Reno w/Lou 1/17/18

Good Evening Folks!

Well, I just finished watching the most recent Ethan Bortnick show on PBS. An amazing show to say the least! This young man has more talent in his pinky finger than I will ever have. He is 17 years old. He can sing, play the piano and writes his own songs. I’m not going to tell all, as you can go to his website and read for yourself. . However, he started playing piano at age three and can play by just listening to the song. Amazing!

Three years ago a group of us from Downieville traveled to Sacramento to see his show at the Crest Theatre. Damian McGinty from Celtic Thunder was also touring with him. We all had a great time at the show.

Bet you can’t guess where I’m going with this?

So, Ethan will be performing a concert in Reno at the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts on March 2, 2018. (Friday) This concert is being called “Generations of Music”. He sings everything from Frank Sinatra, Peter, Paul and Mary, Neil Diamond and also songs that he has written. In fact, Peter Yarrow from Peter Paul and Mary and Peter’s daughter perform on the PBS show. Tickets are $150 for two show tickets, the DVD of the PBS show along with his CD from the show. Now, you have to go to Ethan’s website to get tickets. That will direct you to KNPBs website to request tickets. Kind of a long way around the tree, but, that is how it’ set up. The other way we can do this is, I can try to get tickets for the group. However, you won’t get the DVD/CD. Did I also mention the price of the ticket includes a “meet and greet”. Pretty good price for what you get.

If you are interested and we get enough humans to go, I will organize a dinner for the group, (It’s all about the food!) I wouldn’t waste any time getting back to me if you want to go. So, there you go! If you go to Ethan’s website you can watch snippets of the PBS show.

And  Speaking of Celtic Thunder……did I hear a groan?

I was notified today of the release of the new DVD and CD for March 2nd. All new songs, (except one, IRELANDS CALL). It’s titled: CELTIC THUNDER X. It’s an all new look too!

REMEMBER: June 2018 for the next Celtic Thunder party.  Judy, I’m still organizing the entertainment. Stay tuned. Hope to hear real soon! Things are starting to pop with all of this stuff going on. Stay tuned for more shows! Let me know about the Ethan Bortnick show.        Lou

Tear It Up w/Lou 1/17/18

Okay folks, Here’s another event that you all may be interested in. Damian McGinty: The Slow Dance Tour- Wednesday, May 2, 2018. Performance is at the University of Pacific Recital Hall at 3515 Pacific Circle in Stockton, California.

As you all know, Damian is part of Celtic Thunder and during the off season tours on his own.

Damian sings songs from the 40’s up to the present. He tries to dance but needs to give that up. Some of you may remember that he also played a couple of seasons on the television show “GLEE”. And now he is in New Mexico filming a new Christmas movie to be released in November.

I have my tickets now and will let you know I got the tickets that include the “meet and greet”. You can go to his website and purchase show tickets. About $45 which includes the meet and greet.

The closest hotel to UOP is the Best Western Plus Heritage Inn at 111 East March Lane in Stockton. Checking, prices are $110 and $120 per night. That price includes breakfast Buffet. I believe there is a resort fee too, but can’t find it on the website.

Don’t be party poopers. Suck it up and lets go tear up Stockton. Will research a place to dine once I get a head count.  Let me know!                                        Lou

Party w/ Lou 1/17/18

Just received an email from our friends DownUnder (Australia) Mary and John. They are coming to America and Canada to visit family. Did you really think it was going to be Celtic Thunder? Actually, they will be here at the same time promoting their new CD/DVD on PBS. But no, Mary and John will be arriving at the end of March and departing for Australia on the 3rd of April. Now, Mary writes they will be in Las Vegas and was hoping to meet the “party animals” for some fun and shows and whatever! They are staying at Harrahs.

So,  here is what I have come up with:  Southwest Airlines is offering a package deal for flights leaving from Reno to Las Vegas, non-stop, departing March 29th and returning April 2nd, five nights at Harrahs and a shuttle from the airport in Las Vegas to Harrahs for $427.00.

Now, for those of you still working or live outside the Reno area, you can go to and find a deal like this if your not wanting to stay the whole five days.

So, don’t be a wimp, let’s go have a great time with Mary and John…..Did I mention they are bringing their daughter for her first time to “Sin City”? Should be a hoot!

We should get this deal purchased soon, so, If you would like to go, let me know by January 19th so I can get it booked.

Gladys, can you please share this email with Hortense? Let me know!!!!           Lou, wana be party animal

Lou Lays in Bed 11/22/17

As I lay in bed thinking about the trip, the people and all the things we have done I wish I would wait until morning to write these when the cranium has less spider webs. I also wish I could include everything that we did so far on this trip. However, I’m sure I would put you all to sleep or encourage suicidal tendencies. So, I won’t. But, I did want to share some photos with you all. Ever efficient Judy has posted some photos on Facebook. So, be sure to take a look at those.

As you all know, Kris and Martin are not only “Celtic Thunder Rookies”, they are “Celtic Thunder Cruise Rookies”. Yes folks, they decided to take the plunge and do it all. They are brave, but wanted to do both. Of course, we don’t discourage this type of behavior. So it was nice that they wanted to join the goofball club. We did learn along the way that Kris has a soft spot for Neil Byrne. At first, it started with his soft voice and moved on to his good looks and then to Kris wanting to bring him home with her. I could be wrong, but, I don’t think Martin is real big on this idea. Martin mentioned several times how much he enjoyed Emmet’s voice and songs. I would certainly agree with Martin, Hard to beat Emmet’s smooth tenor voice. By listening to the two of them talk, I believe they enjoyed the cruise, the entertainment and the shenanigans along the way. I hope we didn’t scare them too much. Thanks Kris and Martin for sharing our love for cruises and our love for Celtic Thunder! Now, lets get this day going and see what kind of trouble we can get into in South Beach.

Photo #1 – The Gang on the Beach in Routan

Photo #2 – Martin and Sam taking a Ride

Photo #3 – Paul Byron and Lou…..This is about the time I was wetting myself

Photo #4 – Judy, Richie Hayes and Lou….I have never felt so tall!

Celtic Thunder Nuts 11/8/17

Celtic Thunder Fans gather at Lou Foxworthy

Well Good Morning Everyone!

Just a long update for you all sharing yesterday’s events. It was probably the BEST day on the ship so far!!!!!!

We started the morning by standing in line for the photo shoot with all the boys. Everything went well until we got to the stage for the photo. How it works is you and your cabin mate get your photo taken with all of Celtic Thunder. We got into position and the photographer told us to smile. I guess Sam thought they said something else, so he pulled his shirt up over his head exposing his upper torso to the boys and all the world. After we explained to him that is not what they wanted, he embarrassedly said “OH”. Sam is a man of few words. Whew! we got through that one.

The rest of the morning was pretty much a leisure time so we explored the ship. We scheduled the day and decided we all wanted to see the cooking demonstration put on by Emmet and Neil. 12:30pm rolls around and the show starts. It becomes apparent neither Emmet nor Neil know how to cook. So, they had the head chef on the ship helping. The made an Irish Stew. Emmet thought the chef said put the parsley in, when the chef actually said, put one tablespoon of parsley in. So, two cups of parsley vs one tablespoon of parsley? who will notice? In the meantime, I bump into Mary Mann. I tell her I have two extra tickets to the Sharon Browne afternoon tea. She told me she and her friend, Julie would be interested to going. Great!

The Irish stew is done and we decide we would partake in the buffet for lunch……Okay……your getting it, It’s all about the food! Finish lunch and the girls want to go shopping. Off to the on-board stores for fun and frolic! Gladys and Hortense end up in the jewelry store haggling with Abdul over a ring. In the end, they don’t buy a thing. Back to the buffet for liquid refreshment.

Time to get into the line for Afternoon Tea With Sharon Browne. They don’t let us in until the time. So, the sardines are packed in causing the temperature to rise above safe levels. In the mean time, I have been told there is going to be a HUGE surprise in the tea. The doors finally open and we head in. They tell us the table seat 10, but only nine per table. I notice a note on one chair at each table that says Celtic Thunder. Obviously we don’t sit there. We notice familiar faces among the crowd. Laura Durant (Colm’s wife and their little guy, and he is a cute one) Now, This is where I need to refresh your memories or bring you up to date from past members of Celtic Thunder. As most of you know, George Donaldson passed away at the age of 44 a couple of years ago leaving a wife and daughter. Yep, Caroline and his daughter have joined us on the cruise and are in the tea room with us. What a special thing to experience. Very nice. We find our table and sit with tea and crumpets and other pastries. Yum! Also, some of you may remember Paul Byrom. He is an original member of Celtic Thunder who left to go out on his own. Enough said about that for now.

Before long a member of the Celtic Thunder crew sits with us. She tells us she is the one who gets permission from songwriters to use their songs for the shows and recordings. Nice visit with her. All of a sudden, a man come up behind me and asks if the chair next to me is taken. I look up and who should it be? Yep Paul Byrom. I mutter something like…”NO”. He sits down and begins to visit with us. I’ am thinking, could this actually be happening? Yep, it is. When all of a sudden, a lady appears to the left of me and asks if that chair is taken. I tell her no and she tells us her name is Elaine. I yell out, Elaine Massey? She says yes? I stand up and introduce myself and we both get excited. Elaine and I have become friends on-line as she is the Merchandise person in Dublin Ireland for Celtic Thunder. She and I talked back and forth while I was getting the prizes organized for this years Celtic Thunder Party in Dayton, Nevada. She was an awesome help and did some very special things for us this year. And she is the one responsible for putting our group photo in this months Celtic Times. She hands Judy Laughlin her camera and asks her to take our photo. Judy does. We have a great visit and she proceeds to tell everyone about the photos I emailed her, specifically, the one with Ron Thurman and his t-shirt. She just loves that shirt Ron!!!!! It was so nice to meet Elaine and we agreed we would get together again while on the ship.

So, while we were visiting, Mary Mann and Julie were talking with Paul. Apparently, Mrs. Mann was telling Paul about the Celtic Thunder Parties I put together each year. After Elaine left, Paul turned to me and told me what Mary told him. I said, yes, we do this every year. I told Paul, “You should come”. He looked at me and said, “He would love to attend”! I didn’t think he was serious when he told me, really, I would love to come, when is it. I told him June 2018. He told me to email him with the dates when I decide and he would be very happy to attend. I said “seriously”? He said yes, he would love too!!! As I was sitting there wetting myself thinking, he is serious! I told him I would be in touch with him. He said great! OMG!!!!!!! I had to go back to the room and change cloths! Gladys and Hortense tell me I had the “Deer in the Headlight” look. Well, duh!

After Paul leaves the table Sharon Brown (Producer of Celtic Thunder) comes and sit next to Judy and I. We have a great visit and she shares things regarding Celtic Thunder. Of course, All I hear is “blah, blah, blah, as I’m still flying on cloud nine about Paul coming to Dayton. I Still can’t believe it! It’s time to leave for our next gig.

We migrate to the Plaza Lounge to attend the “Pub Quiz” hosted by non-other than, Paul Byrom and Colm Keegan. We end up having the time of our life there. It was side spitting hilarious! Can this day get any better?

Time for dinner. Good job you guys, your getting it……it’s all about the food! Back to our usual table for braised short ribs, salmon, chicken something or other and of course, dessert. What else? yep, Molten Chocolate Cake! But who’s thinking clearly? I’m still on cloud nine.

After dinner off to the Celtic Thunder Holiday Show. What can I say? It was absolutely amazing. They performed songs off the new Inspirational CD along with some standards and a great variety of Holiday songs. THEY WERE GREAT!!!!!

Oh no, the nights not over! Off to the Plaza Lounge to see Ritchie Hayes perform. Ritchie has been the M-C throughout the cruise and he also puts on his own show. I forgot to mention, Judy and I got a photo with Ritchie earlier in the day. Stay tuned. Anyway, Ritchie is not only a comedian, he is one heck of a singer. Great Show, great comedy and to say the least, A GREAT DAY!

Off to the 24 hour buffet, yep IAATF. You got it! Back in the room at midnight-thirty. Having trouble falling asleep as I’m still on cloud nine over Paul.

Remember, Mark your calendars for June 2018. Special Guest, PAUL BYROM!!!! Dayton, Nevada.

Okay, Arriving in Roatan was we speak. Time to get off ship and see the sights.

Talk soon!

Lou Meets New Family 10/11/17

So yesterday I had visiter’s from Cox’s Bar stop by 99 Willamette Way. Carol and David Marshall had spent the night in Reno after attending a show at the Grand Sierra Resort. We had a great visit and walked around the neighborhood meeting new neighbors along the way. They took me out to lunch and then they were heading back to Cox’s Bar. I guess they just couldn’t get enough of Dayton after last weekends Celtic Thunder event. Good times!

I have set out the bird feeders in the backyard and have had a ridiculous amount of birds coming to partake in the foodies. Birds of all shapes and sizes and traveling here from all around Nevada. Some have told me they heard about the free food at 99 Willamette Way all the way from Elko, Nevada and as far south as Beatty, Nevada. Some of them look pretty well traveled so I have no reason not to believe the distance they have traveled. As I write this from my dining room table, I look out the window and see many feeding with huge smiles on their faces.

This morning I step outside to begin my morning walk. I notice something about the lawn that looks different. I look further onto the street and can see a copious amount of “road apples” scattered all over the street and sidewalks. Without dissecting the evidence, I notice the deposits appear to be fresh. I examine the lawn and see no damage has been done other than a divot here and there. I happily realize I don’t have to mow the lawn this week!

I continue down Willamette onto Potomac. As I approach Deschutes, I see several horses on the lawn of the residence at the corner of Deschutes and Stratton. Well, I think to myself, those folks don’t have to mow their lawn either. As I get closer, one spooks and darts toward the street. I yell to him, “not to worry” and “please don’t run into the street”. He stops and saunters back my direction. I introduce myself and ask his name. He tells me his name is JC. I ask, your name is JC? He chuckles and says no, his name is actually James Christopher. He says JC is easier than using his entire name. He signals for another horse to come over. He introduces this one as his lady, Cynthia Mae. I notice a little one approaches. JC tells me his name is JimBob and that he is Cynthia Mae’s and his son. He was born in August and they decided to take him out for a Sunday stroll to become familiar with the neighborhood lawns. JimBob shakes his head and jumps around for a moment. He seemed pretty excited to meet me. I told JimBob that I have a friend in Virginia City who’s name is Little Flo and they are just months apart in age. JC tells me he has heard of her and her family. The Hagen family, right, he asks? I tell him yes. He knows Wilbur and his family and sometimes goes to visit them in Gold Hill. Boy, what a small world I tell him. He laughs.

So folks meet my new friends, The Gray family. I’m sure you’ll be seeing them often.

JC introduces me to the rest of his family. Rayborn (his brother), Rayborn’s lady Katie Anne and their little one, Lucius Beebe. They all shake their heads and smile. He continues and introduces me to Sutro Bill, his uncle and his lady Bulette. I ask them what their last name is. JC laughs again, Gray he says. Of course, what was I thinking? All you have to do is look and realize that!

I ask JC where is family is from. He told me they summer in Fort Churchill and winter near Dayton. They like to be closer to “civilization” during the winter months as food and shelter are more plentiful. I bid the family a goodbye and continue on my walk.

Today I decide to venture out a little further and walk as far as Bitterroot and River Parkway. I realize the “road apples” are abundant up and down every street. I think, boy this family has covered some ground, or grass, as the case may be. I also realize I had looked at a house on Bitterroot before settling on Willamette Way. Well, I’ am very happy with my choice.

History w/ Lou 9/20/17

In order to understand this story fully, I must share a little history first. So, a couple of months ago I was doing my daily travels trough Facebook. I notice a couple of photos of some horses walking through a “new” housing complex. The author, James Gray mentions how he and his wife Cindy’s new house is coming along, on schedule, in Dayton Nevada. What?!?! I say to myself. James and I went to high school together and we began our Law Enforcement career’s as Police Cadets at the Watsonville Police Department. Our contacts through the years were sporadic, usually at WPD reunions. So, I fire off an instant message to James, (I always called him Jim and he always called me Louie, so if I go back and forth between those names, you’ll understand) I tell Jim that I too am having a house built in Dayton. We IM back and forth a couple of times and then I get busy with the big move. Around the first week of September I decide I had better get in touch with Jim as he will be getting busy with his move and I have this Celtic Thunder event to organize. James and Cindy are “vacationing” with some friends at Lake Tahoe. So Jim says he will call me when they get back to Dayton.

James calls me last week and we agree on a day and time to meet. We agree he will come to 99 Willamette Way on a day at about 10:30 am. He arrives at said time. He shares with me that he and Cindy looked at the model home next door to me and were interested in purchasing that home. We both said that would have been a hoot of they had got that house. Talk about going full circle. Apparently way too much time had passed as before we knew it, it was 5:45 pm. My goodness, we talked right through lunch without stopping. You know me, I don’t miss a meal, so this was monumental. So, we agree to head out for dinner. Neither one of us have eaten at Compadres in downtown Dayton. Off we go. By the way, Cindy was in California and that is why she didn’t come with Jim. Compadres is a Mexican restaurant in a small house converted. Had a very good meal and continued with our visit. We return to my place and continue our visit until 11:00 pm when Jim decided it was probably time to head home. Home for Jim and Cindy is the Dayton RV park until the house is done. During our conversations I mention to James I was probably going to the Dayton Valley Days over the weekend.

The next morning James calls and tells me he and Cindy are going to Dayton Valley Days and asked me to join them. I finish hanging a couple of pictures, take a shower and head out. I meet them at the entrance of the RV park and we walk down to the event. For those of you who have attended “Miner’s Weekend” in Downieville back in the day, this would be a larger version of that. Chili cook off, crafts, raffles, local fire departments giving away goodies to the kids, Lyon County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue handing out information, classic car show and of course, lots of food. Great! right up my alley. “It’s all about the food”! We walk into “J’s Bistro”. Cindy orders the shrimp salad, James and I order the hamburger and fries. They brought our food in a timely manner and boy, was there a lot of food. The fries were amazing! The burger, one of the best I have ever had. An old fashion burger Mom used to make with ALL of the trimmings. Incredible! The best Iced tea I have ever had. We continue visiting and of course, we get on the subject of what else, Celtic Thunder. James tells me they listened to a couple of their songs on “you-tube”. James mentions “Hallelujah” makes chills go up and down his back. He said the “boys” did a really fine job on that one. Well, what’s a guy to do? I have invite them. Those of you who will be attending the Celtic Thunder Event in Dayton on the 30th will have the pleasure of meeting Cindy and James. Yep, got two more! Now we have to work on them for the Cruise and maybe a trip to Ireland. Just say’n.

We finish lunch and waddle back into the street. This event is very well attended. We peruse the classic cars and come upon, I believe, a 1949 Chevrolet (pictured below) for sale. Cindy and I agree this is the car for us. We agree to go in halves and buy it. Shush, don’t tell James, he must not find out. Anyway, beautiful automobile. We continue back down the street and come upon the Historical Society of Dayton Valley booth and have a great conversation with the President of the organization. James, Cindy and I decide to join. They are really into preserving the history of this town and seem to have a good membership. Annual dues of $18 a person and all the volunteering you want, you can’t go wrong. And for those of asking that age old question, yes, they have a senior citizen group in town. No, I’ am not driving their van. LOL! So, we continue our walk down Pike Street and notice they are having a silent auction inside the old high school. Well, who am I to not stop and see what they have to offer. Of course I see a couple of things that look interesting. That being a $150 gift certificate and a t-shirt and baseball cap from Cinderlite Landscaping Material and a really nice western print from Turquoise Kiva in Virginia City. I place a bid on both. The results won’t be told until Sunday 2pm. Fine. We finish our tour of Dayton Valley Days and walk back to The Gray’s Tee Pee in the park.

Cindy and James give me a nice tour of the Tee Pee. Boy, they have all the comforts of home. Don’t know why they just don’t stay in the Tee Pee. They have it all, TV, Microwave, two bathrooms, air conditioning, queen size bed, recliners, Jamison’s. Yes, another discovery, James and I both like Jamison’s. Can’t believe it’s taken thirty plus years to complete this circle. Cindy and James, I had the best time, Thank you!

So, Sunday comes and I decide to attend the final results of the silent auction. Yes, I was high bidder on both, the Cinderlite bid and the western print. $100 for cinderlite and $30 for the print. Guess I’ll be visiting with Aaron Buck again. Too funny! I head home and continue with the picture hanging project.

Monday rolls around and I’ am still hanging pictures. You know, this is a stressful job, Every picture has it’s place and I want to make sure it’s in the right place. The phone rings, I answer and it’s Mary Jungi calling from Virginia City. Mary is the retired Sierra County Clerk-Recorder. She and her husband Dale and Mary’s sister are touring Virginia City and knew that I was living there, so she decided to call and maybe stop by to visit. Mary didn’t know that I had already moved to the new house, so I gave them directions. Of course, yesterday the wind decided to blow so hard I had white caps in my toilet bowl. So Mary and crew got to experience Great Basin Winds. I’ am sure they really enjoyed that! Anyway, they arrived, I toured them through the house and had a great visit with them! Always nice to see Sierra County folks!

Finished the picture hanging….I think. And got all the bedrooms in order…..I think. Ordered accessories for the bathroom and called it a day. One small corner in the dining room left, just waiting for the furniture to arrive to complete that corner. Otherwise, I begin the tasks of the Celtic Thunder event…….Stay tuned.


Lou & Rosey the Stallion 7/26/17

I was awakened at 3am this morning with the sound of thunder (not Celtic) and lighting flashes. It seemed pretty close so I got up to make sure the house was not falling. A short time later it began to rain. It rained so hard I thought the roof was going to fall in on me. It rained hard for about ten minutes and stopped. When I got up at 6:15 am it was cloudy and is typically the case, the air smelled so fresh and clear. I wouldn’t mind if it did this everyday. For some reason, it clears the mind and puts one in such a positive feeling. Nice way to start the day.

I began my walk up “E” Street and on to “C” Street. I noticed a brood of horses I have never seen before standing near the Fourth Ward School House. I walked up to them and asked one of them where they were from. The stallion stepped forward and introduced himself as Rosey. I introduced myself and asked, with respect, Rosey? He explained to me his family comes from the Johnny Cash family and his father was named Sue and was born about the same time as the hit country song, “A Boy Named Sue” came out. So, his parents decided to name him Rosey so his father wouldn’t be the only one with the humiliating name.

He introduced me to his family, his lady, Delta and thieir four kids, Newt, Nolan, Nellie and Newly. His brother, Hazel and his lady, Isabell and their four kids, Vinton, Carmichael, Rory and Emily. They all shook their heads in a “hello” gesture. Everyone, meet the Olek family.

I asked again where they were from. Rosey told me they live near Fort Churchill near the Carson River. I told them that I was having a house built near there. I told them they would have to come by and visit. He told me they would. I asked them not to eat the flowers though. He laughed. I asked him why they were in Old Virginny. He told me they have some friends that live in the area and they told the Olek’s that they were going to send their kid, Little Flo to school here. I told him I know that family! He told me they all have been friends for a long time. So, he said, they have decided to send their kids to school with Little Flo. I explained to him that school doesn’t start for a month or so. He assured me he knew that but just wanted to make sure the kids become familiar with the area and the other ponies. I bid a farewell to the Olek’s and continue my walk.

I walked around town today as I have to leave town for a couple of days, so the walk has to be shorter. I’ am heading to Redding to see my brother who fell off his horse and sustained a broken wrist, stitches and other cuts and bruises. (Sounds better than being run over I suppose) Anyway, checking in on brother and my nephew and his family. On my way home, I will stop over in Downieville for lunch and then back to Old Virginny.

Great meeting the Olek’s! Another nice family in town.


Lou’s Family Friends 7/19/17

Well, Look who I bumped into this morning! I was walking past the Fourth Ward School House and bumped into Wilbur, Maybelle, Little Flo and someone I have never met. I introduced myself to her. She told me her name is Matilda. She continued to tell me she is Maybelle’s second cousin, once removed. She tells me she lives just below Silver City and is here visiting Maybelle and family.

I asked Wilbur and Maybelle where they have been, I haven’t seen them for a couple of weeks. The told me they have been spending time with family and friends in Sutro and decided to come home by way of Silver City. Along the way, they came upon Matilda and invited her to spend some time with them in Old Virginny. She told them she needed some time away from the flatlands and a visit to their place would be nice. They were happy to see Matilda as they don’t get to see and visit with her very often.

I told Wilbur and Maybelle that Little Flo is sure growing up fast. I followed up by asking why they were hanging out at the Fourth Ward School House. They told me they talked about it and decided they wanted Little Flo to attend school to learn a little about the Comstock and surrounding areas. I told them that actually, the Fourth Ward School is now a museum but has a lot of history inside. I told them that they would probably want to send Little Flo to the Elementary school a couple of blocks away. They said they know that but want Little Flo to start at the Fourth Ward School to get some 1800’s history of the area before they send her to learn the “basics”. I asked Little Flo what she thought of all of this. She told me she is very excited to be starting school and learn some new things. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, really, I want to get away from Mom and Dad a little as they tend to argue some. Although, she said, it hasn’t been too bad since Cousin Matilda has been with them. She told me she is hoping other ponies will be attending school too as she would like to meet some new friends. She gave me a nudge and told me she missed seeing me on my walks and is glad they are back home. I told her I missed them too.

I continued my walk about town about two feet off the ground as I’ am so happy to see that family again. They are the friendliest of all the broods in the area.

Travails With Lou 7/12/17

Thank you everyone who emailed me to make sure I’ am still on this earth. There were technical problems with the computer and my body that had to get resolved. For those who were breathing a sigh of relief not getting the Nevada Updates, Sorry, I’ am back at it.

So, here is what happened:

Friday last, I woke with a back ache. Choosing to do the “Manly” thing, I chose to ignore the pain. As usual, it got worse. Well, I’ll just walk it out and I’ll feel better by the end of the day. Nope. Knowing what the problem was and how easy the fix is, I chose to wait until Monday to email the chiropractor to set up an appointment.

I know, I’ll sit in front of the computer and that should relieve some pain. Click, click, click and the computer goes goofy and “pop-ups” are popping everywhere. Hmmm, this doesn’t seem right. Having the vast computer knowledge I do, I conclude it would be best to have the folks at APPLE assist. I make the call and get transferred three times ending up in a foreign country, I assume. Mr. Brown comes on the phone and asks what the problem is. I explain to him what had happened. I then realized from here things were going down hill. I understood about every thirtieth word. Besides talking real fast, he had such a strong accent it was very difficult to understand what he was telling me. I was able to get what I did wrong, but I want to know how to fix it. Okay, he says, You need to have Malware, a Firewall, and some other electronic component to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Okay? how do I fix this problem I have now. Well, he says I have to buy all of this equipment. How much? When he got to $600 I told him I would travel to the Apple Store and talk with those folks. He assures me it is going to cost double what he quoted me for this stuff. I thank him and hang up.

I get into the motor carriage and head to the Apple Store in Reno. I enter and see about six thousand humans standing around. Okay, maybe not six thousand, maybe closer to seventy five. I’ am greeted by an “Apple Geek” and explain my situation to him. He happily directs me to another “Apple Geek”. I wait about fifteen minutes and finally get to her. I explain to her my situation. She tells me, great, your name and email address. I give it to her. She explains to me that it will be about a five hour wait, or I can make an appointment for tomorrow at 2:50 pm. No, I didn’t wait. I’ll return tomorrow. Fine. Well, that was a wasted trip. Since I’ am here, I had better go to WINCO to get some foodies. Not a wasted trip after all.

The back is not improving so I go home and just decide to relax and see if that helps. Sitting in front of the computer certainly was not making it better. So, sat and watched a couple of old, really old westerns. I think it was called “I shot Jesse James”. Filmed in the 1950’s. Turned out to be a pretty good one I had never seen before. It’s always fun to watch black and white every now and then. Digital black and white is pretty good too! Anyway.

The next day I drive back to the Apple Store for my appointment. I check in and am told to go to the bar and have a seat. But, I don’t drink, I say, I get the stupid look. These people just don’t have a sense of humor. I barely sit down and a young lady calls my name. I jump up and feel the pain. You idiot, I think, you can’t do that with a tweaked back. The young lady asks what the problem is. I tell her my back went out. Again, I get the stupid look. I say, oh, you mean the computer? I get the “Duh” look. I guess I just have to give up the humor. These people just do get it. I explain the problem to her and she says okay, I can show you how to fix this. Great! She does an excellent job explaining how to fix the problem. I guess it was the “stupid look” I had on my face that made her explain it to me in simple terms. Click, click, click she has it fixed. Really? That simple? Yep, she says. Now, I want you to go in and fix it again to make sure you understand how to fix it next time. Next time? She tells me it will probably happen again because there are so many “Infected” sights out there. I thought Apple doesn’t get virus’, I ask. She says they don’t, but they do get infected every now and then. Okay? I’ am not even going to go down that road. It’s fixed. How much, I ask. She tells me nothing. What? are you sure? She assures me she is pretty sure. Can I leave yo a tip. Nope. I thank her and I’ am out the door. Total time in the Apple Store, less than five minutes. I guess this goes without say, I’ am sold on Apple. Back home to rest.

Monday I decide to travel to Carson City to look at a Landscape place that I pass frequently. It’s called Carson Masonry and Steel Supply. Huge yard and plenty to look at to get ideas. As I’ am pursuing the yard, I look up, toward Reno and notice a huge plume of smoke rising to the sky. I think, geez, something must have exploded and the plume is getting very, very large. I conclude I need/want to travel to Reno to Best Buy to look for some electronic stuff I’ am going to need later. As I get closer to Reno I can see the source of the smoke is actually coming from the I-80 corridor toward Truckee. The smoke is so black and thick and heading north and east. There is no sign of the smoke dissipating after coming out of Best Buy. Well, nothing I can do, so home I go. Watching the 5 pm news I find the fire is actually along I-80 in Sierra County. They have closed I-80 in both directions and the fire is out of control. I noticed when I was in Reno, the wind was blowing especially hard. I’ am thinking this is not going to be a quick extinguishment. Off to bed as I have to leave Old Virginny by 6:30 am to travel to Grass Valley for a previous Dental appointment and a visit to Dr. Darwin Leek’s office for a back alignment. My first appointment is 10am at Dr. Leek’s. I did my calculations for departure time and conclude 6:30 am would be best as the fire could be an issue. As I’ am watching the early morning news, I see that Brian Hickey, the channel 3 traffic guy announces if your traveling from Reno over Donner Summit, you had better leave now as they would probably be closing I-80 at 7am due to spot fires along the freeway. It’s 6:15 am. Knowing I can make that location in less than 45 minutes, I grab my stuff and out the door I fly.

I hit the “I-80/395 interchange at 6:45. Traffic still flowing smoothly. Pass Boomtown, still smooth. Get to the Truckee River and see Nevada Highway Patrol on the shoulder, red/blue lights flashing. I still have five minutes to make it to the border. Traffic still flowing smooth. I get to Gold Ranch and the freeway becomes a parking lot. I notice a heavy flow of traffic heading toward Reno. Hmmmm, I’ am not liking this. I look ahead and can see an army of Nevada Highway Patrol cars, red/blue lights flashing blocking the west bound lanes of I-80. Crap, I have three minutes, what are they thinking, it’s not 7am yet. Well, the smoke starts bellowing up again. So, I assume the winds have kicked up the fire again. Not much I can do except turn around and head over Highway 49 through Downieville. Knowing that is going to add an hour to this trip and, looking at the clock, I’ am sure I won’t be able to make my 10 am with Dr.Leek. But, being the sporting fellow I’ am, I’ll give it a try. I get back to Reno just in time for the morning commute traffic at the interchange. I squeeze through the slow pokes wanting to travel south. I hit 395 at 7:30 am. Knowing it takes two hours to get to Downieville and another hour to Grass Valley, my calculations were adding up to 10:30 am at best.

The inflow of traffic to Reno was backed up to Red Rock. The northbound traffic was non existent. Great! Being the law abiding former law enforcement officer that I ‘am I set the cruise control at just 5 mph over the limit. Smooth sailing to Highway 70. Between 395 and Chilcoot I come upon Ma and Pa Kettle going 50 mph. Are you kidding me? I persuade them to let me by and I’ am off and running. Between Vinton and Dowieville I don’t see one car on the road. I pull into Downieville at 9am. Knowing I would not make it to Dr.Leeks without wetting my pants, I decide to stop at the public facilities. I hit the road at 9:01 am. Again, no cars until I get to Convict Flat. What is this? I caught up to Jan Hamilton and Logan Kenner heading south. Now, I know I have been traveling along at a good clip, but, no one catches up to Jan. She must have known I was in a hurry. She politely pulls over to let me by. She waives, with all her fingers, I waive and I’ am off and running again. Now, having traveled this road a fair amount of times in 33 years, you always catch up to cars along the way. Not kidding, I didn’t catch up to another until Peterson’s Corner, near North San Juan. Knowing they have been doing construction on the South Fork Yuba area, I knew I would be delayed there. Sure enough, I get to the traffic control at 9:30. About a fifteen minute wait. You know? I might be able to make this. I pull into Dr. Leek’s office at 10:05 am. No, I didn’t drive like a stupid idiot. But I know this road and that helps.

I’ am greeted by Kathy Silva with a “LOOOOUUUUU”. Dr. Leek hears this and steps out to tell me hello. I takes me directly to the massage machine. That thing is better than riding a wild horse. It loosens up the back so Dr. can adjust the back easier. It’s a fun machine to ride! I’ am on that for about thirty minutes when he comes flying into the room to get me realizing I have a 11 am dental appointment. He moves other patients around so I can get on my way. Dr. Leek has always been good this way if necessary. He makes the first adjustment and I feel immediate relief in my lower back. That did the trick. He makes a second adjustment and I can walk and stand straight again. He is a miracle worker. Thank you Dr. Leek! I pay and am out of the office at 10:50 am.

Arrive at Dr. Accettura’s office at 10:59 am. Amy, the receptionist, greets me with a great smile and a hello. Dr A is running a little late, she tells me, great, I tell her, so am I. Dr A comes out to greet me, she always does that. Now, so you can get a picture of Dr. A, she stands at four foot nothing. She began her dental career working at Atascadero Mental Hospital on the Central Coast. She may be small, but she is tough. But, has a great heart along with being a really awesome dentist. So, todays procedure is a crown for a cracked tooth and replacing a bad filling. I’ am greeting by her assist who is fairly new. Her name is Ginger. Ginger is not that much taller than Dr. A. I guess no height requirements in the dental field. Dr. A shoots the Novocain in the appropriate spot and some numbness starts taking place. Ginger sits down to get me prepped. Bib, check, sunglasses, check, gause, check. She asks, Are you related to Jeff? I explain how we think the connection is. She asks because her family owns a ranch in Paso Robles and they would sell ranch goods to a Foxworthy family in Roseville, California. The procedure is now under way. Dr. A asks Ginger if she has shared with me who she is related to. Ginger says no and after some prodding from Dr. A, Ginger tells me not to judge her. Okay I say. Her cousin is O.J. Simpson. I conclude that since I’ am in the position on this chair that I’ am, It would be inappropriate to ask her if she had any knives on her. So, I didn’t say anything. I told her that he is kind of, my neighbor. She says really? Yep, he is living in the Northern Nevada Correctional Facility in Lovelock, Nevada. Yep, just down the road from here. Nothing else was mentioned. The procedure continues without a hitch……until the end. Dr. A puts the crown in place with the cement. She cleans around the base of the tooth to get the cement off. She notices a small amount still left on the back side of the tooth. She gets some floss in there attempting to free the cement. It won’t come out. She pulls and pulls. The floss gets caught between the teeth and can’t get it out. She gets the drill and tries to drill it out. Nope, she breaks the floss leaving a piece with the cement. She has Ginger get the “blah, blah” tool which looks like a hacksaw. She tries to get in to get the cement and floss. It’s just not working. She gets another piece of floss and puts it in there nd gets it stuck. She pulls and pulls. Nope its stuck. She has Ginger help her pull. Not coming. Dr. A stands on my chair to get leverage. Nothing, Ginger gets on the chair with her and pulls, nothing. The floss is pulling on the side of my mouth. I now know what a fish goes through when being caught and the string pulling on the side of its mouth. Both still pulling on the floss. Dr. A tells Ginger to get another “blah, blah” tool. She does. Dr. A gets it in there with the tool and finally manages to free the floss and the cement. Whew! Thought I was going home with dental tools and floss hanging out of my mouth. Dr. A does some fine tuning on the crown and shazaam, I have a new tooth. Three and one half hours later, I leave.

Oh no, this day isn’t over. I have a 5:30 pm appointment at the Downieville Day Spa with Kathy for a haircut. After that, Dinner with some of the folks from the Senior Center. I arrive in Downieville at about 3:30 pm and of course bump into several of my friends. Have a nice visit with Katrina and Niles Bosworth. Katrina is in the process of getting her teaching credentials and will be teaching at Downieville School next school year. I think she will do a dandy job. Niles is going into his senior year at Downieville School. They share he will be taking his SAT’s in October. Niles loves basketball and has been attending basketball camps this summer. I think Niles should attend comedy school. He’s a pretty funny fellow. Always nice visiting the Bosworth’s. Ran into Ramon Naverez. He graduated from high school this year and will be attending college in the fall. What a polite young man he is.

Off to Kathy’s for haircut. Karen is getting her hair dine before me. Karen is the one responsible for me traveling to Ireland. She is a great travel partner. Kathy does her deed on my hair and I’ am off to the Pizza parlor for dinner.

Carol Marshall had organized a group of folks to meet there. Carol and Dave are there along with Barbara Seley and Gail Clemo……oops, I mean Gladys and Hortense. Marian and Jan, Joyce White and Loryce, Vi and Mary and Sam. Had a great dinner. Joyce presented me with a RESOLUTION OF APPRECIATION from The Golden Rays Senior Citizens of Sierra County. It was signed by members of the Golden Rays. I told them that I’ am going to come back every month if they keep giving these to me. Joyce presented me with a beautiful photo album of the going away party they had for me earlier. What nice folks. I know these friendships will continue through the years. All I have to do is organize a dinner or trip and they will be there.

Anyway, it was nice to see Solomon at the Pizza parlor. He really is a great cook. We all retired to the “bench” to visit some more before it was time for me to head back to Old Virginny. Sure was a long day getting home at midnight. But, always worth it.

So, this is what happens when you don’t hear from me in five days. Stay tuned.

Footing with Lou 6/28/17

Okay, as most of you know, I don’t drink alcohol or use drugs. So, Don’t think I do after reading this.

Yesterday, I was heading down “D” Street on my way to Dayton to check out the house. In the distance I see what appeared to be a gentleman walking his dog down the street. As I get closer, I notice the “dog” hopping around. Not totally unusual, right? Until I get up to the “dog”. I slow down and look closer. Nope, not a dog. This gentleman is walking his goat! Yep, goat. He has the little goat on a dog harness and leash and is walking his goat. I close my eyes for a second, thinking I need to re-focus. I look again, yep, still a goat! I guess the look on my face triggered the gentleman to react with shaking his head in an affirmative nod and a thumbs up. Confirmed, a goat! Of course, I didn’t have my camera. So, you are going to have to believe me. However, I will be on the lookout this evening for the “man and his goat”. Stay tuned.

Now, let’s rewind to Sunday.

I have decided I need to find this “Pioneer Cemetery” that is along the “Comstock Trail”. I look at the map and conclude it is between marker six and seven. I start early this morning as I want to beat the heat. So I depart at 6am. I arrive at the “unfinished” monument that I shared early on in these journals. I put my “brave hat” on and venture behind the monument which is covered in high grass. I’ am sure there are no snakes here, as it is too early and they must still be sleeping. I get a few steps and realize I ‘am standing on a grave site. I can see it has been sinking through the years and concrete has been placed on top to prevent humans or wildlife from falling into the grave. I look around and see several others in the same condition. I don’t see any headstones or any other markers. I can only assume the markers have either deteriorated, or has been removed by “grave robbers” through the years. I’ am very satisfied I have found the cemetery and just take a few moments to listen to the wildlife and the sounds that come from an old, old cemetery. I feel if I had stayed longer, I could have heard the voices of the some of the pioneers sharing what may have taken place while they were here in life. I’ am certain, if I were to visit this site after sunset, I would have heard those voices. Satisfied, I continue up the trail.

I notice at this time of the morning the rabbit population is abundant. I fell I could walk on rabbits without touching the ground. Truly, they are everywhere. Must be feeding time. Non were interested in conversation so I continued up the trail and around the mountain toward the Silver City Bypass trail. As I’ am near the intersection of the two trails, I look up and see the Hagen Family. I give them a waive and yell hello. They look and shake their heads in an affirmative hello. I see Rocky and Claibourne start jumping around in excitement. I yell hello to them. Mavis and Hermina shake their heads as if to say, “silly boys”. I return home bask in my accomplishment of locating the Pioneer Cemetery.

Monday brings me back to reality having to run errands around the area and doing chores around the homestead.

Yesterday I begin my travel up “E” street and cut up Flower Street. As I head up the trail, I notice the Hoss Family having breakfast in the field between those two streets. I waive and yell hello to them. Wilbur acknowledges me. I haven’t seen them in a week or so, so I ask him where they have been. He tells me they went to Mark Twain for a few days to visit family. Apparently, things are getting pretty dry down there and they needed to see the family before they move to higher ground and greener grass. Mark Twain is near Sutro and Dayton along the Pony Express Trail. I was down there yesterday afternoon and confirmed things are getting dry. I had noticed several Fire Brigades heading toward Stagecoach and a large bellow of smoke rising in that direction. Hopefully no buildings were lost and no one was injured. Anyway, I bid Wilber and family adios and continue on my walk.

Later in the evening, after my encounter with the man and his goat, I travel past the Virginia City High School and notice the fellows are practicing football on the field. Boy, the Virginia City Muckers take football very serious, as it seems a bit early for football practice. Good luck “Muckers”! They seem to have a good amount of young fellows participating on the team this year. Yes, if your wondering if that is their mascot, it is. The school is on “Mucker Street”. So, there you go.

Yesterday, I’ am off to Carson City to get the buckboard serviced at Jiffy Lube. I thought this was going to be an in and out event. Nope, waited three hours. Had grub at Chili’s and the usual, Mango Chili Chicken. Always a good choice. It usually comes with rice and broccoli. Yesterday, they substituted the broccoli for bangers. Oh brother, bangers and Lou don’t mix, but I’ll give it a try. Turns out, the bangers were really good and there was no “banging” last night. I know, too much information. Off to the “Buckboard Wash” to get Betsy cleaned. They spent extra time getting the bugs off the nose, but did an excellent job. All in all, was a good day in “The city”. Betsy came home happy.

Today’s walkabout was pretty quiet. Ran into the Hoss family again and exchanged pleasantries as usual. Little Flo is sure growing and looking quite healthy. Another pleasant day seems to be in store with the weather. I hear the Virginia and Truckee sounding it’s whistle which is signaling the beginning of it’s day. Always a nice sound.

Smoke Gets in His Eyes 6/21/17

Let me begin by setting the stage for what happened:

Lou once thought of a life after Downieville

In the late summer of 1995 Undersheriff David Marshall came to me to offer that years training assignments. He explained to me that he had two classes in mind for me. One was Underwater Basketweaving and the other was Reading Smoke Signals. Although the basketweaving class sounded fun, I thought the Reading Smoke Signal training might be more conducive to the duties of being a Deputy Sheriff and Sierra County as it borders Washoe County Nevada and some of that tribe takes up residence in Sierra County. The training was very informative and fun to boot. For the remainder of my career I was never able to use that skill, until today.

This morning I depart for my walk. As I leave my hut I notice a large amount of smoke in the Dayton Valley. I conclude that yesterday’s thunderstorms must have started range fires in that valley and am hopeful they get extinguished quickly. I take the “upper town” tour today as it didn’t seem to be as hot as it was yesterday. As I begin up “A” Street I notice the smoke was quickly clearing. As I approach the Piper Opera House I look toward the valley and see what appears to be smoke signals coming from the valley floor. At first I don’t think too much about it and then the thought pops into the cranium. I had training to learn how to read these back in 1995. Why not try to read these?

I stop and find a place to clearly see the signals. Here is what I deciphered from the first set.


I thought about that for a minute and said to myself. “are you kidding, you can buy advertisements for smoke signals?” This has just gone too far! But wait, more signals are rising from the valley floor.


I think about this for a minute and I just can’t believe what I’ am ciphering. I realize it has been awhile since the training and that maybe my ciphering is a little rusty. I see the signals rise again confirming what I had ciphered. Boy, this is exciting! My house will be ready on time! But, still a little unsure, I hopped in the motor coach and traversed the trail to the office of Lennar Homes in Dayton. I meet with Margaret and she confirms my ciphering. She shares some more information for later use and sends me on my way. I’ am having trouble containing my excitement so I visit various establishments that sale accessories for new homes. Turns out to be a fun day filled with new and exciting things for the home.

I would like to thank Undersheriff David Marshall (retired) for allowing me to attend this training. It finally paid off!

Pam and Russ, what does it cost to buy Smoke Signal Ads?

Hmmmm, maybe the heat has gotten to me.

Lou Teaches Stucco 6/14/17

Yesterday’s trip to Dayton to check the mail finds a neighborhood full of construction workers. Looked like a bunch of bee’s flying around. Of course, this is good news as progress is being made. However, I don’t see anyone at my house doing anything. I do learn however, the technique on which finish stucco is applied to a house. I guess living in the woods so long has hampered by knowledge of “applying stucco”. I always assumed that the finish coat was applied and after it dries, the painters apply the paint.


Apparently, the “Stucco Troops” mix the color of the house right into the stucco and apply it from there. Makes sense, saves labor time and wages. There are about ten humans applying this mixture into the house. I didn’t stay the entire time they were applying stucco, but, my guess is they get the entire house done in less than half a day.

Although there was a lot of work going on, I didn’t see anything going on at 99 Willamette Way. Mild disappointment, but nothing to lose any sleep over. I spend the rest of the day at home (Virginia City) bored out of my gourd. Thank goodness the ball game came on at 4:30 pm taking the rest of my evening out of bored mode. Yes, the Giants won. Tonights game, the opposite. Anyway, off to bed.

Today I needed to return to Downieville to tie up some loose ends. Specifically to visit the Postmaster in Goodyears Bar to check my mail and to close out Box 22. Yet, another emotional moment. I know, Really? It’s been a good Post Office Box, what can I say? From there to Donna and Clint Hayes’ place to drop off a couple of things Donna has been wanting to steal from me since I sold the house. (Check your front door). They were not home, left them on the front steps. As I was leaving the neighborhood, I ran into young John Ponta. Had a great visit. Time running short, so I couldn’t stop at 522 Old Toll Bridge Rd to visit the new owners, Lori and Paul. Sorry guys, next trip. I had an 11:30am appointment at the Downieville Day Spa to have the locks lopped.

I arrive at the Day Spa and was greeted by awesome “Haircut Kathy” Fisher and “Klip’m Kristy” Folsom. Also sitting in the waiting chair is young John Funk (91 years old). John was my boss at the Golden Rays Transportation. No, he doesn’t know what retirement is either. John holds the record for being flown out of the canyon by medical helicopter. Six times in the last twelve months. John has a pacemaker and it seems to work well……he is still with us and sharp as a tack. The man is amazing, he walks to town, about a mile one-way, every morning to have coffee with “the guys” at Downieville Grocery. I guess the caffeine gets him home. Anyway, John and I started at the Golden Rays at the same time and become wonderful friends. Without a doubt, one of the nicest fellows you will ever meet. Wow! got sidetracked with that one. Kathy does a perfect job on the hair, as always and we are done. My stomach tells me it’s lunch time. I ask John to join me. He jumps up and is ready to go.

Off to the Two Rivers Cafe/Pizza parlor to dine. We both have the chicken salad. Folks, when in Downieville, you must stop by this place to try this salad. It is amazing! Head Chef, Solomon prepares this to perfection and adds an amazing balsamic dressing to make it one of the best I have ever had. Feel free to drop my name and share this review with him. Great food on the menu if your not into salads. Anyway.

I’ am wearing my “I’ am Not Insane, My Mother Had Me Tested” shirt which got the attention of several high school students having lunch also. They laughed and gave their approval of this fine article of clothing. After lunch I sit on the “DP” bench and visit with Sam White. Sam is one of the folks going on the Celtic Thunder Cruise. We catch up and it’s time for me to continue on my journey. I stop at the Courthouse to take care of the some paperwork dealing with my medical insurance. Off to stop in on Joyce White. It seems she has a house full of visitor’s, so I continue on. Stop by Mrs. Clemo’s to drop off a couple of plastic bags. She collects plastic bags, ask her. She is not home, so I leave them at her door step. On to the Marcantonio estate to drop of a DVD series of Italy. Vi and Mary not home. I leave it on their doorstep. Time to hit the road. I’ am about half way home and realize it is supposed to rain Thursday night and Friday. Geez, what was I thinking? Should have left the DVD under shelter. Well, hopefully my friend Jan Hamilton reads this before it rains and maybe, she might stop by the estate before it rains and put it indoors. If not, I’ll call her.

Need to stop at WINCO on the way home and get a few groceries. Done. I’ am starving…it’s 5 pm. The closest “fine eatery” on the way is Carl’s Jr. Stop and enjoy a healthy charbroiled chicken sandwich. Onward to Virginia City. Realize when I get home, I should go check the mail. The mailbox “cluster” is right across the street from the new house. I pull in and am shocked at what I see. The finish coat of stucco is on, the garage doors have been installed. My goodness, what a pleasant surprise! The “worker bee’s” are just packing up to leave for the night. I think, hmm, if I stall for a few minutes, maybe I can sneak inside the house. I begin reading my mail until they leave. I pull up to the house and get out. Sure hope the house is not locked. front door and Shazam! Unlocked! I walk in to find, much to my amazement, the texture has been applied, all of the interior doors installed, all of the trim applied, all of the baseboard applied! Wow! less than 24 hours and all of this done! Wow! I walk throughout the house and the garage and find the floors clean. Hmmm, what could be next? Well, being the well trained police officer, I thought, let’s take a look at the house next door and across the street and see what comes next. Those two house were started about the same time as mine. I walk in to find all of the cabinets installed and all of the tile installed on the floors, the walls painted. You do the math, I can see cabinets, tile and walls painted very, very soon. I’ am a very happy camper!

I return home to Virginia City feeling very hopeful that maybe the ol house might get done sooner. Stay tuned.

Lou & His NDL Fun 6/7/17

Well, I was going to take a break for a few days with these, but, had to share the last couple of days before the memory gets lost.

I did not get my Nevada driver’s license on Friday as planned. Apparently I had the wrong birth certificate. So, I get to go back on the 14th. It wouldn’t have been so bad had she had a little more customer service in her contact with me. I was going to ask her if she was trained in California. But, I thought better not. She would have probably “blacklisted” from the office. Not kidding, she was not nice at all. Anyway.

On to Downieville for the yearly Downieville School musical/comedy/play. Arrived in time for dinner at the Two Rivers Pizza Parlor. (it’s all about the food!) Had a great dinner then off to the play. This years play was titled, WHEN IN ROME. I will not get into the details, but it was “side-busting” funny. I just love how all of the students get involved with this event. I was especially surprised to see two “players” on stage. If you had told me six months ago that Hunter Davey and Arroyo Campbell were in the play, much less main characters I would have said, right. They were superb! Hunter played Brudis, a part made especially to fit him. Great job Hunter! Now, those of you who know Arroyo know that he can be a little shy and once vowed to me personally that he would never be in a play. Well, one should never say never. He played Altilis, the highest senator with a trick up his sleeve. He was flawless! Great job Arroyo! The character, Verbalina (the name speaks for itself) was played by Esmeralda Nevarez. She nailed it! Esmeralda, you were fantastic! I was a bit taken back by Aaron Foster’s amazing talent. He too, can be a bit quiet. He played Messenger, who ran messages for the Princess and Altilis. Aaron, your dance moves were the best! Ramon Nevarea played Minimus (but goes by Mini). Ramon has really improved the last year. He played a perfect part. And then there is Rosendo, Rosendo, Rosendo. Rosendo Marquez seems like he has been acting since he was three years old. He played Gladius, (pronounced Gladis) As expected, he did a perfect job. Not kidding folks, if this young man decided to continue his acting you will be seeing his name on the “big screen”. He tells me this is not what he wants to do as a career. I hope he continues in college and maybe he might change his mind. Great job Rosendo! And as always, all the actors this year did a fantastic job! Eliane Campbell, don’t ever loose that smile. That is one of the things I look forward seeing whenever I come back to Downieville. So, if anyone of you happen to be in Downieville when this annual event takes place…..SEE IT! Of course, none of this would happen if not for Lynn Fillo. She is the Drama/English/Other duties as assigned teacher. She puts 110% into this event every year. Thank you Lynn. Still not too late for the Celtic Thunder Cruise. They are offering incentives! (lol)

So, I drove back to Virginia City after the play. Arrived at 1:30 am and straight to bed. Next morning I decide to take a shorter walk than usual as I figured I had not better over do it. I notice town is humming a little louder and earlier than normal. I learn there is a “running” event taking place this day. Apparently this happens yearly. Some sort of running competition. Well, I know I’ am not going to fit in to this thing so I skirt the main event and avoid the participants. I notice it seems to be a little overcast and the humidity is higher and the temperature is a little higher for this time of morning. I continue. As I round the curve on the north end of “C” street, I meet a runner going in the opposite direction. She stops me and says, “your going the wrong direction”. I assure her that in fact, I’ am not. I explain to her that I’ am allergic to running. She looks at me funny. I explain to her that running make me hurt and I’ am allergic to pain. (if she had seen me the day before, she would have known that). She laughed and continued to run.

Again, I have mentioned before, one could see something different walking different directions each day. This day was no different, I walk down from “C” street and found a yard full of blooming poppies. I had never noticed that before. What a beautiful yard. (photos below). I continue walking home and call it a day.

This morning I start out and notice the “HOSS” family grazing on the lot next to my house. The Hoss family would be Wilbur, Maybelle, and little Flo. I notice Little Flo walk my direction and shake her head at me, as if to say, Good Morning. As she is walking I notice she is favoring her left rear leg. I look and it appears be be swollen. I hope she is okay. Maybe it happened while she was “horse playing”. Stay tuned. I continue with my walk and notice that town is very quiet. A walk up “C” street brings an occasional tourist, but very quiet otherwise. I continue to the lower end of town and notice the “CARTWRITE” family grazing in a lot below St. Mary’s In The Mountains. That would be Daddy Frank, Hermosa Little Herb, along with Henrietta, Patty, Gilmore and Hank and Aunt Gerti. They all seem to be fine and give me a snort as I pass. I decide it’s time to head home and get today’s chores done. Sunday is laundry day.

I know when the day is starting. As I’ am writing this the first blow of the Virginia-Truckee whistle sounds.

Lou’s Not Crazy…. 5/31/17

I would like all of you to meet Wilbur, Maybelle, Little Flo and family. We see each other daily. “No Horsing Around”. Sorry, just had too.
When you all come to Virginia City, I’ ll introduce you all.
Horse Dodger Lou









As I lie in bed this morning sleeping, I hear a train whistle blowing along with a trains bell ringing. I think, gee, must be having a dream. The sound is so relaxing. I then realize, you moron, I’ am not dreaming! That IS a trains whistle and bell. Then I think, oh my, Liz Fisher must be right. I have imaginary friends, I must be imagining all of this. The whistle blows and the bell rings again. Okay, I’ am not crazy, my mother had me tested. (Thank you Sheldon)

I decide to get out of bed and investigate further. As I open the door, I hear the click clack of a train just below my house. I walk to the roads edge and see the old Virginia-Truckee engine hooking up to the passenger cars. Engine and Passenger Cars are those that have been restored from the “Comstock” era. I could see the engineer instructing the crew on what to do, all with a smile on his face. I feel better, I’ am not crazy. Back to the house for breakfast. (It’s All About The Food!)

While walking back to the house, I hear the bells toll from the “St. Mary’s In The Mountians”. I feel as though I have stepped back 150 years.

After breakfast, I prepare for my morning walk. I decide to take the “Virginia-Truckee” walk, which consists of walking past the train and the train station. As I walk past the train station I see folks of all ages milling around. I see children jumping with excitement and their parents trying to restrain their own excitement. I find that, I too, am getting excited. Restrain yourself, I think. Oh, why not. So I find jumping like a child at the train station causes concern from parents and train folk alike. Not to mention goofy looks from the children. Oh, what the heck, I think. I look back at those who look at me with a cocked eye, with my “Get A Life” look. Come on folks, Old farts can act like a kid too! I continue my walk.

Today is really no different than any other, other than the fact that the wild horses seem to be excited too. I realize that they must be looking forward to Virginia-Truckee starting it’s summer season today. They hang around the tracks and seem to be anxious for the train to begin it’s journey down through Gold Hill and on to the Carson City station. I see Wilbur, Marybelle and Little Flo milling around the train. I can see that both parents are showing Little Flo “the ropes” of what to do and what not to do. Little Flo observing the entire time and showing a tremendous amount of excitement. The whistle blows and the steam spews from the stack and the train begins it’s first trip this season. All the while, Wilbur, Marybelle and Little Flo following. I continue on my walk.

I see an unusual amount of dog and bird activity as I walk. I assume they too, are excited over the official start of summer and the first trip of the Virginia-Truckee. I have to tell you, I have never seen so many Quail as I have seen here in Virginia City. And FAT! My goodness. I continue and make it to “C” Street without having a heart attack. As I’ am walking south on “C” Street, I notice all of the gas street lights have two banners on each post. Each banner is honoring a person from Virginia City who is or has served our military. The banners dating all the way back to the Civil War. Some of these fine people are still serving our country and some were lost in combat. Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Gulf Wars. What an amazing salute to all of those who have served our country! As I walk down the street and look at each banner, along with the business folks scurrying around, I could see that this town takes Memorial Day VERY serious. I learn along the way that there will be a parade at noon to honor those who served. Well, I had better get back home to get ready for this celebration. This is one that I don’t want to miss.

So, if you all think you can get here in time, come join the celebration! I’ am!

No, I’ am not crazy, my mother had me tested! – Lou

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