Wild Horses Captured 6/25/14

BLM Removing Wild Horses from Private Lands in Eastern Siskiyou County

The Bureau of Land Management has begun capturing and removing wild horses from private lands in northern Siskiyou County under provisions of the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act that calls for removal of animals from private lands when requested by the landowner.

The BLM is using a method called “water trapping,” in which a temporary corral is set up around a water source. A gate automatically closes behind the animals when they come in to drink.

The horses have been wandering onto the private land near Dorris, Calif. from the nearby Red Rock Lakes Herd Management Area. The BLM said 55 horses had been captured near the private land water source by June 23 and transferred to the BLM Litchfield Corrals near Susanville where they will be prepared for public adoption.

The agency expects to capture 50 to 80 horses from private lands adjacent to the Red Rock Lakes HMA. The appropriate management level for the HMA is 16 to 25 wild horses.

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