Gabby Fringette Returns 7/20/16

gabby-in-social-space-150x150I’m Back!
By Gabby Fringette

Did you miss me? I bet so. Well, I missed you guys, too. While I was adulting over at Resilience Farm, I didn’t have much of an outlet to say the ribald things I do so love. I didn’t have any way to say
‘they all have their heads so far up their butts they’re looking our their own mouths.’ My naturally flamboyant (Gabby, darling) and blunt personality just doesn’t compute with such extreme censorship. So obviously I dyed my hair bright red and wore lots of jewelry. I’m afraid it had an adverse effect on my chickens. I just realized why they are so fowlmouthed.
Why didn’t I just take the summer off from everything? Because when I get bored, things get very strange. The level of paranormal activity in my neighborhood increased 37% when I get out of school. You were expecting a larger number? Well, this place is quite haunted. We may be living over a cemetery. Like most teenaged girls, I eventually resort to the use of poetry. It’s a filthy habit, I know, but I promise to quit when I’m an adult. That’s how this stuff usually works?

The neuroses of finals
have passed. I am
free, and reminded that I’m                      I’m

The air outside is
hot and dry. It’s so                                    so

clear, though, that
I cannot fathom
being anywhere else.
Anywhere else I’d be bored.                     bored

So anyway, yes. It’s good to be back.

Gabby Dear- Boring people get bored, hence you can’t be bored. Your Editor

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