Hearst is Persistent 6/7/17

6/7/17 Do not think because my eyes are closed and I seem to be in repose that I am not fierce… and nonetheless she persisted… umm.. wait I think I’m a he… it should be he… he persisted… yeh that’s it… is it snack time yet…

Free Taco Reward 5/17/17

5/15/17 An unusually height challenged woman has been caught feeding treats to visiting dogs… she is being investigated by  SCARF,  if anyone can identify this woman there is a reward of a free taco  at La Cocina Del Oro in Downieville 

Little Lizzy? & Gramma Rossi 4/26/17

4/26/17 She’s not my Mommy, I think Rossi is my Gramma, but she is warm and likes me so I’m happy snuggling and I’m super cute I hear…. I don’t really know what my name is, there has been a lot of discussion about this in my family…. I’m hoping for Lizzy, I like Lizzy… my great human grandmother is Liz, I want to be just like her….

Hearst & Phoebe at Lake Tecopa 4/12/17

Other Dogs 3/8/17

91 years ago, there was a diptheria outbreak in Nome, Alaska. Nome’s only hospital had almost no diphtheria antitoxin, and the last supply ship to reach Nome before winter had none on board. The only way to get the medicine to Nome was a daring sled-dog relay, led by a dog named Balto (whose statue is memorialized in New York’s Central Park

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