The Western Sierra Medical Clinic has decided to severely decrease Downieville Clinic services to 3 days per week and NO!!! 24 hour care on call coverage or after hours availability. This is a moral outrage and we need to react to this immediately. No date has been set but the process has started. Mr. McFarland is coming up on Tuesday May 27 to discuss this with the Sierra County Board of Supervisors Chairman and with Downieville Fire Department. This decision puts the health and welfare of everyone in western Sierra County at risk. An appeal was made to the WSMC Board last Thursday but administration had already made the decision. This cannot go unchallenged but the response must come from the community. DVFD has already said they will schedule a town meeting. This will impact the jail as well. Our WSMC Board Members are Tim Beals, Brandon Pangman, Larry Allen, Don Russell and Jon Peek. There are 12 Board Members. It was a 10-2 decision to approve this decision. Only Mr. Beals and Brandon Pangman dissented.

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