Opening Day at Kentucky Mine 5/17/17

Music at the Mine and the Sierra County Historical Society are hosting an afternoon of fun, food and activities for the whole family at the Kentucky Mine Park on Saturday, May 27 from 12:00 to 4:00 PM. The celebration marks the official summer opening of the park and museum, as well as, Music at the Mine’s 2017 concert series.

A “burger and dogs” BBQ will be available for purchase at a very reasonable price and you are also free to bring your own food and refreshments to enjoy in our shaded and expansive picnic ground. Beyond the BBQ, local musicians, the String Alongs, and, Sierra City’s own, Bill the Magician, will be performing free of charge in the park’s beautiful amphitheater.
In addition to the performances in the amphitheater, the celebration will feature free, docent led tours of the mine, an ice cream sundae bar and a “glitter tattoo” booth for the kids. The celebration is a community event and everyone, locals, folks from our neighboring counties and visiting tourists are welcome and encouraged to come on out. Flyers detailing the day’s event are posted throughout Sierra and Plumas Counties and detailed information can be found on our website. If speaking to an actual person is your preference, please feel free to contact Chris Stockdale at 530 862-1076.
Circle the date, May 27th, on your calendar and join us for an afternoon of family friendly fun and entertainment. The event is co-sponsored and underwritten by the generosity of numerous Sierra City merchants and businesses who support the Kentucky Mine Park and Museum and the Music at the Mine Summer Concerts. opening day events                               2017 Music at the Mine POSTER 

Cammack Honored by Board 3/8/17

3/8/17 Supervisor Peter Heubner presents Appreciation to retired Planning Commissioner Phil Cammack .. photo by Don Russell

Retired Planning Commissioner Phil Cammack was given a Resolution of Appreciation from the Sierra County Board of Supervisors for his 19 years of service to the people of Sierra County  while serving on the county Planning Commission. Cammack was well known for his attention to detail and knowledge of any project or issue that came before the commission. His talent, energy and willingness to study and educate himself and other commissioners was a valuable asset to the county.


WHEREAS, Phil Cammack has served on the Sierra County Planning Commission since his initial appointment by the Board of Supervisors effective February 18, 1997 and he was reappointed to four consecutive terms until his decision to retire from the Commission effective on the expiration of his fourth term, being December 31, 2016; and,

WHEREAS, Phil Cammack served the citizens of the County of Sierra with integrity, honesty, and professionalism, always being mindful of the issues and the needs facing the County, always being resourceful, and always striving to balance the needs of the community, the property rights of those involved, and the quality of life enjoyed in Sierra County, while always inspiring the trust and confidence of his fellow Commissioners, County staff, and the public; and,

WHEREAS, Phil Cammack in his role as a member of the Planning Commission took on the task of implementing a new County General Plan; participated and voted in numerous public hearings on land use projects proposed throughout the County-some becoming quite controversial; strived to provide a balance between community goals and proposed land use projects; strived to be fair, balanced, and open to public comment and public concerns in the planning process; and, served as Chairman of the Commission several times during his tenure on the Commission and, this Board of Supervisors desires to acknowledge and honor him in public session expressing its appreciation for his dedicated public service.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Supervisors of the County of Sierra does hereby publicly acknowledge the representation, dedication, and professionalism provided by Phil Cammack that embodies his success as a member of the Sierra County Planning Commission and with sincere appreciation, proudly recognizes his commitment to public service to Sierra County, and with pleasure and gratitude, subscribes his name hereto in recognition of all that is contained herein and wishes him well.

Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Sierra on February 7, 2017, at Downieville, California.





BOS Lang Presentation 2/22/17

On February 7th Frank Lang, MICN, FNP addressed the Sierra County Board of Supervisors regarding the Board supporting the efforts of Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc in re-establishing 24 hr EMS services for western Sierra County. Here is the text of his statement.

“Thank you Mr. Chairman and Board Members for the opportunity to request your support in the effort to rebuild the Emergency Medical Services Infrastructure in western Sierra County. I am here on behalf of Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc.

As you are aware, there was a 40-year history of integrated 24/7 EMS Services with the Western Sierra Medical Clinic during which the Clinic Medical Practitioner provided Advanced Life Support to Emergency Patients who were brought to the Clinic based on being authorized as an Alternate Emergency Care Base Station by Nor-Cal EMS and Enloe Medical Center in Chico. Care was also provided on the Ambulance as well and was an integral part of training both existing and new EMTs.

This changed in 2014 when WSMC decided it could no longer afford to provide those services due to cost and inability to recruit providers with the requisite skills to provide advanced life support (ALS) and emergency care. The Clinic also terminated the Alternate Base Station Agreement with Enloe and therefore the Ambulance can no longer take patients to the Clinic for stabilization because it is not an emergency care facility. However, the Ambulance can still pick up patients at the Clinic.

That left a major deficit in the availability of ALS Services to western Sierra County. The ambulance staffing has several advanced EMTs who can provide some ALS care including King Airway, Epi-Pens for allergic reactions, Glucagon injection for Insulin Shock as well as IV and injectable Narcan for opiate overdose. They are not able to provide Advanced Cardiac Life Support or Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

There was an offer from the Clinic that a Paramedic could be added to the Clinic staff at the time however that role was designed to deal with after hours Downieville Jail Inmate Medical Clearance needs at the time and that was beyond the scope of Paramedic Training and is not allowed by the State EMS System.

Consequently, Sierra Frontier was formed as a non-profit corporation, to address this need. Our purpose is to acquire and support the development of financial and other resources to assure the availability of medical and health resources, including emergency care to the residents and visitors of western Sierra County.

We are rebuilding the EMS Infrastructure of western Sierra County a brick at a time. We have already trained 17 Homemaker Health Aides, 13 Emergency Medical Responders and most recently 14 Emergency Medical Technicians who will provide emergency care to residents in Alleghany-Pike, Camptonville, Downieville, Sierra City, Calpine and Loyalton.

Our first priority is to focus on ALS Services, since those are the most vital in the EMS Chain of Survival. Our next objective is to sponsor a Western Sierra County Pilot Paramedic Project in which the Downieville Fire Protection District will hire a Full Time Paramedic from June 1, 2017 thru October 1, 2017. The cost of the project is $25,000. To date we have raised about $10,000.

We will use the Pilot Project to develop the structure and funding for a sustainable long term Paramedic Project that will focus on EMS Basic and ALS Services, Training of EMS Staff at Sierra City Fire Department, Downieville Fire Protection District and Alleghany Pike Community Services District.

We hope to develop funding with a new EMS Fee in those Districts as well as Ambulance Fees, Grants and local Organizational support including Western Sierra Medical Clinic.

We hope to garner support from Sierra County BOS based upon W&I Code 17000; in the form of the letter you have before you as well as limited Administrative assistance from County Counsel, County Auditor, Clerk Recorder, OES resources, consideration of the addition of Medical Director for EMS Services to the Sierra County Health Officer Role so that medications can be ordered and available to the Paramedic.

Today we are just asking for your support in a letter that we will send to residents, organizations, and businesses in Sierra County as well as visitors, requesting their financial support of this Pilot Project.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

Mini March in Sierra City 1/25/17

A mini Woman’s March was held Jan 21st in Sierra City to show solidarity with the thousands of women marching around the world. Organized by JoAnne Dailey, the following participated: Elise McIver, Sheryl LaBrie, Andrea Berry, Owen McIver, Ellie McIver, Joanne Dailey holding grandbaby June Berry and Mary Jungi.

1/21/17 Elise McIver, Sheryl LaBrie, Andrea Berry, Owen McIver, Ellie McIver, Joanne Dailey holding grandbaby June Berry.

Buttes Resort Grand Opening10/12/16 grand opening was held the same day as OktoberFest in Sierra City. Jim Westfall, was born and raised in Southern Idaho, he moved to Utah after high school and proceeded to work with an international mining company for 22 years. After his son was raised and moved out to live on his own, he decided it was time for a change. As an avid skier, hiker and just simply love the outdoors. Jim says,  “It was in 2015 that I first found the Buttes Resort and I fell in love! I knew in my heart that this is what I wanted to do and you could say it was love at first sight! I invite you to come up to Sierra city to see and do all that the area has to offer. Go gold panning, hiking, tubing down the Yuba river, take in a massage or just take it easy and hang out at one of the local resturaunts or simply sit on the deck and enjoy the view. The recreational opportunites are endless. Come on up and say hello!”

Fall Fun in the Sun 10/12/16


Last Saturday, Sierra City held its 17th Annual Oktoberfest. We could not have had any better weather. Our two bands, Papa Oohm Pah Pah from Nevada County, along with our very own local band, Osso Blue, were definitely crowd pleasers. There were many vendors along Main Street and our locals and visitors were able to get a head start on their holiday shopping. A large group of visitors and community members, including Greg & Dee Bulanti and other Grass Valley Chamber members, attended the Grand Opening of the Buttes Resort to welcome the new owner, Jim Westfall. We enjoyed cake and champagne and a beautiful view of the Yuba River and a great swimming hole from the deck!

Thank you to the Downieville Lions Club, the Red Moose, the Nevarez family and the Downieville High School students who provided us with delicious food and beverages throughout the day. Of course, we are thankful for the attendance of our wonderful vendors. Some of them have been coming to Oktoberfest for many years.

A huge thank you goes to the following individuals who helped with the planning, set up and clean up and made this event successful: Chris Stockdale; Jim Westfall; Bruce and Julie Madsen; Steve, Jenny, Wendy and Jeff at the Red Moose; Steve Fillo; Jim Meyers; Downieville Lions Ross and Pam Gordon; Della Brooks; Ross’ son, Mike; and there were two other individuals who helped with clean up but I apologize for not getting their names. Most of all, we are so grateful to Jan Koettel, who has been the organizer of this event for so many years. The community members of Sierra City appreciate her leadership and willingness to work hard to keep this event going.  Looking forward to next year’s Oktoberfest in beautiful Sierra City!, Mary Ervin, Sierra City

Fun Time in Sorracco’s Garden 9/21/16

Dear Editor,

Last Saturday, the Sierra County Chamber of Commerce held a wine tasting fund raiser in Sierra City. First of all, I would like to thank Ron and Cheryl LaBrie of Sorracco’s Saloon in Sierra City for allowing us to hold this special event in their beautiful gardens. The weather was perfect, and it was such a relaxing atmosphere with lots of fine wine, delicious food and wonderful people.

A huge thank you goes to the event coordinators, Will & Jeanne Clark, who worked so hard and diligently in inviting the wine vendors to join us for this event. We were fortunate to have Lori & Scotty from Nevada City Winery; Shawn Kesthgar from Regal Wines; Mary Quinn; Ted Ennis from Lone Acre Winery; and Janice Jones from Monterey Bay Wine Company who all brought some delightful wines for all to taste. Will and Jeanne also contacted several of our chamber partners to donate delicious food for this event.

Thank you so much Larry and Candace at the Sierra Country Store; Steve, Jenny, Wendy and Jeff at the Red Moose; Feather at La Cocina de Oro; Karla and Dave at Indian Valley Outpost; and Cassandra Martinetti at the Fork N Horn in Sierraville for the wonderful dishes you provided. Thank you, also, to Sharon Dobja for donating some goodies for us to eat. A huge thank you goes to Jan Koettel for doing all the shopping for the supplies that were needed, and for her help in greeting all of our guests.

We especially thank all of our community members and visitors to Sierra County who attended and made this such a memorable event. A great time was had by all, and we look forward to doing it again next year!

Mary Ervin, Sierra County Chamber President

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