Smoke Gets in His Eyes 6/21/17


Let me begin by setting the stage for what happened:

Lou once thought of a life after Downieville

In the late summer of 1995 Undersheriff David Marshall came to me to offer that years training assignments. He explained to me that he had two classes in mind for me. One was Underwater Basketweaving and the other was Reading Smoke Signals. Although the basketweaving class sounded fun, I thought the Reading Smoke Signal training might be more conducive to the duties of being a Deputy Sheriff and Sierra County as it borders Washoe County Nevada and some of that tribe takes up residence in Sierra County. The training was very informative and fun to boot. For the remainder of my career I was never able to use that skill, until today.

This morning I depart for my walk. As I leave my hut I notice a large amount of smoke in the Dayton Valley. I conclude that yesterday’s thunderstorms must have started range fires in that valley and am hopeful they get extinguished quickly. I take the “upper town” tour today as it didn’t seem to be as hot as it was yesterday. As I begin up “A” Street I notice the smoke was quickly clearing. As I approach the Piper Opera House I look toward the valley and see what appears to be smoke signals coming from the valley floor. At first I don’t think too much about it and then the thought pops into the cranium. I had training to learn how to read these back in 1995. Why not try to read these?

I stop and find a place to clearly see the signals. Here is what I deciphered from the first set.


I thought about that for a minute and said to myself. “are you kidding, you can buy advertisements for smoke signals?” This has just gone too far! But wait, more signals are rising from the valley floor.


I think about this for a minute and I just can’t believe what I’ am ciphering. I realize it has been awhile since the training and that maybe my ciphering is a little rusty. I see the signals rise again confirming what I had ciphered. Boy, this is exciting! My house will be ready on time! But, still a little unsure, I hopped in the motor coach and traversed the trail to the office of Lennar Homes in Dayton. I meet with Margaret and she confirms my ciphering. She shares some more information for later use and sends me on my way. I’ am having trouble containing my excitement so I visit various establishments that sale accessories for new homes. Turns out to be a fun day filled with new and exciting things for the home.

I would like to thank Undersheriff David Marshall (retired) for allowing me to attend this training. It finally paid off!

Pam and Russ, what does it cost to buy Smoke Signal Ads?

Hmmmm, maybe the heat has gotten to me.

Lou Teaches Stucco 6/14/17

Yesterday’s trip to Dayton to check the mail finds a neighborhood full of construction workers. Looked like a bunch of bee’s flying around. Of course, this is good news as progress is being made. However, I don’t see anyone at my house doing anything. I do learn however, the technique on which finish stucco is applied to a house. I guess living in the woods so long has hampered by knowledge of “applying stucco”. I always assumed that the finish coat was applied and after it dries, the painters apply the paint.


Apparently, the “Stucco Troops” mix the color of the house right into the stucco and apply it from there. Makes sense, saves labor time and wages. There are about ten humans applying this mixture into the house. I didn’t stay the entire time they were applying stucco, but, my guess is they get the entire house done in less than half a day.

Although there was a lot of work going on, I didn’t see anything going on at 99 Willamette Way. Mild disappointment, but nothing to lose any sleep over. I spend the rest of the day at home (Virginia City) bored out of my gourd. Thank goodness the ball game came on at 4:30 pm taking the rest of my evening out of bored mode. Yes, the Giants won. Tonights game, the opposite. Anyway, off to bed.

Today I needed to return to Downieville to tie up some loose ends. Specifically to visit the Postmaster in Goodyears Bar to check my mail and to close out Box 22. Yet, another emotional moment. I know, Really? It’s been a good Post Office Box, what can I say? From there to Donna and Clint Hayes’ place to drop off a couple of things Donna has been wanting to steal from me since I sold the house. (Check your front door). They were not home, left them on the front steps. As I was leaving the neighborhood, I ran into young John Ponta. Had a great visit. Time running short, so I couldn’t stop at 522 Old Toll Bridge Rd to visit the new owners, Lori and Paul. Sorry guys, next trip. I had an 11:30am appointment at the Downieville Day Spa to have the locks lopped.

I arrive at the Day Spa and was greeted by awesome “Haircut Kathy” Fisher and “Klip’m Kristy” Folsom. Also sitting in the waiting chair is young John Funk (91 years old). John was my boss at the Golden Rays Transportation. No, he doesn’t know what retirement is either. John holds the record for being flown out of the canyon by medical helicopter. Six times in the last twelve months. John has a pacemaker and it seems to work well……he is still with us and sharp as a tack. The man is amazing, he walks to town, about a mile one-way, every morning to have coffee with “the guys” at Downieville Grocery. I guess the caffeine gets him home. Anyway, John and I started at the Golden Rays at the same time and become wonderful friends. Without a doubt, one of the nicest fellows you will ever meet. Wow! got sidetracked with that one. Kathy does a perfect job on the hair, as always and we are done. My stomach tells me it’s lunch time. I ask John to join me. He jumps up and is ready to go.

Off to the Two Rivers Cafe/Pizza parlor to dine. We both have the chicken salad. Folks, when in Downieville, you must stop by this place to try this salad. It is amazing! Head Chef, Solomon prepares this to perfection and adds an amazing balsamic dressing to make it one of the best I have ever had. Feel free to drop my name and share this review with him. Great food on the menu if your not into salads. Anyway.

I’ am wearing my “I’ am Not Insane, My Mother Had Me Tested” shirt which got the attention of several high school students having lunch also. They laughed and gave their approval of this fine article of clothing. After lunch I sit on the “DP” bench and visit with Sam White. Sam is one of the folks going on the Celtic Thunder Cruise. We catch up and it’s time for me to continue on my journey. I stop at the Courthouse to take care of the some paperwork dealing with my medical insurance. Off to stop in on Joyce White. It seems she has a house full of visitor’s, so I continue on. Stop by Mrs. Clemo’s to drop off a couple of plastic bags. She collects plastic bags, ask her. She is not home, so I leave them at her door step. On to the Marcantonio estate to drop of a DVD series of Italy. Vi and Mary not home. I leave it on their doorstep. Time to hit the road. I’ am about half way home and realize it is supposed to rain Thursday night and Friday. Geez, what was I thinking? Should have left the DVD under shelter. Well, hopefully my friend Jan Hamilton reads this before it rains and maybe, she might stop by the estate before it rains and put it indoors. If not, I’ll call her.

Need to stop at WINCO on the way home and get a few groceries. Done. I’ am starving…it’s 5 pm. The closest “fine eatery” on the way is Carl’s Jr. Stop and enjoy a healthy charbroiled chicken sandwich. Onward to Virginia City. Realize when I get home, I should go check the mail. The mailbox “cluster” is right across the street from the new house. I pull in and am shocked at what I see. The finish coat of stucco is on, the garage doors have been installed. My goodness, what a pleasant surprise! The “worker bee’s” are just packing up to leave for the night. I think, hmm, if I stall for a few minutes, maybe I can sneak inside the house. I begin reading my mail until they leave. I pull up to the house and get out. Sure hope the house is not locked. front door and Shazam! Unlocked! I walk in to find, much to my amazement, the texture has been applied, all of the interior doors installed, all of the trim applied, all of the baseboard applied! Wow! less than 24 hours and all of this done! Wow! I walk throughout the house and the garage and find the floors clean. Hmmm, what could be next? Well, being the well trained police officer, I thought, let’s take a look at the house next door and across the street and see what comes next. Those two house were started about the same time as mine. I walk in to find all of the cabinets installed and all of the tile installed on the floors, the walls painted. You do the math, I can see cabinets, tile and walls painted very, very soon. I’ am a very happy camper!

I return home to Virginia City feeling very hopeful that maybe the ol house might get done sooner. Stay tuned.

Lou & His NDL Fun 6/7/17

Well, I was going to take a break for a few days with these, but, had to share the last couple of days before the memory gets lost.

I did not get my Nevada driver’s license on Friday as planned. Apparently I had the wrong birth certificate. So, I get to go back on the 14th. It wouldn’t have been so bad had she had a little more customer service in her contact with me. I was going to ask her if she was trained in California. But, I thought better not. She would have probably “blacklisted” from the office. Not kidding, she was not nice at all. Anyway.

On to Downieville for the yearly Downieville School musical/comedy/play. Arrived in time for dinner at the Two Rivers Pizza Parlor. (it’s all about the food!) Had a great dinner then off to the play. This years play was titled, WHEN IN ROME. I will not get into the details, but it was “side-busting” funny. I just love how all of the students get involved with this event. I was especially surprised to see two “players” on stage. If you had told me six months ago that Hunter Davey and Arroyo Campbell were in the play, much less main characters I would have said, right. They were superb! Hunter played Brudis, a part made especially to fit him. Great job Hunter! Now, those of you who know Arroyo know that he can be a little shy and once vowed to me personally that he would never be in a play. Well, one should never say never. He played Altilis, the highest senator with a trick up his sleeve. He was flawless! Great job Arroyo! The character, Verbalina (the name speaks for itself) was played by Esmeralda Nevarez. She nailed it! Esmeralda, you were fantastic! I was a bit taken back by Aaron Foster’s amazing talent. He too, can be a bit quiet. He played Messenger, who ran messages for the Princess and Altilis. Aaron, your dance moves were the best! Ramon Nevarea played Minimus (but goes by Mini). Ramon has really improved the last year. He played a perfect part. And then there is Rosendo, Rosendo, Rosendo. Rosendo Marquez seems like he has been acting since he was three years old. He played Gladius, (pronounced Gladis) As expected, he did a perfect job. Not kidding folks, if this young man decided to continue his acting you will be seeing his name on the “big screen”. He tells me this is not what he wants to do as a career. I hope he continues in college and maybe he might change his mind. Great job Rosendo! And as always, all the actors this year did a fantastic job! Eliane Campbell, don’t ever loose that smile. That is one of the things I look forward seeing whenever I come back to Downieville. So, if anyone of you happen to be in Downieville when this annual event takes place…..SEE IT! Of course, none of this would happen if not for Lynn Fillo. She is the Drama/English/Other duties as assigned teacher. She puts 110% into this event every year. Thank you Lynn. Still not too late for the Celtic Thunder Cruise. They are offering incentives! (lol)

So, I drove back to Virginia City after the play. Arrived at 1:30 am and straight to bed. Next morning I decide to take a shorter walk than usual as I figured I had not better over do it. I notice town is humming a little louder and earlier than normal. I learn there is a “running” event taking place this day. Apparently this happens yearly. Some sort of running competition. Well, I know I’ am not going to fit in to this thing so I skirt the main event and avoid the participants. I notice it seems to be a little overcast and the humidity is higher and the temperature is a little higher for this time of morning. I continue. As I round the curve on the north end of “C” street, I meet a runner going in the opposite direction. She stops me and says, “your going the wrong direction”. I assure her that in fact, I’ am not. I explain to her that I’ am allergic to running. She looks at me funny. I explain to her that running make me hurt and I’ am allergic to pain. (if she had seen me the day before, she would have known that). She laughed and continued to run.

Again, I have mentioned before, one could see something different walking different directions each day. This day was no different, I walk down from “C” street and found a yard full of blooming poppies. I had never noticed that before. What a beautiful yard. (photos below). I continue walking home and call it a day.

This morning I start out and notice the “HOSS” family grazing on the lot next to my house. The Hoss family would be Wilbur, Maybelle, and little Flo. I notice Little Flo walk my direction and shake her head at me, as if to say, Good Morning. As she is walking I notice she is favoring her left rear leg. I look and it appears be be swollen. I hope she is okay. Maybe it happened while she was “horse playing”. Stay tuned. I continue with my walk and notice that town is very quiet. A walk up “C” street brings an occasional tourist, but very quiet otherwise. I continue to the lower end of town and notice the “CARTWRITE” family grazing in a lot below St. Mary’s In The Mountains. That would be Daddy Frank, Hermosa Little Herb, along with Henrietta, Patty, Gilmore and Hank and Aunt Gerti. They all seem to be fine and give me a snort as I pass. I decide it’s time to head home and get today’s chores done. Sunday is laundry day.

I know when the day is starting. As I’ am writing this the first blow of the Virginia-Truckee whistle sounds.

Lou’s Not Crazy…. 5/31/17

I would like all of you to meet Wilbur, Maybelle, Little Flo and family. We see each other daily. “No Horsing Around”. Sorry, just had too.
When you all come to Virginia City, I’ ll introduce you all.
Horse Dodger Lou









As I lie in bed this morning sleeping, I hear a train whistle blowing along with a trains bell ringing. I think, gee, must be having a dream. The sound is so relaxing. I then realize, you moron, I’ am not dreaming! That IS a trains whistle and bell. Then I think, oh my, Liz Fisher must be right. I have imaginary friends, I must be imagining all of this. The whistle blows and the bell rings again. Okay, I’ am not crazy, my mother had me tested. (Thank you Sheldon)

I decide to get out of bed and investigate further. As I open the door, I hear the click clack of a train just below my house. I walk to the roads edge and see the old Virginia-Truckee engine hooking up to the passenger cars. Engine and Passenger Cars are those that have been restored from the “Comstock” era. I could see the engineer instructing the crew on what to do, all with a smile on his face. I feel better, I’ am not crazy. Back to the house for breakfast. (It’s All About The Food!)

While walking back to the house, I hear the bells toll from the “St. Mary’s In The Mountians”. I feel as though I have stepped back 150 years.

After breakfast, I prepare for my morning walk. I decide to take the “Virginia-Truckee” walk, which consists of walking past the train and the train station. As I walk past the train station I see folks of all ages milling around. I see children jumping with excitement and their parents trying to restrain their own excitement. I find that, I too, am getting excited. Restrain yourself, I think. Oh, why not. So I find jumping like a child at the train station causes concern from parents and train folk alike. Not to mention goofy looks from the children. Oh, what the heck, I think. I look back at those who look at me with a cocked eye, with my “Get A Life” look. Come on folks, Old farts can act like a kid too! I continue my walk.

Today is really no different than any other, other than the fact that the wild horses seem to be excited too. I realize that they must be looking forward to Virginia-Truckee starting it’s summer season today. They hang around the tracks and seem to be anxious for the train to begin it’s journey down through Gold Hill and on to the Carson City station. I see Wilbur, Marybelle and Little Flo milling around the train. I can see that both parents are showing Little Flo “the ropes” of what to do and what not to do. Little Flo observing the entire time and showing a tremendous amount of excitement. The whistle blows and the steam spews from the stack and the train begins it’s first trip this season. All the while, Wilbur, Marybelle and Little Flo following. I continue on my walk.

I see an unusual amount of dog and bird activity as I walk. I assume they too, are excited over the official start of summer and the first trip of the Virginia-Truckee. I have to tell you, I have never seen so many Quail as I have seen here in Virginia City. And FAT! My goodness. I continue and make it to “C” Street without having a heart attack. As I’ am walking south on “C” Street, I notice all of the gas street lights have two banners on each post. Each banner is honoring a person from Virginia City who is or has served our military. The banners dating all the way back to the Civil War. Some of these fine people are still serving our country and some were lost in combat. Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Gulf Wars. What an amazing salute to all of those who have served our country! As I walk down the street and look at each banner, along with the business folks scurrying around, I could see that this town takes Memorial Day VERY serious. I learn along the way that there will be a parade at noon to honor those who served. Well, I had better get back home to get ready for this celebration. This is one that I don’t want to miss.

So, if you all think you can get here in time, come join the celebration! I’ am!

No, I’ am not crazy, my mother had me tested! – Lou

Lou is Back (online anyway) 5/24/17

Okay Folks,  After 10 days without internet, I’m back on-line. DISHNETWORK is no longer my friend. Long and expensive story. Non-the-less, I’ am back and ready to share this crazy move. Can you say STRESS? Not to worry, it’s over until August. Oh boy, get to do it again! It will be done differently in August. Anyway.

I’ am now a resident of Nevada, officially! As promised, I told most of you that I would be sharing my new address(s) once I get here. Address(s), you ask? Yep. Here is how it is going to work. I’ am renting an apartment in Virginia City from friends Pam and Russ Brandon. Pam is originally from Downieville back when gold was discovered. (sorry Pam, it’s your turn now). So, Pam offered one of their rentals to me while the house in Dayton is being built. It’s on a quiet street on the south end of town. The only traffic is a occiasional car and herds of wild horses. Oh, and once in awhile a deer. In fact, on Saturday it was so nice outside, I brought my chair out in the front yard. As I was sitting there, Wilbur, Maybelle, Aunt Hilda and little Flo came up the street grazing on the green grass near the front yard. I took some photo’s of the brood as they ate breakfast. Little Flo, I’ am sure, is just a young’n as she is still wobbly on her feet.

So, just thought I would share some thoughts of Virginia City as you all uggg. Similar to Downieville, but a little smaller. As some of you know, I walk in the morning fairly early. As I walk around town there is a quiet hum as the business’ are getting ready to open up. I waive as some folks are leaving for work in other towns. I’ am sure they are friendly folk as they waive with all their fingers. The birds are are scurrying getting themselves fed and the occasional herd of horses grazing about not worrying about this crazy human walking about. Every few houses, I’ am greeted by a bark from a dog and a wagging tail. They seem to be happy as I can see they are smiling as I walk past. The town is very quiet until the top of the hour when the bells toll from St. Mary’s In The Mountian Catholic church indicating the time. What a beautiful sound. It really does take you back to that time.

I have found that the 6000 foot elevation makes a huge difference while I walk. Especially walking UP the street/hill. I got a phone call the other day as I walked up the hill near Pam and Russ’ place. The caller wanted to know if I needed 9-1-1 as I was huffing and puffing unable to talk. Obviously I made it, but I need to pace myself.

I really enjoy taking a close look at the old Victorians as I walk past. It’s funny how different the places look walking in each direction. When you all come to visit, I would recommend doing a slow walk around town to enjoy the sights. Like Downieville, there is so much history preserved here. I’ am sure I haven’t even seen half of it. Again, come spend some time, maybe a day or two and really take in the sights. The Fourth Ward School has been preserved and is worth viewing. As are many of the old homes/mansions of the day. Maybe sometime before August, we can organize a overnight trip for all of you to come a take a tour of the area. I’ am sure Pam might be willing to act as tour guide. (sorry Pam, don’t raise the rent) Just keep in mind, Monday’s are not good as Pam has to get her order in for the Hardware store. Don’t you just love how I wrangled Pam into this one? She will probably evicted me. So, you all let me know and I will see what we can do to pull this off.

Speaking of things to do, You all should mark your calendar’s for Saturday, September 30th. I plan on having a Celtic Thunder/Housewarming party that day. Might be fun to plan on spending the night (not at my place) and making a weekend of Celtic Thunder’s new CD/DVD and maybe touring Carson City or Virginia City, or whatever. I will send out more details as September approaches. Stay Tuned!

Speaking of Celtic Thunder. There is still room on the ship/cruise/boat in November.

So, the brain is beginning to slip a little. Therefore, it is time to quit Blah, Blah, Blahing and take a break. You have the important stuff. It’s up to you now. I want to hear from you’all.

I’m so happy I have internet again!!!!!!

Mrs. Clemo, can you make sure Mrs. Seley gets a copy of this email? Or she’ll have a cow.

Ms. White and Mr. Funk, we need to talk about your days. Let me know.

Jim Johnston, keep buying those scratchers. We don’t want Cassie going out of business.

And Niles Bosworth, be nice to your mother. She brought you into this world, she can take you out.Just say’n.

Kyle, Niles, Sara and Barbara, thank you for your amazing help moving. Your all awesome!

Everyone that was at my “little” party in April, Thank you all!

Darcy, Joyce and Granny, Your the best! Thanks for all that work! Amazing!

Okay enough. Will see you all very soon.

“Horse Dodger Lou”

Celtic Winner w/Lou 3/8/17

As most of you know, Celtic Thunder is cruising this November. They are offering a “Win a trip for two” on the cruise. If you are already booked and win, your money will be refunded. If you have not entered yet, you can go to Celtic Thunder Cruise and enter the drawing. The winner of the drawing will be announced on March 17th on the 10am segment of the TODAY show. And yes, The boys will be perform too! Don’t miss out on a great cruise with great people, great entertainment, great ports of call and yes, no snow! 5 inches in Goodyears Bar this morning. This and 78+ inches of rain since January 1st. I know I’m ready for Florida! Celtic Thunder Cruise  Lou The Sun Dog

Irish Cruise Update 12/14/16

Okay folks,  I know it’s 11 months away, but one has to plan early to get good room. So, here’s the deal: Rooms start at $699 per person and go up to $2500 per person.

Five beautiful nights on the Caribbean sailing with a bunch of crazy Irishmen and want-to-be Irishmen. Eating all the food you want. (Frank Lang, please ignore that last one). Meeting all kinds of wonderful humans.

So, Judy and Pat have already booked. Don’t “Dilly-Dally”, Judy has informed me the ship is smaller than the last two we were on. I assume this will book fairly fast.

Haven’t heard from Mary and John Mann, from Australia, yet. I assume Mary has “Pig-Piled” John in an attempt to talk him into going. Stay tuned.

I have four other Downieville folks who are interested and will probably join us. Don’t miss the fun folks, you won’t regret this cruise!!!

Lou The Entertainment Sheal

Celtic Crazies w/Lou 11/16/16

Well Folks, Another Celtic Thunder concert and this time in Reno Nevada. We had 31 humans from all over northern California converge with us in Reno for an absolute amazing concert. Just thought I would take some time and share with all of you what you missed this weekend.

Friday November, 11th. Downieville participated in the Veteran’s Day celebration and parade. Was such a moving event and I thought of my father many times throughout the ceremony. A Veterans parade went from the bell tower to the community hall for a catered lunch. Well attended with Veteran’s from western Sierra County along with Veteran’s from Loyalton and the eastside of the county.

Everyone loaded into the vans and began our trek to Reno. Arriving at 3 pm at the Nugget Resort in Sparks. Met with a line that extended about 100 to 150 yards to registration. I decided quickly that we would never make registration by the time we had to head to the Silver Legacy. So, we loaded everyone back into the vans a drove to the Legacy where we met with others in the line for Flavors Buffet. Now, before we continue let me remind all of you this is a Celtic Thunder concert. Therefore everyone must “Put Your Irish On”. Betty Jo Murphy (Lang), you would be proud. We represented Ireland in the very best way. In that regard, let me share with all of the players of this celebration. Attendee’s were as follows:

Donna and Dan McNamera, Joyce “Frontseat Joyce” McWhite, Barbara McSeley
Gail O’Clemo, Marci and Mike McMatulich, Carol McMarshall, Barbara and Brian Jamison – Direct descendant of Jamison’s distillery – Dublin, IE, Linda and Jack McMarshall
Joyce “Honeybuns” O’Felix, Susie McWilliams, John McFunk, Doris O’Carpenter, Arlene McMonjor, Mary and Charles McErvin and son David, Autumn, Ayla and Avery O’Foxworthy, Sam McWhite, Petra O’Hallman, Joyce “Backseat Joyce” O’Decheccio

So, as you can see, Sierra County represented Ireland well. So, on to dinner. Some said it was better than expected. I thought it was fine, fine, fine. Now, As some of you were aware, an extra ticket to the “Meet and Greet” and the show was purchased. One lucky person in the group would have chance to win the ticket. During dinner I put tickets into a hat and asked one of the Buffet staff to draw a ticket. Sam McWhite’s name was drawn however, he was too modest to accept the prize and asked another ticket to be drawn. So we did. The second ticket drawn was Joyce O’Decheccio. Her excitement was overwhelming and she had to be restrained. (she didn’t even realize she had won). So, off we went to a room near the showroom for our Meet and Greet event. 50 seats were reserved and about 45 humans showed up. David Munro, Musical Director for Celtic Thunder greet us and explained how the time in the meet and greet would go. He introduced the oldest member and the newest member of Celtic Thunder……Ryan Kelly and Michael O’Dwyer. Many questions by the audience including one person asking, would there be another Celtic Thunder Cruise. The Director of Celtic Thunder Events was present in the room. David direct the question to her and here is what she said. It takes 18 to 24 months to organize a cruise. Therefore, there won’t be a cruise in the first part of 2017. Hummmm. What is this? a tease? Could there be a cruise in 2017. Guess we will have to wait. Stay tuned. Her smile while she was telling this was telling. Again, stay tuned.

Another question was, have they considered doing a concert with Celtic Women? They all looked at each other like, “hum, why didn’t we think of that?” Could it be something in the future? Stay tuned. There was a lot of conversation with the boys about their career and background. All in all, it was fun being a part of this. After the questions, Joyce and I had our photos taken with Ryan and Michael and they signed our show tickets. Again, Joyce was beside herself with excitement. I handed her both tickets to keep. She cried. I couldn’t keep her quiet from that time on. I think she enjoyed the meet and greet. I have attached the photo of the meet and greet. Can you see the excitement?

We met with everyone else in the lobby of the showroom. I handed out the show tickets along with an Irish flag with instructions to waive the flag when the boys begin to sing “Ireland’s Call”. Time to head for our seats. Joyce and I are escorted to our second row seats. We turn around and look at the rest of the gang and think, Geez, their seats are better than ours. Our seats were behind a bunch of electrical equipment and we could hardly see the stage. Since we had extra seats, we chose to join the gang and abandoned our pricey ticket seats. The announcement is said to keep all cell phones off and not to photograph or record any of the show. The crowd goes wild and the show begins. As some of you know, Keith Harkin (Petra’s unofficial husband) left the group and Michael has stepped in. I could tell Petra was eyeing him with a very critical eye. I could tell she was thinking He had better be good. By the time he got to “Now we are free”, she was a blubbering idiot. When he began “Hallelujah” she had a puddle of tears below her seat and they had to call for a “wet/dry” vac for cleanup. I guess Michael passed the “Petra Test”. Whew!

Now, there is Damian. As you all know, Damian is quite handsome and as I have heard Mrs. O’Clemo say, “He has the most beautiful blue eyes” as drool dribbles down her chin. He come out and sings “Falling Slowly” which gets little Avery O’Foxworthy (6 years old) attention. she watches intently as he sings and leans over to tell her mother, “He is so handsome, I would kiss him”. Autumn tells me during the intermission that “Galway Girl” is the families favorite song. I guess that is why Ayla was jumping like a rabbit dancing all over during that song. It is a good one! However, that was nothing. You should have seen those girls go crazy during “A place in the choir”. I guess they like that one too.

Emmet comes on stage and sings “Danny Boy”. They had to call for the wet/dry vac for Donna McNamera’s area. Her entire front was wet with tears. I have to say, Emmet can really sing that one. Even brought a tear to my eye. That young man can sing. What a voice! It’s okay Donna, I think everyone in the room shed more than a tear or two.

During intermission I discover that the entire row in front of us was empty. I checked out the view and discover those seats are even better than ours. Arlene, Petra and I relocate to that row just in front of the McMarshall’s, Mrs. O’Clemo and Mrs. McSeley. The The show begins again. The boys begin to do “Seven Drunken Nights”. They have put a variation on this one that brought the house down. That Neil can really act. He can play the best drunk ever. Anyway, a real nice job on this one.

It’s time for Damian to do “Breaking up is Hard to Do”. He runs on to the stage as Neil and Ryan are leaving and asks them to stay to assist with background vocals for the song. Now, The background vocals are usually done by the girls. No girls in the band to do the job. Neil and Ryan try to explain that they are guys and can’t do the job. Damian hands them a blond and brunette wig and talks them into doing the vocals. He starts the song and the guys/girls do their vocals. Perfectly I might add. Again, brought the house down! What a bunch of nuts.

“Ireland’s Call” begins, I give the signal and we are off and running. We are all waiving our flags throughout the song. Emmet see’s us and acknowledges us. We become the attention of the others in the audience and they ALL raise their hands and began waiving to the song too! The crowd goes wild. And then it’s over. What a great night and it appears everyone in the group had a good time. It was a relief to see that no one was throwing undergarments onto the stage. An awesome end to an awesome evening!

Everyone off to enjoy the rest of the day and get ready for Saturday’s events. What a day.

Saturday morning I gather those who want to join in on a trivia game. Several came and participated. It was all Celtic Thunder trivia. There were three prizes so the top three winners would choose a prize. First place was Barbara McSeely. She chose a thermal Celtic Thunder mug. Second place was Suzie McWilliams. She chose a Celtic Thunder calendar. And third place was Gail O’Clemo. She got a Celtic Thunder Ball cap. Game over.

Time to head to Virginia City. Arriving at about 1pm. Met up with Charles and David McErvin at the Bucket of Blood saloon to partake in a Comstock Cowboy show. It starts at about 2pm and enjoy a wide variety of traditional western music. While there our friend Pam Brandon comes to join us. Pam is from Downieville and her mother is Marian Lavezzola Kinzler and her sister is Jan Hamilton. Pam has lived in Virginia City with her family for about 16 years. Joyce O’Dechiccio was last in Virginia City when she was about 9 years old and Sam McWhite has never been there. So, Pam offered to play tour guide and showed all of us the sights. What an enjoyable afternoon. Thanks Pam! Time to return to Reno.

Arriving back at the Nugget and off the to Gilley’s for dinner. “It’s all about the food”. Had a really good meal. Everything from Hamburgers to Prime Rib, Shrimp to Brisket. After dinner we tried to get Joyce “Honeybuns” O’Felix to ride the mechanical bull. She said she was afraid she would put all the youngsters to shame, so she would prefer to hit the Keno machine. There you have it.

Sunday everyone is on their own for breakfast then time to checkout an head home. I thinks it was another successful trip/event and no one ended up in jail. Until our next trip/event. Tah Dah.

Lou The Celtic Thunder Maniac

Las Vegas w/ Lou & Friends 10/12/16

Hi Folks,

For those who need reminding, this was the week a group of us traveled to Las Vegas to meet our friends Mary and John from Australia. When we arrived, we were greeted by both. Having a great visit with them!

While here we scheduled a show to see Celine Dion. Saw her last night. Let me try to discribe the show. POWERFUL, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, MOVING and so on. If any of you might even be thinking you might want to see her…….GO SEE HER SHOW!!!! Second to none! To date, the best show I’ve ever seen…….yes right up there with Celtic Thunder. I’m not kidding, go see the show. That women has the most amazing, powerful, solid voice I have ever heard. Everyone in the group agrees.

We just bought tickets to see the Righteous Brothers tonight. Stay tuned for our review on that show. Vi and Mary are going to see another show and they will give a review later.

By the way, our players on this trip are, Anonymous #1 and Anon. #2, Joyce White, Vi Marcantonio, Mary DeSanctis, Sam White and me. Anon #1 & #2 will be referred to as Barb and Gail. Just so you know. Anyway, Sam is our “Newbie” on the trip and so he gets to enjoy the craziness of this group. He handled it well so far. However, Security had to “pig-pile” him during the show last night as he tried to climb on stage with Celine. He quickly learned that that move wasn’t the best move of the night. He did enjoy the show though! Lots of food in Sin City, so duh……It’s all about the food! Having a great time. I’ll get back with another update as time allows. Hopefully. no one gets into too much trouble.
Stay Tuned.

Okay folks,  Last day of our adventure in Vegas. Updating yesterdays events; Sam, Gail, Barbara and I took the Monarail around the city. Had lunch at Johnny Rockets and the MGM. Boy, this city has grown since my last visit 25+ years ago.

Back to Bugsy’s place (aka The Flamingo) to meet and decide our next moves. Did some shopping. John suggested we attended a free show with an Elvis impersonator. We arrived and found they cancelled that days show. Off to buy our tickets for the shows. Got some really good tickets for our shows. Vi and Mary got tickets for “The Million Dollar Quartet” show and Joyce, Sam, Barb, Gail and I got tickets to see the Righteous Brothers with Bucky Heard and Bill Medley. Our show was at 6pm and Vi and Mary’s show at 8pm.

Off to our show. Really good seats. The show started with a bang. Gail jumped a foot off her seat. Was really loud. They could have turned the volume down. But, other than that, it was a good show. Bill invited a guy up from the audience and introduce him. Can’t remember his first name, but last name was Graham. He is one who placed first on America’s Got Talent. He and Bill Medley’s daughter sang a beautiful duet. Really nice.

After the show we met up with John and Mary and off we went to dinner. Nobody in this group can make a decision, so I chose Toby Keith’s. He is a huge country singer who has a restaurant in Harrahs. We had an amazing dinner. Really, really good food. Watched the GIANTS/METS game and listened to a live band. Real nice time.

After dinner, we met Vi and Mary after their show. They both came out with the biggest smiles. They said that was the best show ever. This show is a remake of the Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Elvis start. They said the performers were excellent! Spent the rest of the evening visiting and then off to beddy-by.

Today, breakfast (it’s all about the food) then off for photos in front of the giant pink flamingo. Everyone is off on their own while I do this update. For lunch, we are going to Giada’s at the Cromwell. Giada is on the FOOD network. I’ll share that experience later.

Now, for the serious bit of business. During yesterday’s tour, I received a telephone call from my Brother-in-law Mike. He was calling me to let me know that my sister, Marci was just involved in a very serious accident on Highway 25, between Hollister and Gilroy…Lou

Editor’s note: Lou wrote quite a bit more about his sister Marci but in the interests of Hippa I thought maybe it was a little too personal. I will tell you that she had some serious injuries is now doing well and will be enduring many months of serious rehab. 

Just wanted to let all of you know, we made it back home from Las Vegas without a hitch. It was a wonderful three days with our friends from Australia, Mary and John. It is always nice to catch up and share some “Celtic Thunder antics”. Mary and John assure us they are going to come of one of our Celtic Thunder parties in the future. Stay tuned. I’m still in awe over the Celine Dion Concert. Not kidding folks, it was stunning!!!!!!!

Museum with Lou 9/21/16





Apple Harvest with Lou 9/21/16

images-4You’re invited to a
Fall Harvest Celebration
Mark your calendar! Join us for a day in the orchards and pumpkin patches. We will be traveling to Apple Hill, leaving Downieville at 9am with the usual stop in Placerville for lunch. We are taking only one van this year, so you must let me know if you want to go as soon as possible. We have room for nine humans. You can call me or respond with an email: 530-289-3341/
Where: Apple Hill
When: Monday, October 10, 2016
Time: Leaving Downieville at 9am sharp

Food With Lou 9/4/16

Grizzley Food With Lou 9/7/16
Okay folks, it’s time to fire up the appetite!

Last month I was kidnapped by two crazy women on my birthday and taken out to dinner. These suspects, who always wish to remain anonymous, but for story telling purposes, we’ll call them Gail and Barbara, made me drive them to downtown Blairsden, California. I was directed to drive into the parking lot of the Grizzly Grill. Yes, the famous Grizzly Grill where the motto is: “What Happens Here, Gets All Over Town”.

Of course, the folks there were expecting us and we were seated near the kitchen. Our server was very prompt and explained the special of the day. Gail ordered the shrimp scampi, Barb ordered the pot roast and I ordered the rib eye steak. (It was my birthday, deal with it). Salad came, was delicious. Main meal came, Gail said it was the best shrimp scampi ever. She seemed to think she was served more shrimp than usual. Must have been the three Long-Island Iced tea’s. Barb said her pot roast was very tender and was filled with amazing flavor. It’s amazing what one thinks of the food when they have had four gin and tonic’s. I, of course, was the DD, so all I got was regular ice tea. Anyway, the meal really was exceptional!

With that being said, I think its time for everyone to experience the wonderful food at the Grizzly Grill. Here is the “low-down”, Friday, September 9th. Will leave Downieville at 4:00pm for a 5:30pm dinner reservation. They serve Prime Rib on Friday. So, you know what I’m having. You must let me know if you are going before Wednesday, September 7th.

Now, it takes us about an hour to get there from Downieville. So, those of you who live in Reno (Kathy and Bob Matulich), it too, will take only an hour to get there. So, no lame stories. To view the menu, or get the address, you can go to Grizzley Grill Restaurant– 530-836-1300 to get that information. Remember, let me know before Wednesday the 7th and if you want to ride on the van(s). See you, Lou the Foodie

Las Vegas with Lou 8/24/16

Okay Folks,- As some of you know, when Joyce and I went on our Celtic Thunder cruises, we met Mary and John from Melbourne, Australia. Well, they are coming to America to visit their daughter in New York and of course, to go see Celtic Thunder. On their trip back to Melbourne, they will be stopping in Las Vegas for almost a week. So, wouldn’t it be fun to meet Melbourne’s most awesome residents? In conversing with Mary she has informed me that she and John will be going to see Celine Dion perform at Cesar’s on Tuesday, October 4th. Of course, who wouldn’t want to see Celine? The old cranium kicked into gear and here is what I have come up with:

1. Checked with Southwest Airlines and found a roundtrip flight from Reno, NV to Las Vegas, NV, plus two nights at the Flamingo (which is where Mary and John are staying) for $250.00 package deal.

2. Checked on tickets to see Celine on October 4th. They start at $55.00 per person (nosebleed seats) and go up to $500.00 per person (front row seats) There seems to be plenty of tickets at the moment for every level. Of course, middle of the showroom is $95 to $195.00 per person.

So, what do you think? Las Vegas, Mary and John Mann from Australia and Celine Dion, how can you go wrong!  Let me know, Lou the Planner

Celtic Thunder w/Lou 3/30/16

Just wanted to update those of you who may be thinking about going to CELTIC THUNDER on November 11th. I have twenty-six (26) humans signed up for tickets. I know, I’m just as shocked as you are. So, if you would kindly shoot off an email, or call me to let me know if you are thinking about going. I won’t start accepting your money until the first of July if you are thinking this is just too soon to plan. If we go over 30 seats, I just have to let the Silver Legacy know so I can get more seats. I need to secure those before April 3rd.







Cowboy Poets w/Lou 3/2/16

Okay folks,

Here’s the low down on this years Cowboy Poetry Show in downtown Vinton. If you are going and want to ride on the van, we are departing the Senior Center at 3:45pm sharp on Saturday March 19th. We will be dining at the 5pm seating and stay for the show following dinner.

You must get your check in the mail by the end of the week if you want to sit with our group. Otherwise, you may be sitting with Homer and Hilda.

The food is always great….Home cooked… is the show. Be sure to let me know if you are riding on the van. More info here…. Cowboy Poetry


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