Free Smoke Alarms 9/5/18

The American Red Cross has  a “Home Fire Preparedness Campaign Smoke Alarm Installation Program”.  You can have FREE Smoke Alarms installed in your home (they suggest one for each bedroom) at no cost to you.  The $50.00  Smoke Alarms have a 10 year battery life and are installed at absolutely NO COST to you.  To sign up for this all just call Joyce White @ 530-289-3250 and you can be added to the list.  These alarms are recommended for home, apartment and trailers.  The Red Cross and a member of the fire department will come and install.  This is a great program to ensure you and your family’s safety. Call now so you can be added to the installation list. This program is open to all residents of Western Sierra County.

RFP Storm Damage Bid 9/5/18

Sierra County 
Department of Transportation
Request for Proposal
Professional Engineering and Environmental Services 2017 Storm Damage
FWHA ER Projects:
Ridge Road Site 1 Federal Project 32LO (483)
Ridge Road Site 2 Federal Project 32LO (492)
Mountain House Site 1 Federal Project 32LO(484)
Mountain House Site 2 Federal Project 32LO(485)
Mountain House Site 3 Federal Project 32LO(486)
Mountain House Site 4 Federal Project 32LO(487)

Notice is given that a Request for Proposals to provide professional engineering and environmental services for the 2017 Storm Damage FHWA ER projects listed has been issued. The County will enter into a negotiated contract with the selected consultant. The tasks required to complete this project include project management, survey & base mapping, geotechnical investigation, preliminary engineering, environmental studies/reports/permitting, final design, bid assistance and construction support services. A more detailed description of the tasks required to complete this project are defined in the Scope of Work section of the Request for Proposals.

The Request for Proposals, including Scope of Work and sample agreement, can be obtained at the Sierra County Department of Transportation, 101 Courthouse Square, Downieville, California 95936, Telephone 530-289-3201 or online at Proposals must be delivered (not post-marked) in sealed envelopes no later than 2:00 p.m. on Thursday September 27, 2018 in a format as described in the Request for Proposals to Sierra County Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 98, 101 Courthouse Square, Downieville, CA 95936.

Date: September 4, 2018
Published September 6 and 13, 2018

Publication Date/Time:
9/4/2018 2:00 PM
Closing Date/Time:
9/27/2018 2:00 PM
Contact Person: Bryan Davey
Bryan Davey
101 Courthouse Square
Downieville, CA 95936
Download Available:
Business Hours:
8 a.m – 5 p.m.
Related Documents:

Internet Funding for Us 9/5/18

Rural Broadband Update

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the winners of the Commission’s Connect America Fund Phase II auction (CAF).  The auction will allocate $1.488 billion nationwide over the next 10 years to support broadband deployment projects in underserved rural areas.

The auction granted California $149,026,913 – the second in most funds allocated to any state.  The funds will be divided up among five California service providers:, California Internet, Frontier Communications, Hankins Information Technology, and Viasat.  These providers are now required to use these funds to deploy additional broadband service in over 50,000 underserved locations across the state.

According to the FCC, 53 percent of all homes and businesses served with support from CAF funds will have internet download speeds of at least 100 megabits per second.  Perhaps more importantly, all but 0.25 percent of these locations will have at least 25 megabits per second of service.  Recipient providers will be required to demonstrate a 40 percent build out of their service networks within the first three years of the program.

In addition to CAF, the FCC is working on a new program that will grant monthly funds for wireless coverage projects in rural America.  The Mobility Fund Phase II program will auction off $4.53 billion for projects per month.

PILT Funding Again 9/5/18

RCRC Heads to Washington, D.C. to Advocate for Federal PILT Funding

Next week, RCRC First Vice Chair Randy Hanvelt (Tuolumne County) and RCRC Board Member and National Association of Counties (NACo) Western Interstate Region (WIR) First Vice President Kevin Cann (Mariposa County) will be traveling with Paul A. Smith, RCRC Vice President Governmental Affairs, to Washington, D.C. for NACo’s 2018 Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) Fly-In to continue advocacy efforts in support of the Federal PILT program.

Federal PILT payments to local governments help offset losses in property taxes due to non-taxable federal lands within their boundaries.  Federal PILT payments support a variety of local government programs and services, including police and fire departments, emergency medical services, and search and rescue operations.

In June, the U.S. Department of Interior distributed FY 2018 Federal Payments in Lieu of Taxes monies to counties.  California’s counties received approximately $60.4 million in payments.  The county-by-county Federal PILT payment’s for California can be accessed here.

RCRC will continue to advocate for a multi-year reauthorization, and will urge Congress to take action to reauthorize and fully fund the program for 2019.

Harvest Fair Exhibits 9/5/18


It’s free and all exhibitors will receive free tickets to a Draft Horse Classic performance

Entry forms are now being accepted for exhibits in the Harvest Fair, which takes place during the Draft Horse Classic, September 21 – 23, at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. The deadline to turn in entry forms to enter exhibits is 4 pm on Friday, September 14. It’s free to enter and all exhibitors will receive complimentary tickets to the Friday morning performance of the Draft Horse Classic.   

There are more than 100 different categories to choose from, including fruits and vegetables, cobblers, harvest pies, scarecrows, jams, honey, cut flowers, produce characters, and birdhouses. There’s even an Adult Artistic Corner for those interested in showing off arts and crafts. There’s a division for youth and teens, which includes categories like apple face dolls, decoupage, painted pumpkins, wreaths, table settings, and ceramics. A complete description of all Harvest Fair divisions and categories is available online at 

To enter, exhibitors must submit entry forms at the Fair office or online at between now and Friday, September 14 at 4 pm.  It’s free, it’s a simple process to complete the paperwork, and it’s fun to see your exhibits on display at the Harvest Fair.  

The Draft Horse Classic and Harvest Fair is September 21 – 23 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. There are six performances to choose from – Friday at 10 am and 6:30 pm, Saturday at 10 am and 6:30 pm, and Sunday at 10 am and 4 pm.

In addition to the Draft Horse performances, the Harvest Fair is happening at the Fairgrounds throughout the event. Musical entertainment, Art at the Classic, food vendors on Treat Street and around the grounds, vendors selling wares at the Western Trade Show, Harvest Fair exhibits, and visits to the barns make for a fun day at the Harvest Fair.   

The Western Music Fest takes place each day beginning at noon on Friday and Saturday and 11 am on Sunday at Pine Tree Stage. There will be ongoing musical entertainment, with the sounds of Sourdough Slim, Strung Nugget Gang, Dust in My Coffee, and Danny Morris and The California Stars. Headliners include James Gamer’s Tribute to Johnny Cash on Friday, September 21 from 4:30 pm – 6 pm; and Brenn Hill, performing cowboy and country music, on Saturday, September 22 from 4:30 – 6 pm. All musical entertainment is free, so stop by and grab a bite to eat, enjoy some music under the shade of the tall pine trees, and catch a Draft Horse performance after the musical entertainment.

For Draft Horse performance tickets or information about entering a Harvest Fair exhibit, call the Fair Office at (530) 273-6217 or visit 

Wednesday August 29, 2018

Well, the red shirts have gone home and now we get to look forward to Labor Day weekend and the Annual Yuba River Rib CookOff, and Labor Day Dance Saturday September 1st at 4 PM – 11 PM fun for the cookers and yummy for the eaters.

Sierra City is host to the 11th Annual Big City Rod Run & Car Show—Friday & Saturday September 14th & 15th, 2018—cruise on up and check us out! Enjoy a Grilled Cheese Sandwich or Burger at the Sierra Country Store.

Anyone who knows Carrie, of Carrie’s Corner please contact her immediately and tell her to stop jinxing us, her column this week is about how the weather has changed and get ready for winter…. it’s still summer Carrie !! … and September can be the hottest, just pretend we don’t notice I needed to put a blanket back on the bed, everything’s normal…nothing to see here…. and enjoy the brief respite from the heat…knock on wood, cross our fingers…

Here’s a positive note from RCRC in the Forest Health article this week.about working across the aisle – “Assemblymembers Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) and Jim Wood (D-Healdsburg) for their determined efforts to persuade their colleagues of the need to address this issue immediately, and in a meaningful way.”

On a heavier note I just cannot understand how anyone can believe anything that Trump says. He says anything that pops into his mind, apparently has no qualms in trashing friends, family and anyone who dares to call him out and speak the truth. Trump plays on fears, myths and evidence he dredges up with no basis for truth. He is the master of cons, say it enough it grows it’s own life.  It seems like rational people are holding their breathe waiting for reality to reappear and reasonable and knowledgeable people step up to right the American ship which is listing in a dangerous manner.  I talked to a neighbor about this wondering what to write this week the myriad of incompetent and democracy destroying acts and words of the President leave overwhelming issues to talk about, it’s hard to determine what is the most important, it seems easier to just hunker down under the covers and pretend none of this really happening. My neighbor said, “yes, but that’s the most dangerous and just what his agenda is, He wants to wear us down till we just go away and shut up so he and his wealthy friends can continue in trashing the Constitution, our freedoms, diminish healthcare, environmental protections, living wages for workers and anything that gets in the way of the moneyed getting more money. The leaders in other countries he admires are tyrants and despots, he wants to be the biggest one on the block”.

So what do we do? We don’t shut up. Make sure you are registered to vote, talk to your friends and neighbors, help anyone who isn’t registered to get registered to vote, Make sure you vote in every election, there is no glory in thinking your vote won’t make a difference, it will. Be sure to understand who the candidates are really representing. listen to what they say and look where they get their funding and support. It says a lot when a candidate gets their finances from a big oil firm, the NRA, a chemical company (it’s not about freedom, it’s about money). Pay attention and vote, write letters, speak up, protest if necessary, do not bury your head and give up, no matter what.

This week we all the usual, Carries Corner, Cory’s Historical Sentence, District Attorney Cases. Sheriff’s Log, On the Shelf and lots of  local events and things to do along with our columnists Tom Hastings and Robert Koehler

The photo this week is another of Mickey Foster’s at Love Falls near Sierra City, thank you to Sierra City VFD and USFS, CalFire  for their quick response last week containing what could have been a disastrous wildfire”

Forest Health Act 8/29/18

RCRC Applauds Bipartisan Forest Health Package, Urges Legislative Support

SACRAMENTO, CA – August 29, 2018 – Last night, the Wildfire Preparedness & Response Legislative Conference Committee (Committee) finalized a bipartisan forest health package that includes a significant amount of funding and real solutions to prevent and minimize future catastrophic wildfires.  The Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) specifically applauds Assemblymembers Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) and Jim Wood (D-Healdsburg) for their determined efforts to persuade their colleagues of the need to address this issue immediately, and in a meaningful way.

“The Committee’s proposal will have real, on the ground impacts to prevent future catastrophic wildfire events similar to those that have devastated our rural communities over the past decade,” said Rex Bohn, RCRC Chair and Humboldt County Supervisor.  “We’re grateful for the Committee’s work, and are encouraged that the Legislature and Governor Brown are poised to enact this much-needed package that will save lives, resources, and property.”

Senate Bill 901 will provide robust, long-term funding for forest health programs, streamline regulatory requirements for forest management and fuels treatment projects, expand existing exemptions to allow for more effective management of flammable materials on timberlands, and extend contracts for biomass facilities to help remove dead and dying trees and other materials from forests.  More importantly, the bill contains $1 billion over the next five years to fund much of the vegetation management work that is outlined in the legislation.

The Legislature is slated to enact SB 901 and a number of other forest and fire-related measures before its adjournment on August 31st.


The Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) is a thirty-five member county strong service organization that champions policies on behalf of California’s rural counties.  RCRC is dedicated to representing the collective unique interests of its membership, providing legislative and regulatory representation at the State and Federal levels, and providing responsible services for its members to enhance and protect the quality of life in rural California counties.  To learn more about RCRC, visit and follow @RuralCounties on Twitter.

Webber Lake on the List 8/29/18

State Historical Resources Commission Pending Nominations

Pursuant to Section 4855(a) of the California Code of Regulations California Register of Historical Resources (Title 14, Chapter 11.5), the following nominations are scheduled for the October 26, 2018 State Historical Resources Commission(SHRC) quarterly meeting, taking place at 9:00 AM, Los Angeles City Hall, Room 1010, 10th Floor, 200 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90012. Meeting notices and agendas will be posted ten days prior to the meeting date.

The SHRC invites comments on the nominations from the public either in writing or at the scheduled public meeting. Copies of nominations are posted as PDF documents below. Written comments can be sent to: State Historical Resources Commission, P.O. Box 942896, Sacramento, CA 94296-0001.


Complete and official listing of nominated properties scheduled for hearing at the above mentioned SHRC Meeting can be found on the meeting agenda via the SHRC Meeting Schedule and Notices page. The nominations on this page may not reflect the most current properties listed on the agenda.

Properties can be removed from the agenda by the State Historic Preservation Officer or the State Historical Resources Commission. No properties can be added to the agenda.

National Register of Historic Places nominations are considered drafts until listed by the Keeper.

California Register of Historic Resources nominations are considered drafts until listed or formally determined eligible for listing by the State Historical Resources Commission.

Calfornia Historical Landmarks and Points of Historical Interest are considered drafts until approved for listing by the State Historical Resources Commission and the Director of California State Parks.

Webber Lake Hotel, located in Sierra County, is a two-story building constructed of 10-inch wide hand-hewn and squared pine logs, built in a vernacular style but with visual references to Greek Revival architecture and an elaborate Egyptian Revival entry door. The property is associated with Dr. David Gould Webber, an individual significant to the history of Sierra County and Henness Pass, the road connecting Virginia City, Nevada to Marysville, California.

No Pot Sales Here 8/29/18

“The company Estevia  gave a presentation in Loyalton Monday night at the Loyalton City Hall at 7pm. The company wants to buy land in Loyalton and put in a Cannatabs manufacturing facility. It would be a processing place and also a store front.
They are promising many $50,000 jobs a year. They have a “vision” of later annexing the CoGen business park into Loyalton. They also say they want to put in an Opiod rehab center and buy the trailer park and build low income housing.”

The above was a call from the Sierra County Grower’s Group for attendance at the presentation hoping to garner approval.

Below is the turnout of residents at the City Council Meeting on August 28th about the project. And here is the written report of the Sierra Booster … ​”CANNABIS MANUFACTURE AND DISTRIBUTION was subject of a Public Hearing Monday, August 27th at Loyalton City Hall. City Council member Joy Markum called it a presentation on a new business that would like to come in the community and she gave two guidelines: no fist fights and no bullying.”…. Full story Here: Sierra Booster 

Standing room only at the City of Loyalton Council Meeting on August 28th.

Hearst & Phoebe 8/29/18

Betsy Cammack 8/29/18

Betsy Cammack

Hold the Date – October 6, 2018 – Noon–3:00 pm                                               Masonic Hall, Downieville                                                                                                 A Celebration of Life for Betsy Cammack

Betsy passed away on June 15, 2018, after a brief illness. Her family and friends would love to celebrate and share memories of her long and fruitful life with all who were lucky to know her. Upon retirement, Betsy was active in many local organizations such as the ‘Golden Chain Council’, Sierra City Historical Society, Republican Women, Downieville Lions Club, and Mountain Star Quilters, where she made many beautiful and award-winning quilts.  All are Welcome

Downieville Fire Dispatch 8/29/18

Want to do something to help your community? How about volunteering for your local volunteer fire department. Just being willing to step up and help out is all you need. Training, and most equipment needed is provided by the fire agencies.

Downieville Fire Protection District oversees the Fire and EMS dispatching in western Sierra County. When you call 9-1-1 for a fire or medical emergency anywhere in western Sierra County, the call is transferred to Downieville Volunteer Fire Department (DVFD) and  Downieville Ambulance (DVAM). These are mostly unpaid volunteer positions, although there are circumstances when the Dispatcher and EMS personnel are paid an hourly wage during the time there is a medical response and transport.

The shifts worked by the volunteers can be based on time available. Some volunteers have regular jobs and so have a limited amount of time to offer. Each month the Dispatch Supervisor, Joyce White,  works with volunteers to prepare the schedule, so you know when your on shift and can plan your own life. This is a cooperative group and when life interferes with plans, swapping shifts or stepping up to cover is usually no problem. Training is the most important part of dispatching. During training you will get a feel of whether it is something you will feel comfortable doing and if not, well there are lots of ways to volunteer with the VFD and receive the reward of being important to the neighborhood, sharing camaraderie, hard work and develop life long friendships.

Anyhow to make a long story longer, contact

Downieville Fire & Ambulance dispatch at 289-3333 and find out what to do to be a Dispatcher, anyone from 18 to 80 can be a volunteer, we have the perfect job for you, so call now or email

NDGW Naomi #36 Thanks 8/29/18

R to L. Mike Galan – 3rd Place (Triple Chocolate Double Cream Crunch); Earlene Folsom – 1st Place (Just Peachy); Ron Mee – 2nd Place (Now You’re Talkin’ Chocolate) Photo not taken by Mike Galen

I Scream for Ice Cream !

On behalf of Naomi Parlor #36, Native Daughters of the Golden West, I want to thank everyone who attended this annual fundraiser last Saturday.  Attendees not only enjoyed tasting eight amazing home-made ice creams, they also had an opportunity to sample delicious cookies and win fun raffle prizes.  A HUGE thanks to those individuals who made ice cream, baked cookies, and donated raffle items.  Maintaining our beautiful, old Hall is a constant challenge and we appreciate everyones efforts to help us.  Mark your calendar for next year’s event:  Saturday, August 24th, 2019.

With appreciation, Karen Galan, President

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