Sheriff’s Public Log 8/12 to 8/18/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Possible camper in a van in Sierra City
  • Man stung by Bee in Pike
  • Dog bite reported in Sierraville
  • County property vandalized in Downieville
  • Medical emergency for heart attack in Loyalton
  • Burglary alarm in Loyalton
  • Deputy sees visible smoke plume in Loyalton
  • Out of state emergency vehicles respond to injury accident by Bordertown
  • Suspicious person at a ranch in Loyalton
  • Argument and gunshots heard in neighborhood in Pike


  • Citizen assist needed in Loyalton
  • Dogs jumped fence and attacked another dog in Loyalton
  • Three dogs reported running around neighborhood in Loyalton
  • Agency assist in Loyalton
  • Harassing phone calls received in Sierra City
  • Burglar alarm going off in Loyalton


  • A sex offender registered at the Courthouse
  • Medical emergency in Downieville
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton


  • Dog bite reported at Webber Lake
  • Calpine caller has found a dog
  • Civil dispute file in Loyalton
  • Civil dispute file from Calpine
  • Vehicle rollover at Alpers Curve near Sierraville
  • Missing 13 yoa dog missing from Loyalton
  • Agency assist for CPS
  • Verbal dispute in Loyalton needed Deputy
  • Vehicle accident at business in Downieville possible DUI
  • Multiple shots coming from forest near Clark Station


  • Black cow on Smithneck Rd near Loyalton
  • Traffic stop has no valid drivers  license near Downieville
  • Vehicle versus guard rail at Cannon Point near Downieville
  • Dog on Hwy 89 north of Sattley
  • Copper piping and other items stolen from home near Sierra City


  • Individual fell off Jackson Meadows Dam possible broken leg
  • Cows are loose in Sierra Brooks
  • Shots heard near Goose Lake in the forest


  • Medical emergency in Downieville
  • Neighbor threw food in back yard in Loyalton
  • Harassment happening in Loyalton
  • Parking citation at Gold Lake for no registration display
  • Auto accident reported in Goodyears Bar
  • Juveniles walking on railroad tracks near Verdi
  • Abandoned motorized scooter reported in Downieville
  • Lightning strike with smoke on Camen Valley Rd
  • A naked man on a bicycle reported in Loyalton
  • Problem with a camper reported near Sierraville
  • DUI arrest in Loyalton




Sheriff’s Public Information Log 8/5 to 8/11/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • An item was stolen off of a bicycle on the bike trail in Downieville
  • Civil Dispute file in Loyalton
  • A trip and fall in Loyalton needs medical assistance
  • Lost dog reported in Camptonville
  • VIN verification needed in Loyalton
  • Civil assist needed for late night noise and skateboarding in Downieville
  • Business owner receives threatening phone calls in Downieville


  • Report of truck being keyed in Gold Lake Campground in July
  • Vehicle blocking Hwy 49 north of Downieville
  • Possible gang graffiti in Downieville
  • Vehicle parked on property for several days.
  • Medical emergency in Sierra City
  • Downieville resident reports items stolen from vehicle in Sacramento


  • DUI driver reported in Loyalton
  • Injuries to a man from being chased by dog in Loyalton
  • Laptop stolen at Shaffer’s High Sierra Camp near Sierra City
  • Vehicle accident near Downieville with trapped occupant
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Pike resident captures a dog chasing her animals
  • Resident with breathing difficulties in Sierraville
  • Civil dispute file dispute in Loyalton
  • Another civil dispute file in Loyalton
  • Third civil dispute file in Loyalton
  • Wow a civil dispute file in Downieville
  • Custody problems in Loyalton
  • Parked vehicle damaged at Round Lake Trailhead
  • Door alarm activated in Loyalton
  • Items stolen at Loganville Campground
  • Report of dog killing chickens in Sattley


  • Bear continues ongoing efforts to enter house in Sierra City
  • Drunk and disorderly camper at Stampede Reservoir
  • Mining claim infringement in Sierra City referred to Superior Court
  • Dog bite in front of business in Downieville
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Female being threatened in Alleghany
  • Alarm sounding at Loyalton Elementary School
  • Custody issue reported from NV


  • Shots being fired in Pike
  • Medical emergency in Calpine
  • Alarm going off at business in Downieville
  • Custody issues being reported again
  • Fall victim needs ambulance in Loyalton
  • Suspicious person on property in Sierra City
  • ABC event permit needs signature in Calpine
  • VIN verification needed in Loyalton
  • Somebody dredging on claim in Alleghany
  • Suspicious circumstances in Loyalton
  • Medical emergency in Sierra City
  • Restraining order issued in Downieville
  • Loud music coming from home in Loyalton


  • Fighting outside residence in Downieville
  • USFS reports smoke in area of Oregon Creek
  • Medical emergency at Stampede Lake
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton
  • Illegal camping  in Pike
  • Alarm activated in Loyalton
  • Probationer seen in Carson City
  • Vehicle off the Cal-Ida Rd
  • Ambulance and deputy needed in Pike
  • River smells like sewer in Sierra City
  • Welfare check needed in Loyalton


  • Tuolumne County SO requests assistance
  • Suspicious person reported in Loyalton
  • Two distressed birds reported in Loyalton
  • Welfare check needed on child in Calpine


Sheriff’s Public Log 7/29 to 8/4/13


SO Badge


Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • A dog is following a man in a the trailer park in Loyalton
  • Delivery truck parked in northbound lane of Hwy 49 in Downieville
  • Trespassers making a lot of noise near Loyalton
  • Non-street legal motorcycles traveling on Hwy 49 near Fournier Ranch


  • A gate on property was vandalized in Camptonville
  • A wrecked white Jeep off the road near Ridge Rd & Mountainhouse
  • USFS finds abandoned vehicle on Hwy 89 near Little Truckee River
  • Civil Dispute file in Sierra City
  • Susanville CHP reports possible DUI in Loyalton


  • Civil standby requested in Loyalton
  • Out of county theft reported in Sierra City
  • Audible alarm going off in Sierra City
  • Wounded deer on side of road in Loyalton
  • Civil dispute file in Sierraville
  • Fawn reported on Hwy 49 just north of Downieville
  • Residential burglary in Downieville
  • Juvenile with allergic reaction at camp near Sierra City
  • Alarm activated at school in Loyatlon


  • Near miss vehicle hitting another crossing the YELLOW LINE hwy 49
  • Two dogs left in hot vehicle in Downieville
  • Medical emergency in Downieville


  • Hansen Bridge erroneously Caution taped off in Downieville
  • Residential burglary in Goodyears Bar
  • Single vehicle accident near Beckwourth on A24 no injuries
  • Missing prescription medications in Loyalton
  • USFS fire crew training was cause of reported single gun shot in Downieville
  • Vehicle blocking Downieville business
  • Cite and release on two local warrants in Loyalton
  • Elder abuse reported in Loyalton
  • Two quad drivers are disturbing the peace behind her property
  • Medical emergency in Sierra City
  • Speeders in Sierra City require extra patrols


  • Female faller needs ambulance in Loyalton
  • Alarm going off at Sierraville residence
  • Driver of vehicle points gun at another subject on Mountain House Rd
  • Illegal camper on Hwy 49 near Downieville
  • Harassing phone calls receiving in Loyalton
  • Vehicle blocking Hansen Bridge in Downieville
  • Vehicle blocking emergency vehicle to Sunnyside Lane in Downieville
  • No trespassing signs on public property in Loyalton
  • Paintballs vs vehicle result in neighborly threats in Loyalton
  • Teenagers shooting pellet guns at antique truck in Sierraville
  • Subject arrested on outstanding warrant in Loyalton
  • Loud noise, band playing and drinking in Downieville by
  • Illegal parking reported by anonymous in Downieville


  • Subject arrested in Downieville after Alcoholic Beverage Control Investigation
  • Another ABC arrest in Downieville
  • Resisting subject arrested during SCSO and ABC Investigation
  • Brownish/grey Pitbull on Hwy 49 near Loyalton
  • Haskell Creek static 9-1-1 call
  • Juvenile problem in Pike
  • Black truck doing donuts in Loyalton Cemetary

Sheriff’s Public Log 7/22/13 to 7/28/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Logs


  • A report of loud music at 3 a.m. in Loyalton
  • Keys left in the Downieville PO are now at the Sheriff’s Office
  • Court commitment person booked in Downieville
  • Missing yellow Lab in Sattley


  • Court commitment in Downieville
  • and another court commitment in Downieville
  • Several bags of trash dumped on Spring St in Sierra City
  • Truckee caller reports losing wallet in Downieville Grocery
  • Possible fire reported in Loyalton
  • Welfare check request on EPHC patient
  • Court Commitment in Downieville
  • Request to notify camper to return home for medical emergency
  • Eggs being thrown at cars in Loyalton
  • Obscene phone call in Loyalton


  • Burglar alarm going off in Sierra City
  • 90 yr old male with stomach pain in Loyalton
  • Theft reported in Loyalton
  • Family fight in Sierra City
  • Report of driver in wrong lane several times between Sierra City and DVL
  • A bear was reported to have been in Loyalton on the 20th of July
  • Cell phone found near the Falls in Downieville now at Sheriff’s Office
  • Juvenile female fell off a horse in Sierraville needs ambulance
  • Civil dispute file in Sierra City
  • Harassing phone calls from Loyalton
  • Loud person playing music in the Sierra City street
  • Clark Station static calls 9-1-1


  • Alarm sounding in Sierra City
  • Smoke reported in canyon near Loyalton
  • House burglarized in Loyalton while resident was camping
  • Civil dispute filed in Camptonville
  • And again, same place
  • Juvenile caller needs assistance in Downieville
  • Marijuana grow noticed by Deputy in Sierra City
  • Reading glasses found in Downieville at the river now at the SO
  • Overdue mountain biker reported in Downieville
  • Yelling and fighting in the Loyalton street
  • Possible suicidal subject reported


  • Female in Sierraville needs ride as boyfriend’s vehicle not compatible
  • Several vehicles in Sierra City parking in unauthorized areas
  • Men in van taking pictures and walking in yard in Loyalton
  • Welfare check needed on overdue truck driver in Sierraville
  • Flames seen west of Bordertown


  • Single vehicle accident on Gold Lake Rd near Sierra City
  • Bug station reports failed inspection near Jackson Meadows
  • Caller reports girlfriend left residence in his vehicle while intoxicated
  • A rowdy patron reported in bar in Downieville
  • Four skateboarding youth making noise in Downieville
  • CHP reports damage to county property in Loyalton


  •  Loyalton dog injures neighbor’s pet rabbit, civil standby needed for discussion
  • Courthouse fire alarm is a false alarm
  • 9-1-1 static call in Loyalton
  • Vehicle driving in erratic manner near Goodyears Bar



Sheriff’s Public Log 7/15 to 7/21/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Two stray dogs accepted into home in Loyalton
  • Welfare check requested in Loyalton
  • Civil dispute filed from Sierraville
  • USFS reports a single vehicle rollover on FS road
  • Injured Pelican reported in Sierra City


  • Civil standby needed in Loyalton
  • NV Co SO reports a burglary on Sagehen Rd
  • Broken down vehicle on Yuba Pass
  • Parking problems at lower Sardine result in citation
  • SC Deputy finds open door under cabin near recent burglaries
  • Welfare check requested in Loyalton


  • Ambulance needed for chest pain victim in Loyalton
  • Vehicle trespassing on private property in Loyalton
  • VIN verification in Downieville
  • Cut thumb in Downieville requires clinic assistance
  • Smoke reported in forest near Sierraville


  • Report of juveniles having bonfires near Finney’s Hole in Slug Canyon
  • Missing furniture in Loyalton
  • Alarm sounding in Loyalton
  • Possible fire in Sierra Valley area
  • Vehicle repossess in Loyalton
  • 350 lb Bear on porch in Sierra City


  • Motion alarm went off in Loyalton
  • Sierra Co Warrant arrest in Downieville of non-resident
  • Injured Pelican on Hwy 49 near Loganville
  • Illegally parked car in Downieville
  • Vandalism to car in Sierraville
  • Alarm sounding in Loyalton
  • Bear enters home while resident is present
  • Possible drunk subject screaming and yelling in street in Alleghany


  • Fire alarm going off in Loyalton
  • AAA needed for someone locked out of vehicle at Fiddle Creek Campground
  • Vehicle with no license or registration in Dog Valley
  • Car hits deer on Gold Lake Rd
  • Bicyclist having stomach pains near Second Divide above Downieville
  • Disabled vehicle on Gold Lake Rd
  • Washoe SO reports subject died from heart attack Long Valley Rd
  • Horses escaped from Girl’s Camp near Sierraville
  • Missing dog reported in Downieville


  • Possible Bear reported in Loyalton
  • Four wheelers on road late at night near Loyalton
  • Illegal parking in handicapped parking in Downieville
  • Road being blocked in Loyalton
  • Vehicle in the woods might be stolen near Indian Valley
  • Bubbles in Yuba River at Love Falls possible due to someone bathing
  • Car hits deer near Cannon Pt, Downieville
  • Yuba SO needs assistance with two females fighting near Camptonville
  • Vandalism reported in Loyalton



Sheriff’s Public Log 7/8/13 to 7/14/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Adult male yelling at a girl from pickup truck in Loyalton
  • Older female falls off a horse in Loyalton
  • Neighborly dispute in Sierra Brooks
  • Civil dispute in Loyalton
  • Civil dispute again same party in Loyalton
  • Vehicle broke down in Loganville blocking other vehicle
  • Alarm sounding in Loyalton business
  • Copper pipe theft strikes Haskell Creek cabin
  • Broken window at USFS barracks in Downieville


  • Possible fraud reported in Downieville
  • Theft involving family in Loyalton
  • Truckee hospice reports death of Loyalton resident


  • Possible claim jumping in Gibsonville
  • Bike and backpack in ditch alongside road near Loyalton
  • Obscene behavior reported in Calpine
  • Probation violated in Downieville
  • Medical emergency at Frenchman Lake
  • Fire reported in Chilcoot campground
  • Family member taking advantage of elder
  • Alarm going off in ATT building Sierra City
  • Downieville resident locked herself out of home


  • Property found on Hwy 49 near Downievllle
  • Suicidal male reported in Loyalton
  • Evicted tenants still living in house
  • Four black cows lingering on the corner near Loyalton
  • Nevada County SO reports dead body near county line
  • Fox with broken leg reported in Downieville
  • Hospice death reported near Camptonville


  • Rocks on Hwy 49 near Sierra City
  • Court Commitment in Downieville
  • Suspicious vehicle near Yuba Pass
  • Civil Standby in Loyalton
  • Ambulance needed for ill female


  • Motorcycle accident near Yuba Pass
  • Skateboarding issue in Downieville
  • Hikers having problems on Sierra Buttes
  • Quad rollover accident in LaPorte
  • Motorcycles parked in Downieville block highway
  • Unoccupied vehicle in an accident in Goodyears Bar
  • Loud music and noise from mountain bikers in Downieville


  • Husband didn’t pick up wife from hiking near Portola
  • Access and easement covered by neighbor in Calpine
  • A lot of smoke reported outside of county in Verdi
  • Shooting reported at Summit 2 in Dog Valley
  • Illegal passing motorcycle stopped on Hwy 49
  • Single vehicle accident in Sierraville
  • Verbal dispute in Loyalton
  • Medical emergency in Camptonville reported by Davis PD



Sheriff’s Public Log 7/1/13 to 7/7/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Logs


  • Burglary at business in Loyalton
  • Reports of other businesses broken into in Loyalton
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Residential burglary in Downieville
  • Vehicle rollover with injuries in Pike
  • An overdue person was reported in Illinois?
  • Female stabs a male in Loyalton


  • Two truck and trailers on Gold Lake Rd with brake problems
  • Hit and run with no injuries on Gold Lake Rd
  • Four loose cows with bells in Pike
  • Citizen dispute involving thrown trash in Loyalton
  • Minden, NV PD reports two women not at meeting destination in Verdi
  • Unauthorized use of credit cards in Loyalton
  • Motorcycle reported going off the cliff near Goodyears Bar
  • Burglary alarm went off in Loyalton
  • Washoe Co SO assisting CHP with vehicle stuck in Dog Valley


  • Report of 90 yoa male death in Downieville
  • Injured bicycle rider on Hwy 49 near Sattley
  • Items delivered to incorrect box were not returned in Downieville
  • USFS reports fire in Doyle Canyon near Loyalton
  • Alarm going off in Downieville
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Another medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Heat stroke medical emergency in Loyalton


  • WSMC response needed for Sierra City resident
  • Dog bite reported at Gold Lake Stables
  • Non-injury vehicle collision in Loyalton
  • Family dispute in Loyalton
  • Medical emergency in Verdi
  • Juvenile problem in Loyalton
  • Loose dogs jumped on person walking her dogs in Downieville
  • Credit cards and drivers license stolen in Sierraville


  • Dog bite reported in Downieville
  • Bicyclist down in Sierra City needs ambulance
  • Motorcycle accident off of Henness Pass Rd
  • 9-1-1 hangup from Downieville
  • Items recovered belonging to accident victim
  • Rattlesnake visiting a residence in Downieville


  • BIG bear in neighborhood in Sierra City
  • Loose yellow lab on Hwy 89 in Sattley
  • Battery between sisters at Fiddle Creek Campground
  • Juvenile fell down cliff near Canyon Creek Trail Head
  • Bicyclist fell on wrist while on Bike Trail near Downieville
  • Man runs over his dog, man tries to help dog, dog bites man.
  • Restraining order violated in Verdi
  • Motorcycle accident on Hwy 49 near Loyalton
  • People have multiple firearms and M-80’s at Little Truckee River
  • Bear roaming Wild Plum area in Sierra City
  • Agency assist on stolen vehicle near Camptonville


  • Nevada Co SO request assist on BOLO for vehicle and subject
  • Vehicle backed into parked vehicle no injuries
  • Restraining order violated in Verdi
  • Stop sign fallen over near Sierra City
  • Black an brown cow on Hwy 49 near Loyalton
  • DON’T cross over double yellow line on road or else!
  • Threatening phone calls made in Loyalton


Sheriff’s Public Log 6/24 to 6/30/2013


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Large boulder on Hwy 49 near Calpine is traffic hazard
  • Welfare check on subject asleep in car  motor running and wipers on.
  • Juvenile problem in Calpine
  • Possible intoxicated driver reported in Sierraville


  • Missing person vehicle located near Little Truckee Summit area
  • Suspicious vehicle near area of previous burglaries
  • Possible Elder Abuse reported in Loyalton
  • Welfare check requested in Goodyears Bar


  • Two cows got wise to us and are running down the road near Loyalton
  • Vehicle rear ended by subject
  • Threatening text message sent in Loyalton
  •  Large beehive with swarming bees at church in Loyalton
  • Report of harassment against county employees in Loyalton
  • Civil dispute in Loyalton
  • Possible trespassing in Sierraville


  • Medical emergency near Packer Lake
  • Arrest for probation violation in Grass Valley
  • Silt fence cut at construction site near Sierraville
  • Family disturbance in Loyalton
  • Medical emergency in Downieville
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Two dogs on Hwy 89 near Calpine
  • Vehicle reported swerving over yellow lines near Downieville


  • Report of gun being pointed at someone near Downieville
  • Employee being harassed in Loyalton
  • Building alarm in Downieville accidentally set off
  • Someone was pushed against a wall
  • Suspicious vehicle and unpleasant smell at Snag Lake
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Dog being teased and harassed at front door in Loyalton
  • Restraining order issued in Downieville


  • Parking disagreement in Downieville
  • Woman attacks man with screwdriver in Loyalton
  • Man reports being bitten by dogs in Pike


  • Wallet recovered at Stampede Reservoir
  • Trespassing on ATV on private property in Verdi
  • Large boulder on Hwy 49 near Sierra City
  • Vehicle stuck in mud near Stampede Reservoir for two days
  • Restraining order violated in Verdi
  • 9-1-1 hangup from Loyalton

Sheriff’s Public Log 6/17 to 6/23/13


SO BadgeSIerra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Copper piping and personal items stolen from cabin at Clark Station
  • A sex offender registered
  • Another instance of copper piping and fishing poles stolen at Clark Station
  • Broken window and siding off cabin at Clark Station
  • Child medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Juvenile problem in Loyalton
  • Civil dispute filed from Sierraville
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Audible alarm at Loyalton business reported
  • Washoe Co initiating search and rescue in Mitchell Canyon


  • Stray dog scratching at back door in Downieville
  • Five suspicious people in Sierraville cemetary
  • Home broken into in Sattley
  • Woman receiving scam calls from medical company asking for money
  • Welfare check needed for juvenile in Loyalton
  • Dirt bikes disturbing the peace in Loyalton
  • Fraudulent use of county credit card reported


  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Bag found on highway given to Sheriff’s Office
  • Cow on Hwy 49 south of Loyalton
  • Medical emergency in Downieville
  • Welfare check needed in Calpine


  • Civil dispute filed from  Verdi


  • Report of neglected horses coming through county
  • Vehicle making a distress call reported to county
  • Firearm and ammunition stolen from Sierra City residence
  • Gunshot reported in downtown area of Downieville
  • Alarm sounding at Loyalton Elementary School
  • Subject booked on Court commitment


  • Plumas Co reports missing person near Plumas/Sierra Border
  • Two at large dogs are antagonizing another dog in Verdi
  • Medical emergency in Pike City
  • Vehicle accident with no injuries near Sierra City
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Report of possible drunk driver near Sierra City
  • Two dirt bike riders hurt near Sierra City


  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Two subjects flee scene of wood cutting violation near Loyalton
  • Suspicious tobacco burning in Downieville
  • Shed broken into and neighbors doors unlocked in Sierra City
  • Fawn making a suspicious noise in Goodyears Bar
  • Solo dirt bike versus barbed wire near Long Valley
  • Cabins broken into north of Sierra City
  • More cabins reported broken into north of Sierra City
  • Possible illegal substances being delivered in Sierraville
  • Hit and run to a parked motorcycle above Sierra City





Sheriff’s Public Logs 6/10 to 6/16/13


SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Solo vehicle accident with injuries on Hwy 49 near Downieville
  • Loyalton caller receiving suspicious popups from FBI on computer
  • Welfare check needed for a sister in Texas


  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Violation of probation arrest in Downieville
  • Vandalism to truck in Loyalton
  • Vehicle accident on Stampeded Dam Rd
  • Family fight in Sattley
  • Juvenile party going on near Verdi


  • Tourist reports Bear broke into a van in Downieville
  • Copper pipes stolen Carvin Creek Homes near Sierra City
  • Some more copper pipes stolen in same area
  • Civil dispute in Alleghany
  • Report of strong odor coming from garage in Loyalton
  • 17 year old did not survive fall from clift south of Yuba Pass
  • Small fire reported near Loyalton
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • More copper piping theft at Carvin Creek
  • Animal Problem in Loyalton
  • Purse found near Loyalton


  • Disabled van on a blind curve Hwy 49 near Sierra City
  • Fire alarm going off in outside bathroom in Loyalton
  • Canine at large on A23 near Calpine Dump
  • Trespass occurring in Green Acres, Sierra City
  • Break in of residence north of Sierra City
  • Trailer stolen from property in Loyalton
  • Harassment occurring in Downieville
  • Caller reports USFS truck swerved in her lane and she went into ditch
  • Somebody parked in front of gate that is marked no parking in Downieville


  • Placer Co Sheriff reports juvenile problem
  • VIN verification needed in Loyalton
  • Welfare check needed for juvenile in Loyalton
  • Payphone makes multiple hangup 9-1-1 calls
  • Items on Hwy 89 are traffic hazard per CHP
  • Test 9-1-1 call from Hwy 70 location


  • Allergic reaction medical emergency in Sierraville
  • Two teenagers stranded at the Buttes (they were rescued)
  • Family fight in Loyalton


  • Alarm at Loyalton Elementary School
  • Report of small dog locked in vehicle at Sardine Lake
  • Vehicle versus bear accident on Hwy 49
  • Report of gunshots in Mitchell Canyon near Verdi
  • Suspicious person in woods near Sattley
  • Large big rig truck driving in center of Hwy 49 near Sierra City


Sierra County Sheriff Log 6/3 to 6/9/2013

SO Badge

Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • CHP requests ambulance for passed out driver on Hwy 395 Driver was subsequently arrested.
  • Caller reported being videotaped by another person
  • Very honest person reports he may have damaged USFS roads


  • Ambulance needed for elderly female in Loyalton
  • Another ambulance needed for another medical emergency
  • Single vehicle accident on Hwy 49 near Sattley with minor injuries
  • Alarm company reports medical alarm sounding in Loyalton residence


  • Subject was arrested on out of county warrant in Goodyears Bar
  • Illegal mining on property in Oregon Creek area near Pike
  • 9-1-1 hang up from Loyalton


  • Civil dispute file logged
  • Injured deer in roadway near Loyalton


  • Ill hiker reported on Pacific Crest Trail
  • Plumas Co reports 9-1-1 call from Loyalton
  • Injured male in Loyalton was hit with baseball bat
  • Report of open container driving in Downieville


  • 9-1-1 hangup call from Loyalton
  • Audible alarm sounding in Downieville
  • Abandoned vehicle in Loyalton will be towed
  • Two vehicles collided in Sierraville with no injuries
  • Mountain biker crashed on Packer Saddle
  • Broken window and stolen copper pipes in Sierra City
  • Male subject sleeping in highway near Sierraville
  • Welfare check on juvenile needed in Loyalton
  • Abandoned animals at vacant house in Loyalton
  • Arrest on out of county warrant in Loyalton
  • Vehicle parked illegally in the middle of Main St, Downieville


  • Pickup 50 feet down ravine on Dog Valley Rd, Verdi 
  • Two injured deer on Hwy 49 near Sierraville
  • Three baby birds fell from nest in Downieville
  • Rattlesnake bite to mountain biker near Downieville
  • Two at large canines chasing cattle near Loyalton
  • Bear breaking into residence in Downieville
  • Mining claim feud near LaPorte involves bringing out a firearm
  • Motorists blocking road for emergency vehicles
  • Lightning strike near Stampede Lake area
  • Canine attacking smaller canine in Loyalton
  • Non injury accident in Sierraville
  • Stranded canine on highway transported to owner in Sierraville
  • Lightning strike fire reported near Chicoot
  • Chanting to himself man came out of woods with gun
  • Shots were fired at raccoons attacking dog in Loyalton


Sierra County Sheriff’s Log 5/27 to 6/2/13



SO Badge


Sierra County Sheriff’s Public Log


  • Gunshot reported in downtown Downieville
  • Caller needed assistance in resolving family dispute
  • Loose black calf on Hwy 49 south of Loyalton
  • Ring found in Sierra City
  • Suspicious phone call in Loyalton
  • Another double yellow line crosser near Downieville citation
  • Illegal dumping in Verdi reported by Washoe County SO


  • Dead deer on Hwy 49 outside Loyalton
  • Shots fired in Toiyabe National Forest near Verdi
  • More suspicious phone calls in Loyalton


  • Vehicle crossing double lines almost hitting patrol vehicle near Downieville
  • Stolen generator in Loyalton
  • Suspicious items found in Sierra County says Washoe County
  • Rings stolen from purse at Wild Plum Campground
  • Peace being disturbed in Loyalton


  • Civil dispute in Sierra City
  • Injured canine on Hwy 89  Sierraville
  • Dirt bikers causing problems and using profanity in Loyalton
  • Civil dispute in Loyalton
  • Teenagers being suspicious around trailer park in Loyalton
  • Civil dispute in Sierraville
  • Old Loyalton Middle School windows being vandalized
  • Traffic collision in Loyalton
  • Unruly student reported at Loyalton Elementary School
  • Medical emergency needs ambulance in Loyalton


  • 9-1-1 Static caller hang up from Sierra City
  • Trespassing in Alleghany
  • Miscellaneous items found in Loyalton
  • Subject appears for court commitment in Downieville
  • 9-1-1 Static caller in Sierra City again
  • Thirty black and red cows on Hwy 49 in Sierraville
  • Feral cats reported in Calpine


  • Stray dogs running loose in Verdi
  • 9-1-1 call back to static on line Sierra City
  • Numerous cows on Hwy 49 near Loyalton
  • Human Services alarm activated in Downieville
  • Fire reported Lemon Cyn and Henness Pass Rd
  • Disabled vehicle blocking access to Loyalton senior complex
  • Reports of unsafe driving in Loyalton
  • Possible DUI driving from Sierra City to Downieville


  • Possible child abuse in Loyalton area
  • Medical emergency in Sierraville reported from Life Alert
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Family disturbance reported in Downieville
  • Peace being disturbed in Loyalton

Sierra County Sheriff’s Log 5/20 – 5/26/13

SO BadgeSierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Log


  • Screaming reported in Loyalton
  • Medical emergency for child in Sierra Brooks
  • Vehicle accident between Sattley and Calpine
  • Logging Truck on side on Hwy 49 Depot Hill
  • Motorcycle accident in Sierraville
  • Caller needs to get message to daughter in Plumas County
  • Individuals blocking roadway in Sierra City moving large object
  • Somebody making threats at courthouse about Shasta County


  • Absolutely nothing happened all day or night according to the log


  • Caller in Downieville fell and injured his back
  • Caller says a female fell and has a broken ankle
  • Report of possible grave digging in Sierraville
  • A white duck with black spots is at the Victim &Witness Bldg in Loyalton
  • Subject needs help with identification verification in Loyalton
  • Runaway black Australian Shepherd in Downieville
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Someone is trying to take things from residence in Loyalton
  • Abandoned vehicle in Loyalton expired in 2010
  • Report of male harassing a family in Downieville
  • Old Pyrenees dog in Gold Lake area


  • Juvenile driving recklessly in Loyalton
  • Overdue fisherman from 2nd Divide in Downieville
  • Caller concerned about inability making contact with family in Sierraville
  • Civil disputes in Loyalton
  • Civil questions for Deputy in Loyalton
  • Dogs running across property in Verdi


  • Missing dog in Loyalton
  • Lost dog at Webber Lake
  • Medical Emergency in Loyalton
  • Local Warrant arrest in Loyalton
  • Vehicle repossession in Loyalton
  • Child custody issue in Loyalton


  • Verdi dogs are violating restraining order
  • Gunshots near campground at Webber Lake
  • People blocking highway at Little Truckee Summit
  • Suspicious activity at Cherokee Campground
  • Felony warrant arrest in No San Juan
  • Vehicle on side of road with warning lights Hwy 49


  • Four subjects at entrance of Ramshorn Campground
  • Do Not Cross double yellow lines ! Citation given
  • Motorcycle accident top of 1st Divide, Downieville
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Fire at Dotta Ranch in Calpine
  • Possible illegal campers a Plum Valley
  • USFS reports campers along highway at Goodyears Bar
  • Mini Cooper speeding on Depot Hill
  • Expired vehicle registration citation


Sierra County Sheriff’s Log 5/13 to 5/19/13


SO Badge


Sierra County Sheriff’s Office Public Log


  • Report of long haired white dog loose on Gold Lake Hwy near Goose Lake
  • Civil dispute in Loyalton
  • Another civil dispute in Loyalton
  • Loyalton resident and neighbors believe they hear someone calling for help
  • Dogs at large in Verdi
  • Welfare check needed on a daughter in Portola
  • Shots being fired in Pike


  • Someone making purchases on callers online account
  • Female with chest pains in Loyalton needs ambulance
  • Transient lying on side of the road near Beckworth
  • Subject in violation of court ordered release in Loyalton
  • Numerous 9-1-1 hangups from Loyalton
  • Suspicious vehicle on property in Loyalton
  • Loose animals in Sierra Brooks


  • 9-1-1 Call with static from Sierra City area
  • Deputy reports large smoke plume near Sierraville
  • Loose cattle and open gate reported by Sierraville Fire Chief
  • Another 9-1-1 with static from Sierra City
  • Children transported without seatbelts in Loyalton
  • Alleghany resident reports three sickly kittens
  • Assistance needed at Loyalton Mental Health
  • Subject using coat hanger to enter vehicle in Loyalton
  • Bicycle stolen in Loyalton
  • Dog barking non-stop in Sierraville


  • 9-1-1 hangup in Sierra City
  • Sierra City man needs ambulance
  • Caller reports friend missing for eight days
  • Smoke reported west of Verdi
  • Downed airplane near Verdi Peak


  • Black cow on road near A23 & Hwy 89 junction
  • Welfare check in Loyalton
  • CHP at vehicle accident near Sierraville on Hwy 89
  • 9-1-1 hang up with static from Sierra City
  • Livestock on Smithneck Rd near Sierra Brooks
  • Civil Dispute in Loyalton
  • Another Civil Dispute in Loyalton
  • Sierra City static hangup again
  • Cabin burn with Downieville Fire and TNF in Goodyears Bar
  • Illegal parking in Downieville
  • Again with the hangup in Sierra City
  • Report of two men stealing firewood in Downieville
  • 9-1-1 hangup, yep, in Sierra City


  • Paint Ballers disturbing other campers in Dog Valley
  • Traffic violation near Loyalton
  • Reckless driver on Hwy 49 near No Fork Bridge
  • Possible fire in Sierraville
  • Alarm reported on Stampede Rd


  • Parent/Child dispute in Loyalton
  • Break-in at a cabin near Downieville
  • Mountain biker has medical issue

Sierra County Sheriff’s Log 4/29 to 5/5/13

SO Badge

Sierra County  Sheriff’s Office Public Information Log


  • Truant student hasn’t been in school a couple of weeks in Loyalton
  • Missing juvenile from Loyalton
  • Swarm of bees leaving school and heading towards downtown Loyalton
  • Copper faucets being cut off campground at Jackson Meadows
  • Report of harassment in Verdi
  • Ambulance needed in Loyalton for female with shortness of breath
  • Friend wants welfare check on a friend in Loyalton
  • Identity theft reported in Loylalton
  • RP wants to surrender several animals in Loyalton owned by girlfriend
  • Civil dispute in Calpine
  • Civil dispute in Downieville


  • Deputy needed to test student for alcohol in Loyalton
  • Missing child from residence in Loyalton
  • Domestic violence restraining order in Loyalton
  • Someone is possibly drunk in public
  • Deputy reports smoke in Sierraville area


  • Welfare check requested on someone in pain
  • Ambulance needed for transport to hospital
  • Calpine standby deputy needed to retrieve personal effects
  • Ambulance needed in Sierraville
  • Vagrant sleeping in Sierraville USPO
  • Suspicious man on Hwy 49 near Loyalton
  • Suspicious person sleeping on school district grounds Sierraville


  • Suspicious female taking pictures of house in Downieville  (it wasn’t me)
  • Caller reports vehicle with a radiator and strip copper inside.


  • Probation Department arrests parolee for several violations of parole
  • In custody subject has medical problem
  • Suspicious person staring into window of Loyalton Pharmac
  • Crossbow hits window of occupied residence in Loyalton
  • Possible burglary tools found during probation arrest
  • Theft of prescription medication in Downieville
  • Burglary at store in Loyalton
  • Non road worthy vehicle on roadway in Loyalton


  • Mountain biker with broken leg on upper Butcher Trail
  • Threatening message left of machine in Calpine
  • Roll over vehicle accident in Downieville
  • Report of burning on No Burn day near Downieville
  • Water heater on Hwy 89 near Truckee


  • Campers shooting weapons near road near Verdi
  • Medical emergency in Loyalton
  • Injured mountain biker in Downieville
  • Fire near Commercial and Pearl, Dvl reported (Burn on No Burn again)
  • Child abuse or neglect reported in Loyalton
  • Fire reported above Loyalton Pines
  • Medical emergency in Sierra Brooks.
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