Grange Hall Dinner/Dance 5/17/17

Howdy, our 2nd. “3rd. Sat. Dinner/Dance” at the Sierra Valley Grange Hall in Vinton, Ca. will be this Saturday, May 20th…..Serving a “chicken dinner’ for only $10, from 5:30-6:30pm…..Need your “YES OR NO” by Thursday, for our head count !!!!!!!
Since I will be gone on that date, Craig will be teaching the dance class…..SKI-BUMPUS (contra), GET UP AND DANCE (partner), and a review of last months dances : “Annies Dance”(p) and “Tennessee Waltz Surprize” (L)
Thanks to all of you who came out last month, it was the most successful dinner/dance we have ever had since we started…..Since our insurance went up over $10,000 for the year, you can see how important it is to us for your support to our fund raisers. Thank you again, and , reply to this e-mail or call: 530-993-1182 by this Thurs…..
God bless, and keep those boots a’dancing !!!! annie
p.s. don’t dance ?? come eat ! don’t want to eat ?? come dance !

Dinner Dances in Sierra Valley 4/12/17

Howdy, our first Sat. “Dinner/dance”, is this weekend, April 15th. at the Grange Hall in Vinton, Ca., an easy 30 min. drive from Reno…..
Please print out the attachment below for your future reference to our dances for the rest of the year……and our menu. Same price as always: $10 for dinner, $5 for dance….lessons are free, if paid for the dinner or dance. Any questions, call me…and. please reply to this email if you plan on coming for the dinner….I need that head count !! Thanks, and bring a friend…….annie P.S. We start serving at 5:30…….P.S.S….come eat, even if you don’t dance….our fund raisers $$$$$$$$ goes to Grange up-keep and scholarships…..thanks !

Annexation Important Meeting 4/5/17

Hello all. Upon checking with Fire Chief Heywood and Assistant Fire Chief DeMartini we wanted to pass this meeting information on to all Loyalton Fire personnel, I added several related recipients. See the below message from Rick Maddalena of the Sierra County Fire Protection District #1 Commission regarding the annexation issue and fire and emergency services for the greater City of Loyalton and Community of Sierra Brooks areas; including Loyalton Pines, the SPI Mill property, Loyalton Mobile Estates, the Senior Apartments and ranch properties around town. This public meeting is scheduled for Thursday night at 5:30 pm on April 20th at the Loyalton Social Hall next to the old city pool. This could affect all of us, our families and neighbors for many years to come. We all keep hearing rumors, this is our opportunity to get the information first hand and to speak on the matter in an open forum. Please pass the word around and attend. Thank you.

John I. Evans
Division Fire Chief, Volunteer, City of Loyalton, CA
E.M.T., Eastern Plumas Health Care, Portola, CA

On Tuesday  the Sierra Co. Board of Supervisors set a special meeting April 20 at 5:30 PM in the Loyalton Social Hall to hear the public’s thoughts on how best to go into the future for continued fire protection for areas near Loyalton covered by contracts from 1991 and 1992 (Sierra Brooks, Mill Site, Trailer Park) and areas not covered by any agreement (Loyalton Pines, ranches outside Loyalton) and to a lesser degree Verdi CA and Long Valley.

  • Options include: a new contract between the Sierra Brooks HOA and Loyalton for Sierra Brooks
  • A new contract for areas like the Mill Site and Trailer Park
  • Creation of a new Fire District to cover areas near Loyalton (with or without Sierra Brooks)
  • Annexation with Sierra Co FPD #1 for areas near Loyalton (with or without Sierra Brooks)

The following is from Scott Schlefstein:

I want everyone to understand how this works. It is complex, and I know this conversation has taken several twist and turns along the way. In order for everyone to understand what is being talked about, I have briefly explained below how we are currently operating.

First of all, I see Rick mentioned some “options”. Let me be clear on one thing. There is NO option for the Sierra Brooks HOA and Loyalton for Sierra Brooks contract fire services. The HOA is a private non-profit homeowner’s association with a two member board of directors (currently), and it is not appropriate for a homeowner’s association to contract with a municipality for fire coverage. The current contract is between county service area 5a and 5, and the City of Loyalton Fire Department.

This below might answer some of your questions on how and why:

The Sierra Brooks contracts which are CSA5a and CSA5 (in place for 27 years) have just been legally reviewed, found to be valid and binding, and updated for liability. Contract 5A is funded by Sierra Brooks property taxes, Contract 5 is funded by Sierra Brooks and a sliver of Loyalton property taxes. Both are bound to county service area law (Government Code Sections 25210.1, et seq,), which provides the following types of services within its legal structure:

1. Extended Police Protection
2. Structural Fire Protection
3. Local Park and Rec
4. Miscellaneous Governmental Services, Including, but not limited to the following:
a. Street Lighting
b. Ambulance
c. Domestic Water Supply
d. Garbage Dump Maintenance
e. Cemetery Maintenance
f. Flood Control
g. Road Construction and Maintenance
h. Sewage Disposal
i. Snow Removal

* California Law (Government Code Section 25210.8) allows for zones with tax rates varying with the extent of benefit to each zone derived from services provided (fire). Translation: This is how the county provides these services with our tax money after 1956.

* Updates to existing contracts do not constitute them to be “new” contracts, as some have tried to indicate.

* The liability question is answered clearly in each contract for insurance requirements the fire department already has in place.

* Sierra Brooks currently has local control, meaning the taxes taken from the residents for fire coverage, in-zone, goes directly to the fire department providing the service. The current fire district (CSA5a-5) pay the fire department directly. Sierra Brooks has donated a building to Loyalton Fire for a Fire Station in Sierra Brooks. Loyalton Fire is between 0-4 miles away.

* With a big fire district centralized outside of Sierra Brooks, the property owners taxes would go to the district accounts to be distributed by their board of directors. All control lies there with funding, payments, services, contracts, etc.In other words, if a giant fire district, covering a large territory has Sierra Brooks within its territory and has its fire money, they can spend that money ANYWHERE in the district and have complete control over that money. Fire District 1 says they will fund Loyalton Fire the same way, but they will have the option to not do that, and to respond to Sierra Brooks with their other resources. Sierraville is a long response time in comparison.

And just to be clear, there is no other alternative for Sierra Brooks fire protection at this time. Any fire district annexation, or creation would require specific elements in the law, including a LAFCO proceeding, which would take years. These contracts MUST be kept in place right now, no matter what the people decide on fire districts.

If Sierra Brooks wanted its own fire district, it would require a protest ballot for funding in order to save up enough money to run a fire district, the LAFCO, etc., years down the road.

For historical perspective: Sierra Brooks residents petitioned the Board of Supervisors for a fire district in the late 1980’s. But, the option for these current contracts came up through the county service areas, and it was taken.

Help Janet Please 4/5/17

Janet Wolfe is in need of some transportation help.

Janet Wolfe’s son Jeff Hoverkamp received first and second degree burns to 45% of his body on Saturday April 1, 2017. Jeff was taken by Care Flight to Renown Health in Reno for immediate trauma care and then transported by Care Flight to UC Davis Burn Center. He will have surgery early this week to remove the dead skin and begin the recovery process. The doctors anticipate Jeff will be at the Burn Center for 6 weeks.

Janet has Graves Eye Disease which limits her ability to drive, especially in heavy traffic due to double vision. She would like to be with Jeff during the week and be home on the weekends to care for her grandchildren, Genna and Freddie. We are hoping to find “neighbors” who would be able to help drive Janet to and/or from Davis so she can spend time with Jeff during his recovery process. If you are able to help drive please contact Janet at 994-3326 home, 704-661-8039 cell or email Thank you for all the love and support that has already been shown.

Cowboy Poetry at SV Grange 3/15/17

The Sierra Valley Grange presents
Brenn Hill – Andy Nelson – Carol Schley

March 17,18 -2017
Sierra Valley Grange Hall
92202 Hwy 70, Vinton, California
Friday Evening Show at 7:30 PM
Saturday — Matinee Show at 2:00 PM – Evening Show at 7:30 PM
Dinner Fri 5 to 7 PM /Dinner Sat 4:30 to 7:00 PM
Reserved seating…
Show tickets: $23 for Adults
$8 for Children 12 and under

Dinners: $12 for Adults and $8 for Children 12 and under

On March 17, 18 – 2017, The Sierra Valley Grange will present Brenn Hill, Andy Nelson and Carol Schley. Fri Dinner Corn Beef and Cabbage / Sat Roast Beef

Singer Songwriter Brenn Hill: Brenn from Hooper, Utah does not just sing about the west, he reveals its heart to anyone that takes time to listen. The cowboys trials and tribulations are his raw material. Brenn’s career spans two decades and twelve albums of mostly self penned music. Brenn is an artist who gives great insight into the West that he calls heaven.

Cowboy Poet & Humorist Andy Nelson: A second generation farrier from Pinedale , WYwas raised the cowboy way. Shoeing horses with his father in the Great basin until he went to college. He worked as a ranch hand caring for cattle and the haying operations in Idaho. Lots of personal experiences to draw from that are part of his story telling of humor and misery. He was named WMA “Poet of the Year “ many times in his career. www.

Singer Carol Schley: Local singer that has performed at our show in the past originally from Minnesota now lives in Reno. Self taught guitarist along with getting bucked off every horse she rode as a kid. Music and horses stuck together as she grew up and started performing in early 20’s and continues today along with horse care, training and lessons., teaching folks young and old how to improve their horsemanship.

Thank you for your past and future support. The SIERRA VALLEY GRANGE is a non-profit organization. Proceeds from this event will benefit our Building Fund.
Rich Moore / Pam Olivieri – VINTON COWBOY POETRY and MUSIC SHOW
PO Box 15, Vinton, CA 96135 email:  PH. 831-345-9840
Web site:

Show tickets are $23 for adults and $8 for kids. Dinner tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for kids. Order early to request special seating for the show.

Dance on Saturdays in SV 3/8/17

DANCE TO COUNTRY WESTERN CDs                                                                    Large Dance Floor – Smoke Free 
 (No dinner/dances in June and August)
April 15……… …Pork Loin Roast                                                                                     May 22………….Chicken Dinner 
July 15…. … … .M e at L o a f 
September 16…..Country Style Pork 
October 21……Baked Potato dinner 
Dinner.—5:30 – 6:30 PM — $10
Lessons……6:30 – 7:30……Free with paid admission
Dance………7:30 – 10.30…………….$5

For Info or to order tickets contact: Annie 530-993-1182  email:
Benefit: Sierra Valley Grange Building Fund

ESV Chamber Info 3/1/17

Michael needs to know all the events that you have scheduled for the summer or winter 4-H, FFA and other youth events along with anything else you have planned for the community so we can get it into the visitors guide and that we the ESVCC can help promote on our website and kiosk message sign. Time is running out on getting your events into us.

Please when replying, use or call me at 530-993-0453.  Please visit for events and activities.
Michael H. Welbourn, President/Board Director and all around good guy!
East Sierra Valley Chamber of Commerce

Groundwater Study Presented 2/8/17


SIERRA VALLEY, CA – February 8, 2017 – The Sierra Valley Groundwater Management District (SVGMD) board of directors is inviting the public to attend a presentation on the results of several recent groundwater studies conducted by Burkhard Bohm of Plumas Geo-Hydrology, Graeagle, on Friday, February 24th 9:30 a.m. till noon at the Sierra Christian Church at the corner of Hwy 70 and the Beckwourth-Genesee Rd, in Beckwourth.The reports being presented include a compilation of existing data from older groundwater research in Sierra Valley and new studies on groundwater recharge and groundwater quality.

During the February 24 workshop, Burkhard Bohm will present highlights from several reports generated during his recent studies, including, “Inventory of Sierra Valley Wells and Groundwater Quality Conditions,” dated November 29, 2016, and “Sierra Valley Aquifer Delineation and Ground Water Flow,” dated January 20, 2017, as well as highlights from his work on the topic of Groundwater recharge and forest canopy thinning. Copies of the study reports, funded by a grant from Prop 50, can be viewed in advance of the presentation via the SVGMD website at
Under California’s 2014 Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, the Sierra Valley Groundwater Basin, currently ranked as Medium Priority, is required to have a Groundwater Sustainability Plan developed and in place by 2022.
“We are committed to involving many local residents, businesses, agricultural operators, representatives from our towns and other interested stakeholders in planning for sustainable groundwater in Sierra Valley,” said SVGMD board chairman, Einen Grandi of Loyalton. “This workshop represents an opportunity for all of us to learn more about where our groundwater comes from, about the existing wells in the basin, water quality trends and more.”
Bohm’s presentation will be followed by a discussion session, allowing attendees to follow up on points of interest.
Founded in 1989, Plumas Geo-Hydrology is a hydrology and geology consulting company serving the rural counties of the northern Sierra Nevada, northeastern California, and the urban areas in northern Nevada. Burkhard Bohm is a California Professional Geologist and Certified Hydrogeologist; he has a PhD in Hydrogeology. Bohm’s expertise includes groundwater exploration in fractured rocks and valley aquifers, solving water quality problems in wells and streams, soil and percolation tests, erosion and flooding problems, soil stability, and landslides.
The Sierra Valley Groundwater Management District was founded through a joint powers agreement between Plumas and Sierra Counties as authorized by California Senate Bill 1391 in 1980. SVGMD works to preserve and manage groundwater in the Sierra Valley basin for all beneficial uses.

ESV Community News 11/16/16

Hello everyone, please visit our website for the latest in community activity and events.

As you know we are partnered with our neighboring chambers and organizations of profit and non-profit status and we are pleased to display and forward their events and activities. “This is but one way the Chambers of Commerce work for you.” Please visit our website for future events and activities, click :

ESVCC “Serving Those Who Serve The Community” Thank you and my best regards,  Michael H. Welbourn, President/Board Director   530-993-0453

Hopping at the Grange 10/12/16

Things will be ‘hopping’ at the Sierra Valley Grange in Vinton this weekend, Sat. Oct. 15th…..Starting off with the celebration of their 85th. anniversary of being in existence …open to the public from 11am. to 3pm. Come learn the history of the Grange, enjoy refreshments and the ‘cutting of the cake’ at approx. 1pm.
Those of you who are familiar with what events have been going on for the last 85 years, “cowboy poetry shows, dances, funerals, meetings for all kinds of organizations, plays, fund raisers, craft fairs, etc.’, must realize how important this building has been to the community !! I remember going to dances there, back in he 50’s….and….I am still going to dances there !
Then….on that same day, a couple of hours later, our last ‘3RD. SATURDAY DINNER/DANCE’ will start at 5:30 with our famous ‘Baked Potato Dinner’-$10….following that, at 6:30, will be a review of all the dances I have taught this year-$5…..Not every body cares for dancing, but, everybody likes to eat…..!! This last dance will determine whether we will continue doing it next year, as a lot of time and effort is put in to do these dinner/dances……
Make it a ‘day out in the country’, looking forward to seeing ALL of you, and thanks for being part of the Grange history !!

Art & Ag Trail 9/21/16

Barn quilts honor the economic, cultural, and historical contribution of ranching and farming to our rural communities, while celebrating one of America’s historic art forms, the quilt block. Barn quilts become local landmarks helping to preserve our rural heritage and provide points of interest for visitors and sightseers. They contribute to local economies by incorporating art, agriculture, and local culture with an effort to promote tourism on the local, state, and national level. The Sierra Valley Barn Quilt Project has been creating barn quilts in the Sierra Valley for the last year. As a culmination of the project the Sierra Valley Art & Ag Trail is coming this Oct. 1, 10AM-4PM.

Travel the Sierra Valley Art & Ag Trail, with great views of Sierra Valley Barn Quilts and opportunities to visit market farms, working ranches, and a pumpkin patch, and to sample the wares of artists of every color: wood, paint, glass, ceramic, metal, fiber and more. Three “Trailhead” information centers will be located at the Sierra Valley Grange in Vinton, Sierra Valley Farms on A-23 in Beckwourth, and Sierraville School on Hwy 89. Visitors are encouraged to purchase a Sierra Valley Art & Ag Trail Passport for $20, featuring iconic images from Sierra Valley and spaces to collect stamps while traveling the Trail. A fundraiser for the event, the Passport is a great keepsake item, a fun activity, and an entry into a raffle drawing.

The Plumas-Sierra Cattlemen’s Association will be serving a delicious Tri-Tip Dinner to end the day at the Sierra Valley Grange Hall in Vinton from 4-6pm. More information and to purchase tickets visit our website or call 530-428-5016. This event is sponsored by the Sierra County Arts, State-Local Partner with the California Arts Council

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