WSMC Crisis Update 6/18/14

The Downieville Clinic Advisory Committee is taking action. The Committee held a meeting on Monday, June 16, 2014, at 4 PM in the Downieville Community Hall. In addition to the 9 person committee, more than 50 concerned residents attended and actively participated by asking many questions.

The bottom line is the strong community belief that we are truly in a crisis and that the medical clinic in Downieville in full operation including 24/7 medical and emergency care is critical for the survival of this community and western Sierra County.
The Committee voted to forward to the CEO and Board of Directors a proposed interim schedule of medical care providers from the community through the end of the year and the request that the Board of Directors delay the implementation of their cuts in medical service in Sierra County until the community responds.

The next DCAC meeting is scheduled for Monday June 23 at 4 pm at the Community Hall in Downieville, everyone is urged to attend.

There is a WSMC Board of Directors meeting scheduled for Wednesday June 25th and the DCAC is asking for an item on the Agenda to allow a presentation by Ingrid Larson and Jacie Epperson regarding the Downieville Clinic to the directors.

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