Sheriff’s Public Log 10/7 to 10/13/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Medical emergency in Loyalton needs ambulance
  • Family fight in Loyalton


  • Welfare check needed on elderly female in Loyalton
  • VIN verification needed in Loyalton


  • Two small dogs on Hwy 49 near county line near Loyalton
  • Caller attacked by two canines near his residence in Loyalton
  • Subject is overdue returning from mining site near Downieville
  • Anonymous reports illegal bonfire in Sierra Brooks


  • Motion alarm in Downieville
  • Vehicle hits a Buck on Hwy 89 near Sierraville
  • Theft of a woodsplitter reported in Loyalton
  • Stolen vehicle and boat in Loyalton


  • Possible IRS scam reported from Georgia
  • Threatening emails being received in Loyalton
  • Disabled vehicle reported south of Downieville


  • Medical emergency reported on Yuba Pass
  • Disturbance reported at Pike residence
  • Deer tag verification in Loyalton
  • Suspicious vehicle on Calpine property
  • Civil issue reported in Downieville
  • Digital camera lost on Lavezzola Rd near Pauley Creek
  • Suspicious truck drove down driveway in Green Acres
  • Wallet was taken in Loyalton
  • Lacerated head result of bicycle accident
  • Dog victim of vehicle near Sierra Brooks
  • Suspicious person and circumstances reported in Loyalton
  • Person with Sierra County warrant arrested in Plumas County


  • Elk horns being carried down Main St by two males in Downieville
  • Dogs locked in vehicle in Downieville



Employment Opportunity 10/9/13



Notice is hereby given That the Office of the Sheriff-Coroner is in the process of establishing an eligibility list for future job openings within the department.  Applications for placement on the eligibility list and job descriptions may be obtained at or by calling 530~289~3700.


Position: Correctional-Communications Officer I, II, & III

Full Time and Part Time


C/O I $2,792.37 $3,394.14

C/O II $2,970.41 $3,610.55

C/O III $3,208.19 $3,899.58


Final filing date: Friday, November 1st, 2013 * 5:00 PM

Submit applications to: Sierra County Sheriff’s Office

                                              P.O. Box 66 / 100 Courthouse Square

               Downieville, CA 95936-0066

Sheriff’s Public Log 9/30 to 10/6/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Log


  • 9-1-1 Call with static on the line from Downieville
  • Several items stolen logging site at Cal Ida
  • Battery occurred in Loyalton last night
  • Truckee PD assists Loyalton resident
  • Audible alarm sounds in Loyalton
  • Burglary alarm activated in Loyalton


  • At large dog harassing another dog in Downieville
  • Another at large dog complaint in Downieville
  • Credit card fraud reported in Downieville
  • Injury accident Henness Pass Rd near Alleghany
  • A Life Alert activation in Sierraville
  • Black cow in the road near Calpine


  • Civil Dispute in Sierra Brooks
  • Vehicle accident near Loganville


  • Civil dispute going on in Loyalton
  • Call from Ohio reporting suspicious IRS caller
  • Call from Burlingame reporting suspicious IRS caller
  • Family being harassed in Downieville
  • Dirt removed from mining claim in La Porte
  • Medical emergency in Sierra Brooks


  • Vehicle driving from Downieville with street sign on top
  • Theft at a business in Loyalton
  • Unconscious male in Calpine
  • Verbal fight amongst co-habitants in Loyalton


  • That darn audible alarm in Loyalton
  • Fire reported in Sierra City
  • Cow in the road near Calpine
  • Stolen bicycle reported in Loyalton
  • Medical emergency at Bassett’s Station
  • Quad rollover near Calpine


  • Single vehicle versus tree near Sage Hen Rd
  • Audible alarm in Loyalton
  • 9-1-1 hangup from Calpine
  • Single vehicle accident near Sierraville



Sheriff’s Log 9/23 to 9/29/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Purse found near Sierraville and brought to the SCSO Loyalton substation
  • Vehicle left in remote area near Packer Lake with door open
  • Cattle in the road on Hwy 89 near Bickford Ranch
  • Neighbor filming neighbor in Loyalton
  • Alarm activated in Loyalton
  • CHP reports vehicle accident up Cal-Ida Rd


  • Report of break in to a Loyalton business
  • Citizen assist requested from Yuba City
  • Suspicious activity on callers bank account
  • Shots fired in canyon near Sierra City
  • VIN verification needed in Loyalton


  • Neighbor causing harassment in Loyalton
  • Out of compliance parolee in Loyalton area
  • Welfare check on child in Loyalton
  • Vehicle rolled into vehicle in Downieville
  • Innkeeper was defrauded in Sierra City
  • Medical emergency in Calpine
  • Yuba County people with badges and knife in Sierra City


  • Theft reported in Sierraville
  • Large herd of cattle causing damage on Yuba Pass
  • Business in Loyalton needs Deputy to stop by.
  • Threatening phone calls received in Downieville
  • Plumas SO requests mutual aid for fire in Vinton


  • Medical emergency in Indian Valley
  • Gas can with gas found in garbage bag in Downieville
  • Abandoned trailer with wood left in Loyalton
  • Loitering investigated on Downieville School ground
  • Someone urinating on Main St in Sierra City
  • Vandalism to a vehicle in Downieville


  • A theft reported in Camptonville
  • Citizen assist and welfare check in Loyalton
  • Dog found in Loyalton
  • Plumas SO reports a death in Sierra Co  on Pacific Trail
  • Welfare check needed on someone on Wild Plum in Sierra City
  • Man accidentally shot himself in leg in Sierra City
  • Illegal fire at Sierra Brooks Campground


  • Ten black cattle near SO sub-station in Loyalton
  • Juvenile problem in Loyalton
  • Deceased male reported in Loyalton
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Propane odor coming from a Loyalton residence


Sheriff’s Public Log 9/16 to 9/22/13


SO Badge

Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • A caller reports a missing backpack containing several items near Downieville
  • Civil standby needed in Loyalton to retrieve deceased family member items
  • Plumas Co SO needs assistance locating trailer of missing person
  • Report of stolen cell phone in Loyalton
  • Registrant camping in Sierra City area
  • City of Loyalton vehicle entered and music turned off by someone
  • Nevada Co SO reports a child was bitten by dog at Aspen Group Campground
  • Copper pipe was stolen from home in Carvin Creek


  • Tru, the white/black Aussie, ran away in Sierra City (she’s home again)
  • Neighbor crossed callers property in Pike City
  • Several cows in the road near on Yuba Pass near Sierraville
  • Reckless driver in both lanes coming down from Yuba Pass
  • Injured animal at abandoned residence in Sierra City
  • Someone with a large amount of marijuana stopped in Downieville
  • Disruptive behavior by jail inmate
  • Civil standby needed in Sierra City


  • Ambulance needed in Downieville for male with chest pains
  • Loose cow in road near Bickford Ranch
  • Civil standby needed in Sierra City
  • Theft reported in Verdi
  • Unknown male utilizing facilities of resort near Downieville
  • Late report of home hospice death on 9/05 in Sattley
  • Burglary reported in Loyalton
  • Person trying to buy tractor in Sierraville deemed suspicious


  • Female fell and broke her leg in Sierraville
  • Cow in a ditch alongside road near Loyalton
  • Cow in front of Sierra Valley SO Sub-station
  • Person wounded by saw in Loyalton
  • Heart patient and stuck Jeep need help at Snake Lake
  • Convicted felon attempts to purchase weapon in Loyalton
  • Fraudulent land sale in Alleghany reported from Hawaii
  • Welfare check needed in Loyalton
  • Civil service dispute in Calpine
  • Court mandated check did not arrive
  • Females selling vacuums at night deemed suspicious


  • Motorcycle rams 4 door sedan and keeps going in Loyalton
  • Wallet found at Wells Fargo Bank in Downieville
  • Male driving in threatening manner at bicyclists near Sattley


  • Caller wants her cat back in Loyalton
  • Restricted dogs on property in Verdi
  • Disabled hot rod located by Deputy near Loganville
  • Black cow near the highway by Bickford Ranch
  • Suspicious trailer and stray dogs near Gold Lake
  • Brush fires north of Loyalton


  • Family member missing from Loyalton
  • Medical emergency for child in Loyalton
  • Vehicle rollover off roadway in Pike
  • Trespassing and debris on property in Downieville
  • Two cows on the road near Sierraville
  • Two subjects look suspicious loading stuff in truck in Loyalton

Sheriff’s Public Log 9/9 to 9/15/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Public Information Log


  • Welfare check needed on resident in Sierra City
  • Family verbal argument in Loyalton
  • Animal cruelty in Loyalton
  • Vandalism of a sign in Loyalton
  • Alarm activated at Loyalton Elementary School


  • Animal atack on family pet in Sierra City
  • Abandoned vehicle in driveway in Loyalton
  • Unauthorized marijuana on property in Downieville
  • Civil dispute regarding scooter in Loyalton
  • Court ordered Booking at Downieville Jail
  • Sheen on the water at Stampede Reservoir
  • Suspicious persons in remote area near Alleghany
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Workplace phone calls deemed suspicious in Loyalton
  • Medical emergency in Sierra City
  • Restraining Order issued for someone somewhere
  • Another Restraining Order for someone somewhere
  • Air brakes on timber trucks being used at night near Indian Valley
  • Annual registration for 290PC from Pike
  • Audible alarm sounds in Loyalton


  • Over due party from 89 corridor Sierraville to Portola
  • Chair and BBQ near Goodyears Bar for a week
  • Probation violation arrest in Downieville
  • Graffiti symbols in Sierraville restroom
  • Credit card theft in Downieville
  • Civil dispute in Downieville
  • Civil standby in Sierra City


  • Injured deer near Loyalton
  • Parking and animal problem in Loyalton
  • Civil standby at rental property in Loyalton
  • Local warrant arrest in Loyalton
  • Parking problem in Loyalton
  • Strong suspicious odor in Loyalton
  • Mountain Lion running down street in Downieville at 8PM

9/13/13 (Friday)

  • Rock on Hwy 49 north of Downieville
  • Abandoned RV with running motor near Verdi
  • VIN verification in Loyalton
  • Many loose cattle heading towards Hwy 49
  • Portable corral stolen  from Henness Pass Rd
  • Also cattle pens were dismantled
  • Alarm activated in Loyalton
  • Single cow roaming on Hwy 89
  • Smoke report in Loyalton
  • Speeding motorcycle in Loyalton
  • Loud noise at vacation home in Downieville


  • Trespassing and vandalism to property near Sierra Brooks
  • Citizen assist needed in Downieville
  • Civil standby in Sierra City
  • Husband is overdue from camping trip to Downieville area
  • Welfare check needed in Downieville
  • Threatening phone call received in Loyalton
  • Bear clawing its way into Downieville residence
  • Loud country music in Loyalton


  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Tow truck needed in Indian Valley for broke down vehicle
  • Suspicious vehicles in neighbors driveway in Sierra City
  • Medical emergency for injured woman south of Indian Valley Campground
  • Older couple sought for DUI, defrauding an innkeeper and assault Sardine Lake


  • Nevada Co SO makes Sierra Co SO Warrant arrest in Grass Valley


Sheriff’s Public Log 9/2 to 9/8/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Man with a walker on Ridge Road in the rain in Yuba County
  • Severe weather causes 9-1-1 static hang up call in Downieville
  • Smoke reported  near Sierraville
  • Audible alarm sounding in Loyalton
  • Unknown male enters home and then leaves on foot in Sierra City
  • Gunshots heard from residence in Loyalton
  • Trespassing on private property in Sierra City


  • Large rocks accompanied by small rocks in Hwy 49 near Downieville
  • Theft from the back of a truck in Loyalton


Sheriff’s Public Logs 8/26 to 9/1/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Public Information Log


  • Subject booked on court commitment
  • Fire reported in back of Sierraville Shooting Range
  • Pornographic material and other items found near Loyalton
  • Alarm activated in Loyalton


  • Purse was stolen from residence in Downieville
  • Family yelling at each other in Loyalton
  • Logging truck rollover on Hwy 89 near Sierraville
  • VIN verification needed in Loyalton
  • Arrest on outstanding warrant near Sierra City
  • Subject swinging golf club on subjects property in Loyalton


  • Medical emergency for possible stroke in Sattley
  • Vicious hissing raccoons living under deck in Loyalton
  • Black cow on Hwy 89 near Bickford Ranch
  • Medical emergency at Sardine Lake Campground
  • Breakin at residence near Sierra City
  • Reckless driving on Hwy 49 north of Downieville
  • Subject arrested in Butte County on warrant
  • Audible alarm sounding in Loyalton
  • Suspicious circumstances at house in Sierraville
  • Report of possible deceased person in Loyalton
  • Tan with white spots dog found Hwy 49 near Caltrans yard
  • Loud and crude behavior in Downievlle


  • Loose dogs reported in Pike
  • Caltrans employee turns in cell phone found near Downieville
  • Calpine dog attacked and killed by neighbors dog
  • Intoxicated male shooting pellet gun at people at Fiddle Creek
  • Sierra City resident receiving scam phone calls from area code (501)
  • Subjects throwing items at house in Downieville


  • Welfare check needed in Loyalton
  • Possible illegal camper in Verdi
  • Broken down vehicle in ditch on Depot Hill
  • Dog tried to attack another dog in Downieville
  • Court commitment booking in Downieville
  • Dog running loose in Verdi
  • Copper piping and misc items stolen above Sierra City


  • Intoxicated driver driving on lawn in Downieville
  • Theft of water by property owner in Sierra City
  • Wells Fargo Stagecoach needs assistance on Hwy 49
  • Civil standby needed in Loyalton
  • Ambulance needed for vehicle vs deer accident
  • Medical Emergency in Loyalton
  • Vehicle blocking roadway in Downieville
  • Shots being fired at Carlton Campground
  • Injured biker on Third Divide Trail
  • Children using fireworks in Loyalton
  • Vehicle accident with three subjects Haskell Peak Rd


  • Wallet lost at gas station in Loyalton
  • Car keys lost in Downieville
  • Cattle in roadway near Smithneck and Old Mill Rd
  • Suspicious person loitering in Downieville’
  • Illegal camping on Sierra City mining claim
  • Caller reports brother hasn’t returned from a walk Packer Lake
  • Vehicle break-in in Downieville


Sheriff’s Public Log 8/28/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Logs


  • Cell phone found at Loyalton Landfill


  • Downieville resident lost a cell phone
  • Caller heard shots being fired in habited Alleghany area
  • Annual sex offender registration at the Sheriff’s Office
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Suspicious activity at Forest City cemetery
  • Theft of medication from residence in Loyalton
  • Person possesses marijuana in Forest City
  • Copper handrail stolen in Sierraville
  • Campers being intimidated with axe at Yuba Pass Campground
  • Medical emergency in Downieville


  • Caller reports deceased male in Loyalton
  • Property check of rental needed in Sierraville
  • Fire reported near Vinton by USFS
  • Fire near Sierraville reported by USFS
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Fire reported in Calpine by USFS
  • Dog is a nuisance in Loyalton
  • Caller reports a missing dog in Loyalton


  • Dead deer on Hwy 89 near Jackson Meadows turnoff
  • Welfare check needed on child in Downieville
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Subject arrested on out of county warrant in Loyalton
  • Fire reported at Frenchman Lake
  • Dog with no identification in Sattley
  • Speeder on Hwy 49 near Sierraville
  • Possible drunk driver reported Hwy 89 Sierraville
  • Burglar alarm activated in Loyalton
  • Multiple subjects possibly fighting on Courthouse Bridge
  • Illegal campfire reported on Old Toll Bridge Road


  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Citizen assist needed near Truckee
  • Threatening phone calls received in Downieville
  • Civil standby needed in Sierra City
  • Vehicle accident with no injuries in Downieville
  • Lightning fire on Treasure Mountain near Sierraville
  • Citizen needs assistance in Downieville
  • Citizen dispute involving intoxication in Sierra City
  • Mountain biker in bad shape needs welfare check
  • Multiple gunshots heard at night near Sierraville


  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Ambulance transport to Reno from Loyalton needed
  • Pickup has been left parked for several days in Sierraville
  • Older male flasher reported at Little Truckee Campground
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Trailer parked on Main St in Downieville
  • Non-disabled person parked in Disabled spot in Downieville
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Alarm activated at Loyalton Elementary School


  • Subjects being loud and cursing in Downieville
  • Cow in the road in Loyalton
  • Welfare check needed in Sierra City


Sheriff’s Public Log 8/12 to 8/18/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Possible camper in a van in Sierra City
  • Man stung by Bee in Pike
  • Dog bite reported in Sierraville
  • County property vandalized in Downieville
  • Medical emergency for heart attack in Loyalton
  • Burglary alarm in Loyalton
  • Deputy sees visible smoke plume in Loyalton
  • Out of state emergency vehicles respond to injury accident by Bordertown
  • Suspicious person at a ranch in Loyalton
  • Argument and gunshots heard in neighborhood in Pike


  • Citizen assist needed in Loyalton
  • Dogs jumped fence and attacked another dog in Loyalton
  • Three dogs reported running around neighborhood in Loyalton
  • Agency assist in Loyalton
  • Harassing phone calls received in Sierra City
  • Burglar alarm going off in Loyalton


  • A sex offender registered at the Courthouse
  • Medical emergency in Downieville
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton


  • Dog bite reported at Webber Lake
  • Calpine caller has found a dog
  • Civil dispute file in Loyalton
  • Civil dispute file from Calpine
  • Vehicle rollover at Alpers Curve near Sierraville
  • Missing 13 yoa dog missing from Loyalton
  • Agency assist for CPS
  • Verbal dispute in Loyalton needed Deputy
  • Vehicle accident at business in Downieville possible DUI
  • Multiple shots coming from forest near Clark Station


  • Black cow on Smithneck Rd near Loyalton
  • Traffic stop has no valid drivers  license near Downieville
  • Vehicle versus guard rail at Cannon Point near Downieville
  • Dog on Hwy 89 north of Sattley
  • Copper piping and other items stolen from home near Sierra City


  • Individual fell off Jackson Meadows Dam possible broken leg
  • Cows are loose in Sierra Brooks
  • Shots heard near Goose Lake in the forest


  • Medical emergency in Downieville
  • Neighbor threw food in back yard in Loyalton
  • Harassment happening in Loyalton
  • Parking citation at Gold Lake for no registration display
  • Auto accident reported in Goodyears Bar
  • Juveniles walking on railroad tracks near Verdi
  • Abandoned motorized scooter reported in Downieville
  • Lightning strike with smoke on Camen Valley Rd
  • A naked man on a bicycle reported in Loyalton
  • Problem with a camper reported near Sierraville
  • DUI arrest in Loyalton




Sheriff’s Public Information Log 8/5 to 8/11/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • An item was stolen off of a bicycle on the bike trail in Downieville
  • Civil Dispute file in Loyalton
  • A trip and fall in Loyalton needs medical assistance
  • Lost dog reported in Camptonville
  • VIN verification needed in Loyalton
  • Civil assist needed for late night noise and skateboarding in Downieville
  • Business owner receives threatening phone calls in Downieville


  • Report of truck being keyed in Gold Lake Campground in July
  • Vehicle blocking Hwy 49 north of Downieville
  • Possible gang graffiti in Downieville
  • Vehicle parked on property for several days.
  • Medical emergency in Sierra City
  • Downieville resident reports items stolen from vehicle in Sacramento


  • DUI driver reported in Loyalton
  • Injuries to a man from being chased by dog in Loyalton
  • Laptop stolen at Shaffer’s High Sierra Camp near Sierra City
  • Vehicle accident near Downieville with trapped occupant
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Pike resident captures a dog chasing her animals
  • Resident with breathing difficulties in Sierraville
  • Civil dispute file dispute in Loyalton
  • Another civil dispute file in Loyalton
  • Third civil dispute file in Loyalton
  • Wow a civil dispute file in Downieville
  • Custody problems in Loyalton
  • Parked vehicle damaged at Round Lake Trailhead
  • Door alarm activated in Loyalton
  • Items stolen at Loganville Campground
  • Report of dog killing chickens in Sattley


  • Bear continues ongoing efforts to enter house in Sierra City
  • Drunk and disorderly camper at Stampede Reservoir
  • Mining claim infringement in Sierra City referred to Superior Court
  • Dog bite in front of business in Downieville
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Female being threatened in Alleghany
  • Alarm sounding at Loyalton Elementary School
  • Custody issue reported from NV


  • Shots being fired in Pike
  • Medical emergency in Calpine
  • Alarm going off at business in Downieville
  • Custody issues being reported again
  • Fall victim needs ambulance in Loyalton
  • Suspicious person on property in Sierra City
  • ABC event permit needs signature in Calpine
  • VIN verification needed in Loyalton
  • Somebody dredging on claim in Alleghany
  • Suspicious circumstances in Loyalton
  • Medical emergency in Sierra City
  • Restraining order issued in Downieville
  • Loud music coming from home in Loyalton


  • Fighting outside residence in Downieville
  • USFS reports smoke in area of Oregon Creek
  • Medical emergency at Stampede Lake
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Illegal camping  in Pike
  • Alarm activated in Loyalton
  • Probationer seen in Carson City
  • Vehicle off the Cal-Ida Rd
  • Ambulance and deputy needed in Pike
  • River smells like sewer in Sierra City
  • Welfare check needed in Loyalton


  • Tuolumne County SO requests assistance
  • Suspicious person reported in Loyalton
  • Two distressed birds reported in Loyalton
  • Welfare check needed on child in Calpine


Sheriff’s Public Log 7/29 to 8/4/13


SO Badge


Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • A dog is following a man in a the trailer park in Loyalton
  • Delivery truck parked in northbound lane of Hwy 49 in Downieville
  • Trespassers making a lot of noise near Loyalton
  • Non-street legal motorcycles traveling on Hwy 49 near Fournier Ranch


  • A gate on property was vandalized in Camptonville
  • A wrecked white Jeep off the road near Ridge Rd & Mountainhouse
  • USFS finds abandoned vehicle on Hwy 89 near Little Truckee River
  • Civil Dispute file in Sierra City
  • Susanville CHP reports possible DUI in Loyalton


  • Civil standby requested in Loyalton
  • Out of county theft reported in Sierra City
  • Audible alarm going off in Sierra City
  • Wounded deer on side of road in Loyalton
  • Civil dispute file in Sierraville
  • Fawn reported on Hwy 49 just north of Downieville
  • Residential burglary in Downieville
  • Juvenile with allergic reaction at camp near Sierra City
  • Alarm activated at school in Loyatlon


  • Near miss vehicle hitting another crossing the YELLOW LINE hwy 49
  • Two dogs left in hot vehicle in Downieville
  • Medical emergency in Downieville


  • Hansen Bridge erroneously Caution taped off in Downieville
  • Residential burglary in Goodyears Bar
  • Single vehicle accident near Beckwourth on A24 no injuries
  • Missing prescription medications in Loyalton
  • USFS fire crew training was cause of reported single gun shot in Downieville
  • Vehicle blocking Downieville business
  • Cite and release on two local warrants in Loyalton
  • Elder abuse reported in Loyalton
  • Two quad drivers are disturbing the peace behind her property
  • Medical emergency in Sierra City
  • Speeders in Sierra City require extra patrols


  • Female faller needs ambulance in Loyalton
  • Alarm going off at Sierraville residence
  • Driver of vehicle points gun at another subject on Mountain House Rd
  • Illegal camper on Hwy 49 near Downieville
  • Harassing phone calls receiving in Loyalton
  • Vehicle blocking Hansen Bridge in Downieville
  • Vehicle blocking emergency vehicle to Sunnyside Lane in Downieville
  • No trespassing signs on public property in Loyalton
  • Paintballs vs vehicle result in neighborly threats in Loyalton
  • Teenagers shooting pellet guns at antique truck in Sierraville
  • Subject arrested on outstanding warrant in Loyalton
  • Loud noise, band playing and drinking in Downieville by
  • Illegal parking reported by anonymous in Downieville


  • Subject arrested in Downieville after Alcoholic Beverage Control Investigation
  • Another ABC arrest in Downieville
  • Resisting subject arrested during SCSO and ABC Investigation
  • Brownish/grey Pitbull on Hwy 49 near Loyalton
  • Haskell Creek static 9-1-1 call
  • Juvenile problem in Pike
  • Black truck doing donuts in Loyalton Cemetary

Sheriff’s Public Log 7/22/13 to 7/28/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Logs


  • A report of loud music at 3 a.m. in Loyalton
  • Keys left in the Downieville PO are now at the Sheriff’s Office
  • Court commitment person booked in Downieville
  • Missing yellow Lab in Sattley


  • Court commitment in Downieville
  • and another court commitment in Downieville
  • Several bags of trash dumped on Spring St in Sierra City
  • Truckee caller reports losing wallet in Downieville Grocery
  • Possible fire reported in Loyalton
  • Welfare check request on EPHC patient
  • Court Commitment in Downieville
  • Request to notify camper to return home for medical emergency
  • Eggs being thrown at cars in Loyalton
  • Obscene phone call in Loyalton


  • Burglar alarm going off in Sierra City
  • 90 yr old male with stomach pain in Loyalton
  • Theft reported in Loyalton
  • Family fight in Sierra City
  • Report of driver in wrong lane several times between Sierra City and DVL
  • A bear was reported to have been in Loyalton on the 20th of July
  • Cell phone found near the Falls in Downieville now at Sheriff’s Office
  • Juvenile female fell off a horse in Sierraville needs ambulance
  • Civil dispute file in Sierra City
  • Harassing phone calls from Loyalton
  • Loud person playing music in the Sierra City street
  • Clark Station static calls 9-1-1


  • Alarm sounding in Sierra City
  • Smoke reported in canyon near Loyalton
  • House burglarized in Loyalton while resident was camping
  • Civil dispute filed in Camptonville
  • And again, same place
  • Juvenile caller needs assistance in Downieville
  • Marijuana grow noticed by Deputy in Sierra City
  • Reading glasses found in Downieville at the river now at the SO
  • Overdue mountain biker reported in Downieville
  • Yelling and fighting in the Loyalton street
  • Possible suicidal subject reported


  • Female in Sierraville needs ride as boyfriend’s vehicle not compatible
  • Several vehicles in Sierra City parking in unauthorized areas
  • Men in van taking pictures and walking in yard in Loyalton
  • Welfare check needed on overdue truck driver in Sierraville
  • Flames seen west of Bordertown


  • Single vehicle accident on Gold Lake Rd near Sierra City
  • Bug station reports failed inspection near Jackson Meadows
  • Caller reports girlfriend left residence in his vehicle while intoxicated
  • A rowdy patron reported in bar in Downieville
  • Four skateboarding youth making noise in Downieville
  • CHP reports damage to county property in Loyalton


  •  Loyalton dog injures neighbor’s pet rabbit, civil standby needed for discussion
  • Courthouse fire alarm is a false alarm
  • 9-1-1 static call in Loyalton
  • Vehicle driving in erratic manner near Goodyears Bar



Sheriff’s Public Log 7/15 to 7/21/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Two stray dogs accepted into home in Loyalton
  • Welfare check requested in Loyalton
  • Civil dispute filed from Sierraville
  • USFS reports a single vehicle rollover on FS road
  • Injured Pelican reported in Sierra City


  • Civil standby needed in Loyalton
  • NV Co SO reports a burglary on Sagehen Rd
  • Broken down vehicle on Yuba Pass
  • Parking problems at lower Sardine result in citation
  • SC Deputy finds open door under cabin near recent burglaries
  • Welfare check requested in Loyalton


  • Ambulance needed for chest pain victim in Loyalton
  • Vehicle trespassing on private property in Loyalton
  • VIN verification in Downieville
  • Cut thumb in Downieville requires clinic assistance
  • Smoke reported in forest near Sierraville


  • Report of juveniles having bonfires near Finney’s Hole in Slug Canyon
  • Missing furniture in Loyalton
  • Alarm sounding in Loyalton
  • Possible fire in Sierra Valley area
  • Vehicle repossess in Loyalton
  • 350 lb Bear on porch in Sierra City


  • Motion alarm went off in Loyalton
  • Sierra Co Warrant arrest in Downieville of non-resident
  • Injured Pelican on Hwy 49 near Loganville
  • Illegally parked car in Downieville
  • Vandalism to car in Sierraville
  • Alarm sounding in Loyalton
  • Bear enters home while resident is present
  • Possible drunk subject screaming and yelling in street in Alleghany


  • Fire alarm going off in Loyalton
  • AAA needed for someone locked out of vehicle at Fiddle Creek Campground
  • Vehicle with no license or registration in Dog Valley
  • Car hits deer on Gold Lake Rd
  • Bicyclist having stomach pains near Second Divide above Downieville
  • Disabled vehicle on Gold Lake Rd
  • Washoe SO reports subject died from heart attack Long Valley Rd
  • Horses escaped from Girl’s Camp near Sierraville
  • Missing dog reported in Downieville


  • Possible Bear reported in Loyalton
  • Four wheelers on road late at night near Loyalton
  • Illegal parking in handicapped parking in Downieville
  • Road being blocked in Loyalton
  • Vehicle in the woods might be stolen near Indian Valley
  • Bubbles in Yuba River at Love Falls possible due to someone bathing
  • Car hits deer near Cannon Pt, Downieville
  • Yuba SO needs assistance with two females fighting near Camptonville
  • Vandalism reported in Loyalton



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