Wednesday August 16, 2017


CAROL SAYS: ” In your paper coming out this week please remind “the people” that the eclipse is Monday the 21st , and will reach 86% at around 10:15 AM in Downieville. Not to confuse things , but in your paper this week you would word it “this Monday” , August 21. Now I am writing this Sunday night and this Monday would be tomorrow which is not the “this Monday” that you would have in your paper . When your paper comes out on Wednesday for Liz and Thursday for Jill, you would write “this Monday” because at that point in time it would be “this Monday” . I am excited about it !”

Hey mark you calendars, the Clampers will be in town on the weekend of August 26th, surely a festive weekend, AND what you don’t want to miss is the Native Daughter’s Ice Cream Social on Clampers Weekend. It’s the 26th from noon to 2 pm, $5 per adults, $3 for kids 10 and under. Raffle prizes and cookies! 

Get your tickets for the Lost Sierra Hoedown before they are sold out, a very popular event with lots of fun, friendship and great music on September 21 through 24th.

I’m sick to my soul over this last weekend’s violence in Virginia and the many awful messages from the lips of #O.N.E. Trump. The one comment made by a “supporter” of #O.N.E. keeps playing back in my mind. It was by a Nazi, White Supremist being interviewed on camera. He  justified being armed, carrying a gun, being always ready to be violent, “I want to be violent” he said…and then….. and then he said, “it’s good to have a racist for  President… we need someone more racist… someone who didn’t give his daughter to a Jew.”  How do we have a President who is so ignorant to what a huge part of his “base” believe and wish for. There is no way to step away from Donald Trump being a dangerous man. Dangerous for our country, our families and the world.

Read Robert Koehler to understand North Korea, lest we forgot… and he writes about profit motivations, Lawrence Wittner talks about mentally unstable leaders,  Jose Orosco discusses the meaning of love, and Kary Love discusses what exactly nonviolent resistant is and why it is a good thing. Local news, the Board of Supervisors and things to do this week. Carol reminds us about the Eclipse, and the Marmots on the Sierra Buttes.

So speaking of the Buttes the photo this week was taken by David Marshall and shows the final leg of the trip to the spectacular view from the Sierra Buttes Lookout, in case you want something to strive for before the snow comes.

Gabby Legal Fringette 8/16/17

Gabby’s Top Ten Stupid Laws  – by Gabby Fringette

Gabby Fringette

Nobody likes being told what to do, even if there’s a penalty. But most of you probably wouldn’t willfully break the law. But, I’ve come across a couple of really, really stupid laws, that probably nobody pays attention to anyway. I’ve done one like this before, but there are just so many, we need a refresher.

1. Let’s start where federal laws are spawned. Everyone knows Washington D.C loves to screw us, and does it in many creative ways. However, it’s illegal to get creative with screwing in D.C! All positions except for Missionary are banned in the country’s capital.

2. It is illegal country-wide for a minor to sext, even if they are the age of consent in their state. It’s counted as child pornography. So a 17-year old in my state could totally get laid, but not talk dirty over Messenger. Solid logic.

3. This one, I don’t even want to know why this is even a law, but in Minnesota, it’s illegal to have sex with a live fish. Dead ones are fine. But not live ones. Why is this even a thing?

4. In Alaska, it’s illegal to push a live moose out of a moving airplane. First off, when did this happen, why was a live moose on the plane in this first place, and DO YOU HAVE PICTURES?

5. Another one from Alaska. In Juneau, you can’t let your pet flamingo into a barbershop. Yes, you read that right. If you have a pet flamingo, it is not allowed into a barbershop. It’s illegal within city lines. Again, I wonder how this happened. Why is this freakishly specific law a thing? But the good news is, your pet flamingo is welcome in any barbershop in the state so long as it’s outside of Juneau.

6. I’m going to attack California right now. As you can guess, the list is as long as your arm. But, one town in particular caught my attention: in the city of Carmel, it is illegal for men to wear pants and a jacket that do not match, and women cannot wear high heels within city limits. For awhile it was illegal to eat ice cream while standing on the sidewalk, but this was repealed when Clint Eastwood was mayor.

7. In Chico, if you detonate a nuclear bomb you must pay a $500 dollar fine.

8. In Eureka, near where my family lived for awhile, it’s illegal for a man with a mustache to kiss a woman.

9. Sex toys are illegal in Reno Nevada.

10. One list I saw put Alabama’s 5-minute vote limit as their #1 stupid law. For Alabama I’d put their legal incestuous marriages. This isn’t English Monarchy and this isn’t Game of Thrones. Go meet people outside your family.

There are heaps more. I swear I’m not making this up, these are just my top ten or so.

Court Clerk Job 8/16/17


The Superior Court of California, County of Sierra

Classification Monthly Salary Range

Court Clerk I $2501.20 – $3039.34
Court Clerk II $3001.09 – $3647.84

The Superior Court, County of Sierra is looking for persons to perform legal clerical work, legal processing, courtroom and judicial assistance activities. Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. August 30, 2017. To learn more about the positions and/or apply, go to
Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

Job Bulletin Clerk I and II

From the Lookout 8/16/17


Yellow Belly Marmot at the base of the Sierra Buttes Lookout waiting for Lookout hikers to give him/her some food. Photo by David Marshall (Click on photo to enlarge) 

Fire Camp OES 8/16/17

Building A Fire Camp Overnight: “People Are amazed At How Fast We Can Mobilize”
Despite being one of the largest counties in California, Modoc County has less than 9,000 residents. Hotels are few and far between in this rural county, so when over 2,000 fire personnel were assigned to battle the Modoc July Complex Fire, housing and logistics were an immediate challenge.

Almost overnight, the California Interagency Incident Management Team 4, along with officials from the US Forest Service, Cal Fire, Cal OES and other cooperators came together to build an incident command post which eventually became home to the thousands of men and women assigned to the fire.

“This (camp) will go up from the time on scene to within 24 hours or less and you’ll have a fully functioning camp,” said Patrick Titus, Operations Section Chief. “You’ve got to go for life support first,” Titus continued. “What I mean by that, you’ve got to get the crews fed, you’ve got to get them showered and they’ve got to be able to sleep. Those three things are key. All this other stuff comes together over time.”

“People are amazed at how fast we can mobilize,” said Logistics Chief Ross Peckinpah. “This particular agency put together a camp layout with actual photos of locations of where to set things up,” said Peckinpah. Despite the advance preparations, setting up an incident command post close enough to the fire was not an easy task.

“On the Modoc (National Forest), there’s not a lot of usable grounds for camping because of the amount of volcanic rock,” Peckinpah explained. “It’s difficult to walk on and, as far as putting down tents or anything, you have to rake it.”

Finding usable grounds for tents isn’t the only hurdle. The incident command post also includes meeting rooms in the form of trailers and yurts, air and ground logistics, a weather monitoring station and a fully staffed and stocked kitchen capable of feeding the over 2,000 fire personnel three meals a day.

“We provide a large amount of calories for each of the meals. These firefighters can burn up to 7,000 calories per day, so we require so many ounces of muscle meat for each meal. We rotate a diet for these folks, high in calories,” said Peckinpah.

You can watch our story on the Modoc July Complex Fire incident command post on our Cal OES YouTube page here.

Backyard BBQ Penn Valley 8/16/17

Last year’s Backyard BBQ team, Rib Doctors, headed up by Kristian Hockinson.

United Way of Nevada County announces its 11th annual Backyard BBQ Competition and Car & Motorcycle Show, “Grills ‘n’ Grilles” which will be held on August 26th at Western Gateway Park in Penn Valley. This event includes local teams competing in a Backyard BBQ contest as well as Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) cooks from all over the Western United States competing in the State Championship BBQ contest. If you’re a BBQ aficionado, and would like to compete in either the Backyard BBQ or KCBS competition, please register your team now!
Come see professional BBQ Teams battle it out as they compete for a California State Championship title, Team of the Year Points, and cash prizes! As the crowd gathers in the park, the air will be filled with the sweet smells of hickory and slow-smoked beef, pork and chicken while music plays. Sample the best of Nevada County’s Backyard BBQ-ers and vote for your favorite local team! Other food and specialty vendors will be available. A Car & Motorcycle Show will also be taking place with every make, model and year, including electric vehicles. The 3rd annual Derek Sorensen Memorial Disc Golf Tournament will take place early in the day, with disc golf demonstrations during the event. There will be live music performed by Crossing 49, beer and wine, raffle prizes and a special play area for children. Western Gateway Park is also known for its dog park, playground, bocce balls courts, and many other amenities, all of which will also be open during the event. Admission is free.
Sign up now if you want to register your car, motorcycle or BBQ team. Disc golf players can register the day of the tournament from 8:00am-9:15am; for more information contact Woody at (530) 272-4400. To register a BBQ team or vehicle, or be a vendor or sponsor of this great event, please contact United Way at (530) 274-8111 or .
United Way of Nevada County’s mission is to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community. United Way of Nevada County envisions a community where all individuals and families achieve their desired potential through Healthy Lives, Education and Income Stability. To that end, the service priority is to strive to assure individuals and families in Nevada County are able to meet their basic needs for Food, Emergency Shelter, and Access to Health care. More information about United Way can be found at For more information about the event, visit . You can keep up with all of the event details on Facebook – .

Eclipse Tips 8/16/17


Courtesy of Mountain Messenger

The simplest and quickest way to safely project the Sun is with a projector made from only 2 pieces of card or paper.

You Need:

• 2 pieces of stiff white cardboard, e.g. 2 paper plates,
• alternatively, 2 sheets of plain white paper,
• a thumbtack, a sharp pin, or a needle.

What to Do:

1. To make a quick version of the pinhole projector, take a sheet of paper and make a tiny hole in the middle of it using a pin or a thumbtack. Make sure that the hole is round and smooth.

2. With your back towards the Sun, hold 1 piece of paper above your shoulder allowing the Sun to shine on the paper.

3. The 2nd sheet of paper will act as a screen. Hold it at a distance, and you will see an inverted image of the Sun projected on the paper screen through the pinhole.
4. To make the image of the Sun larger, hold the screen paper further away from the paper with the pinhole.
The concept of a pinhole projector


Mountain Messenger (Milly’s Raise) 8/16/17


Holy Moly… Don Russell never seizes to amaze us… he gave Milly a raise, the problem is it is based on her receiving at least two new subscriptions per week, so just think about it for a measly .55 cents a week you can help Milly feed her family, I understand she has a puppy, so please chip in buy a present for one of your relatives (specifically a subscription to the Mountain Messenger and they will enjoy the wit of Don and the joy of living in a “frontier county” (and official federal designation). I think it is 55 cents a week, the actual true cost is below, I’ve never been great at math especially when it involves odd numbers.

I did an online search for photos of Don Russell and this is what popped up… I’m not sure what this means…..

Send anything you need published to Milly, the CEO and most important person in the office, at or you may call directly to 530 289-3262 and talk to Don, (and suggest he give a raise to Jill, Milly’s secretary). For a subscription: send in as below or call 530 289-3262 with credit card in hand.. Write to Don Russell at and tell him you subscribed because you read about it on Sierra County Prospect…..

BrewFest Huge Success 8/16/17

Dear Editor and Readers,

Downieville Mountain BrewFest 2017 – photo by Amy Behlke

The 2017 Downieville Mountain Brewfest, in its’ third year, was a huge success, thanks to the dedication of numerous volunteers working together to make it happen. Downieville Improvement Group (DIG) sponsored the event, but we also thank the Sierra County Arts Council for music sponsorship, Golden Rays Seniors and Sierra Motors & Transportation for providing shuttles, SPJUSD for allowing parking on the school field, Downieville Fire Department, Sierra County Sheriff’s Office and the CHP for their participation–it was truly a community effort. The Brewfest featured 23 top brewing companies, 7 food vendors and the ever popular Bob Mora and the Third Degree Blues Band. There was variety for everyone.
Brewfest ticket sales and retail merchandise sales this year exceeded $33,000. It is DIG’s purpose and commitment that money raised in Downieville, stays in Downieville and we are working toward funding another local project.
We would like to thank you all for supporting our annual community fund-raising event and especially would like to acknowledge and thank the business locations and residents along Main Street for their cooperation and patience during yet another street closure event.
Cheers!  Downieville Improvement Group

FireHouse News 8/16/17


ALLEGHANY: August 7th Firefighter training.
CALPINE: August 8th Responded for a motorcycle down, an injured male was transported to the hospital in Portola. August 10th Wildland fire training. August 12th
Responded for an illegal campfire, it was put out.
CAMPTONVILLE: August 8th Firefighter training.
DOWNIEVILLE: August 7th Officer’s meeting. August 9th Mutual aid response to Sierra CIty for a motorcycle accident, at the Yuba Pass, – cancelled. August 11th Mutual aid response for Sierra City, for a reported fire, at Hay Press & Lincoln Valley – the USFS took
control . * Mutual aid response to Sierra City, for an injured male, who decided to “self – transport” to the hospital in Truckee. August 12th Brewfest.
LOYALTON: August 7th Firefighters trained on engine pumping, for wildland fire response.
PIKE CITY: August 9th Board of Directors meeting. August 10th Firefighters reviewed pump operations on Engine #6770, and truck maintenance.
SATTLEY: August 7th Responded for a motorcycle down, an injured male was transported to the hospital in Portola. August 10th Wildland fire training. August 12th
Responded for an illegal campfire – it was put out.
SIERRA CITY: August 8th Responded for the Sierra Buttes fire – USFS took control – cancelled. August 9th Responded to the Yuba Pass, for a motorcycle accident –
cancelled. August 11th Responded for a reported fire, at Hay Press & linclon Valley – cancelled. * Responded for an injured male – who chose to “self – transport” to the hospital in Truckee.
SIERRAVILLE: August 7th Responded for a motorcycle down, an injured male was transported to the hospital in Portola. August 10th Wild land fire training. August 12th
Responded for an illegal campfire – it was put-out.

Sheriff’s Public Log 8/16/17

Sierra County Sheriff’s Public Information Log


  • 0847 – Wallet lost at Sierra Motors in Downieville – CNC SCSO
  • 1105 – Possible identity theft in Loyalton – CNC SCSO
  • 1210 – Wants assistance in getting information from agency – CNC SCSO
  • 1249 – Someone trespassing under trailer in Loyalton – UNF SCSO
  • 2001 – Suspicious vehicle not really suspicious in Sierraville – UTL SCSO


  • 1113 – Book and release fro 504 PC and 514 PC in Downieville – ARR SCSO
  • 1404 – Confidential investigation somewhere for something – ACT  Secret Squirrel
  • 1551 – Vicious dog sounds from residence in Sierra Brooks – UTL SCSO
  • 1555 – Suspicious males w/disabled van in Sierra City – CNC SCSO
  • 1637 – Welfare check requested in Downieville – CNC SCSO
  • 1750 – Report of fire Sierra Buttes Trail UTL – TRA USFS
  • 1913 – Possible restraining order violation in Loyalton-CNC SCSO


  • 0736 – Suspicious RV with no license plates in Verdi – TRA CHP
  • 1050 – Request for welfare check in Alleghany – CNC SCSO
  • 1118 – Lost tan male puppy found at home in Sierra City – CNC SCSO
  • 1258 – Motorcycle accident on Hwy 49 No of MPM 41.20 – TRA CHP
  • 1833 – Juvenile problem in Downieville – RPT SCSO
  • 1908 – Stolen bicycle seen ridden by local in Loyalton – RPT SCSO


  • 0725 – Child custody deputy assistance needed Sierraville – RPT SCSO
  • 0848 – Vehicle off roadway missing tire near Alleghany – CNC SCSO
  • 1123 – Possible burglary and theft near Downieville – TRA CHP
  • 1220 – Motorcycles driving recklessly towards Sierra City – TRA CHP
  • 1403 – Loud vulgar music in campground Indian Valley – UTL SCSO
  • 1500 – Parking problem In campground near Indian Valley – UNF SCSO
  • 1554 – Possible aircraft pieces found near Haskell Peak – ACT SCSO
  • 1650 – Harassment reported in Loyalton – CNC SCSO


  • 0730 – Citation issued for fictions plates on boat at Stampede Reservoir – CIT SCSO
  • 1200 – Welfare check request for overdue party in Loyalton – UNF SCSO
  • 1209 – Loose bovine on Smithneck Road –  CNC SCSO
  • 1229 – Citation issued for local warrant in Loyalton – CIT SCSO
  • 1241 – Deputy assist request with disabled vehicle Gold Lake Rd – TRA AAA
  • 1314 – Welfare check on patient in Loyalton – UTL SCSO
  • 1400 – Disabled vehicle in Gold Valley, subject okay – UNF SCSO
  • 1420 – Welfare check on elderly male in Downieville – CNC SCSO
  • 1705 – Fire reported at Jackson Meadows – TRA USFS
  • 1832 – Request for ambulance in Sierra City – TRA DVAM
  • 1929 – Illegal camping near Goodyears Bar – UNF SCSO
  • 2008 – Dog bite reported in Loyalton – RPT SCSO
  • 2046 – Suspicious person near school in Loyalton – CNC SCSO
  • 2139 – Agency Assist requested somewhere for something – ACT SCSO
  • 2350 – Possibly DUI BOLO near Sierraville – UTL CHP


  • 0651 – Parking problem in Downieville isn’t – UNF HP
  • 0733 – Two Llamas running on Ridge Rd near Pike City – TRA CHP
  • 1319 – Truck driving in field in Sierra Brooks – CNC SCSO
  • 1423 – Suspicious circumstances in Loyalton – CNC SCSO
  • 1748 – Traffic citation for 4000(a) CVC near Union Flat – CIT SCSO
  • 1825 – Bear causing problem in trailer park GOA Loyalton – UTL SCSO
  • 1857 – iPhone found at local business in Downieville – CNC SCSO
  • 1918 – People jumping off Durgan Flat Bridge were admonished – CNC SCSO
  • 2037 – Illegal campfire near Cross Cut Campground Verdi – TRA CalFire
  • 2051 – Illegal campfire citation at Perazzo Meadows – CIT SCSO
  • 2157 – Citation for restricted use of fire near Sierraville – CIT SCSO
  • 2201 – Another citation for same thing same place – CIT SCSO
  • 2205 – And another same same – CIT SCSO
  • 2210 – Individuals blocking roadway in Downieville – UTL SCSO


  • 0956 – Shots fired at Salmon Lake area – UTL SCSO
  • 1054 – Abandoned vehicle in Verdi – TRA CHP
  • 1125 – Arrest for 23152(a)(b) US 395 near Long Valley – ARR SCSO
  • 1135 – Gunfire heard near Coyoteville – UNF SCSO
  • 1207 – Possible restraining order violation in Loyalton – UNF SCSO
  • 1545 – Arrest for 23152 (a) and 166 (a) (4) PC near Verdi – ARR SCSO
  • 1559 – Boat sinking at Stampede Reservoir 9 occupants rescued CNC SCSO
  • 1704 – Possible restraining order violation in Loyalton – CNC SCSO
  • 1743 – Car keys missing from vehicle in Loyalton – CNC SCSO
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