Sunday March 9, 2014 at 2 a.m. is time to change your clocks to Daylight Savings Time… which means turn your clock ahead one (1) hour.

I find what works for me is to change most of the clocks ahead before going to bed on Saturday night. Except for one or two of them just for the excitement of confusion the next day.  Sometimes the one in my car gets unchanged for awhile which causes occasional bouts of panic (not as often now that I’m retired) and then eventually I figure out how to change the time, unless I give a ride to someone who is very bright and knows how to change car clocks sooner. (Thank you Frank Sanchez when you were a teenager). Anyhow just remember to Spring Ahead and Fall Back to know whether you are gaining or losing an hour.

I don’t like Daylight Savings. I wish we were on Standard Time all year.

I would be happy if it snowed all year.

I like Vanilla Ice Cream.

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