SCFPD#1 ISO Rating 9/17/14

The Sierra County Fire Protection District No. 1 (including the Calpine, Sattley, Sierraville, and Verdi areas) is pleased to announce that the ISO (Insurance Services Office) fire classification for the district has improved from the previous 7 up to the new 6/6X classification. It is important for all residents within the District to be aware that our “communities… may get lower insurance rates.” as a direct result of this improved ISO fire rating. The effective date of this new improved classification will be September 1, 2014 so all property owners may wish to contact their insurance carriers to make sure they receive any benefits this new improved status may afford. Rate changes may take place when the policy is renewed during the next billing cycle.

The independent ISO rating process included a recent onsite visit by two ISO representatives that reviewed the District’s extensive self study report, department records, conducted interviews with water and fire departments and personally inspected fire/water facilities and equipment. While the majority of “points” for the rating are earned by the fire department, 40% of all “points” are earned by the Water District’s capacity and delivery (hydrants) of fire fighting water. Both the Calpine Waterworks District and Sierraville Public Utilities District prepared comprehensive ISO reports for this process. The GPS coordinates of all hydrants, fire houses and relevant structures were included in this comprehensive insurance review. The distance from these locations determines the specific rating for each specific structure.

The ISO had not conducted a fire rating review in over fifteen (15) years before this year’s evaluation. They announced during this year’s visitation that they plan visitations every four years in the future. Their rating scale has one (1) being the highest most desirable rating and nine (9) being the lowest least desirable fire rating for insurance purposes. Increasing the ability of the fire department to instantly respond effectively to structural fires reduces the risk for insurance companys and therefore generally reduces the rates property owners pay for fire insurance.

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An explanation of the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) is available on the ISO web site: