Sheriff’s Public Logs 7/22/15

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Sierra County Sheriffs Public Information Log


  • Suspicious person staying near Summit I, Verdi
  • Possible wildfire spotted near Sierraville
  • Suspicious phone call to Dispatch in Downieville


  • Ambulance needed in Sierra City
  • Children calling 9-1-1 from Sierra City
  • Welfare check performed in Loyalton
  • Windows shot with BB gun in Loyalton
  • Civl File from Chico in Loyalton X 3
  • Bicycle theft in Loyalton
  • Report of people arguing in vehicle near Packer Lake
  • Speeding vehicle in Sierraville


  • Unlicensed barking dogs in Sierra City
  • Animal problem in Loyalton
  • Tree across Hwy 49 near Sierra City
  • Possible drunk driver in Sierraville
  • Hiker medical emergency assist at Frazier Falls
  • Dog in cage with no water in Loyalton
  • Domestic dispute in Loyalton
  • Gate hit by vehicle ramming it in Camptonville
  • Male subject enters house without invitation in Downieville


  • Unknown possibly injured animal in Sierra City
  • Welfare check requested on hitch hiker with child in Downieville
  • Property missing after civil standby in Loyalton
  • Speeding vehicle in Loyalton
  • Neighbors dog bit caller in Loyalton
  • Vandalism of restrooms in Sierra City
  • Campfire reported at Our House Dam near Pike City


  • Someone is throwing rocks at Loyalton apartment windows
  • Suicidal subject with firearm reported in Loyalton
  • Weapons offense reported in Loyalton
  • Out of county warrant arrest in Loyalton
  • Damaged propane stem pipe in Loyalton
  • Disorderly subject reported in  Downieville
  • Welfare check needed in Loyalton
  • Drug overdose reported in Loyalton\
  • Prescription glasses found in Downieville
  • Threats being yelled at caller in Loyalton
  • Loose canine worries multiple people in Loyalton
  • Vehicle accident with victim trapped inside in Alleghany


  • Trespassing reported at Indian Valley
  • Dogs at large in Loyalton
  • Concern about hitchhiker near Bordertown
  • Wallet found in Downieville
  • Possible drunk driver on Hwy 49 near Camptonville
  • Upside down vehicle on Hwy 49 near Indian Valley


  • Home damaged by someone in Sierra City
  • Vehicle in river w/ occupants near Little Truckee Campground
  • Ambulance after mother rescues son who was drowning near Downieville
  • Vehicle stopped with no plates and unlicensed driver near Downieville
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton

Sheriffs Public Log 7/15/15

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Sierra County Sheriffs Office Public Information Log


  • Ambulance needed at Sierraville hotsprings
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Vandalism to vehicle reported in Sattley
  • USFS reports fire near Sierraville
  • Dog being threatened with knife in Loyalton
  • Nude people can be seen under bridge by Rocky Rest
  • Illegal campers at the Calpine REservoir
  • Multiple gunshots or fireworks reported in Loyalton
  • Dog trapped in closed business in Downieville
  • Fight reported in Downieville
  • DUI arrest in Loyalton


  • Family disturbance in Loyalton
  • Fraudulent registration tags in Sierraville
  • Welfare check needed in Alleghany
  • Carbon Monoxide alarm in Loyalton residence
  • Criminal protective order issued in Downieville
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Stranded motorist needs assistance near Verdi Peak
  • USFS reports smoke sighted near Stampede Dam
  • Injured hiker reported near Oregon Creek
  • Fight reported at Coyoteville


  • Suspicious vehicle reported on Depot Hill
  • Subject arrested on Sierra Co warrant in Reno
  • Nails reported on private property road in Pike City
  • Welfare check needed on son in Loyalton
  • Hospice patient death reported in Alleghany
  • Attempted rape subject remanded from Court
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Reno PD request assistance in an investigation of crime.
  • Lightning fire reported north of Jim Crow Rd near Downieville
  • Firearm lost by person driving around Dog Valley area.
  • Reno PD dispatched an ambulance for a Verdi patient


  • Smoke reported smoke in the Babbitt Peak area
  • Dog missing after thunderstorm in Sierraville
  • CalTrans reports vehicle accident near Downieville
  • Deputy makes traffic stop in Loyalton
  • Arrested person possessed a prohibited weapon Downieville
  • Consistent loiterer after business closed in Sierraville
  • Lightning strike reported to AT&T building in Loyalton
  • Domestic violence reported in Sierraville


  • Repetitive harassing phone calls to Dispatch in Downieville
  • Lost wallet reported in Downieville
  • Bear causes significant damage to Alleghany residence
  • Subject remanded from court for vandalism in Downieville
  • Elderly male driving poorly on Depot Hill
  • Teenagers on bicycles broke into Loyalton residence
  • Vehicle almost hits pedestrian near Downieville
  • CalFire dispatch reports possible illegal campfire near Gold Lake


  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Harassment reported on mining claim near 1st Divide
  • Illegal grading reported in Verdi
  • Deputy finds lost property in Downieville
  • Bikes not stopping at Stop sign in Downieville
  • Hitchhiker with health problem near Loganville
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Multiple gun shots reported near end of  Wild Plum Rd
  • Inconsiderate dirt bike riders around Loyalton trailer park
  • Speeding on Smithneck Rd near Sierra Brooks


  • Illegal parking reported in Downieville
  • Ambulance needed in Sattley
  • Hangup called 9-1-1 from Sardine Lake
  • Injured hiker reported at unknown place

Sheriffs Public Log 7/8/15

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Sierra County Sheriffs Office Public Information Log


  • Child with seizure needs ambulance in Downieville
  • Fire alarm activation at Loyalton School
  • USFS reports camper with fire despite restrictions near Verdi


  • Criminal protective order issued in Downieville
  • Parking issue in Alleghany
  • Disturbing the peace yelling in Loyalton
  • Motorcycle on fire in Sierra City
  • Temporary restraining order issued in Downieville
  • 2,000 Bees on the side of the Yuba Theatre
  • Volvo parked in front of Downieville gate too long
  • Sheriff’s Civil File issued  Goodyears Bar
  • Motorcycle violated traffic near Indian Valley
  • Cow is on Hwy 49  near Loyalton


  • Ongoing problem reported to SO in Loyalton
  • Trespassing reported in Pike City
  • Civil dispute File X 2 in Calpine
  • Dog at large in Sierra Brooks
  • Citation for traffic offense near No Yuba Bridge
  • Neighbors vehicle on callers property in Alleghany


  • Subject fell and hit head on rock south of Sierraville
  • Propane leak reported in Downieville
  • Panic alarm sounds in Loyalton
  • Civil file reported in Loyalton
  • Illegal campfire and problem campers at Snag Lake Campground
  • Welfare check needed on depressed subject in Loyalton
  • Ambulance needed for medical transport in Loyalton
  • Lightning strike causes smoke in forest near Jackson Meadows
  • Welfare check needed in Calpine
  • Smoke from ridge of Lemon Canyon towards Antelope Valley
  • Report of gunfire used to scare Bear away in Goodyears Bar


  • Smoke reported on Treasure Mountain near Sierraville
  • Lightning strike fire reported in Sierra City
  • Report of graffiti spray paint at Sagehen Field Station
  • Lost wallet reported in Downieville
  • Burglar alarm at Loyalton Middle School
  • Tiki torches being used by campers on Henness Pass Road


  • Easement issue reported in Calpine
  •  Report of hikers trespassing lighting fires, smells marijuana at Fournier Ranch
  • Campers discharging weapons across Milton Reservoir
  • Crowd setting off fireworks in the street of Sierraville
  • Horses loose on Dyson Rd in Plumas Co transferred to CHP
  • Illegal campers at Calpine Reservoir
  • 9-1-1 hangup call from north of Downieville
  • Drunk in public arrest in Downieville
  • Drunk subject refused to leave property in Sierra City
  • Kids climbing to top of school gym in Downieville
  • Possible DUI leaving Sierraville
  • Dog in Sierra Brooks roadway barking for 3 hours


  • Loud and intoxicated campers at Goose Lake
  • Bonfires 5 miles up Saddleback from Hwy 49
  • Fireworks reported in Loyalton
  • Vehicle versus deer at North Yuba Bridge
  • Open door reported in Downieville residence
  • Drunk subject reported around USFS parking lot
  • Theft of ring reported in Verdi
  • Vehicle passing on double yellow lines near Sierra City
  • Off road motorcycles speeding on street in Downieville
  • Non injury vehicle accident in Sierraville
  • Dog left in hot vehicle in Downieville
  • Physical fight at residence in Downieville
  • Ambulance needed for fight injuries in Downieville

Sheriff’s Public Log 7/1/15

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Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Calpine dog loose with owner out of area
  • Theft of kerosene from Loyalton home
  • Wallet found and turned into Loyalton SO substation
  • Trailers slashed on local residents trailer south of Downieville
  • Internet site needs to be investigated near Verdi
  • Hitchhikers throwing rocks on highway near  Sagehen Summit


  • USFS reports abandoned vehicle in odd location near Sierraville
  • Vehicle associated with bike race cited for something Newman Point
  • Civil Dispute file in Loyalton X 3
  • Power wheelchair quit and rider needs assistance in Loyalton
  • Civil File in Alleghany
  • Injured fawn on highway near Sattley
  • Subject arrested on local warrant in Loyalton
  • Alarm activation in Green Acres residence


  • Medical emergency in Sierraville
  • Bicyclists using entire lane between Sierra City /Downieville
  • Criminal restraining order issued in Downieville
  • Ambulance needed for fallen husband in Loyalton
  • Bicyclist down with leg injury south of Sierraville
  • Overdue parties reported in Downieville
  • Injured bicyclist reported by Deputy north of Sierraville
  • Child custody issues in Quincy
  • Neglected dog in Sierra Brooks
  • Juvenile with asthma attack needs ambulance in Sierraville
  • Washoe County SO needs agency assist near Verdi


  • Ambulance needed for elderly female in Downieville
  • Suspicious smell reported in Downieville
  • Illegal motorcycle parking in Downieville
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Audible alarm sounding in Loyalton
  • Harassment reported in Loyalton
  • Suspicious male walking on private property near Bordertown
  • Plumas FS requests agency assist on PCT near Sierra City
  • Subject cursing at juveniles on bikes in Loyalton
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Motorcycle vs deer with no humans around near Loyalton


  • People running through Stop sign in Loyalton
  • Ambulance needed in Calpine
  • CHP reports rocks and gravel on Hwy 49 near Goodyears Bar
  • Traffic collision in Loyalton
  • Lost fanny pack in Downieville
  • Custodial dispute in Loyalton
  • Suspicious vehicle with screaming woman near Loyalton
  • Speeding motorcyclists in Alleghany


  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Cows reported on Hwy 49 near Loyalton
  • Loud argument reported in Downieville
  • Motorcyclist reported down near Sierraville
  • Welfare check requested in Downieville
  • Female screaming in residence in Loyalton
  • Possible fire reported near Evans Canyon
  • Arrest on out of county warrant in Loyalton
  • Citation for illegal nunchucks in Loaylton
  • Annoying noise reported in Pike City


  • Parked vehicle blocking roadway in Alleghany
  • Vehicle collision and fire Hwy 49 Goodyears Bar
  • Ambulance for toddler in Goodyears Bar

Sheriffs Public Log 6/24/15

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Sierra County Sheriffs Office Public Information Log


  • PCSO reports ranch hand near Loyalton needs ambulance
  • Report of puppy abuse in Alleghany
  • Trouble maker at clinic in Loyalton
  • Dangerous tree reported in Loyalton
  • Animal abuse reported in Loyalton
  • ATV on highway near Pike City


  • Angry person prevents access to sidewalk in Downieville
  • Reckless and wet driving reported near Camptonville
  • Deputy cites driver for open container in vehicle Camptonville
  • Vehicle code violation near Goodyears Bar


  • Identify theft fraud in Downieville
  • Civil dispute filed from Loyalton
  • Suspicious behavior needs welfare check in Loyalton
  • Missing hiker near Packer Saddle Ridge
  • Broken water main at Sierra Brooks Lodge


  • Unknown item making next door residence too loud in Loyalton
  • Welfare check requested in Loyalton
  • Purse left at Convict Flat public restroom
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Lost juvenile male from church group hiking on Sierra Buttes Trail


  • Family fight reported near Calpine
  • VIN inspection for non-operative vehicle in Goodyears Bar
  • Fraudent check cashing in Downieville
  • Dog at large in Loyalton
  • Burst water main reported in Downieville


  • Ambulance needed in Calpine
  • Brake lines reported cut on Hwy 49 between DVL & Loganville
  • DUI and Probation violation near Sierraville
  • Theft out of vehicle at campground above Sierra City
  • Child with allergic reaction in Sierra City
  • Subject down in the street in Downieville
  • Subject trying to pick a fight in Downieville
  • Lost dog in Forest City area
  • Ambulance needed for stomach pain in Downieville
  • Motorcycle speeding in Downieville


  • Fire in the trees north of Bassetts Station
  • Tow truck needed somewhere around Verdi
  • Male and female arguing in Loyalton
  • Suicidal subject needs ambulance in Loyalton
  • Vehicle theft by family member in Verdi
  • Motorcycle down with injuries by Fournier Ranch
  • Civil issue in Verdi
  • Many shots being fired near Verdi
  • Mining dispute between partners near Downieville
  • Illegal campfire and camping near Goodyears Bar

Sheriffs Public Log 6/17/15

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Sierra County Sheriffs Office Public Information Log


  • Report of a possible deceased person in Loyalton
  • Motorcycle done north of Bassetts Station
  • Vehicle struck a fence in Downieville over weekend
  • Identity theft reported in Loyalton
  • Set of keys turned in to Sheriffs Office Downieville
  • Illegal camping on property in Loyalton


  • Disabled vehicle on property is blocking dumpster in Sierraville
  • Juveniles walking on railroad bridge near Verdi
  • Ambulance needed for medical emergency at Hot Springs
  • Possible shoplifter at business in Loyalton
  • Male adult trespasser on property in Loyalton
  • Reckless driver near So Yuba Trailhead in Downieville


  • Vehicle accident on Hwy 49 near Sierra City
  • Caller was shoved by a male on property in Camptonville
  • Man staggering on street in Downieville
  • Plumas Co SO requests assistance in Chilcoot
  • Callers dog is being harassed by pit bull in Loyalton


  • Accidental dialed 9-1-1 in Loyalton
  • Speeder in lowered sedan on Main St, Downieville
  • Medical emergency for elderly female in Loyalton


  • Pacemaker emergency needs ambulance in Downieville
  • Ambulance requested in Loyalton
  • Sierra County warrant arrest in Nevada County
  • Burglar alarm activated in Sierra City
  • Juvenile issue in Loyalton
  • Vandalism reported in Loyalton
  • Possible violent behavior reported in Loyalton
  • Camping around lodge reported in Calpine
  • Possible drug overdose in Loyalton
  • Vehicle blocking Hwy 89 nobd near Truckee
  • Medical emergency in Sierraville
  • Threats received in Loyalton
  • Allergic reaction to unknown substance in Downieville
  • Court commitment arrest in Nevada County
  • CHP reports solo vehicle accident in Calpine
  • Noises reported in Calpine
  • Threats made in Loyalton area


  • SUV driver in Loyalton throwing garbage out of window
  • Neighbor is yelling and screaming in Loyalton
  • Illegal camping on private property in Calpine
  • Single vehicle accident on Hwy 89 Calpine
  • Assistance needed at Downieville clinic for cut leg
  • Bullet holes found on an out building in Pike City
  • Theft and vandalism at Apple Orchard on Hwy 49
  • Nevada Co SO reports search for lost hikers near Sierraville\
  • Domestic violence report near Sierra City
  • Broken wrist medical emergency in Calpine
  • Possible break-in occurring in Downieville


  • Caller dialed 9-1-1 instead of 4-1-1 in Sierra City
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Report of animal trapped inside cargo container Downieville
  • Motorcycle vs vehicle collision near Sattley
  • Medical emergency in a field in Calpine
  • Citizen arrest in Calpine

Sheriff’s Public Log 6/10/15

SO Badge

Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Report that caller’s Uncle’s dog was shot in Loyalton
  • Subject arrested on Sierra County warrant in Loyalton
  • Expired license plates on vehicle in Sierraville


  • Gasoline being stolen from vehicle in Loyalton
  • Truant students reported in Loyalton
  • Caller worries motorcycle gang may break into cabin near Downieville
  • Theft of medical equipment reported in Loyalton
  • Caller needs assistance locating an at-risk person near Reno
  • Ambulance needed in Sierra City
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Accident with injuries on I80 near Verdi
  • Motorcycle theft in Loyalton


  • Unknown person trying to enter residence in Loyalton
  • Caller says family member vandalized Sierraville business
  • Medical emergency in Sattley
  • Ambulance needed for head wound near Webber Lake
  • Injured bird reported in front of government building in Loyalton
  • Loud speeding vehicle in near Sierra Brooks


  • Large marijuana grow reported in Pike City
  • Theft of jewelry reported in Downieville
  • Welfare check needed for pedestrian on Hwy 49 near Goodyears Bar
  • USFS needs ambulance for injured employee near Packer Lake
  • Intoxicated pedestrian reported  on Hwy 49 near Cox Bar
  • Possible suicidal man reported in Goodyears Bar
  • Continual speeding reported in Sierra Brooks
  • Burglary alarm goes off in Loyalton School


  • AT&T reports false 9-1-1 call resulting from line work in Sierra City
  • Welfare check needed in Loyalton
  • Possible fight between students in Loyalton
  • Large family fight reported in Alleghany
  • Dog at large in Sierra Brooks
  • Multiple subjects shooting near the Calpine Fire Lookout
  • Subject cited for being Suspicious by State of California
  • Possible homeless female subject in Downieville area


  • Caller says she is lost and needs directions in Downieville
  • Nevada Co SO requests assist with medical incident near Downieville
  • Solvents and oil illegally dumped into ground near Sierra City
  • Threats received in Loyalton
  • Keys found in Downieville parking lot turned in to Sherff’s Office
  • Multiple gunshots reported in Calpine
  • Drunk driver reported leaving Downieville headed northbound
  • Vehicle needs tow on Depot Hill after hitting boulder with vehicle
  • Loud people reported somewhere in Downieville


  • Verbal disturbance reported at Downieville residence
  • Pike City caller worried about mother who left and reports her missing

Sheriff’s Public Log 6/3/15

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Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Animal parts in Smithneck Creek near Loyalton
  • Disable vehicle reported near Downieville
  • Report of aw violations at local bar in Alleghany


  • Vehicle theft reported in Sattley
  • Stolen mine equipment reported in Alleghany
  • Found property turned in from Sierraville
  • Pickup cab reported in ditch near Loyalton
  • Juvenile CPS problem reported to Sheriff’s Office
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Illegal dumping in Verdi
  • Reckless driving near Loyalton


  • Female blocking the road in Downieville
  • Dog at large in Sierra Brooks
  • Theft of household items in Sierra Brooks


  • Report of family fight in Loyalton
  • Lost phone reported near Jackson Meadows Rd
  • Coroners case reported on USFS road near Verdi
  • VIN inspection completed in Loyalton
  • Suspicious person on USFS road near Sierraville
  • Self reported lost individual with children near Sierraville


  • Deputy advises welfare check in Loyalton
  • Suspicious person with several large dogs in Sierra City
  • Theft reported near Sierra City
  • Citation for out of count warrant in Loyalton
  • 9-1-1 hangup with busy signal on callback from Loyalton
  • Owner and lost dog reunited in Loyalton
  • Open door at the Loyalton Park
  • Suspicious 9-1-1 call from Loyalton


  • Motorcycle down on Depot Hill
  • Verbal fight reported in Sierraville
  • Suspicious circumstances and illegal campfire near Sierraville
  • Caller was assaulted and subject drove off near Sierraville


  • Motorist reports 16 bicyclists impeding traffic on Hwy 49 Stately

Sheriff’s Public Log 5/27/15

SO Badge

Sierra County Sheriff’s Public Information Log


  • Plumas Co SO requests assistance in processing evidence in Loyalton
  • Property theft reported in Pike City
  • Out of county arrest in Quincy


  • Rocks in the road on Depot Hill
  • Missing Pug dogs reported in Loyalton
  • Check on wife requested in Loyalton
  • Request for assist with threats from husband in Loyalton
  • Subject cited on arrest warrant in Loyalton
  • Property check requested in Downieville


  • USFS advises blasting on No Yuba Trail near Goodyears Bar
  • Domestic violence situation in Loyalton
  • Visible smoke reported in Smithneck area
  • Sattley Transfer Station has active fire and no one present
  • 9-1-1 hangup from Sattley residence


  • Motion alarm activated in Downieville business
  • Suspicious circumstances at Downieville residence
  • Trespassing reported at Downieville business
  • Report of an aggressive dog in Sierra Brooks
  • Property dispute with neighbors in Camptonville
  • Civil dispute file in Sierraville
  • Mental health evaluation needed in Loyalton
  • Smoldering lightning strike in Elephant Head Canyon


  • Threatening person with machete near Oregon Creek Bridge
  • Purse found near Marysville turned in to Sierra Co SO
  • Citation for vehicle code offense in Loyalton
  • Welfare check requested in Loyalton
  • Medical emergency needs ambulance in Loyalton
  • Dog was attacked in Alleghany
  • Rocks in the road near Sierra City
  • Subject cited for registration in Sierraville


  • Dog is harassing a steer near Loyalton
  • Audible alarm sounding in Loyalton
  • Theft of items from Mine near Downieville
  • Male yellow lab appears to be hungry in Calpine
  • Pointer dog white with brown spots running from Gold Lake to Sierra City
  • Family dispute occurring in Sierraville


  • Large fight in Calpine
  • Downie River turned to a milky blue color above Downieville
  • Carbon monoxide alarm in Loyalton
  • Low flying aircraft with corresponding power outage in Sierra Brooks
  • Possible theft reported in Sierra City
  • Report of unwanted person in house at Sierra Brooks
  • Vehicle reported parked in same location for a week in Downieville

Sheriff’s Public Log 5/20/15

SO Badge

Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Reckless driving reported on Hwy 49 near Indian Valley
  • Deputy assistance requested in Loyalton
  • Arrest in Nevada City on Sierra County Warrant
  • Student finds a California license plate in Calpine
  • Subjects continually speeding on Main St in Calpine
  • Fire reported at Calpine Transfer Station
  • Threats made in Calpine


  • Family fight in Goodyears Bar
  • Foot locker found in on Lemon Valley Rd
  • Suspicious blue van near Loyalton School
  • Spider bite needs ambulance response on Depot Hill
  • Unregistered vehicle on Hwy 49 near Indian Valley


  • Propane tank stolen in the past in Goodyears Bar
  • At large dog bit another dog in Sierra Brooks
  • Burglar activation in Downieville
  • Deputy assist needed to remove unwanted guest in Loyalton
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Theft reported in Downieville


  • Loyalton city worker reports continued harassment by citizen
  • Sierra County Probation arrest in Sierraville
  • Civil standby request to walk property line in Pike City
  • Court commitment in Downieville
  • Aggressive bear reported near Sierra City
  • Bear reported on school property in Downieville
  • Deputy discovers unlocked gate at Ramshorn Transfer Station


  • Potential confrontation reported in Pike City
  • Explosives found in basement in Sierra City business
  • Family fight verbal abuse in Loyalton
  • Intoxication causes arguing in Loyalton


  • Donuts being made in the road by Coyoteville
  • Overdue bicyclist reported in Downieville
  • Vehicle accident reported south of Loyalton
  • Medical emergency in Verdi


  • Credit cards found in Loyalton
  • Domestic fight requires Deputy  response in Sierraville
  • 9-1-1 was meant for 4-1-1 in Sierra City
  • Suspicious man near neighbor’s property in Sierraville