BOS Lang Presentation 2/22/17

On February 7th Frank Lang, MICN, FNP addressed the Sierra County Board of Supervisors regarding the Board supporting the efforts of Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc in re-establishing 24 hr EMS services for western Sierra County. Here is the text of his statement.

“Thank you Mr. Chairman and Board Members for the opportunity to request your support in the effort to rebuild the Emergency Medical Services Infrastructure in western Sierra County. I am here on behalf of Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc.

As you are aware, there was a 40-year history of integrated 24/7 EMS Services with the Western Sierra Medical Clinic during which the Clinic Medical Practitioner provided Advanced Life Support to Emergency Patients who were brought to the Clinic based on being authorized as an Alternate Emergency Care Base Station by Nor-Cal EMS and Enloe Medical Center in Chico. Care was also provided on the Ambulance as well and was an integral part of training both existing and new EMTs.

This changed in 2014 when WSMC decided it could no longer afford to provide those services due to cost and inability to recruit providers with the requisite skills to provide advanced life support (ALS) and emergency care. The Clinic also terminated the Alternate Base Station Agreement with Enloe and therefore the Ambulance can no longer take patients to the Clinic for stabilization because it is not an emergency care facility. However, the Ambulance can still pick up patients at the Clinic.

That left a major deficit in the availability of ALS Services to western Sierra County. The ambulance staffing has several advanced EMTs who can provide some ALS care including King Airway, Epi-Pens for allergic reactions, Glucagon injection for Insulin Shock as well as IV and injectable Narcan for opiate overdose. They are not able to provide Advanced Cardiac Life Support or Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

There was an offer from the Clinic that a Paramedic could be added to the Clinic staff at the time however that role was designed to deal with after hours Downieville Jail Inmate Medical Clearance needs at the time and that was beyond the scope of Paramedic Training and is not allowed by the State EMS System.

Consequently, Sierra Frontier was formed as a non-profit corporation, to address this need. Our purpose is to acquire and support the development of financial and other resources to assure the availability of medical and health resources, including emergency care to the residents and visitors of western Sierra County.

We are rebuilding the EMS Infrastructure of western Sierra County a brick at a time. We have already trained 17 Homemaker Health Aides, 13 Emergency Medical Responders and most recently 14 Emergency Medical Technicians who will provide emergency care to residents in Alleghany-Pike, Camptonville, Downieville, Sierra City, Calpine and Loyalton.

Our first priority is to focus on ALS Services, since those are the most vital in the EMS Chain of Survival. Our next objective is to sponsor a Western Sierra County Pilot Paramedic Project in which the Downieville Fire Protection District will hire a Full Time Paramedic from June 1, 2017 thru October 1, 2017. The cost of the project is $25,000. To date we have raised about $10,000.

We will use the Pilot Project to develop the structure and funding for a sustainable long term Paramedic Project that will focus on EMS Basic and ALS Services, Training of EMS Staff at Sierra City Fire Department, Downieville Fire Protection District and Alleghany Pike Community Services District.

We hope to develop funding with a new EMS Fee in those Districts as well as Ambulance Fees, Grants and local Organizational support including Western Sierra Medical Clinic.

We hope to garner support from Sierra County BOS based upon W&I Code 17000; in the form of the letter you have before you as well as limited Administrative assistance from County Counsel, County Auditor, Clerk Recorder, OES resources, consideration of the addition of Medical Director for EMS Services to the Sierra County Health Officer Role so that medications can be ordered and available to the Paramedic.

Today we are just asking for your support in a letter that we will send to residents, organizations, and businesses in Sierra County as well as visitors, requesting their financial support of this Pilot Project.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

WSMC Resumes Hours 8/31/16

Western Sierra Medical Clinic was pleased to expand hours at the Downieville health center to meet the increased demand for health care during the much busier summer season. But with fewer tourists and outdoor activities – and less daylight hours — the Downieville health center at 209 Nevada Street will soon resume its regular schedule.

“We’re proud to have been able to expand the hours to better meet the needs of the community and those visiting the region during the summer,” said Larry Allen, Board Chairman of Western Sierra. “But with the change in the seasons, the return to our regular hours is necessary and often better fits the schedule of patients.”

Starting Sept. 5, the health center’s primary and urgent care hours will return to 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The health center will be closed on Labor Day, Sept. 5. As always, an after-hours clinician is available in Downieville Monday through Thursday by calling 530-289-3298. And an on-call clinician is available Friday through Sunday at 530-274-9762.

Those dealing with an emergency should call 9-1-1. Dental service hours will remain the same – 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays. The health center offers same-day urgent care services, from common illnesses to minor injuries, such as back pain, cuts and sprains. All patients are welcome at the Downieville health center, regardless of their income or insurance.

Rattlesnake Rd Maintenance 8/24/16

NEVADA CITY, Calif. – The Tahoe National Forest is currently conducting road maintenance and improvements to Rattlesnake Road beginning August 19, 2016.
Travel delays are to be expected while road crews blast and grade the ten mile section starting near old Highway 40. Travelers might also experience road dust impacting visibility and are encouraged to travel at a speed that is appropriate to road conditions. RattlesnakeRoad_PIO_8x11_P-1
“The safety of the public and the U.S. Forest Service employees working on the project are of the utmost concern, “said Yuba River District Ranger Karen Hayden. “Heavy equipment, blasting of bedrock and dust created from the operations pose a safety concern for everyone in the area.” Hayden added that it is recommended to observe a speed limit of 25 miles per hours, or slower, to ensure a safe environment for motorists and road crew workers.
Operations are expected to begin at 7 a.m. and finish daily around 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday.
No operations are expected to be conducted Friday through Sunday, allowing weekend visitors to travel Rattlesnake Road without the impact of road construction.
Work on the road project is expected to last through the month of September.

Pike City VFD Taco Night 6/22/16

The Pike City Volunteer Fire Department is holding a Taco Night Fund Raiser to help raise money for important fire equipment-type stuff.   The dinner will be held at  6 p.m. on Saturday, July 2 at the Pike Fire Department, located at 100 Pike Road in – you guessed it – Pike. The cost for the full taco dinnner is a mere $10. Everyone is invited, encouraged, obligated, desired, and welcome to attend.
Please support all local Fire Department fundraisers. These events help the men and women that help us, our neighbors and our communities when there are emergency type situations, and non-emergencies too, like when Fluffy is stuck in a tree.
For more information please email PCVFD secretary Grace at

Parade Marshall Chosen 6/22/16

An Invitation to Veterans of Western Sierra County

On Monday, July 4th, 2016 Downieville Fire Department would like to honor the Veterans of Western Sierra County, by inviting you to join us in the July 4th parade, as the Parade Marshall’s. Downieville Fire believes this is a great opportunity to show our respect and admiration for those of you who have given your time to our Country.
The particulars:
Arrive at 11 am in front of the community hall. As a group, you will be riding in or walking along side the antique fire engine at the beginning of the parade. If possible go to the tennis courts for the ride back up the street. In case there isn’t enough room for everyone to ride, some who are able too, will be walking. For the walkers, you will wait in the shade by the entrance to the school and Main Street. When the engine gets to that point, you will join in and proceed to the center of town, where we will stop and a presentation will be made.
Service Flags (leant to us by Bernie Stringer) will be either carried by the walkers or placed in the fire engine.

Contact Kathy Whitlow for questions at 289-3126 or by email at

Thank you and I hope you will allow us to show you how much we respect and honor our Veterans.

Kathy Whitlow

Hewgag for Spring Doins 5/25/16

ForestStamp Mill 24DSC1E Clampus Vitus
Downie Chapter 1849 has sounded the hewgag for our Spring Doins in historic Forest City. This event will be held June 17-19, 2016 (Father’s Day weekend).
By decree from our Noble Grand Humbug – all Clampers and prospective Clampers are urged to attend and experience history in one of the true mining towns left, see the Dance Hall Museum and witness the Chapter’s Stamp Mill in action.
Along with the history you get Friday nite dinner, Saturday breakfast and a steak dinner and  Clamp Chef surprise on Sunday morning. The cost is $55 for Clampers and $65 for men who want to join the Clampers.
Credo Quia Absurdum
Brian Gardei GNRS
Downie Chapter 1849

A4AA Comes to Downieville 4/13/16

Agency on Aging Area 4 will be holding a community meeting for all interested seniors and residents of Sierra County on April 28th at 2 p.m. at the Downieville Community Hall. Mark this on your calendar and be sure to attend. This is our opportunity to let AAA4 know what would help Sierra County best.

Agency on Aging \ Area 4’s mission is creating and supporting opportunities that enhance the lives of older adults and their families to be safe, healthy and independent.

AAA4 distributes funding and awards Grants from state funding to assist community activities such as lunches, food, transportation, legal resources and health and medical resources.

Easter Food Baskets 3/6/19

images-5WESTERN SIERRA FOOD BANK  March 2, 2016

Dear Editor

Easter will soon be here and the volunteers at Western Sierra Food Bank are planning Easter Holiday food baskets for approximately 100 families in western Sierra County. We are needing non-perishable food and/or monies to supply the food bank shelves in time for sending our food baskets the week before Easter. Food Baskets are also available during the year if needed.

We appreciate any help the communities in western Sierra County and those outside of the area can supply. Pease contact Bette Jo or Frank Lang at (530) 289-3644 for any information. If anyone wants to donate non-perishable foods please call Bette Jo or Frank Lang to co-ordinate delivery. Money donations can be sent to Western Sierra Food Bank P.O. Box 302 Downieville, CA 95936.

We thank all who participate in this program.

Sincerely,  Bette Jo Lang

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