Sheriff’s Public Log 11/19/14

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Sierra County Sheriff’s Public Information Log


  • Ambulance is needed in Loyalton
  • Another ambulance is needed in Loyalton
  • USFS control burn near Sagehen Summit
  • Package taken from residence or post office
  • Civil citation issued in Downieville
  • Out of county cite and release in Goodyears Bar
  • Vehicle vs deer, deer needs dispatching in Loyalton
  • Abandoned refrigerator in Loyalton


  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Deer in Sierra Brooks with arrow in its hindquarter
  • Burglary reported in Loyalton
  • Vehicle vandalize in Loyalton
  • Sierra County warrant arrest in Downieville
  • Truck stuck in mud near Stampede Dam


  • Residential burglary alarm in Loyalton
  • Ambulance needed for chest pain in Loyalton
  • Arrest warrant citation in Downieville
  • Phone line accidentally pulled from tree in Pike City
  • Sierra County warrant arrest by Nevada County
  • Single vehicle rollover in Calpine
  • Yelling and possible fight in Downieville
  • DUI event in Sattley


  • Found property in Downieville
  • Smoke spotted in Sattley area
  • Found property in Loyalton
  • Gunshots heard in Sierraville


  • Alarm activated at Loyalton School
  • Court commitment in Downieville
  • Civil Dispute file from Loyalton
  • Possible DUI reported near Sattley
  • Suspicious growing near No San Juan


  • Theft reported in Verdi area
  • Smoke reported in Loyalton
  • Nonstop barking dog reported in Camptonville
  • Friend stealing money in Loyalton
  • Subjects vehicle has firearms/assault rifles, fireworks and marijuana near Verdi


  • 9-1-1 hangup from Oak Ranch area
  • Welfare check on vehicle awaiting tow truck so of Sierraville
  • Motion alarm in Loyalton activated
  • Suspicious residence circumstances in Goodyears Bar

Sheriff’s Public Log 11/12/14

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Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Stop sign runners at intersection in Loyalton
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Out of county arrest on Sierra County Warrant somewhere
  • Residential fire alarm in Loyalton
  • Overdue party reported in Pike City


  • Someone had to make entry into own dwelling in Downieville
  • Caller says landlord not providing heating source in Loyalton
  • Suspicious activity at neighboring residence south of Sierra City
  • Someone threatening suicide in Loyalton
  • Arrest for possession of meth and drug paraphernalia in Loyalton
  • Injured deer reported near Loyalton
  • Two vehicle collision in Downieville
  • Some violated restraining order in Loyalton


  • Control Burn by USFS near Camptonville
  • Traffic citation issued near Downieville
  • Welfare check needed on elderly male in Goodyears Bar
  • Neighboring dogs are issue over the past month in Sierra Brooks


  • Civil dispute in Loyalton
  • Out of control driver nearly runs another off road near Yuba Pass
  • Welfare check needed on men at a mine near Sierra City
  • Suspicious vehicle may be trespassing in Loyalton
  • Vicious raccoon keeping owners from their property in Downieville


  • Civil dispute in Goodyears Bar
  • 9-1-1 hang up in Downieville


  • DUI arrest in Sierraville
  • Vehicle hanging off a cliff near Stampede area
  • Animal problem in Sierra Brooks
  • Threats made in Loyalton area
  • Washoe SO reports vandalism in Verdi
  • Loud cows are reported on Main St in Loyalton


  • Screaming and yelling coming at a residence in Sierra Brooks
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Residential burglary alarm in Green Acres Sierra City
  • Cow wandered on to ranch in Loyalton
  • Possible DUI report in Downieville

Sheriff’s Public Log 11/5/14

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Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • USFS reports control burn up 2 miles up Saddleback Rd
  • Barking dog reported in Sierra City
  • Vehicle drove over and collapsed a manhole on Downieville private property


  • Juvenile family problem in Loyalton
  • Out of county warrant cite and release in Loyalton
  • Ambulance needed for patient in Goodyears Bar
  • Suspicious person walking around Sierra City in broad daylight
  • Property check needed in Sierra City
  • Plumas Electric employee bitten by dog in Sattley
  • Audible residential alarm in Sattley


  • USFS reports control burn near Eureka Diggins
  • Welfare check needed on woman late for work in Loyalton
  • Mental health evaluation needed at Sierra Co Jail
  • Medical treatment needed for wound in Downieville
  • Possible restraining order violation in Loyalton
  • Property checks requested in Sierra City due to ongoing neighbor disputes
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton


  • USFS reports control burn near Loyalton
  • Unknown male subject near property in Downieville


  • Complaint from possible intoxicated person near Sierraville
  • USFS requests SCSO assistance on investigation in Loyalton
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Accidental fire alarm activation at Downieville School
  • Possible elder abuse in Loyalton
  • Family friend may be missing in Camptonville


  • Possible DUI in Loyalton
  • Two people asking for ride deemed suspicious near Loyalton
  • Drunk man enters home and then leaves in Loyalton
  • Abandoned vehicle reported near Downieville
  • Medical emergency in Sierraville
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Caller was slapped by subject in Loyalton
  • Child in Downieville accidentally dials 9-1-1
  • Welfare check needed on children in Loyalton


  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Medical emergency in Downieville
  • Broken down unoccupied vehicle near Indian Valley
  • People trespassing on SPI property in Loyalton
  • Single vehicle accident near Yuba Pass
  • Vehicle versus deer near Sierra City
  • House fire in Loyalton
  • Welfare check in Pike City

Sheriff’s Public Log 10/29/14

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Sierra County Sheriff’s Public Information Log


  • Stranded motorist in Dog Valley near Verdi
  • Woman is videotaping someone’s house in Calpine
  • Personal items stolen from Sierraville postoffice
  • Property check requested
  • Court ordered Booking in Downieville
  • Washoe Co notifies of cat bite in Loyalton
  • Stolen vehicle in Verdi


  • Truant reported in Loyalton
  • Dog on highway returned to owner in Calpine
  • Subject remanded into custody in Downieville


  • Damage to vehicle in Downieville


  • Ambulance needed in Sierra City
  • Suicidal person in Loyalton
  • Aggressive barking dog in Loyalton
  • Fallen branch on power line in Downieville


  • USFS performing 10 acres of prescribed burn north of Sierra City
  • Civil dispute file in Loyalton
  • Probation arrest on in Loyalton
  • Subject cited for out of county warrant while being booked
  • Motorhome camping on private property in Sierra City
  • Possible illegal deer hunting near Alleghany


  • Suspicious circumstances involving gunshots in Loyalton
  • Loud music and diesel trucks way to early in Loyalton
  • USFS reports an abandoned vehicle near Verdi still not towed
  • CHP reports non-injury vehicle accident near Convict Flat
  • Susanville CHP reports possible DUI traveling north from Sierraville
  • Loud, noisy, possibly fighting walkers in Downieville


  • USFS 7 acre control burn near Clark Station
  • Abandoned dirt bike near Alleghany
  • Ambulance needed in Downieville
  • CHP reports discontinued pursuit of an ATV on Mountain House

Sheriff’s Public Log 10/22/14

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Sierra County Sheriff’s Public Information Log


  • Civil dispute involving property damage in Sierra City
  • Possible illegal hunting near Verdi
  • Disruptive customer threatens owner in Downieville
  • Civil dispute regarding eviction in Downieville
  • Adult male arrested on Nevada Co warrant in Downieville
  • Unwanted patron reported in Downieville
  • Subject arrested for being intoxicated in public in Downieville
  • Another subject arrested for public intoxication in Downieville
  • Possible stalker reported in Loyalton
  • Missing person reported in Calpine
  • Fire reported in Calpine


  • Civil file from Loyalton
  • Dog found at Calpine Lookout
  • Overturned scooter with woman in Downieville
  • Wireless home phone found near Downieville
  • Medical help needed in Quincy


  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • 9-1-1 hangup from Loyalton Elementary
  • Juvenile problem in Loyalton
  • Traffic violation in Loyalton


  • Stray dog found near Loyalton
  • Missing firearms reported in Alleghany
  • Deer was shot/killed in wrong Zone in September
  • Subject disturbing peace in Calpine
  • Near miss from reckless driver near Loyalton
  • Unattended fire in Loyalton


  • Harassment and trespassing in Calpine
  • Welfare check in Loyalton
  • Two stray dogs at Convict Flat Hwy 49
  • Suspicious emails sent to county employees


  • Medical emergency in Downieville
  • Caller needs medical provider in Downieville, None Available
  • Intoxicated driver passed out in vehicle near Sierra City
  • Civil dispute in Loyalton
  • Someone separated from their ATV riding group was found near Yuba Pass
  • Hunter hunting outside of correct zone near Verdi
  • Disabled male is being neglected in Loyalton
  • Medical emergency in Calpine


  • Unleashed dogs near callers property in Calpine
  • Abandoned vehicle found near Jackson Meadows
  • Barking dogs in Sierraville
  • Fish & Wildlife make arrest near Loyalton
  • Ambulance needed in Sierra City

Sheriff’s Public Log 10/15/14

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Sierra County Sheriff’s Public Information Log


  • Fire alarm activated in Verdi
  • A malnourished horse reported in Calpine
  • Traffic violation in Calpine
  • Woman yelling obscenities while driving in Loyalton
  • Cohabitant destroys property in Downieville


  • Property check requested in Sierra City
  • Wallet found and given to Sheriff’s Office
  • Civil dispute in Loyalton
  • Sand being deposited in environment in Lakes Basin
  • Ambulance needed in Calpine


  • Trespassing vehicle parked on Alleghany property
  • Possible fraudulent call in Loyalton
  • Evicted subject back on Loyalton property


  • Restraining order information needed in Loyalton
  • Phone scam reported in Calpine
  • Ambulance needed in Sierra City
  • Somebody cited for something in Sierraville
  • Citation for rope hanging off truck  MM 53.96
  • Sign off on deer tag near Loyalton
  • Suspicious metal jacks on dirt road near Alleghany
  • Illegal Dove hunting near Loyalton
  • Bear on a roof in Downieville causes worry


  • CHP reports vehicle collision south of Sierraville
  • Reports of two trespassers on property in Sierra Brooks


  • Civil standby needed in Loyalton
  • Visitor at Downieville Jail has a warrant
  • Speeding vehicle almost hit pedestrian in Downieville


  • Purse found in Lakes Basin campground
  • Unsanitary living conditions in Pike City residence
  • Parole violation arrest in Loyalton
  • Three Pit Bulls attacking chickens in Sierraville
  • Suspended license citation at Little Truckee Summit

Sheriff’s Public Log 10/8/14

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Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • AAA requests welfare check on motorist with flat tire in Sierraville
  • Alarm sounding at Wells Fargo in Downieville
  • Abandoned vehicle reported near Stampede
  • Civil Service requested
  • Audible alarm in Loyalton
  • Civil file in Loyalton
  • Restraining Order violated in Loyalton


  • Resident verbally accosted in Sierra City
  • Medical emergency in Downieville
  • Custody order violation in Loyalton
  • Medical responder needed at WSMC in Downieville
  • Two men trespassing is reported in Sierraville
  • Ambulance needed at the Clinic in Loyalton


  • Traffic offense citation given in Downieville
  • Security alarm at bank in Downieville
  • Dog bite reported in Calpine


  • Vandalism at Transfer station Goodyears Bar
  • USFS requests SCSO assistance somewhere
  • Vehicle rollover near Pike City
  • Ambulance needed for patient transfer in Loyalton
  • CHP reports hit and run in Loyalton
  • Dog barking for several hours in Sierra City


  • Dogs barking constantly in Sierra Brooks
  • Boat and car dumped on  private property in Loyalton
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton


  • Lost wallet reported somewhere around Downieville
  • Traffic accident reported up Lavezolla Rd near Downieville
  • Illegal camping in Sierraville
  • Illegal camping in Loyalton
  • Dog continuously barking in Sierra City
  • Two subjects arguing in Downieville


  • Dog found near Sierra Shangri-La
  • Two goats killed possibly by bear near Sierraville
  • Restraining order violation in Loyalton
  • Loose black cow on highway near Loyalton

Sheriff’s Public Log 10/1/14

SO Badge

Sierra County Sheriff’s Public Information Log


  • Report of a Battery in Sierraville
  • Fraud on an elder in Goodyears Bar
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Threatening behavior in Loyalton
  • Co-workers dispute in Sierraville
  • Ambulance requested in Loyalton
  • Battery in Sierraville
  • Suspicious vehicles on a FS dirt road near Downieville


  • Welfare check needed on suicidal patient
  • Three yoa with possible neck injury near Loyalton
  • Bear cub wandering alone near Loyalton
  • Stolen firearm near Camptonville
  • Vandalism on property at Hawley Lake
  • Vehicle with expired registration towed in Loyalton
  • Battery in Downieville
  • CHP requests assistance with Sierraville road hazard
  • Injured deer in road near Sierraville
  • Deer broke into house and turned off answering machine in Goodyears


  • Audible alarm at Loyalton School
  • Theft via email in Sierraville
  • Investigation of controlled substance somewhere
  • Civil standby in Loyalton
  • Restraining order served in Loyalton
  • Suspicious circumstances in Sierraville


  • 2′ x 2′ boulder inhwy 49 south of Bassetts
  • Alarm issue in Downieville
  • Property damage from bear in Downieville
  • Vandalism in Sierraville
  • Marijuana after eviction in Loyalton
  • Poison oak victim needs ambulance in Loyalton
  • Ambulance for broken hip in Sierra City
  • Ambulance for heart issues in Loyalton


  • Fire alarm at school in Loyalton
  • Theft of marijuana reported in Calpine
  • Court commitment in Downieville
  • Civil service in Downieville
  • High school kids loitering in the road Loyalton
  • Restraining order violated in Downieville
  • Mining diver reported in Sierra City
  • Violation of probation arrest in Loyalton
  • Problems at a resort with bear near Downieville


  • Family disturbance in Loyalton
  • Child dials 9-1-1 from Coyoteville
  • Injured deer on Gold Lake Road
  • Death threats in Yuba County
  • Vehicle accident reported by Plumas SO near Sierraville


  • Complaints of loud music in Loyalton
  • Overdue party reported to SCSO
  • Suspicious persons at home with owner gone Loyalton
  • Accidental firearm discharge with injury near Alleghany
  • SCSO assista Fish & Wildlife near Jackson Meadows
  • Washoe SO reports domestic violence in Verdi

Sheriff’s Public Log 9/24/14

SO Badge

Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Bear knocking over trash cans in Downieville
  • Welfare check needed in Loyalton
  • Elder abuse reported in Sierraville
  • Bad check reported in Sierraville
  • Keys found at Convict Flat
  • Sex offender registered at Sheriff’s Office
  • Another annual 290PC registrant
  • Verbal dispute at skate park in Loyalton


  • Speeding dump trucks on Upper Main in Downieville
  • Squirrel poaching reported in Alleghany
  • Low flying helicopter by Lower Little Truckee Campground
  • Vehicle struck a fence in Verdi
  • Search warrant near Camptonville
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton


  • Civil standby needed at Sheriff’s Office in Downieville
  • Single vehicle accident near Loganville
  • Ambulance needed for Loyalton toddler
  • Possible identify theft in Loyalton
  • 9-1-1 hang up from Loyalton
  • Injured deer near Downieville
  • Verbal fight and vandalism to car in Downieville


  • Suspicious activity in Sierra Brooks
  • USFS requests agency assist on Bear Valley Rd
  • Gun shot and woman screaming reported in Pike City


  • Domestic violence at residence in Loyalton
  • Mining claim dispute in Goodyears Bar
  • Explosives bookkeeping error in Alleghany involved no chickens
  • Civil standby for eviction in Alleghany
  • Cellphone lost in Downieville Restaurant
  • Unknown subject kicked a canine in Downieville


  • Speeding vehicle in Alleghany
  • Traffic hazard reported on Weber Lake Road
  • Motorcycle accident near Calpine
  • Medical emergency near Loganville
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Stolen vehicle near Poker Flat
  • Illegal camping near Plum Valley Baseball Field
  • Shots fired near Sierraville
  • Verbal dispute in Sierraville
  • Juvenile walks away from campground near Gold Lake


  • Smoke coming from Loyalton residence
  • Audible alarm in Loyalton
  • Suspicious vehicle in Downieville
  • Kids skateboarding near ambulance bay in Loyalton
  • Fire alarm going off in Sierra Brooks
  • Possible assault in Sierraville

Sheriff’s Public Log 9/17/14

SO Badge

Sierra County Sheriff’s Public Information Log


  • Custody issues in Loyalton
  • Intoxicated man won’t leave business in Sierraville
  • Dispute with customer in Sierra City
  • Suspicious circumstances behind Sierraville Firehouse


  • Smoke reported around Lakes Basin and Sierra City
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Neighbor’s dogs are barking in Camptonville
  • Teacher finds knife on a student in Portola


  • Animal abuse reported in Downieville
  • Fire reported at Ridge Road and Hwy 49
  • Battery reported between tenant and landlord in Downieville
  • Juvenile problem involving marijuana in Loyalton


  • Big brown bear going through trash in Downieville
  • Neighbor making loud noises in Loyalton
  • Criminal threat reported in Loyalton
  • Barking dog in Sierra County’s Camptonville
  • Vehicle blocking highway in Sierraville
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • 9-1-1 hang up from Clark Station static
  • Elderly financial fraud in Downieville
  • Caller needs WSMC assistance on medical matter
  • Overdue party in Downieville
  • Two 9-1-1 hangups from somewhere


  • Campaign signs vandalized in Calpine
  • Broken window and vandalism in Downieville
  • Clark Station static calls 9-1-1
  • and again
  • and again
  • Civil file served on SC Jail inmate in Downieville
  • Eviction notice served in Downieville
  • Vehicle assisted over culvert by Deputy near Camptonville
  • Termination of tenancy in Sierraville
  • Something involving theft at Loyalton Grade School
  • Restraining Order in Downieville
  • Illegal campfire near Sierra City
  • Caller reported roommate was missing in Downieville


  • Clark Station static calls 9-1-1
  • Bear trapped in Two Rivers Cafe in Downieville
  • Clark Station 9-1-1 hangup, busy on callback
  • Dog fighting with raccoon in Loyalton
  • Parking citation in Downieville
  • Truck rollover on Henness Pass Road
  • Clark Station static calls 9-1-1
  • Emergency evacuation at Snag Lake
  • Physical threat reported in Loyalton
  • Speeding white hatchback in Goodyears Bar
  • Missing miniature Pinscher dog in Sierra City
  • Loud music in Sierraville
  • Threats made in Downieville
  • Suspicious vehicle occupants cited for open container near Loyalton


  • Citation for controlled substance issued in Verdi
  • Deer stuck on fence near Sierraville
  • Bear problem near restaurant in Downieville
  • Cows in the roadway near Calpine
  • Clark Station 9-1-1 from static
  • Bicycle accident on Hwy 49 north of Bassetts
  • Motorcycle accident south of Downieville
  • Failure to yield to Deputy vehicle red lights by motorcycle Cottonwood Creek
  • Pistol lost in Calpine
  • Speeding driver in Goodyears Bar