Golden Rays Are Exempt! 5/17/17

Golden Rays Senior Citizens of Sierra County, Inc are now a tax exempt charitable non-profit!  Note that the effective date of this status is November 4, 2016, back when we filed our request. So remember this for your taxes when you donate. Contact Joyce White 289-3250 if you need more information

Lang Elected President 5/17/17

Downieville Lion President 2017-18 Frank Lang and Tom’s Candle.

Frank Lang was elected the 2017-18 President of the Downieville Lions Club (DLC) at the May 15th meeting. Lang has been a member of the DLC for 40 years and received a Certificate of Endurance & Time in Grade from Donner Region Chair Tim Luckinbill.  A memorial candle that had represented the loss of Lion Tom Schumann at the District Convention in San Ramon in April was presented to the Club.

President Lang, 1st Vice-President Mike Galan, 2nd Vic President Richard Halliday, Secretary Karen Galan, Treasurer, Lee Adams, Tail Twister Bernie Stringer and Lion Tamers Dan Farrington & Ingrid Larson will be inducted into office at the June 19th meeting in Downieville.

Lion Frank gave an update on the Downieville Fire Protection District’s Paramedic Project, and the efforts made by the DFPD, Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc and Sierra County, especially Districts 1 and 2 Supervisors Lee Adams and Peter Huebner in re-establishing 24/7 Advanced Life Support in western Sierra County.

Grand Seasonal Opening 5/24/17

Yuba Gallery Grand Opening

The Sierra County Art Council is pleased to announce the seasonal opening of The Yuba Gallery next door to The Yuba Theatre, at 208 Main St., in Downieville. The Yuba Gallery features locally made arts and crafts and will act as a community resource for information and advertising of local events and programs. The Yuba Gallery is also a meeting place for local artists and musicians and hosts small events.

Local artists featured in Yuba Gallery in 2017 include: Katie O’Hara-Kelly: Mountain House Mosaics, original oil pastels, photography and acrylics; Dave Keyes: photography; Peggy Daigle: quilted fiber arts; Steve Fillo: wood crafts; Lynn Fillo: quilted fiber arts; B.J. Jordan: watercolors and photography; Mark Stevenson: photography; Jack Berndt: wood and rock sculpture; Mary Davey: photography; Leslie Baker: Folk art woodcraft; Cora Dittrich: Sierra Botanicals Soap; Tim Iufer: River Gold Designs; Betsy Cammack: Master Quilter; Mark Panelli rock sculptures and clay designs; Mike Kelly: handmade acoustic guitars; Steve Kelly: natural gemstone jewelry.

Local artists and crafts people are invited to join the Sierra County Arts Council and to show and sell their creations in The Yuba Gallery. The Gallery welcomes the entire community to come see the beautiful and amazing creations inspired by the scenic Sierra Nevada Mountains we all call home. The Sierra County Arts Council is pleased to offer this resource to our community and hope that we will continue to find the support necessary to make The Yuba Gallery a permanent fixture on Main Street in Downieville. Remember to “Shop Local” and support your local economy. A special thank you to Bibi Green and Jeff Champlin, owners of the building, for their continued support. The Gallery is open weekends and will be open Thursday through Sunday for the summer season.

For information about The Yuba Gallery please contact B.J. Jordan :, 530-289-3673. Phone for the Gallery, on open days, is 530-289-9822. The Sierra County Arts Council is funded through the State-Local Partnership Program from the California Arts Council.

Let Them Know 5/10/17

Editor: I want to set the record straight. I last met with the Downieville Fire Protection District (DFPD) Board of Commissioners at their March meeting. At the end of their meeting they elected new officers. Chair Irv Christensen, Vice-Chair Mike Galan, Treasurer Liz Fisher, Past Chair Donna McNamara and Richard Halliday, Board member. At their April 19 meeting with new Chair Christensen, the Board decided to have a special closed meeting on April 24th. All of this happened while I was in Wyoming dealing with a serious family medical emergency, with my newborn grandson.

When I returned on April 27th I received an email about a DFPD special closed board meeting on May 1. I replied I would not be there having another meeting at that time. Irv replied my attendance was “mandatory”. I emailed the DFPD Board members back, explaining they receive a monthly calendar , showing I had an officers meeting at that time, and provided my schedule for the next couple of weeks so they could reschedule the meeting. I did not hear back from them. I thought the closed door meeting was about another person.

On Monday morning May 1, Irv handed me an envelope. The letter stated that at their April 24 meeting the Board had decided that by 4:00p.m. I needed to resign or be terminated. I asked Irv what the issue was. His response was “I don’t have to tell you.” I told him he would lose the dispatchers and some department members, he said they had figured on that, and it was not an issue.

Just to be clear, I did not resign, or retire. I was terminated for reasons never explained. I still do not have a clue why. And I did not attend any closed door meetings, as stated in the Mountain Messenger.

After 40 years they tossed me out when I was away on a family medical emergency. How low and back stabbing can you get? That is 40 years of experience, training, knowledge, and statewide contacts that was pushed out the door on May 1.

I thank everyone who has told me they support me, and the volunteers who have made the Downieville Fire Department the best it can be. Please remember this department is not my fire department, nor is it the DFPD Board’s  fire department. It is the community fire department, always has been, always will be.

I urge everyone to attend the next DFPD board meeting, on Wednesday, May 17 at 6:00 p.m. at the Community Hall to let them know how big a mistake they made.

Lee Brown, Goodyears Bar

Thomas Schumann, Teenager 5/10/17

The following demonstrates Tom’s thoughts on reality and consciousness at the age of 16, easier to follow than his physics calibrations in his later years, however it does leave room for argument about his conclusions, if only he were here to argue with….

Written by Thomas G. Schumann on March 5, 1954

Let us assume that all conditions have a ause of causes, and that all causes have a definite effect or effects. Therefore all conditions now existent are effects of previous causes. These causes are in turn effects of a still more previous cause and these are effects of still more remote causes and so forth. Hence we see that all present conditions are, finally, remote effects of causes or conditions present at the beginning of the universe.

All conditions present t today will become causes of future effects. These effects will in turn become causes for still more remote effects and so forth ad infinitum.

Hence all future conditions will actually be results of causes or conditions present at the beginning of the cosmos. These conditions will determine these results. That is to say they will bring about these results and could not possibly bring about any other effects. Hence the future is determined by these primordial conditions, thus inductive chance, as it is commonly understood, is actually non-existent. If all prevailing conditions were known or all conditions prevailing at any time in the past were known, and if they could be pieced together by a hypothetical “super-natural mind”, an unlimited knowledge of the future could be acquired.

“But”, you may say, “this might be true if it were not for intelligent living organisms, especially human beings, which have a will of their own.”

I believe this to be false, I believe that all matters about human beings, their thoughts and actions, as well as of other intelligent living organisms, are just as determined as events happening to inanimate objects.

And man’s thoughts and actions are determined by his present environment and by his mental and physical construction. His construction is, in turn, determined by his past environment and his heredity. Man cannot, of course, control his heredity. Neither can his parents, for that matter, since as we shall se later, that the very fact they mated and he was borrowers just a matter of cause and effect and was determined by conditions present several billions of years before their birth.

Man also cannot control his environment. He does, of course, change his environment, but the fact whether he does this or not or whether he even wants to or not is determined by his construction and by his surroundings. His Construction, in turn, is determined by his past environment and his past construction which is determined by his still more remote environment nd his still more remote construction etc., until we see that man’s thoughts and actions are ultimately determined by his heredity and the environment , which, as we have shown earlier is determined, he has had throughout his life.

Thus man’s thoughts and actions are determined by causes existent long before his birth. All man’s thoughts are just reactions to stimuli both external and internal.
Since man’s characteristics or his construction, as well as his thoughts and actions are completely out of his control – in fact caused by conditions existing billions of years before his birth, both his attributes and his faults are beyond his control – as everything else is. Because hate, love, scorn, and respect are based on the objects attributes or faults, hate, love, scorn and respect for one person more than for another person is, of itself, illogical. Of course these emotions may have a temporary practical purpose, but there is no other logical reason for them. Pride and shame also come in this classification as does gratitude. since all one’s attributes or faults are the results of conditions beyond one’s control, there is no reason to be proud or ashamed of them.

Since, as we have stated before, man’s actions and characteristics are determined by causes completely beyond his control, he is not responsible for his actions or characteristics. Since he is not responsible for his actions, and cannot control them, it is not just to punish him for them. Thus it is just as unjust to punish a wrongdoer as it is to punish an innocent person because neither is responsible for his actions.

Of course we must punish criminals anyhow to prevent them from repeating a wrongdoing, and, by showing others that if they commit a criminal act that they will be punished, prevent others from committing crimes.

But we must not pretend that this punishment is just, it is not, it is only necessary in order to keep an orderly society. Thus a revengeful punishment is illogical. Only a preventive punishment should be used.

Joyce Says Goodbye 5/3/17

There was a nice gathering wednesday afternoon to honor Joyce Felix and wish her well on her move to Washington state. Joyce will be moving in with her daughter and family. Joyce’s wish was to hear Paul and Peggy, with Kathy at the piano, sing “Ave Maria”. With Paul’s strong voice and Peggy’s delicate soprano, and Kathy making the piano sound like two piano’s going, it was beautiful to listen to.

Paramedic Project Information 5/3/17


In 2014 Western Sierra Medical Clinic (WSMC) determined that emergency care services could no longer be offered to the Downieville community due to the cost and medical skills required. WSMC decreased hours and on-call medical services.

…Western Sierra Medical Clinic (WSMC) can no longer support its Downieville site operating as a Freestanding Emergency Department (FED); cannot continue its contractual relationship with Enloe Medical Center, and can no longer be a provider of emergent services to the community.”  Scott McFarland, CEO, WSMC, November 3, 2014

The Downieville Clinic had a contract with Enloe Medical Center in Chico that designated the Downieville Clinic as an “Alternate Base Station”, that is, an emergency facility. This permitted the ambulance to transport emergency patients to the Downieville Clinic. Not only did it qualify as the nearest emergency facility but it offered advanced life support back-up to the ambulance. WSMC chose to cancel the Enloe contract. Consequently western Sierra County no longer has consistent advanced life support services available. Currently we have several volunteer Advanced EMT’s to provide limited Basic Life Support (BLS). We also have a Mobile Intensive Care Nurse (MICN) who provides Advanced Life Support (ALS), but who hopes to someday retire.

The Paramedic Project

In 2015 Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc. (SFMR), a tax exempt charitable non-profit 501(c)(3), was formed by community members to develop a solution to the need for ALS Services, and 24/7 medical care in western Sierra County.

”As part of our commitment to working with County leaders to meet the needs of the community, we are offering to help fund a paramedic for emergency care.” Larry Allen, Chair, Western Sierra Medical Clinic, October 30, 2014

SFMR’s proposed initial solution is the Paramedic Project for the summer of 2017. Our goal is to partner with the Downieville Fire Prevention District to fund the hiring of one or two paramedics from June 1 through October 1.

A paramedic on a responding ambulance can perform Advanced Life Support (ALS) services that include:
pain management
trauma intervention
advanced cardiac interventions
pediatric advanced life support
advanced respiratory care interventions.


EMR: Emergency Medical Responder, provides Simple Emergency Evaluation & Treatment

EMT: Emergency Medical Technician, provides Basic Emergency Evaluation & Treatment

AEMT: Advanced Emergency Care Technician, provides Moderate Emergency Evaluation & Treatment

PARAMEDIC: EMT-P: Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic, provides Complex Emergency Evaluation & Treatment

Lang honored at PreHospital Conference 4/26/17

Frank Lang – 40 years – Introduction by Dan Spiess, CEO Nor-Cal EMS

Frank has been in EMS for over 40 years. Currently he is a Nurse Practitioner / MICN at Sierra Family Medical Clinic in Oregon House. Frank holds a Doctorate in Health Law and is a retired Commander from the US Public health Service.

Frank has been instrumental in the creation of the non-profit organization, Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc. with a goal of restoring the availability of 24/7 Primary, Urgent and Emergency Care to the Sierra County area. Along with Sierra Frontier Medical Resources Inc., Frank supports local EMT and AEMT programs and the establishment of a paramedic program.

4/22/17 At the recent North State Pre-Hospital Conference in  Redding, Downieville Ambulance MICN Frank Lang, NP was honored for over 40 years of dedicated service to the EMS system for Sierra County.

Easter Bunny Gallery 4/19/17

Fare Thee Well Lou 4/19/17

Lou tje Vam Drover

We are having a Goodbye Potluck April 30th at the Masonic Hall @ 1pm. Lou Foxworthy has sold his house in Goodyears Bar and is moving to Dayton, Nevada and he will be missed. Bring your favorite dish to share and a story or two to tell. Feel free to spread this information and you can RSVP to me at 530-289-3250 or email me at by April 24th. Come and enjoy the Music, Friends, Fun and of course the Food. Hope to see you there.

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