Drinking Water Awards 2/14/18

U.S. EPA awards $173.5 million for California drinking water and wastewater projects

SAN FRANCISCO – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $172.3 million to the state of California for drinking water and wastewater infrastructure improvements, and a $1.2 million grant to the city of Vallejo for sewer upgrades.

“Investing in water infrastructure with our state partners is a priority for the Trump Administration and ensures communities can deliver safe drinking water and wastewater treatment,” said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. “This funding is critical to supporting public health and environmental goals in California.”

EPA awarded the State Water Resources Control Board a total of $172.3 million to capitalize its clean water and drinking water State Revolving Fund programs. These federal funds are supplemented with state funding sources and support California’s water infrastructure needs. Recipients receive low-interest loans for clean water and drinking water projects. As money is repaid to the revolving loan fund, California funds new projects.

“The State Revolving Fund programs allow us to help a wide variety of communities throughout the state,” said State Water Resources Control Board Vice Chair Steven Moore. “But their financial strength and versatility are especially good at helping small and disadvantaged communities that otherwise might not have access to the capital they need to solve their water treatment problems.”

The Clean Water State Revolving Fund received $94.8 million to support a variety of water infrastructure improvement projects, including the following:

Monterey One Water will use an $88 million loan to install a new water treatment facility in Monterey County. The facility will treat and reclaim municipal wastewater, urban runoff, agricultural return flows, and food processing wastewater. The purified water will replenish the Seaside Groundwater Basin and provide water to 105,000 people, while reducing the amount of water diverted from the Carmel River.
The City of Santa Monica will use a $52.9 million loan, and $4 million in loan forgiveness, to collect and treat municipal wastewater, stormwater, and impaired groundwater. This project will help the city reduce the use of imported water, replenish groundwater supply, increase drought resilience, and improve beach water quality.
The Drinking Water State Revolving Fund received $77.5 million for drinking water infrastructure improvements to improve public water systems, including the following:

The City of Sacramento will use a $173.1 million loan to install 36,000 meters on residential and commercial water service connections. Water mains will also be replaced, as needed, as part of the city’s efforts to upgrade 80 miles of water distribution and transmission mains.
Loma Rica Water Company in Marysville will use a $126,734 loan to replace an existing redwood water tank with a new 36,500 gallon bolted steel tank, ensuring that the 200 people served by the system continue to receive clean drinking water.
EPA has awarded more than $5 billion to California’s clean water and drinking water revolving fund programs since their inception in 1988 and 1996, respectively. These funds support California’s efforts to address an estimated $70.5 billion worth of water infrastructure needs.

EPA also awarded a $1.2 million Special Appropriation Act Project grant to the Vallejo Flood and Wastewater District to replace a deteriorating force main—a pressurized sewer pipe that transports wastewater. The force main, which crosses the Mare Island Strait, has the potential to severely damage the Napa River and adjoining San Pablo Bay in the event of failure. The replacement sewer pipe will provide long-term reliability in conveying wastewater off the island.

For more information on EPA’s State Revolving Fund programs, please visit: https://www.epa.gov/drinkingwatersrf

For more information on Special Appropriation Act Project grants, please visit: https://www.epa.gov/grants/special-appropriation-act-projects

P-S CFC Seed & Feed 2/14/18

The Plumas-Sierra Community Food Council, 4-H, and Master Gardeners would like to invite you to the 3rd Annual seed and feed_2018_PSCFC!

Join us on Sunday, February 25th from 10am-2pm at the Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds. Activities will take place in the Mineral Building.

Topics include: Seed Starting and Acclimatizing 101, Seed Saving Techniques, Plant Selection & More!  Participants are encouraged to carpool, bring seeds for swapping, a donation of $5, and a potluck dish! Please call 530-283-2099 or email pmrow@jps.net to register for this event.

Camptonville Courier 2/14/18

Hello again to all the contributors to The Courier – past, present, and future!

The deadline to get your submissions to me for the March Courier is Sunday, February 18th, 9 pm.

I’m always interested in creative work – photos, poetry, creative writing – and anything that will entice wet winter weather to come and linger awhile!

Reminder: The Courier’s Submission and Editorial guidelines and Ad Rates are all posted on www.camptonville.com, as are back issues from 2003.
I’m looking forward to seeing what will be coming in for the March issue!
Regards,  Shirley DicKard, Editor  The Camptonville Courier

Wednesday February 7, 2018

Let me see, what is going on this week, just a beautiful weekend without rain or snow forecast, darn it.  Coyoteville for breakfast and lunch, Jadaa’s and St Charles for evening food and lunch too maybe, everyone has different hours in the middle of winter. Don’t forget Cabin Fever Spaghetti Feed Saturday February 17th at 5 p.m. and then at 7:30 go to the Yuba Theatre for the Home Grown Talent Open Mic & Open Stage.

In case you were not aware…  Calpine will​ be​ represented in the winter Olympics!!!
Yes​,​ Mark Engel​,​ Slalom Skier from right here in our little town will be going for ​G​old in
S Korea!! Good luck Mark!! We will be watching! Go Team USA!!!!! You​’​r​e ​​putting Calpine on the map!!! from Cheryl Asher

Today there was a fire in Sierra City, (see photos this issue no one was injured and only one structure was burned with some damage to an adjacent oneBut the response from all our volunteers was amazing. Thank your volunteers they spent the day keeping our community alive, the best way to thank them is to join in, become a volunteer in any way you can, Firefighter, EMT, Dispatcher, Driver, Paper Pusher, there are enumerable volunteer jobs in Sierra County, the county runs on volunteers with a little assistance from the Sheriff’s Office, Public Works and surrounding communities who send their volunteers when we need them just as when we go to their aid…

I am dismayed at the tRump wanting to have a military parade in Washington, DC, the only reason I believe is to show Putin and Kim Jong un that his toys are bigger than theirs and that is insane. There is no reason to have this kind of display. we should not lower our standards to those of dictorships and countries who do not believe in the freedoms are country stands. Stay on the high road and tRump be damned, he apparently has no understanding of what really makes America great.

So read Carrie’s Corner and our columnists Jose-Antonio Orosco, Tom Hastings and Robert Koehler, Rivera Sun, Robert Dodge and Tom Hastings, It really helps to get information from sources throughout the country to grasp some of the really odd events happening in government and politically since the November 2016 election, we need to stay alert, pay attention and speak up. The Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday, they recognized the new group of Advanced EMT’s with a Resolution. You will have to listen to the Board on the County website as due to my volunteer duties today I was unable to do that for you, and you can also read the Mountain Messenger but listening to the Board meeting is really fun, your own personal podcast of what your representatives are doing for our county.

The photo this week is by Steve Peterson in the Sierra Valley and it is a photo of his favorite bird, also known as an Eagle.

Applaud or Hang 2/7/18

Trumped up treason  – by Tom H. Hastings

“Somebody said ‘treasonous.’ I mean — yeah I guess, why not. Can we call that treason? Why not. I mean, they certainly didn’t seem to love our country very much.” –Donald Trump on Democratic Senators and Congress members who didn’t clap for him in his State of the Union speech.

Tom Hastings

Really? We have a temporary resident of the White House whose definition of loyalty to the United States of America is loyalty to, and expressed enthusiasm for, his boneheaded ideas and false claims of greatness? We would expect such autocratic monomaniacal pronouncements from Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, Rodrigo Duterte, or any other egomaniac warlord. Hitler and Stalin were such demented oppressors. Saddam Hussein, Augusto Pinochet—the anti-democratic autarchs are easy to name.

If the new definition of treason is being willing to not clap for Trump’s utterances, I hereby formally and publicly admit to treason.

If we still live in a democracy, I charge Trump with treasonous statements. If there were one united value embedded in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, it is the right to dissent, politically and publicly, without fear of reprisal. Let the views contend in our public discourse.

Instead, this is how a country slides from democracy toward dictatorship, one thought control episode, one veiled threat, after another. We are on a very slippery slope here and the signs are not good.

We have zero guarantees of the future of democracy in the US. Indeed, Freedom House, a nonpartisan think tank which measures and ranks all countries on Earth every year in the aggregate values and indices of democracies, has us sliding downward. They analyze both the US role in promoting democracy worldwide and practicing it at home. They note that this slide began slowly in 2010—the year the Republican rightwing gained control of the House–and is accelerating dramatically since Trump took office.

Meanwhile, we see the strongman sort of government using Trump’s tactics now and in history. In Cambodia in September, dictator Hun Sen trumped up charges of treason against a candidate for office, Kem Sokha, who dared to call for peaceful changes toward more democracy and more human rights. Sokha faces 30 years in prison, where he has been since his arrest five months ago.

In Venezuela in August, despot Nicolas Maduro engineered a path to charge political opponents with treason, targeting Julio Borges and other opposition leaders with potential arrest and imprisonment. Borges is out of office as of last month.

This is a slippery slope toward tyranny. Trump is the most treasonous occupant of the White House since Richard “Break-and-Enter” Nixon. He too deserves a swift exit from power for his foul rule, his abdication of responsibilities to defend democracy and right to dissent, and his lies about collusion with Russian government operatives to steal our election.

Dr. Tom H. Hastings is PeaceVoice Director and on occasion an expert witness for the defense in court.

Information on Measures B & C 2/7/18

Fire in Sierra City 2/7/18

Sierra City VFD, Downieville VFD & Ambulance, Sierra County FD#1, Camptonville, UDFS E31, Calfire, Sierra County Sheriff, CHP Sierra County equipment and personnel,  PG&E,  Sierra City Waterworks and AT&T all responded to a structure fire in downtown Sierra City Wednesday morning, and although one structure was lost, thanks to the incredible response of all our volunteers other structures and surrounding land was spared with minimal damage. Chief Davey and Chief Lozano thank everyone including Jadaa’s Kitchen, Red Moose Cafe, Mary Davey and those who pitched to give food and water to the firefighters  Photos taken by Don Russell and Milly.

More photos from the Sierra County Sheriff Tim Standley below:  In addition to Sierra City VFD, Sierra County Fire (Sierraville & Calpine), Downieville VFD, Camptonville VFD, USFS Engine 31 out of Camptonville, and a County water truck responded along with Dep. Rust and CHP Kostik for traffic control. PG&E also responded for the power. Supervisor Huebner and Larry Breed from the Sierra Country Store also lent a hand. Hopefully I got everybody. It was another excellent coordination of mutual response and only one minor injury due to smoke inhalation from my understanding.  Sgt Anderson

FireHouse News 2/7/18

ALLEGHANY: January 29, firefighter training. January 30, Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) class in Downieville.
CALPINE: February 1, business meeting.
CAMPTONVILLE: Nothing reported.
DOWNIEVILLE: Jan 29, dispatcher meeting. January 30, AEMT class. February 1, firefighter training on fire fighting related subject.
LOYALTON: Mon 29 Jan County, West of Loyalton Medical Severe neck pain could not rise, assist ambulance Mon 29 Jan 6:30P City of Loyalton, Station #1 Training Fire behavior, ventilation & extinguishment theory Wed 31 Jan 11:00A County, South of Loyalton Medical Victim of fall, assist ambulance Wed 31 Jan 9:45P City of Loyalton Medical Possible stroke, assist ambulance & helicopters Thu 01 Feb 4:20P County, West of Loyalton Medical Party fell could not get up, assist ambulance Fri 02 Feb 5:55P City of Loyalton Medical Subject with severe influenza, assist ambulance Sat 03 Feb 12:45A Community of Sierra Brooks Medical Party with chest pain, assist ambulance                                                                                                               PIKE CITY: January 30, AEMT class in Downieville. February 1, vehicle extrication training.
SATTLEY: February 1, business meeting.
SIERRA CITY: Not a single spark reported.
SIERRAVILLE: February 1, business meeting. February 4, responded to single vehicle roll-over.


Guided Snowshoe Tours 2/7/18

Almanor District continuing guided snowshoe tours

Chester, Calif. — The Almanor Ranger District is continuing to schedule their annual guided snowshoe tours for this winter season. The next tour will be on Feb. 9. These tours are offered to the general public, community and school groups. Snowshoes for these tours are provided free of charge. The tours are geared for beginners but can be strenuous depending on terrain and snow powder conditions. Tours take place in the surrounding Lassen National Forest, but locations vary depending on current snow conditions. A variety of topics are covered during the one to two-hour program, including basic winter survival skills, environmental education and local history. If requested, programs can be tailored to include the California State Standards for environmental education. Charter schools, home schools, and other adventurous groups are encouraged to call for group reservations Tuesdays through Thursdays.

A great way to enjoy the winter season is by exploring your national forest on snowshoes. Floating over the snow on snowshoes among snow-laden trees, with animal tracks to follow and the quiet of a snow-hushed forest is a magical experience.

Remaining 2018 Winter Snowshoe Tour Schedule (Times to be announced)
· Friday, Feb. 9
· Friday, Feb. 23

All tour programs require reservations. To reserve your spot or get more information about our snowshoe program contact Carlos Holguin, Visitor Information Services at (530) 258-2141 or by email at: cmholguin@fs.fed.us.

Lead in School Water 2/7/18

SACRAMENTO—State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson announced today that California public schools built before 2010 must test for lead in drinking water.
Last year, Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 746, which requires community water systems statewide to complete lead testing in these older schools by July 1, 2019.
“Students need fresh water, nutritious meals, and regular physical activity to be ready to learn and succeed in class,” Torlakson said. “Cooperation with local water systems is critical to ensure proper testing.”
Even at low levels, lead may cause a range of health effects including behavioral problems and learning disabilities. Children six years old and younger are most at risk because the brain is still developing. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 10% to 20% of total lead exposure for young children comes from drinking water.
The most prevalent sources of lead in drinking water are from pipes, fixtures, and associated hardware from which lead can leach. California generally has newer water infrastructure than other parts of the nation and lead problems are rare, but recent events in schools led to the new requirement.
In February 2017, the safety of drinking water was questioned after elevated levels of lead were discovered at three campuses in the San Ysidro School District in San Diego County.
In addition, Folsom Cordova Unified in Sacramento County started testing water last year at schools built before 1960 that have galvanized steel pipes. The testing was prompted by elevated levels of lead in water coming from a classroom tap in 2015.
The State Water Resources Control Board, in cooperation with the California Department of Education, previously required all community water systems to test school drinking water upon request by school officials. Information is available on the California Water Boards Lead Sampling of Drinking Water in California Schools Web page.

Cioppino & Pasta 2/7/18


Join the Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation at its eighth annual All-You-Can-Eat Cioppino and Pasta Feed on Saturday, March 3 in Ponderosa Hall at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. Doors open at 5 pm and dinner service begins at 6 pm.
For the event, the Foothill Lions Club will create and serve chef Arnie Romanello’s special 100-year-old recipe for all to enjoy. Dinner includes antipasto, all-you-can-eat Cioppino, pasta, salad and garlic bread. A no-host bar will be available, and there will be a silent dessert auction and a live auction.
Tickets are $40 per person. If you’d like to purchase a table for 8, it is $400 and includes two bottles of wine. Tickets are available by visiting the Nevada County Fairgrounds, calling the Fair Office at (530) 273-6217, or downloading an order form at NevadaCountyFair.com.
Proceeds from the event will benefit the Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation and its mission of supporting and improving the community’s Fairgrounds, and supporting youth in agriculture.
For more information about the Cioppino Feed or the Foundation, visit NevadaCountyFair.com or call (530) 273-6217.

Calpine VFD Thanks 2/7/18

Thank you to the community of Calpine and all of our friends in Sierra, Plumas and Nevada counties that joined us in support of the Calpine Volunteer Fire Department to make our February 2018 Bingo event successful! We had a standing room only crowd :).
Please invite all of your friends and relatives for our next Bingo April 7th! The lodge hall might be finished with renovations then and we might have an opportunity to utilize an even bigger space 🙂

Thank you again. We made $818 profit last night . This is amazing for our small but mighty town. It looked like everyone had a great time!

As always we rely heavily on your feedback. Please send me an email or a text and tell me what could be better. How can we improve? Also. Let me know if you are willing to volunteer? We always need help with food prep , flyer distribution, set up, clean up , trash run, moving thing to and from the firehouse, recycle run, photography and same day shopping picking up last minute forgotten items.

Of course we could also use a couple of more volunteer firefighters as well. We will train you! There is always a job for everyone. It could be directing traffic , setting up a landing zone for a helicopter or assistance keeping the public back. Please let me know how you would like to help.

Angela Haick, Calpine Volunteer Fire Chief

Scary News 2/2/18

Los Angeles – California Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement in reaction to the release of the Nunes Memo attacking the FBI:

“Trump’s decision to release the Nunes Memo is a page right out of the tinpot dictator handbook. This is an open declaration of war on the FBI and the rule of law. Nunes and Trump are lashing out like guilty men who know investigators are inching closer and closer to exposing their crimes. Devin Nunes must be held to account for his dangerous smear campaign against the FBI. We echo the calls for him to be replaced on the Intelligence Committee. Democrats must be ready to resist even worse actions by Trump to subvert and obstruct justice.”


“That’s it?” former FBI chief James Comey tweeted Friday afternoon following the release of a GOP-authored memo accusing the FBI and DOJ of abusing their surveillance powers. “Dishonest and misleading memo wrecked the House intel committee, destroyed trust with Intelligence Community, damaged relationship with FISA court, and inexcusably exposed classified investigation of an American citizen. For what? DOJ & FBI must keep doing their jobs,” he added. The memo was released at President Trump’s behest, despite objections and concerns from both the FBI and DOJ over inaccuracies and potential risk it could have posed to national security. Comey was infamously fired by President Trump early last year amid a probe into alleged Russian collusion with Trump campaign officials.

Wednesday January 31, 2018


Cabin Fever Spaghetti Feed is on Saturday February 17th  5 – 7 pm offered by the DVFD Association at the Downieville Community Hall –  ENJOY AN ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT SPAGHETTI DINNER & DESSERT!  Dinner tickets on sale at the door  (No charge for delivery. Call 289-3333 for delivery)            Adults – $10.00 Seniors – $8.00 Children under 12 – $5.00

The 10th Annual Snowball! This year’s ball will be held Saturday, February 24th from 7 p.m. to midnight, at the Community Hall in Downieville. For our 10th year we’re going big with a Hollywood theme! Come join us as your favorite Hollywood celebrity or glam up anyway you want to. Be sure to invite all of your friends, we’d love to see a huge turnout for our 10th year! As usual this is a fundraiser for the Downieville School Sports program. There will be great raffle prizes ranging from overnight stays at popular casinos in Reno, with dinner and show tickets, to numerous gift certificates from local vendors and artists, and to entice those of you who are unsure of going hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine will be available. Tickets are $15.00 each or 2 for $25.00. For additional information, please contact Heather Foster at 530-913-4418 or Jenny Varn at 530-913-7902.

For all you technophobes out there who no longer watch real TV, don’t forget as of February 10th you will have to preface any phone calls to the 916 area code with a 1 like in 1-916-555-1212 or the call won’t go through, this is even if you are dialing from a 916 number yourself. Which brings me to Supervisors Peter Huebner and Lee Adams who had the foresight to challenge AT&T when they attempted to make Sierra County a 916 area code. Thank you for winning that battle.

We had the State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday, I listened to the whole speech and gnashed my teeth quite a bit, even someone else writing the script for him it was still very clear as to how little compassion, understanding and commitment the Administration has for making America great for the working class. He bragged about cuts in the Affordable Healthcare Act with no concern for the poor, elderly and people with disabilities who will suffer. There were many claims about jobs created and companies bringing business back to the United States which were completely inaccurate or flat out pie in the sky pipe dreams in his own golden world… to quote an idiot, “it was SAD”. When and how will this nightmare end.

Anyhow the photo this week comes from David Marshall and is of a peaceful Sand Pond in the midst of winter

Farewell & Thank You 1/31/18

An Invitation
Say “Thank You” and “Farewell”
Rachel Defibaugh, DFPD Paramedic

Please join us on
Thursday, February 8th, 2018
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
at the
Downieville Masonic Hall

Please bring an appetizer to share.
(adult beverages optional)
Water and soda will be provided!

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