Sierra County Board of Supervisors 5/21/13

Supervisor Lee Adams announced at the beginning of the meeting that the Jail did comply with State requirements for a correctly staffed facility as long as other emergency abilities were in place when there would be only one Correctional Officer on duty during the graveyard shifts.

Sierraville District Ranger appeared and gave the Board a coherent update on what was is going on in his District.

1) A discussion of costs and possible alternatives for local recreational activities for the youth in Sierra County centering on Wilderness Challenge and the Summer Recreation program resulted in once again having a decision put off until the June 4th meeting in Downieville in spite of receiving a letter from Laura Colson, Manager at the Department of Alcohold and Drug Programs  Prevention Services Branch. Granted the letter was written on May 20 an Director of Sierra County Health & Human Services had just received the letter the morning of the Supervisor’s meeting so she hadn’t had a great deal of time reviewing it, but close inspection of the letter demonstrates the County is given clear instructions on what is needed to comply with funding requirements and clearly states, “if these changes are implemented, Sierra County can continue to run the summer recreation programs.”

Editor’s note : In watching and listening to H&S Director Janice Maddox, County Counsel Jim Curtis, and Auditor/Treasurer/Tax Collector/Risk Manager/Personnel Director Van Maddox, it appears they are dwelling on reasons to not provide summer recreation programs to the youth of Sierra County and not looking for ways to continue a valuable, necessary program during the summer months. 

Chair of the Board Scott Schlefstein asked the trio to please re-evaluate the situation and try to reach a decision hopefully to allow the summer recreation programs in Loyalton and Downieville to continue even though H&HS Director Maddox believes the issue has dragged on so long that it may be too late to get everything in place for this summer…. sad……

2) A request to recruit and hire a Social Worker I, II or III to fill a vacant position in the Department of Social Services ended with approval from the Board with Supervisor Adams asking Director Janice Maddox to hire at the low end of the pay scale. Maddox suggested she would attempt to but the position required certain skills that may result in a higher level hire.

3)County Assessor Laura Marshall requested funding in the 2013-14 budget to maintain an employee through the end of 2012-13 Fiscal Year. The request was approved with Supervisors Adams, Heubner and Roen voting Yes and Supervisor’s Beard and Schlefstein voting No.

Planning and Building Director Tim Beals needs:

4) A Resolution authorizing him to execute agreements for the distribution of radios obtained by the Homeland Security Grant to certain agencies/departmetnst within the County. This was approved unanimously

5) A Resolution to modify Fiscal Years 2010,2011 and 2012 Homeland Security Grant expenditures. Supervisor Lee Adams mentioned he was “stunned” to see this once again on the Agenda but after a discussion and explanation of the often onerous requirements of the Grant process Director Beals was asked to bring the Resolution before the Board again on June 4.

6) A Resolution allocating 10 percent of the Sheriff and Undersheriff’s salary benefits and operational costs to the Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) was unanimously approved as Law Enforcement is an integral part of the emergency management program.

7) Authorization to proceed with Resource Agreement with the Tahoe Cosnervation District (TCD) for implementation of the Aquatic Invasive Secies (AIS) Enforcement Grant from the Resource Advisory Committee (RAC). This was approved as a better solution as they are currently set up to accomplish the task. The inspection will take place at the Little Truckee Summit on  Highway 89/Jackson Meadows intersection.

8) Authorization to advertise and fill Building Administrative Secretary position due to a retirement of an existing employee was approved to hire in July and to start the advertising process for the lower end of the pay scale.

Public Works and Transportation Director Tim Beals

9) Resolution approving plans, specs and bid documents and authorizing solicitation specifications approval for installation of 3 nested groundwater monitoring wells/soil gas probes was approved as necessary and there was nothing the County could do but comply with Supervisor Adams wondering which state agency was going to be the one to drive the county into bankruptcy.

10) Authorization to advertise and fill vacant plant maintenance worker position was given reluctantly and with a great deal of discussion. Auditor/Treasurer/Tax Collector/Risk Manager/Personnel Manager Van Maddox argued vehemently against filling the position until July saying he would have little savings from the early retirement of the present Custodian  if the position was filled right away. After a seemingly endless discussion of how a filthy courthouse and offices would affect employee morale and people who have business in the county facilities, the Board agreed to have the position not filled until July.

Editors Note: So visit the county offices at your own risk, wear rubber gloves, go to the bathroom prior to leaving home. Masks might be advisable. 

Sheriff-Coroner John Evans asked:

11) Sheriff Evans explained the normal staffing level is greatly depleted and he needed to resume the  hiring process of up to four part-time extra-help Corrections/Communications Officers. was approved by the Board.

12) Supervisor Peter Heubner’s request for a Resolution opposing the elimination of the California Recreational Trails Grant Program (RTP) as currently structured under the Department of Parks and Recreation was approved by the Board.

County Counsel Jim Curtis wants:

13) An agreement between the County and Sierra County Fire Protection District #1 for preparation of an update to the Sierra Co Community Fire Safe Plan was approved.

14)Resolution changing the pay dates for County employees to once a month which had been agreed to by county employees during negotiations was approved.

15) Introduction and first reading of an ordinance amending portions of Part 3 of the Sierra County Code pertaining to changes to pay date; PERS retirement provisions for employees; base station designations; designation of County holdidays; and drug testing policy was accomplished.

16) Direction to staff to prepare and publish a summary of the subject ordinance or a display advertisement of at least one-quarter age in accordance with Government Code Section 25124 was accomplished.

17,18,19. Memorandum of Understandings for one year labor agreements with Sierra County Deputy Sheriff’s, Miscellaneous/Clerical and County Road Workers Units. County Counsel Jim Curtis commended the Operating Engineer Local 3 Union Representative Ramirez and the county union stewards for working together to make the process “straight forward with goodwill”, adding that “it’s amazing what a lack of money will do.”

20) was pulled

21)Highway 89 Stewardship presentation by Sandra Jacobson, from USDA, Pacific Southwest Station at Davis. including project history, current work and update on current grant applications by the Stewardship. Tim Beals introduced Ms. Jacobson saying, “he was proud to be associated with the Stewardship Team making such great progress with mitigation and education to improve wildlife passage Hwy 89”. Jabcobson pointed out what we have learned in Sierra County “can be used across the country”. She explained there will be more fencing to “funnel” deer and other wildlife to the highway undercrossings. She pointed that in a county like Sierra many more people “would rather hunt the deer, than hit them with their car.” The poster was developed by Sarah Holmes and Fish and Wildlife.

Sandra Jacobson, USDA Pacific Southwest Station at Davis presents information on the Hwy 89 Stewardship Team project.

Sandra Jacobson, USDA Pacific Southwest Station at Davis presents information on the Hwy 89 Stewardship Team project.

22) Child Abuse Prevention Update by Carolyn Widman, Executive Director and adopt proclaiming the month of April 2013 as Child Abuse Prevention month. Due to a conflict in scheduling the Board heard a presentation from Carolyn Widman regarding the month of April 2013 being Child Abuse Prevention Month. Supervisor Jim Beard thanked Ms. Widman and spoke eloquently about how “children are our future.” Chairman Schlefstein apologized for the delay in proclaiming a Resolution and thanked her on behalf of the county’s children.

Carolyn Widner talks to Board about Child Abuse Prevention issues.

Carolyn Widner talks to Board about Child Abuse Prevention issues.

23) Sierra Schools Foundation regarding the first annual professional bike race to be scheduled in September 2013. Megan Meschery of Sierra Schools Foundation and John Pettengill of JP Coaching told the Board of the plans for the First Annual Professional Bike race scheduled for September in the Sierra Valley. The event is called 2013 Sierra Valley Gran Fondo on Saturday September 21 and Registration begins June 1, 2013. The event is divided into four sections: Enormo Fondo is 160 miles with 11,283 ‘ elevation gain starts at 0630 ; Gran Fondo 96 miles with 5,380′ elevation gain starts at 0700 ; Medio Fondo is 66 miles with 775′ elevation gain and finally the Piccolo Fondo 33 miles, 336′ elevation gain begins at 0900. See here 2013 Sierra Valley Gran Fondo

Megan Meschery and Jon Pettengill talk to Board of Supervisors.

Megan Meschery and Jon Pettengill talk to Board of Supervisors.

Closed Session

26) Resolution to authorize Auditor/Tax Collector/Treasurer/Risk Manager/Personnel Director to increase the expenditures for the Sierra Brooks Water System to pay for contract services and of course for some reason the County Counsel and County Auditor/Tax Collector/Treasurer/Risk Manager/Personnel Guy couldn’t think of any reason why they opposed it so the Board approved it.

I think that is all folks. Other things happened I think, but I can’t remember so read the Mountain Messenger to see what I missed.

Board of Supervisors May 7, 2013

County Board of Supervisors in session. Supervisor Adams is not wearing sunglasses, County Counsel Curtis' microphone just appears that way..

County Board of Supervisors in session. Supervisor Adams is not wearing sunglasses, County Counsel Curtis’ microphone just makes it appear that way..


The Sierra County Board of Supervisors met in Downieville on May 7 with a full agenda and a plethora of presentations from various agencies.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, approval of the Agendas, no one used the Public Comment Opportunity, a shame as the Supervisors could really use some constituent input at times, as they may not actually know what is best for all of their constituents without some personal contact.

During committee reports Supervisor Adams asked if the Finance should be reviewing the County Counsel contract as it was coming up for renewal. The Board seemed to think that was a reasonable thing to do. Adams also complimented Supervisor Jim Beard for his work for the Loyalton Skilled Nursing Facility, with promoting AB900 and other government representatives who are making decisions right now.

Public Works and Planning Director Tim Beals gave a quick update on the Ridge Rd Project which is set to go, with the sensitive sites screened off with orange fencing. The project begins this month and should end in September 2013. It is a $2,308,000, federally funded project involving 2.6 miles of roadway rehabilitation including pavement recycling, new asphalt, add some reinforced concrete slab in critical area, replace guardrail and culverts and widen road at Wet Ravine with a concrete retaining wall at the culvert outlet. The hard part for residents will be the detour.  There will be pilot cars at 6 am to 6:30 am again at 11 am to 11:30 am and then at 4 pm to 4:30 pm then from around July 13th to July 26th in addition to the pilot car control the road will be fully open in the evenings, nights and weekends. After that there will only be intermittent one way flagging during normal construction hours. For questions you can contact Bryan Davey, County Project Manager 530 289-3201 or .

First on the agenda was an update by Tahoe National Forest Supervisor Tom Quinnwho gave some detail on various projects going on in the TNF. He also

TNF Supervisor Tom Quinn addresses Sierra County Board of Supervisors.

TNF Supervisor Tom Quinn addresses Sierra County Board of Supervisors.

discussed the possibility of how over agressive fire suppression along with forest clear cut areas in the past has created situations with increased fire risk due to undergrowth no clear ecological restoration plans used. Today’s forest management includes restoration and management areas to impede fires and increase forest health.  Although timber sales have been back recently some have not been bid on. Quinn said the main reason was due to the market being down but he sees it turning around. Part of the problem is not having the infrastructure, as Sierra County has no sawmill and even Quincy is not accepting green logs as there is huge backlog stored due to previous fire burns, and also the biomass is a problem. He hopes to see the Loyalton facility up and running and expects to see real development and breakthroughs in 5 to 10 years.

Another issue keeping Quinn busy is the FERC relicensing for water agencies. As the licenses are good for 50 years it is an involved, intense, sometimes tense process. The greatest issue is the in stream flow controls giving the greatest ecological benefits plus social and economic. Tim Beals asked if the County is involved in the FERC relicensing talks and suggested that Sierra County would really like to be included, the Supervisors agreed they want to have the opportunity to be included in an issue that affects everyone.

Quinn also complimented Genice Froelich on the fine job she has done as the Downieville District Ranger, acknowledging it hasn’t always been an easy job. Supervisor Lee Adams also congratulated Froelich on her promotion within the USFS.

USFS  Joanne Roubiqui, O.R. and Scott Conway, Vegetation Management Officer,  Truckee Ranger District TNF accompanied Quinn to the meeting and Conway gave an overview of the Sagehen Project giving the history of large fires and vegetation management. Five hundred of the twenty-six hundred acre project are in Sierra County and twenty-one hundred are in Nevada County. The Sagehen Basin is the 10,000 acre sub-watershed of the Little Truckee River and the USFS acquired the majority of the basin in 1936. The Sagehen Field Creek Station (UC Berkeley) was established in 1951. According to Quinn the Sagehen management strategy of mitigate and enhance ended with a better project that anticipated at the beginning. The Board agreed the report of results is impressive.

A presentation by Todd Hill, Project Manager for the Bureau of Reclamation Stampede Dam project was not received as well by the Supervisors. Adams suggested the use of $30 million dollars to raise Stampede Dam by 11.5 feet to protect us from a 225,000 year flood seemed unreasonable not to mention all the issues and costs to the county with no subsidy from the Feds. Considering the amount of time and effort this will place on the county public works and law enforcement issues there appeared to be valid reasons for the county not be eager. Tim Beals was directed to continue searching for ways to alleviate the burdens placed on the county by the Bureau of Reclamation.

Retired Superior Court Judge Bill Pangman spoke on Item 2 A discussion and approval of the First Amendment to Community Corrections Partnership (CCP)  Public Safety Realignment 2011 Implementation Plan and out of $1,024,000 available

Retired Superior Court Judge Bill Pangman addresses the Board of Supervisors

Retired Superior Court Judge Bill Pangman addresses the Board of Supervisors

this year to to implement AB109 he anticipates $23,000 for Phase 1 and $20,000 for Phase II.  A profession service Agreement between the County and the Criminal Justice Research Foundation (Fred Campbell) in which Phase I is integrated was approved. Although in Judge Pangman’s presentation the words “outsourcing the jail” were used, at my question to a couple of supervisors and the Sheriff I was assured there is no plan to get rid of Sierra County Jail. *A little editorializing here. I certainly hope not, we have closed schools, cut out programs, laid off employees and done other things cutting off the hands that feed the county. We need to rethink what is going on here and start spending money on things that actually bring and keep money in the county.*

So when the subject regarding Sierra County Summer Youth Program  proposed policies and procedures and the agreement between Tahoe Adventure Company and Sierra County to provide services for the 2013 Sierra County Wilderness Challenge Program in spite of encouraging words from Judge Pangman, teachers and parents telling the Board how important these programs are to the children and families of Sierra County there was no comfort in listening to County Counsel Jim Curtis,  Auditor /Treasurer/Tax Collector/Risk Manager/Personnel Director Van Maddox and Health and Human Services Director Janice Maddox who are concerned that the historic program begun by Judge Pangman through the Juvenile Justice Committee in the late 70’s which has had a huge impact on causing tobacco, alcohol and drug use declining by our youth may not pass an audit by the state because the funding parameters may not be met. One wonders why this has suddenly become a problem for supposedly intelligent people who seem intent on proving the county cannot supply this valuable program rather than finding a way to accomplish it. Apparently I went into another editorial moment. One more thing … I was asked if I would rather see a deputy taken off the street or have this program… the answer is without this program you can be assured of needing more deputies… which comes first?… 

A long discussion ensued about the fact the State Department of Fish and Wildlife has not paid their Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) to the county in ten years and presently owes the county close to $1,000,000. That’s right a million dollars. Which could solve a lot of problems for the county. Fish and Wildlife always put the money in the budget showing they mean to pay it, however the legislature has not funded it. And so the county is left in the lurch and figuring out how to make this clear to the legislature that we need this and they need to fund it is the question. The first “bell the cat” comment of this meeting came from Tim Beals saying his doesn’t know how too Supervisor Adams, wants to become the little gnat that won’t go away until they pay attention. Maddox suggested the state is acting like a parent refusing to pay a child’s allowance and we needed to have a meeting with the parents. And contact Congressman Dalhi, write to our representatives, cry, scream and stomp our feet to get their attention.

Don Russell not listening to the Board

Don Russell not listening to the Board

Several other things happened during this meeting, you want to read the Mountain Messenger as he may have caught things I missed, but if he has a different opinion than me, my opinion is the correct one.

The Professional services agreement with MGE  Engineering for construction engineering support services for the Old Fiberboard Road Bridge Placement at Little Truckee Summit was approved.

A Resolution nominating Supervisor Paul Roen to be a member of the Sierra County Resource Advisory Committee representing local elected officials was approved.

Allison Baca and Liz Fisher were reappointed to the Downieville Fire Protection District.

A request to extend a leave of absence for a county employee due to medical reasons for sixty days was approved over the objections of Auditor/Tax Collector/Treasurer/Risk Manager/Personnel Director Van Maddox and County Counsel Jim Curtis with instructions to review and update the process for this type of request.

Board of Supervisors April 16 Meeting


Board meeting in Loyalton brings packed audience over Sierra Brooks Water System

Board meeting in Loyalton brings packed audience over Sierra Brooks Water System

Bd of Supes 4/16/13

Janice Maddox, Director of Health and Human Services brought the Sierra County Summer Youth Program to the Board’s attention. Proposed policies and procedures were discussed and the agreement between Tahoe Adventure Company and SC for the 2013 SC Wilderness Challenge Program will be brought back to May 7th meeting after further research is done on the Summer Recreation Program and possible liabilities to the County.

County Counsel Jim Curtis suggested the county revise plan to keep coverage. Curtis suggested that Maddox “is not as liberal as predessessor” and suggested the linkage between recreation and substance abuse funds needs to be clear rather than  the attitude “anything we do with kids keeps them busy and away from drugs”. Curtis concerns were  if the county were audited and uses disallowed the county would have to pay back.  Curtis suggested cutting summer recreation. County Auditor/Treasurer/Tax Collector Van Maddox said he was concerned about insurance and whether we had coverage for “abuse & molestation issues”.
Supervisor Jim Beard suggested including more education for participants to satisfy funding requirements. Supervisor Lee Adams said he appreciated Janice Maddox bringing this before the Board and said finding out what other counties are doing to comply with funding for the Summer Recreation program and that the County “needed to pass the laugh test” or else “we need to stop the program”.

A Resolution allowing the Tax Collector, Van Maddox, the power to sell tax-defaulted property was approved. An application and Agreement to commence process for acquisition of a tax sale property (APN 018-030-021-0) affecting the Sierraville-Dearwater Airport was approved.

A long involved discussion on the 2013-2014 County Budget ensued trying to close the gap which has narrowed to $25,000 +- depending on what day it is and what news the Tax Collector/Treasurer/Auditor Van Maddox gets from the state.

Bid results for the Old Fiberboard Road Bridge Replacement was postponed until the May 7th meeting in Downieville. The low bid was substantially higher than funds available.

The Board approved a request from Director of Planning Tim Beals to transfer funds within the department to enable completion of environmental documents for two pending projects.

Public Hearing on Sierra Brooks was a  no action strictly  comments on the Sierra Brooks Water System Improvements phase brought many citizens in support of the project and only one dissenter John Pang who worried that an access road for Plant maintenance would interfere with his privacy. He was reassured by Director Beals in terms of limited use and an offer to work with the property owner to minimize infringement on his privacy. The cost of the project will be borne only by Sierra Brooks property owners that benefit from the project and will go to a vote before them. This is a “not for profit” venture and a necessary project according to all involved. Keith Nibbs from Sauers Engineering updated the process and answered questions. Sierra Brooks Water

An agreement with SCFPD#1 to prepare amendments to the County Fire Safe Plan was approved.

The Board did not agree with the Operating Engineers Local 3 request  to recognize a new bargaining unit consisting of employees in Health and Human Services Department.

A letter in support of Assembly Bill 350 Forest Fire Prevention Act presented by Supervisor Adams was approved.

A request brought by Supervisor Roen to formally recognize the Resource Conservation Districts within the Feahter River Watershed as the local planning agency responsible for resource and water planning, coordination and project implementation was approved.

A letter of support and Resolution in support of Assembly Bill 900 which exempts skilled nursing facilities  was approved.

Patrick Blide was reappointed to the Calpine Waterworks District No. 1 by Chair Scott Schlefstein.

Board of Supervisors April 2, 2013


County Counsel during "mum's the word" session

County Counsel known as “JC” during a  “mum’s the word” session

Chair Scott Schlefstein called the meeting to order and Supervisor Adams did awesome job leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Supervisor Peter Heubner absent for entire meeting and is believed to be recovering nicely.

Auditor Van Maddox gave report of Finance Committee which met Monday morning. Although the gap is narrowing between what the county spends and how much it has, there still has to be some whittling.

An agreement for discounted telecommunication services between low bidder Network Services and Sierra County was approved.

A discussion on delaying the County Aquatic Invasive Species boat inspection grant received from the Resource Advisory Committee (Title II Funds) resulted in all projects on hold due to Sequestration. The RAC board may have to set priorities for project if some money is freed up.
Another discussion regarding a delay of Secure Rural Schools Funding, including Title I,  II and III Funding and the effects on County programs due to the “sequestration” program ensued.

The status of the 2012-13 Snow Grooming Program resulted in news that the  Gold Lake program is over for season, and the east side is ongoing due to snow conditions. Planner Brandon Pangman will give seasonal wrapup in a future meeting.

An update was give on the Perry Creek flood control project in Sierraville.
A Resolution supporting the findings of the 2012 California Statewide Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment was approved.

Staff was directed to move forward on the potential county acquisition of a tax sale property affecting the Sierraville-Dearwater Airport.

District Ranger Tom Quinn will appear at a future meeting to discuss activities of the North Yuba Ranger District reported to the Board at their March 5 meeting.

Lots of talk but no action was taken on a review of the Sierra Brooks Water System grant/loan application and future items requiring the Bd of Supes to hold hearings or actions related to the project.

Information was given by Supervisor Adams regarding USFS national land management planning rule process and opportunity to comment on proposed directives for implementing the planning rule.

Regarding a previous discussion on a RAC appointment Supervisor Adams told the Board, “As a part of this year’s appointments to commissions, boards, and associations, Supervsior Roen was subsituted for Supervisor Adams and Supervisor Adams was made the alternate. In a response to the USFS recently as to whether I was willing to continue with the RAC, I advised the USFS of this appointment change. They advised that there is a more formal process for getting appointed to the RAC, and that my appointment 4 years ago was for a six year term. They further advised that it could be a prolonged process to make the board requested change and that both could be appointed if the board was so interested due to a number of resignations on the RAC. While there is the option of me resigning from the RAC at anytime, that would leave no BOS member until the federal process is followed. I know my own appointment took approximatley 6 months before the secretary of the interior took action.”  No action was taken by the Board.

Chair Scott Schlefstein appointed Patricia Hall of Downieville to the Sierra Economic Development Corporation;  Sidonie Christian of Sierra City to the Economic Development Committee and Michael Filippini of Loyalton to the Sierra Valley Resource Conservation District Board.

A presentation was made by Lisa Selacek, USFS Resource officer from Beckwourth Ranger Dist, Plumas NF. She gave an overview of $631 grant application  to Calboating for expansion and resurfacing of the Gold Lake Boat Launching Facility. Concerns were raised as to whether the issue of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) were considered with the increase of use of Gold Lake. The Board approved a letter of support for the application, but added to letter concern with AIS being fully vetted with respect to both CEQA and NEPA issues.

A presentation by the Sierra County Fire Protection District No. 1 requesting authorization to utilize Title III funding to facilitate the completion of the Sierra County Community Firesafe Plan was approved with Resolution of Intent.

A special meeting followed the regular meeting with one item:  Closed session pursuant to Govt code section 54957.6 to discuss labor negotiations.

Board of Supervisors March 19, 2013

3/20/13 Loyalton

The Sierra County Board of Supervisors met in Loyalton on Tuesday March 19 and conducted business in a leisurely fashion, letting anyone talk as long as they wanted about whatever they wanted.

The Board approved  an Agreement approving the Title X, Family Planning Services agreement for the term of January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2013.

Then it approved a Resolution directing the Sierra County Planning Commission for an amendment to Ordinance 1042, zoning code section 15.12.282, pertaining to permitted uses in the floodplain overlay district; specifically to replacement/repair of existing septic systems.

Paul Roen was appointed to the Sierra Valley Resource Conservation Districts (RCD) proposal to form an implementation group for the Feather River Integrated Regional Water Management Plan with Plumas County  to represent Sierra County in the process.

An Agreement for professional services with Frances Heritage, LLC for environmentally sensitive action plan construction monitoring for the Little Truckee River Bridge Project and an Agreement for professional services with Frances Heritage, LLC for environmentally sensitive action plan construction monitoring for the Ridge Road Rehabilitation Project were approved.

A Resolution was approved authorizing additional expenditures from the Justice Facilities Fund for air conditioning upgrade and necessary electrical work to support the upgrade in the first floor computer room to mitigate overheating conditions.

The County’s required participation in the USDA Approval of required certifications for County’s participation in the USDA  grant/loan for the Sierra Brooks Water System to be submitted as part of the County’s formal application resulted in a long discussion. Direction was given to County Counsel to proceed with retaining independent bond counsel for USDA grant/loan for the Sierra Brooks Water System to be submitted as part of the County’s formal application and to set a public hearing required to satisfy USDA requirements for grant/loan application.  District 1 Supervisor Lee Adams noted that this issue was taking much time of Planning & Public Works staff and while “everyone deserves clean water, Sierra Brooks is the only part of the county that does not deal locally with their water and this is not fair to the balance of the county, especially Alleghany.”

Loyalton resident Don Yegge completed his presentation to the Board regarding a Veteran Services Officer in Sierra County and offered to fulfill this by working as an Advocate with the established Placer County program. The Board thanked Don for his willingness to do this and finding a good way to get it done.

The Plumas Librarian, Lynn Sheehy talked to the Board about Sierra County Library system and expressed concern of a lack of Literacy Program in Loyalton.

A State Assembly Resolution of Appreciation was presented to retired Supervisor Bill Nunes for his work and dedication to Sierra County by Supervisor Paul Roen.

Retired Supervisor Bill Nunes receives a State Assembly Resolution of Appreciatio to him by Supervisor Paul Roen

Retired Supervisor Bill Nunes receives a State Assembly Resolution of Appreciatio to him by Supervisor Paul Roen

A presentation by the Loyalton High School Future Farmers of America (FFA);  Devon Graham, Kolbie Johnson, Sierra Little, Austin DeBerg, Cathy Russell, Robin Griffin, Pepe Vasquez and Instructor Cali Griffin was about recognizing and celebrating the contribution of agriculture in our everyday lives.

Supervisor Roen introduced the group.  Each student gave some interesting facts about some item of agriculture.  Broccoli, grapes, peaches, and one talked about pizza. The Board enjoyed the presentation.

Supervisor Adams advised all of his appreciation of their interest in agriculture and its impact on calif. While known for gold, only $100 billion in gold has been removed from California in the past 162 years. Today, agribusiness is a $100 billion a year business in California.

Loyalton FFA members Devon Graham, Kolbie Johnson, Sierra Little, Austin DeBerg, Cathy Russell, Robin Griffin, Pepe Vasquez and Instructo Cali Griffin

Loyalton FFA members Devon Graham, Kolbie Johnson, Sierra Little, Austin DeBerg, Cathy Russell, Robin Griffin, Pepe Vasquez.  Not shown  Instructor Cali Griffin

At the last Board Meeting on March 5, the Board agreed to send a letter to the USFS in response to the surprise news of more mining site and cabin demolition. See the letter sent March 13 here 13_03_13 Quin re coordinating and opposition to activities

The Board went into closed session leaving the usual group of malcontent journalists muttering aimlessly in the cold outside.

Sheriff John Evans thinking about who will be arrested next... possibly Don Russell?

Sheriff John Evans thinking about who will be arrested next… possibly Don Russell?

If anyone wonders what goes on in closed session… this may be a clue…

Sources say this is how Supervisor Lee Adams deals with Closed Session...

Sources say this is how Supervisor Lee Adams deals with Closed Session…


Board of Supervisors 3/6/13

The Board of Supervisors met in Downieville on Tuesday, March 5 and what was thought to be an easy, short agenda had some exciting moments, and it didn’t take long for those moments to arrive.

Supervisor Huebner, Schlefstein, Roen,  Beard, Auditor Maddox and Editor Russell (back to camera as usual)

Supervisor Huebner, Schlefstein, Roen, Beard, Auditor Maddox and Editor Russell (back to camera as usual)

Chair Scott Schlefstein called the meeting to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, no one took advantage of the Public Comment Opportunity. Under Committee Reports Supervisor Paul Roen gave a brief account of meeting with District Ranger Quentin Youngblood and a FS Biologist. The Board moved on to Department Manager Reports and Director of Health and Humans Services (H&HS) announced the east side Mental Health Psychiatrist was retiring and the county needs to find someone to contract with for the future. So everything was quiet and orderly and they moved on to the USFS Update.

A quiet, orderly, unassuming woman stepped to the podium and announced herself as Kathy Van Zuuk, a Community Liason and Botanist for Tahoe National Forest (TNF).

TNF Community Liason Kathy VanZuuk

TNF Community Liason Kathy VanZuuk

Van Zuuk said that District Ranger Genice Froelich was unavailable and had sent her to give the report. The report was 1) Robert Stuler has signed the relinquish documents to the USFS for his cabin on FS property and the cabin will be used as a training burn with the cooperation of DVFD and USFS.

2) The Peachay Mining Claim Cabin will be destroyed. This brought on quite a bit of dissension as various Supervisors and the audience muttered about the USFS abuse of power and wondering why this decision was made prior to the determination of the historical significance of the site which was established prior to the existence of the FS.  (see Peachay letter here: Peachay letter)

3) The Barbara Foust Claim was going to be addressed including occupancy trespassing. Which quickly tipped the issue to the boiling point as this was the first mention of the issue. Van Zuuk said a letter had been sent to Supervisor Lee Adams, who was not present during the Board meeting as he was in Washington, DC with other RCRC representatives meeting with representives about Secure Rural Schools funding, no one else had seen the letter and asked when it had been sent and she replied sometime after Feb 25, right around the time Adams had left on the trip. Lot’s of discussion bordering on anger ensued about District Ranger Froelich’s cowardly act of sending Van Zuuk into the fray knowing the news would not be taken well. Don Russell wanted to know why the County hadn’t been consulted as had been promised by the FS after the Nixon Mine debacle in Sierra City. He said, ” because you can doesn’t mean you should”, in referring to cabin and historical site destruction by the FS. Tim Holabird, District Rep for Congressman LaMalfa referenced the USFS actions as “an abuse of authority by an agency out of control.”  An audience member mentioned the displacement of people living on these various sites an it was just a wrong action by the FS.

Van Zuuk maintained her composure and said the FS was continuing to work on a Communications Plan during wildfires in the county, still addressing issues at the Kentucky Mine in Sierra City and expanding the parking area at Fiddle Creek Campground. After her report there was a break and both Supervisors and audience members apologized to Van Zuuk for having to experience anger that Ranger Froelich should have been there to address. More than one thought it was a deliberate attempt by Froelich to distance herself from the “firestorm of dissent”.

And then the Board Meeting began:  Director Janice Maddox discussed the portential impacts of Healthcare Reform on Sierra County H&HS and it was referred to H&S Committee.

A Professional services agreement with Priscilla Russell for the completion of H&HS Policies and Procedures was approved.

Update on the Loyalton Skilled Nursing Facility possibility of closure was given. Supervisor Jim Beard said the total job loss would be 40, in addition to having to find other facilities to lodge our seniors in need of a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Chair Schlefstein said he had contacted Senator Ted Gaines, and Beard said he had called Assemblymember Louis Alejo, sponsor of AB900 even though it was “painful calling a Democrat”, forgetting for a moment that Supervisor positions are non-partisan.

A discussion about creating a a H&HS community consortium was civil. A letter from C. Ingrid Larson requesting non-profits be exempted from having to subscribe to solid waste collection service had been pulled from the Correspondence and added to the regular agenda. The discussion included County Counsel Jim Curtis who suggested, “just on legal grounds and Prop 26, the difference between taxation and fees is tightened up, and they have to maintain structure and not invite dissension” and the Board just can’t make those kind of exemptions.

Another letter pulled was from Sheriff John Evans regarding assault weapons ban of 2013 and the dismantling of the 2nd Amendment. Chairman Scott Schlefstein said he pulled the letter just because he wanted to commend the Sheriff for writing such a letter and “putting it out there.” Supervisors Beard and Roen agreed.

The Auditor, Treasurer/Tax Collector requested a letter in support of Assembly Bill 182 Capital Appreciation Bond tightening rules on issuing these types of bonds. Roen moved and Beard 2nd and it was approved.

An update and discussion on Secure Rural Schools Funding and report of the Quincy Library Group meeting included the news that Congressman Doug LaMalfa was committed to the QLG and SRS and that Supervisor Lee Adams was presently in Washington.DC  with RCRC lobbying for continuing SRS funding for rural counties.

Supervisor Adams in Washington. DC

Supervisor Adams in Washington. DC

Presentation of Bids and adoption of a resolution awarding a public works contract to the lowest qualified bidder for the Ridge Road Rehabilitiation Project in Alleghany resulted in 8 close  bids ranging from 1.9 million to 2.2 million  and it was awarded to Knight River Construction. The firm who did the Highway 49 surfacing last year. Sierra County residents will be happy to welcome the construction  firm’s return they did good work and helped the local economy. Contract Administrator Brian Davey said the project will be 100% federally funded including a $210,000 bid for the construction inspection and materials testing  for the project by Omni-Means Contractors.

A presentation was made by Loyalton resident Don Yegge, a veteran suggesting that the County of Sierra might be well served by having a Veterans Service Officer or joining in with a nearby county who does have an established VSO position and program. According to statistics provided by the California Department of Veteran Affairs Sierra County has 410 resident veterans. A good showing in a county of 3500 population.  Various scenarios and logistics were discussed along with the stringent requirements by the CDVA regarding confidentiality and programs. Tom Holabird from Congressman Doug LaMalfa’s office promised to work with Yegge on possible solutions and report to the Board in a month.

Tim Holabird and Don Yegge confer in the lobby of the Courthouse after meeting with the Supervisors

Tim Holabird and Don Yegge confer in the lobby of the Courthouse after meeting with the Supervisors

 The following picture says a lot:

Water dispenser and bottles waiting to be returned to vendor.

Water dispenser and bottles waiting to be returned to vendor.

This wasn’t a topic of conversation during the Board of Supervisors but it was an act of the Board a few months ago saying that water dispensers and bottled water in the courthouse and offices of county workers were no longer being provided in cost cutting measures. The program originally was one designed by a Risk Manager and Safety Officer for the county. In addition to providing cold water to employees it cut down on loss of employee hours due to sick leave via no longer sharing drinking fountains frequently a source of transferred viruses in the workplace. It was a strange cost saving as all employees, department managers and Board of Supervisors benefited from the water dispensers and the cost was borne by funding from the Trindel Insurance Safety Program rebates. It isn’t apparent if the funding is now being spent for employee benefit or in some other endeavors, at any rate it is just another example of how little the administration values the health of employees.







Board of Supervisors 2/6/13

2/5/13  Downieville — The Sierra County Board of Supervisors met in Downieville for a quick, and somewhat tame session with no hurled words of anger or derision. In fact at one point frogs were claimed to be loved.

However, Supervisor Lee Adams reported on the Finance Committee meeting suggesting there may be a $450,000 deficit in the this years budget according to Auditor/Treasurer/Tax Collector Van Maddox.  Adams at one point during the meeting expressed concern about being able to keep the street lights on, “who knows how bad it will get”.

Supervisor Roen wanted the Board to be prepared for the possibility of the Yellow-legged Frog being responsible for the listing of portions of the Tahoe National Forest and other properties in Sierra County as critical habitat for the endangered species.

The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

According to The Center for Biological Diversity, “mountain yellow-legged frog was once the most abundant amphibian in the Sierra Nevada and Transverse Ranges of Southern California. Only a few decades ago, it was difficult to walk around many of California’s alpine lakes without tripping over these diminutive “mountain gnomes.” Today the hardy survivors of freezing, high-elevation winters are vulnerable to a host of modern threats, which have driven the frogs extinct in more than 93 percent of their old mountain homes”. see more here Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged frog

Supervisor Paul Roen declares his love for frogs, especially the Yellow Legged Frog

Supervisor Paul Roen declares his love for frogs, especially the Yellow Legged Frog

In other business the Board of Supes authorized the Auditor/Treasurer/Tax Collector, Van Maddox to make adjustments to the 2012/13 County budget wages and benefits in the District Attorney’s Office and Maintenance Department.

Janice Maddox of Health and Human Services was successful in her quest to fill the Chief Accounting Technician position through internal promotions and recruitment. Maddox suggested having the employee working out of above the job classification was like having an “ant carry a pork chop”, which caused Chair Scott Schlefstein to be momentarily confused trying to get the picture in his head.  The department has 29 employees Supervisor Adams wondered how many employees were really needed for a county with 3200 residents. Maddox pointed out the needs are there evidenced by a $50,000 food stamp outlay, which included families who are working but there paycheck just isn’t enough. Supervisor Beard suggested mandates from the state required the county to enact programs.

Once again the Fiscal Year 2009 Homeland Security Grant program had the Board rescinding a 2012 Resolution and authorizing expenditures.

An update on Secure Rural Schools Funding was lengthy. Director of Planning and Public Works Tim Beals told the Board the secure schools funding payments are going to be late and it is the bread and butter of road fund. Currently Sierra County only receives  50% of what was alloted under the Clinton administration. Beals suggested Congress has loss its’ perspective as the Road Fund is no different to our needs than Dept of Defense to the country.. The Secure Rural Schools funding was designed to  make up for the USFS and other agencies aquisition of lands.  He believes Congress has loss perspective on why programs have been put into place.

An unknown bearded man came into the Board room sat for a while and then left.

An unknown bearded man came into the Board room sat for a while and then left.

Discussion continued about splinter groups attempting to force the USFS to allow more mining and timber production as a means of reclaiming funds. Board members felt this type of pressure would not work and it would be better to have a unified front making the case to Congress for the importance of the Secure Rural Schools funding to continue. Supervisor Lee Adams, RCRC rep for Sierra County said the SRS is the number one priority for them and they are concerned about groups looking for a way out. The Board agreed attacking the USFS with a bad attitude wouldn’t work and help nothing.

The Board decided to send a letter to Tom Tidwell, Chief of USFS requesting a portion of the fire settlement funds be directed to the County of Sierra as discussed at the Quincy Library Group (QLG). Beals brought up the issue of the QLG is now in peril as it has not been reauthorized and that has to be addressed. Without the reauthorization even the Sierraville Ranger District will be endangered.Supervisor Beard suggested the Board prepare a Resolution in support of QLG to be brought back to the next meeting in Loyalton.

The issue of funding an increase to wages of In Home Supportive Services was revisited and after a discussion the Board approved $10,000 in the IHSS budget to increase those employees by $1 per hour. The money comes from the State but the Board approves the budget. An unwieldy arrangement as pointed out by the  Supervisors would be like the Board telling CHP or CalTrans how to spend its money.

The threat of Medi-Cal funding cuts and the potential closure of the EPHCD Skilled Nursing Facility in Loyalton was taken seriously by the Board who immediately drafted a Resolution with the help of H&HS Director Janice Maddox. Resolution Hospital

Medi-Cal has demanded repayment of millions of dollars from small rural health providers, clinics and hospitals retroactive to August of 2011. This action has jeopardized many rural areas and is a real threat to Eastern Plumas Health Care and its satellite long term skilled nursing facility in Loyalton.

Meanwhile Brandy Ramirez of Sierra City was appointed to the Sierra County Children and Families Commission (First Five.

Bruce Coons of Alleghany was appointed to the Pliocene Ridge Community Services District.

Richard Devore of Sierra Brooks was appointed to the Area 4 Agency on Aging Advisory Council.


Board of Supervisors Tuesday January 22, 2013

1/22/13 The Sierra County Board of Supervisors met in Loyalton on Tuesday, January 22, Chair Scott Schlefstein called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. and the fun immediately began.

Supervisor Paul Roen tries to fix a stubborn stuck door at the Loyalton Center while Supervisor Peter Huebner helps and Tim Beals directs...

Supervisor Paul Roen tries to fix a stubborn stuck door at the Loyalton Center while Supervisor Peter Huebner helps and Tim Beals directs…

Sierraville District Ranger Quentin Youngblood gave the USFS report to the Board saying the event held at the Little Truckee Summit OHV Park on January 11,12 and 13 was a big success. A Skidoo dealer offered snowmobile demonstrations and products and they expect another event like this later this year. There are no prescribed burns or logging operations now due to snow cover.

Health and Human Services had many items on the agenda, beginning with a report from Lori Marsh on why Sierra County got an “F” rating from the American Lung Association. It seems that all of Lori Marsh’s efforts to counter the effects of big tobacco on our children were not enough for ALA, because the County does not take action to prevent smoking in public places such as parks and recreational areas. It is not our program’s fault it is the Board of Supervisors not taking action by way of non smoking ordinances which is the problem.

An agreement between Sierra County and Northern California Emergency Medical Service (NorCal EMS) to  in the amount of $10,800 to pay its 1/6 share of the LEMSA Coordinator was approved.

A request by the for In Home Support Services (IHSS) to increase the wages of workers by $1 was denied by the Board in spite of the fact that the money was in the budget and it would not cost any more money to increase 31 workers from $8.56 an hour to $9.56 because other county workers are not getting any pay raises . Supervisor Huebner recused himself at the suggestion of County Counsel Jim Curtis as Huebner’s wife Louise works as an IHSS employee.

In other actions for Health and Human Services the Board approved a Medi-Cal Data Privacy and Security Agreement between DHCS and Sierra County. Authorized Child Welfare Services to purchase CWS/CMS computers for $15,000. Jim Beard was reappointed to the Sierra County Solid Waste Enforcement Appeals Panel as he was terminated as Public Representative.

Director Janice Maddox gave an overview of the structure of Sierra County Mental Helath Services and related Mandates. A discussion and Resolution regarding SC Mental Health Emergency (5150) Assessments was approved.

The Board decided that Sierra County becoming its own Mental Health Plan as opposed to functioning as an agent to the Placer-Sierra Mental Health Plan was a good idea and it is in process.

At 10 a.m. Loyalton Friday Night Live coordinator Barbara Weaver brought Jorge Garcia, Liz Lizarde and Cheyenne Little to make a presentation to the Board regarding the dismal rate of compliance with tobacco sales to minors in Sierra County, demonstrating that there is an 80% failure rate by establishments selling cigarettes to minors.

Jorge Garcia, Liz Lizarde  and Cheyenne Little wait to make their presentation to the Board

Jorge Garcia, Liz Lizarde and Cheyenne Little wait to make their presentation to the Board

Here they use panel demonstrating failure of compliance

Here they use panel demonstrating failure of compliance

Planning Director Tim Beals and Planner Brandon Pangman presented the staff report and analysis of the proposed initiative filed by the Plumas-Sierra County Citizens Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) see the report here: CAPR Initiative Analysis . The Board once again discussed what to do, if anything, regarding the initiative . Chair Schlefstein said he was reading the report and “by the time I reached page 12 my eyes glazed over, and I had a depressed, sinking feeling seeing all the agencies involved and then I got to the Global Warning Act….”.  Schlefstein continued that he found a quote online that said it all.

Supervisor Scott Schlefstein quoted from a Roger’s Rules column ” i.e., the insidious proliferation of rules and regulations (and their concomitant rulers and regulators) that we’re told are being put in place for the commonwealth but in fact are really put in place to  squelch individual liberty and solidify state control over our lives.”

Supervisor Lee Adams said the real problem lies when, “what you want to do and what your neighbor wants to do don’t exactly mesh.”

Supervisor Jim Beard wondered if the work on the General Plan could eliminate the need for an Initiative.

Director Tim Beals suggested that “everyone is trying to come to the same end point”, where property owners are able to build SFR on their lot.

Robert Eshleman said he “felt Tim and Brandon were the best apologists for the county” and the report was fair but brings us back to the General Plan. He said if nothing else the initiative has so far brought the discussion to the forefront.

Supervisor Lee Adams said property rights are fine for everyone until “someone builds a nuclear reactor   next door.”

No decision was made nor was one suggested, and the discussion died until the next Board meeting maybe.

A mysterious visitor to the meeting was suspected of being a Federal Agent there to investigate Mountain Messenger editor Don Russell however eventually his real identify turned out to be Andy Gomez from Anthem Blue Cross there to address the Board regarding Medi-Cal issues.

Federal Agent investigating Mt Messenger Editor Don Russell turned out to be Andy Gomez from Anthem Blue Cross

Federal Agent investigating Mt Messenger Editor Don Russell turned out to be Andy Gomez from Anthem Blue Cross

Chair Scott Schlefstein recognized three members of the Sierra County Road Crew, Dennis Marsh, Rob Moore and Zack Filippini and three Solid Waste Gate Attendants Lisa Copren, James Wright and Jason Wardrobe for their hard work.

Dennis Marsh

Dennis Marsh receives Recognition from Supervisor Schlefstein

Supervisor Schlefstein presents recognition to Rob Moore and Zack Filippini.

Supervisor Schlefstein presents recognition to Rob Moore and Zack Filippini.


Lisa Copren receives Recognition from Supervisor Schlefstein

Lisa Copren receives Recognition from Supervisor Schlefstein

Jason Wardrobe receives Recognition from Supervisor Schlefstein

Jason Wardrobe receives Recognition from Supervisor Schlefstein




Board of Supervisors 1/9/13

Board of Supervisors Meeting of January 8, 2013.

This was the first meeting of 2013 and new Supervisors were sworn in and the passing of the gavel from Chairman of the Board in 2012 Peter Huebner to Supervisor  Scott Schlefstein.

District 1 Supervisor Lee Adams was re-elected unopposed to his second term, District 3 Supervisor Paul Roen was elected to replace outgoing Supervisor Bill Nunes who served four terms and District 4 Supervisor Jim Beard replacing one term Dave Goicoechea.

Supervisor District 1 Lee Adams, Supervisor District 4 Jim Beard and Supervisor District 3 Paul Roen


The newly seated 2013 Sierra County Board of Supervisors.
County Clerk Heather Foster, County Counsel Jim Curtis, Supervisor D1 Lee Adams, Supervisor D2 Peter Huebner, Chair Supervisor D5 Scott Schlefstein, Supervisor D3 Paul Roen, Supervisor D4 Jim Beard and County Treasurer/Auditor Van Maddox

Planning/PW Director Tim Beals with Miriam Dines who had just received praise from the Board of Supervisors for her 22 years of dedicated service to the County of Sierra.

After Chairman Schlefstein called the meeting to order, Supervisor Paul Roen was voted in as Vice Chair and so will be on the fast track for learning the job of Chair during his first year as a Supervisor.

Roen then requested two items be pulled off of the consent agenda both belonging to Dept of Health and Human Services Director Janice Maddox. The issues were approval of Sierra County’s updated Strategic Plan for Alcohol and Other Drug prevention and authorization to fill the vacant Health and Human Services Assistant Director position. Maddox explained the issues and assured Supervisor Roen the position would be an internal promotion type hire and both items were approved unanimously.

Next on the Agenda was the staff report and analysis of the proposed initiative filed by the Plumas/Sierra County Citizens Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR). This was a long involved discussion, led by Planning Director Tim Beals and Planner Brandon Pangman, who was attempting to revive his father’s (former County Counsel and now retired Superior Court Judge Bill Pangman) reputation for wordiness as Supervisor Adams noted, although the younger Pangman did an excellent job of being succinct and clear in his presentation.

Pangman demonstrated how the General Plan(GP) as it stands gives property owners the right to build a Single Family Residence (SFR) on their property and the Zoning Code is there to help build in flexibility and be able to look at each individual situation and to allow discretionary review. The most important issue is the discretionary or non-discretionary component. There are currently 29 base Zones in the GP with only 3 overlays. The current Zoning Code(ZC) is based on a 1973 ZC borrowed from Glenn County. After the 1996 General Plan update funding was an issue and any real work on a ZC was waylaid.

Pangman said the analysis shows that the Initiative does not succeed in its intent and it doesn’t deal with the details. Further Sierra County has always allowed SFR on property as a right but the problem is location, which is critical and the initiative isn’t going to deal with that and it completely ignores restrictions and doesn’t allow for discretionary review. According to Pangman, the County and CAPR have the same end goal but to accomplish it will take a lot more detailed amendments to the GP, we have to deal with this and there will still be conditional use permits.

When it was the Board’s turn Adams asked what result would be if Initiative was approved in its present form. The initiative would not change zone variance requirements, if property is R1 is “by right” buildable SFR, however there are setback requirements and special treatment and stream setback areas that need to be addressed.

County Counsel Jim Curtis spoke about the state mandate to the County requiring a General Plan, that ship has sailed and the GP elements and parts need to be integrated. Curtis also allowed that the initiative process is a cherished and allows the people to take matters into their own hands, but he does not want to create more legal battles and it is likely to have unintended consequences, even though the initiative writers may say, ” didn’t mean or what I meant was” a judge won’t be discretionary, they care about the written language.

Milt Holdstom talked to the Board about his TPZ land where there is a moratorium on building and said there has to be a solution for this type of quandary. Robert Eshelman also spoke and said that what Curtis said “is true and Brandon is fair”, he would encourage everyone to look at the Initiative as the county is unique and the reason we build by the river is because it’s the only flat spots.

The written analysis by County staff will be presented to the Board for the next meeting on January 22 in Loyalton and the focus will be on questions and issues the Board might have. Schlefstein requested the written analysis be in the Board packet and availble to Board members prior to the meeting.

County Planner Brandon Pangman presents synopsis of analysis of the CAPR Initative with a full written report to follow at the January 22 meeting in Loyalton

Milt Holdstrom of CAPR speaks to Board of Supervisors

Robert Eshelman arose to speak on the CAPR initiative and did not manage to remain within the three minute limit given to him

County Counsel Jim Curtis gives his take on what the CAPR initiative will do to the county General Plan and Zoning Codes

The Board of Supervisors adjourned and a meeting of the County Service Area Board of Directors was called to order to hear a Resolution approving expenditure from the Sierra Brooks Water System budget in an amount not to exceed $5,000.00 for a property appraisal of lands that will be needed by the County to proceed with the water system improvement project and authorization to the Director of Transportation to seek quotes from qualified appraisers and to return to the Board with a professional services agreement for the appraisal. Director Adams said he was good with the appraisal but not interested in an unfriendly condemnation as this concerns property owned by the Department of Fish &Game involving property swaps. A friendly condemnation as is currently being proposed with the City of Santa Clara would be fine.

The Board of Supervisors then reconvened  and agreed to send a letter to the state requesting an extension of time to meet landfill gas emission requirements  as that is what the whole property swap with is about to solve that problem.

The County directed Tim Beals to meet with CalTrans regarding the Perry Creek Bridge on State Route 49 in Sierraville.

County Auditor/Treasurer-Tax Collector Van Maddox was authorized by Resolution to open or close bank accounts for the county and all entities under the Board of Supervisors. Something Maddox has always done, but now it is formalized. Adams mentioned the Resolution must have been written by staff as there were no spelling errors.(laughter ensued)  Anyone receiving any written communication from the Van Maddox would understand the implication of that comment.

Louise Huebner and LeTina Vanetti were appointed to the Child Care Council Planning Commission. Supervisor Huebner abstained from the vote being married to Louise.


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