Wednesday May 29, 2013

Well, this week’s thought is about thinking. I think we all need to think a little more. It’s hard to do these days, there is so much information to absorb. But do we really absorb it or are we just reading the words without really thinking about what it means or whether there is any validity. Have we all become knee jerk responders agreeing with what we think we know? Have we lost the ability to stop and say to ourselves, “wait a minute that doesn’t make sense”. Is there really a “common sense”? Will my common sense be the same as yours? I’m one who thinks there really isn’t any one “common sense” and understanding how someone else can come to a different conclusion using the same information is important. It isn’t easy to accept another’s point of view but it isn’t that difficult either. ¬†Okay, I am beginning to ramble here, I need to think about it some more.

So enjoy the photo by Sierra City Photographer Mary Davey and be sure to read all your favorite articles this week. Enjoy.