Get into the Spirit! It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, it’s true value comes from the thought put into the gift. But if someone need something like deodorant, don’t give it to them as a Christmas gift. It’ll embarrass them, and that will spill over on you as you stammer, ‘it’s just a gag gift, I’ve got your real one right here,’ and then climb out your bedroom window and run to the local and limited drug store, where you’ll pick up an equally embarrassing gift.
3. A long story for next Xmas.
4. Eat real food. As easy as chips and a cold one are, you’ll feel better for this jolly and draining season if you tank up with animal flesh smothered in cranberry sauce and it’s own juices.
5. Invite friends, or call ones that live too far away to visit.
6. After all, the holidays are about spending time with family and friends.
7. Donate to charity. Don’t go crazy, but just a couple buck into the jar on the grocery store counter. It helps the community, and revs you giving spirit.
8. Decorate. Nothing says Christmas like the soft glow of lights twining up the banister, reflecting off of the glittery tinsel of your tree. Try not to go too crazy, you don’t want to have the ugly Christmas sweater of the house world. An inflatable Santa on the front lawn is just embarrassing and wasteful.
9. Wish people happy holidays. Spread the Xmas fever. Wait, that came out wrong. Spread the joy.
10. Watch a movie! It doesn’t have to be a sappy, corny Xmas flick, although one of those might remind you that you like the holidays, like, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Grinch who Stole Christmas, or A Christmas Story. And if it doesn’t, watch something you know you like. It’ll put you in a better mood anyway.
11. If you’re still having trouble getting into the Xmas mood, wear a jolly red sweater to feel all warm and Christmas-y. It’s not Star Trek, you aren’t going to get incinerated.
12. Hold off on the resolutions. It’s Christmas, you can wait a week to swear you’re going to loose your extra love handles.
13. Send thank-you notes! Someone was thoughtful enought to remember you. Remeber them.
15. Whether or not you follow my advice, even if you should, have a merry Christmas!
16. Stay warm!

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