Living Heirloom In Forest City 10/19/16

The Living Heirloom Treasures of Forest City

Did you ever wonder where all the old apple and pear treesin Forest City came from?

While some may have sprouted from seed, there isa good chance that many were purchased from the Barren Hill Nursery in Nevada City, owned and operated by Felix Gillet, beginning in 1871. This was the second nursery in the state of California and served the hungry miners and homesteaders in the Sierra Nevada.

Felix Gillet was a Frenchman who came to Nevada City to “strike it rich” but soon discovered that the only money tobe made was in supplying the miners, ranchers and homesteaders. He became a barber and set up shop on Pine Street,in downtown Nevada City. There, he shaved enough chins and saved enough money to purchase the “barren hill” east of town. The land had been stripped of treesfor use in the mines,and because people knew where the barren hill was,the name of his nursery easily became The Barren Hill Nursery. Gillet soon went back to France where he purchased the best plant materials of many different species he could find and brought them home to propagate.

For the restof his life,he imported the highest quality fruit and nuts from all over the world, propagated and sold what would become the agricultural cornerstonesof California and the Pacific Northwest. These included, not only apples and pears, but strawberries,walnuts, filberts,almonds, chestnuts,ap1icots, figs, table and wine grapes,prunes,plums,peaches, beechnuts, hickory nuts,pecans,
roses, and many other edible and ornamental plants. Some call him the father of Pacific Coast perennial agriculture.

The Felix Gillet Institute,started by Amigo Bob Cantisano, Adam Nuber and Jenifer Bliss,is dedicated to finding these old trees. They evaluate the health of the trees, identify the varietiesand propagating the best of them for our modern appreciation and use. Each tree is an heirloom treasure unto itself, surviving over ahundred years,often without human care. The twisted,broken apple and pear treesof Forest City are just as precious as the rusty monitors and creaky floorsof the Saloon. perhaps even more so becausethey are still alive, for now.

You may see Adam, Jenifer or Amigo Bob in town,checking up on the “grandmother trees,”as they areaffectionately known. Some of the old time apple varieties they have identified are: the Winesap, Stayman Winesap, Winter Banana, Bramley’s Seedling, Calville Blanc, Autumn Strawberry, Scarlet Stayman, Stripped Gilleflower,Wahington Strawberry, Yellow Newtown Pippin, Yellow Belleflower, Monarch and Dutch Mignon ne.The pear tree.just outside the front door of the Saloon is a Beurre d’Anjou. Of course, there are many more.

These precious old varietiesare the best of the best that our European ancestorsworked generations to propagate and protect. It is one of the goals of the Felix Gillet Institute to honor their hard work and diligence by propagating the fruit of their efforts,and propagating them for the next generations.

To learn more about the Felix Gillet Institute go to: contact them,send an email to: ;Phone: (530) 292-3619;or write:The Felix Gillet Institute, P.O. Box 942, N. San J uan, CA 95960.

Hewgag for Spring Doins 5/25/16

ForestStamp Mill 24DSC1E Clampus Vitus
Downie Chapter 1849 has sounded the hewgag for our Spring Doins in historic Forest City. This event will be held June 17-19, 2016 (Father’s Day weekend).
By decree from our Noble Grand Humbug – all Clampers and prospective Clampers are urged to attend and experience history in one of the true mining towns left, see the Dance Hall Museum and witness the Chapter’s Stamp Mill in action.
Along with the history you get Friday nite dinner, Saturday breakfast and a steak dinner and  Clamp Chef surprise on Sunday morning. The cost is $55 for Clampers and $65 for men who want to join the Clampers.
Credo Quia Absurdum
Brian Gardei GNRS
Downie Chapter 1849

Sierra Family Opens New Clinic 1/13/16


OREGON HOUSE, Calif. January 7, 2016 Sierra Family Medical Clinic (SFMC) has opened a new clinic in Oregon House, and is now offering medical and behavioral healthcare there. SFMC operates two community medical clinics, with the other location on Tyler Foote Road on the San Juan Ridge of Nevada County. Located at 8676 Marysville Road in Yuba County

SFMC’s Oregon House Clinic is currently open Tuesdays and Thursdays with plans to expand hours as soon as possible. 

SFMC’s goal is to “treat you like family”. SFMC is known nationally for its model of integrated health care, where patients are referred to on-site medical, behavioral, and substance use healthcare professionals within the same day. Dental services will soon be available at the Oregon House location.

SFMC provides high-quality healthcare to all persons regardless of age, sex, race, color, national origin, religion, disabilities or ability to pay. SFMC services treat the whole person and the Oregon House Clinic will offer:

  • General medical care for adults and children
Well child exams and immunizations
Adult preventative care
  • Work-related injuries and health problems
Care for minor emergencies
  • Routine women’s care
Sports injury management
  • Solution focused cognitive-behavioral therapy
Anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues
  • Weight loss, smoking cessation, dental phobia
  • Pain management
  • Healthy lifestyle counseling

Sierra Family Medical Center
, 8676 Marysville Road Oregon House, CA 95962
 Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays (soon to expand)
 Private insurance, Medicare and Medi-Cal accepted. Sliding fee discount available for those who qualify.
 To make an appointment: call (530) 292-3478.

Forest City AppleFest 10/7/15

images-150x150Despite the apple shortage The Forest City Historical Association will be hosting the AppleFest on Sunday, October 18. General membership meeting from 9:30 to 11AM. Festivities from 11:30 to 5ish include: Apple pressing, Stamp Mill Demos (ECV), Potluck lunch at 1 PM., music by the “String Alongs”, hand cranked ice cream to top off the wonderful apple desserts provided by apple dessert contestants..There are three categories, Pies/Tarts; custards/cheesecakes, cakes, cookies…everything Apple. Join us for a day of meeting old friends, making new ones, and taking a breath before winter arrives.   For info call Cheryl at 530 287-3133..Music,  or email to

2014 AppleFest in Forest October 19th

AppleFest in Forest Cityimages
The leaves are rapidly turning wonderful shades of red and yellow and shades in between. The bears are bigger than ever. The summer has been hot, dry and nerve racking.
However, Forest City still has apples and we hope to see you on Sunday, October 19th for our 8th annual AppleFest at 11 a.m and general membership meeting at 9 a.m.. We promise you a good old-fashioned get-to-gether of common folks who’s main idea in life is to at least once a year meet in a place where we can show off our culinary skills, meet up with old friends, talk to people who’s ancestors once walked and worked these hills for the treasure they might find.
Forest City is a quiet little gem that still bespeaks of the past and welcomes those who come for that experience.
This year, we will have the pleasure of our local Sierra County Musicians: The String Alongs, and perhaps Cousin Jack and Jenny, and the regular old stuff….Stampmill Demo,ECV, Potluck, hand-cranked ice-cream, AND our Apple Dessert Contest!!! We will have first, second and third prizes for 3 categories of apple desserts….Apple Pie/Tarts, Apple Cake/ Bread/ Cookies, Apple Custard/ Creams/ Cheese Cakes. And
of course, Cider Pressing in the 1869 Improved Buckeye Apple Press that was so generously donated to us by Cy Rollins a few years back.
General Membership Meeting 9 til ? Fun begins at 11a.m.. All of the above is yours for a donation of your choice…Your donations support the Forest City Historical Assocation and helps up pay for insurance and those evil taxes.
For info please contact Cheryl at 287-3133 or