Ormond Crowder Statement 6/1/16


For the first time in years, we have a choice in the Sierra County District 3 Supervisor election.

Many quality of life issues face us in Sierra County&! nbsp;that need concerted action by our Board of Supervisors.

These include, but are not limited to; Reasonable Growth, Elimination of Blight, Veterans Services, Responsive County Government and a Positive Business Climate.

My wife Paula and I have lived in Calpine since 2007. We have 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Since coming to Calpine, I have established an on-line business – Sierra Valley Trading Co. Introduced Truckee Sourdough Breads to Sierra, Plumas and Lassen county stores and restaurants. Conceived and co-started the Calpine Marketplace and participated in vigorous community efforts to keep our local Post Office open. I strongly supported the Sierra Valley Lodge’s expanded business activity. I am an active advocate for a Veterans Service Office in Sierra County.

At the outset of my campaign, I stated that regardless of the outcome of the election the citizens of Sierra County would benefit because competition makes us better candidates and forces us to “think outside of the box”.

As a vocal proponent of a Veterans Service I’m pleased to see my opponent taking an active part in discussions to formu! late a Veterans Service function in the County. Since Sierra County is one of only two counties in the state of California without a Veterans Service Office, this progress is welcome.

If elected to the Board of Supervisors, I plan to submit a plan to the full board for the establishment of a Public Information Function that will disseminate important information concerning the County in a consistent professional manner locally and nationally.
Whether that function is carried out by County Staff, or contracted through an outside agency, it will include a comprehensive media plan and will be openly discussed and agreed upon by the entire board.

Many new business challenges and opportunities are part of the new economy in which we find ourselves. Many technological advances present themselves to exploration and exploitation.

As district 3 supervisor I would like, in concert with the entire board, to promote and maintain a viable, modern business climate in the county that is compatible with the culture and environment of the Sierra Valley and is in tune with the new information age.
This climate will recognize and seek out new business opportunities such as: Tesla Charging Stations, Craft Breweries, Business Call Centers, Event and Meeting Venues, Movie and Product Commercial ! locations.

These are only some ideas, but ideas can grow into real opportunities.

My business experience includes: Systems and Procedures origination and analysis, Marketing and Sales, Public Relations, Cost Analysis, Corporate Communications, Lease Negotiations, Distribution and Sales, Corporate Directive Programs, Finance and Accounting

My past employers include: Bechtel Corporation, Buttes Gas & Oil Co., US Flexible Metallic Tubing Co., Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.
! ;
I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration and an MBA from Golden Gate University

Military: US Army 82nd Airborne Division

Thank you for your consideration and support
Ormond Crowder

530.994.3610-home 925.878.5527-cell

Rob Rowen District 1 Senate 6/1/16

Rob Rowen

Rob Rowen

Rob Rowen, Candidate for District 1 Senate is a moderate/centrist Democrat and lives in Cottonwood, CA. His website is http://www.rowenforsenate.com where  his platform is outlined in detail.
A supporter of labor and small business; he is a gun owner, and supports gun rights; While supporting raising wages to address poverty, government must be careful in regards to small businesses; government should not be a reason they are forced to close their doors. More fundamentally, the problem is the Wal Marts of the world; they pay their employees terribly, while tax dollars subsidize their business by over 8 billion dollars per year. Corporate America is where the wage increase main problem lies.
Rowen’s first priority would be jobs; our rural region has failed to enjoy the economic rebound the rest off the state has enjoyed. We need to reinvent our rural economic model; we can start with biomass; reducing the fuel load in our forests, reducing disastrous wildfire conditions, while providing jobs and producing green energy. Getting our forests back to a better state of health will also help recharge our ground water basins. Water is another issues for our district; we are the source for most of the state’s water. This district should see some economic benefit from our water resource; it is one of our only bargaining chips, and we could use that economic benefit to maintain, repair, in increase our water storage and delivery systems.
This district is facing a healthcare crisis; we must ensure that we have providers and  they are being reimbursed fairly from Medical and Medicare in rural areas. Failing to address this issue will only force more providers to leave our area in search of a better living. Seniors, children, and those with chronic health issues are extremely vulnerable without access to quality healthcare; furthermore, all of our residents should have access to quality healthcare.
Our representative has had 8 years to effectively represent the people of this district, he has failed. Another wants to go to Sacramento and split us off from California, something unlikely to happen, and financially questionable at best. Many of us, like myself, are native Californians’ and despite our problems, we want to stay in California; we are proud of where we come from, and I want to work with Sacramento to find solutions to our rural issues.
It is important voters  know there is a reasonable option on their ballot for Senate this year; Rob Rowen is the option, a moderate, lifelong rural resident who can and will work with the legislature to find solutions improving the lives of our residents.

Be Informed to Vote 5/4/16

Dear Editor, I feel it is important that I respond to the flyer being sent from the Sierra County Growers to Sierra County residents urging a yes vote on Measure A. The flyer states the growers are collaborating with “Sierra County Government, law enforcement, local businesses, citizens and patients of Sierra County”. A simple phone call to the Sheriff’s Dept or the Clerk’s Office will prove those departments are not “collaborating” with the growers. And what “businesses” besides other growers? The entire flyer encouraging a yes vote is misleading. It is an attempt to sway those of us who agree with proper use of medical marijuana into voting yes on a measure that would be detrimental for Sierra County and a majority of its residents.

According to Resolution 2016-017, posted by the Sierra County Clerk’s Office, Advisory Measure A asks the question,” Should the County of Sierra adopt an ordinance which would allow commercial marijuana activities within the County, including but not limited to cultivation, processing, distribution, warehousing and transportation of marijuana?”

To make a truly informed vote on Measure A I suggest residents contact the Committee for Informative Voting Opposing Sierra County Advisory Measure A at committeeforinformativevoting@gmail.com whose main objective is to help voters understand what commercial marijuana could mean for Sierra County. Vote NO on Measure A.   Don Yegge, Sierra Brooks

We Endorse Paul 4/27/16

Editor: We are writing this letter in support of Paul Roen for Sierra County Supervisor, District 3. We have firsthand knowledge of Paul’s ability to help in any situation that may arise and equally be able to handle in a timely fashion. Rumors some folks are saying that Paul does nothing for eastern Sierra County is simply not true. In addition to many other things Paul owns the Sierra Valey Feed & Ranch Supply in Sierraville which provides jobs. He is part owner and he and his partners provide funds for  the Golden West in Loyalton which is struggling to remain a vital part of Loyalton. Sheri Roen, Paul’s wife is very involved with the community as a volunteer with the school transporting students for sports and serves on the board of community organizations. Supervisor Roen and his family  are an  incredible asset to our community and we endorse him for another term as a Sierra County Supervisor.

Mark Marin and John Cussins, Loyalton

Paul for Sierra County 4/27/16

Editor: Sierra Pacific INdustries is pleased to offer our support to Paul Roen for reelection to Sierra County, District 3 Supervisor. Through his actions he has demonstrated leadership and a commitment to improving the quality of life in Sierra County. Paul understands the need to manage our forests for the safety of our mountain communities, to provide valuable employment opportunities and to supply the wood products we all use.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Supervisor Roen, and wish him the best in the coming election.

Mark Lathrop, SPI

Shock & Awe 4/27/16

Dear Editor
I was shocked to read in the paper last week that the Town of Loyalton was flat broke. This was shocking too hear because the nonprofit agencies in that fine town are apparently flush with cash. So much so that they are returning donations.
Over the past few months the Sierra County Growers Association, a legitimate non-profit organization has been collecting donations at our meetings and then giving the donations to agencies across our distitute county.
We made donations to both the Loyalton Family Resource Center and also to the Sierra Schools Foundation. The donation to the Sierra Schools was directly for a school ag/garden project. We received very kind thank you letters from the Directors of these programs. Then the magnanimous, altruistic Board of Directors of each of these Organizations voted to return our donations because????
Maybe the Board members themselves are going to replace the over $500 they cost their organizations. Ignorance and hatred never benefits anybody! We’re here, We’re high. Get used to it.Belle Starr Sandwith Sierra Brooks



As Paul Roen assumed the County Supervisor for District 3, four years ago, he had some sceptics. I was one. “How could a man a busy as Paul take on one more major commitment” I asked myself. “Would he and his wife Sheri need to drop some those volunteer, public services they are involved in?” Answers came quickly. Paul attended months of Board meetings between the time he initiated his thought process to run for the position and when he took the oath of office. He was prepared for the job, a strength that he has continued to use through his entire first term. “Being prepared, and Building on Relationships” have been the keys to his success and that success has put to rest all of my early questions. Not only is he an effective supervisor for our District, his leadership has extended to all aspects of the county business.
I was particularly interested in how he would manage time conflicts that demanded that he be in different places at the same critical time. I recall a conversation with Paul on the Chips fire in Plumas County. Paul, with outstanding equipment operators (almost all from Sierra Valley), had cut fireline for the prior 2 weeks and firing operations off those lines was underway. If it worked, the Chips fire could be held west of Hwy 89. If it failed, the fire would likely run though the urban wildland at Canyon Dam and on the south and south east sides of Lake Almanor. Paul was personally in a tight spot. Should he stay with his people and equipment or break away for a Board of Supervisor’s meeting in Sierra County? He managed the situation by delegating the face to face supervision of his firefighting staff to his father and brother while he studied the board packet and performed his role back in Sierra County. He returned the next day, clean, showered and happy he had a successful set of meetings and some quality time with his family.
This wasn’t a unique event for Paul. He has had to make a similar call in each of his years in office. The Fire’s changed, (the Rim fire in Tuolumne County, the Gasquet Complex near Crescent City, the Valley fire in Lake County, and the King fire in Eldorado County to name a few). All called Paul away from his primary cattle business and challenged him to fulfill the duties of County Supervisor. In each case he found the means to make critical meetings (both those in the committee’s he serves and those of the board), stay informed, and provide the governance required of the role of County Supervisor.
He continues to amaze me with his ability to understand complex problems, gather the people together who have a vested interest in the question, and find consensus on a decision that needs to be made.
Could you imagine where we could be as a society if our Federal Government in Washington would use such a model for government?
Paul has performed—above and beyond the call.

Rick Maddalena Sierraville Resident
And Retired Incident Management Team Member

Another Term for Roen 4/13/16

Dear Editor:
I have been impressed with Paul Roen’s first term as Supervisor of Sierra County’s District 3 and support his re-election. He has tremendous energy for the job, does his homework and is well prepared for BOS decision making. He attends many, many meetings beyond those required of his office to stay well-informed and to exert influence on behalf of county interests. This includes a dogged lobbying of state agencies and law makers in support of our unique rural needs. I find him to be assertive in his convictions but open minded to sound reason.
Paul Roen is involved directly in local businesses and certainly understands the challenges facing the small businessman. His voting record proves that awareness. He is directly involved in Sierra County’s agricultural production and is working hard to preserve the future of this way of life. Roen is fiscally conservative and an enemy of waste and fluff. He is intelligent, practical and efficient. He is driven to make the hard decisions needed to balance the county budget, but I think he is also open to effective ideas that might bring more resources to Sierra County and a better way of life for its citizens.
I like that Paul Roen and his family are fully engaged in the communities of our county. They have children in our schools and are very active in supporting school activities and fund raisers. They have dragged the big BBQ to dozens and dozens of benefits for neighbors facing hardships and have been doing so since long before Paul sought office.
I think Paul Roen has been an excellent supervisor for Sierra County and urge his re-election.

Sincerely, Mike Filippini, Sierra Valley

Copren Praises Roen 4/13/16

Editor:  I have known Paul and Sheri Roen for nearly as long as they’ve been here in Sierra Valley. I worked with Paul on the Sierra County Fire Protection District #1 Board for nearly six years. I’ve also worked with him as county supervisorfor the past three plus years. My exper ience with Paulis different than my experience with most elected officials. Paulgets things done,rather than saying that we have to work at it and having it take long periods of time to achieve any important outcome.

Since becoming county supervisor from District #3, Paulhas continued to exceed expectations in getting projects beneficially completed. When the Calpine Reservoirfilled with sediment,
Paul worked with ttie Galpine Water District and the fire district to find a way to cover the costs of removing the sediment and providing water storage forfire protection in the existing reservoir. This required intense negotiations with both local districts,the U.S. Forest Service and Sierra County. He helped with the costs of the project by finding grant money and the reservoir was dredged expeditiously.

Paul,with the help of Jim Dobbas,constructed the turn-around road at the fire hydrant where the trucks from the local fire departments and the USFS can refillduring fires.

This is also true of his work on the Sierra County Wildfire Protection Plan. It was Paul,nearly by himself,who redirected money to the Fire Protection District, rather than overburdened county offices, to implement this project. The plan took about a year to complete,but it now provides the basis for much work on wildfire protection projects in Sierra County.

While onthe Fire Commission, Paulwas principally involved in finding ways to replace much of the district’s equipment with superior and more effective equipment. He worked to remodel the Sattley Fire House so that modern,larger fire trucks could be placed there. He was
instrumental in getting the large storage tanks and fire hydrant located and constructed in Sattley across from the fire house.
This tankstorage facility and other improvements made in the staffing, training and equipping of the local fire departments helped the district achieve a reduction in itsISO rating,which is the measure by which the cost of homeowners insurance is based. This benefits every homeowner and commercial business in the fire district.

Paul is a serious and effective participant in all water issues and organizations that are of such importance to eastern Sierra County. He serves on the Feather River integrated Regional Watershed Management Board of Directors,sits on the Upper Feather River Watershed Council, participates in the activities of the Sierra Valley Resource Conservation District and is a board member of the Sierra Valley Groundwater Management District. He also is very active with the Sierra County Fire Safe and Watershed Council.

One of the more interesting projects that Paul has been behind is the flashing speed limit signs located along the highways as you enter Sierraville. These signs, which have been proven to reduce traffic speeds through communities,have now been installed in Sierra City and Downieville as well. Finally, through Paul’s efforts,there are going to be turnout lanes constructed between Sierraville and Truckee to allow hay, lumber and logging trucks,as well as other slow-moving vehicles,to pull over to allow for safe passing.

Sincerely, Bill Copren, Sattley

Derek Likes Ormond 4/13/16

Dear Editor, My wife and I were pleased to have attended Ormand Crowder’s first “Meet and Greet” at the Sierra Valley Lodge in Calpine. This newly reopened business, operated by local Dwight Brooks, is a welcome site and an example of what Ormand supports and would enable more of if elected as District 3 Supervisor. Those in attendance learned of Ormand’s extensive education and vast experience in national and international business. They learned of his local business development that, in turn, supported many other local businesses, not only in Sierra, but Plumas, Lassen, Yuba and Nevada counties as well. He spoke eloquently on issues facing Sierra County, and his vision for future growth and local business development such as “call centers,” and other small business development opportunities to create jobs and services for the local community. He shared his passion for area veterans and senior citizens, and his visions for aiding them with greater assistance. He also spoke of enhancing Sierra County’s public relations campaign and promoting the Sierra Valley as a desirable place to live, work and play. Ormand’s presentation was followed by a question and answer period on such topics as services for youth groups, law enforcement, the State of Jefferson movement, and the proliferation of “medicinal” marijuana grows. The event was well attended. It was particularly nice to see Mrs. Roen (wife of incumbent Supervisor Paul Roen) in attendance, presumably to hear about citizens’ concerns and Ormand’s fresh approach to addressing these and other lingering issues facing the community. Additional “Meet and Greets” are planned for Thursday, April 21 Sierra Valley Lodge Calpine (6-8 PM) and Monday, May 9 at Sierraville School (6-8 PM). I would strongly encourage others to attend these meetings to ask questions and learn more from this very talented candidate in order to make a more informed decision when they vote this coming June 2016. Derek and Barbara Beverly Sierra City, CA

Vote for Paul 4/13/16

Fellow voters of District 3;
While I have been critical of Paul Roen on a single issue recently, I nonetheless encourage people to support his return as supervisor for District 3. In the big picture, Paul has done a good job of looking after our interests, and those of the county generally. Paul as experience in the things that matter to us; he values our local way of life, and he values family.
Please vote for Paul Roen, and return him as Supervisor, District 3.
Laurenc DeVita,  Sattley Property Owner

Phil Oels, Plumas County 4/6/16

4391df955deb1549216c0604cbaf66f8The following is courtesy of http://www.resilientsierra.com

Candidate for Plumas District 1 Supervisor Phil Oels agreed to answer the Resilient Sierra Supervisors questions. Here are his answers:

Candidate for Plumas District 1 Supervisor Phil Oels agreed to answer the Resilient Sierra Supervisors questions. Here are his answers:

The following issues may be important to some voters; the ability of the board to impact may be great in some instances, and only supportive or peripheral in others, as is explained on each issue.

1. In your view, what are the three most worrying problems before the county Board of Supervisors?

First, our shrinking population, which translates directly to jobs.
Second, maintaining the protection of our water rights,
Third, the deplorable conditions of our forests and the attendant risk of catastrophic forest fires.

2. Briefly, what can you propose for each?
Fire hazard reduction tied to bio-mass electrical generation would provide a lot of quality jobs, would improve our forest health issues, and would aid in the State mandated push toward alternative energy. Those that promote tourism, from Sierra Buttes Stewardship and the Chambers of Commerce to the folks that are marketing our counties need and deserve all the aid and support we can give them. They also create jobs.

Although we’ve had a really wet winter, the drought isn’t over. We need to continue with our conservation measures, but we have rights under the County of Origin Laws and the Monterey Agreement that need to be protected. I would seek help from our State Representatives to maintain these rights.

In addition to the above mentioned fire hazard reduction work, I would also make it a priority to establish fire safe perimeters around each of our at-risk communities. This would require cooperation between our Fire Safe Councils, Cal-Fire, the Forest Service, and private land-owners but could be done. If this type of work had been done prior to the Weed fire, they may not have lost half their City.

3. Balancing property owner rights with the general good of the community is one of the most contentious legislative acts the board can take. Understanding that much land use is determined by state and federal laws, and that the courts have been busy for centuries defining the police powers of local government over land use, even so, land use is one of the places the Board of Supervisors has the greatest latitude. What provides your guiding principles regarding land use issues?

Basically, I believe that people have the right to do what they want on their own land, so long as it does no harm to others and doesn’t create a nuisance. Land use needs to be a balance between personal freedom and the common good.
4. Typically, it is the county sheriff, who is an elected official, who has decision powers over 2nd Amendment issues like concealed carry permits. Even so, the Board has financial control over the sheriff, and in some instances, the board can impose restrictions on the sheriff. What is your position on personal firearms rights?
I believe firmly in the Second Amendment for law abiding citizens and feel this right should not be infringed on. Violent criminals, however, are a different story.

5. California has passed three laws which declare medical cannabis to be an agricultural product, and regulate its production. Likely, this year recreational cannabis will pass. Please explain your understanding of the issue, and explain how you would respond to the changing status of cannabis.

Medical marijuana has proven benefits and needs to be available to patients with a verified need. The current system, however, needs to be tightened down a lot. I feel that local control is highly important and needs to be guided by a consensus of the people, not special interests seeking profit.

Making it an agricultural product may be the right decision, but it is highly important that our planners ensure that it is isolated from our youth, and not allowed to be a nuisance to the neighbors. I feel that a lot more information is required, but that, if this is our direction, it would need to be tightly regulated, secured, and heavily taxed.

6. Nationally, the President is talking about carbon emissions reduction; in California, AB 32 and subsequent laws and regulations intend reduce greenhouse gas. The Board of Supervisors often has to adopt ordinances based on California and Federal law. Please explain what you understand of global climate change.
I feel that climate change is a reality and that we need to adapt, reducing carbon emissions being only one aspect of the equation. We need to continue down the path of alternative energy for electrical production, using wind, solar, hydro, and bio-mass co-gen to replace coal, oil, and nuclear energy. We, in the mountains, need to thin our forests to make them fire resistant and to make more water available for human use.

For more information about me, please go to my website: http://www.philforsupervisor.com. My phone number is 832-5047, or e-mail me at philoels7@gmail