Wednesday December 13, 2017

Want to find a way to contribute to our community,?Stepping up and volunteering to serve on the Sierra County Grand Jury is a great way to help keep our county healthy and the best it can be… the 2016-17 Grand Jury has only a feel months left and yet due to illness and other personal matters a few of the original members have had to step down and the quorum necessary to conduct business is endangered. Now is a good time to help out and discover the inside workings of your local government. Please call 289-3698 or go here

Sierra City Community  Christmas Party Saturday, December 16, 2017 at 6 p.m.
Sierra City Community Hall Potluck, carol singing, Christmas Pageant and a special visitor, yes, you guessed… Santa Claus!!!  Turkeys, Ham, Punch and Bread Provided. You bring your favorite main dish, side dish,  salad or dessert. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Sponsored by Sierra City Fire Department Auxiliary and Sierra City Methodist Church

On the second longest Night of the Year Come and Enjoy Carols and Candlelight
in the Mountains Friday Evening, December 22, 2017 7:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sierra City Community Church

All Sierra County Solid Waste Collection Sites ~ Alleghany, Ramshorn, Sierra City,
Sattley, and Loyalton~ will be closed for upcoming holidays. Additional Comments:
Sierra County Solid Waste Sites – Upcoming Holiday Closures.

We have agreement from all four candidates Congressional candidates for a forum. Tuesday, January 16, 2018  at 6 pm. in Sierraville at the old school. Please mark your calendar!

Speaking of volunteering, Downieville VFD would like to talk to you about becoming a volunteer. Don’t think you are too old, too young, or unskilled, volunteers are the most treasured in Sierra County, and the skills you’ll learn and the camaraderie of working with friends and neighbors is priceless, so give us a call at 289-3333 to find out when the next training meeting is, every week, you can start anytime or give Chief Lozano an email at, we want to hear from you and volunteer together.

Thinking of my brother today, his birthday was December 8th, and he would have been 80. So it is the 2nd night of Chanukah and I miss his Chanukah card which he faithfully sent me every year, he was a good brother. (well I spoke too soon, I just opened a message from my niece Princess Caroline, a Chanukah song with puppies) Happy Chanukah all!

Tom Hastings, Winslow Myers, Lawrence Wittner, Mel Gurtov have words this week, so much better than mine in terms of getting to the core of the issues. I must say Alabama is my hero this week, I knew some good things come out of Alabama… where I was stationed in the WAC, I met my children’s father and my oldest son was born there and he has turned out wonderfully. But what I meant to say was read Carol’s Movies, Weekly Warrior and all the other local news and events and continue to have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season.

The photo this week was taken by Mary Davey and has a great shot of the Bear on the Buttes, enjoy.

Wednesday December 6, 2017

Mark your calendars for Saturday December 16th for the Sierra City Community Christmas Potluck and Children’s Nativity Scene. Santa Claus has promised to once again attend.  Turkey and ham will be provided, bring a dish to share.

If you are looking for road information and/or what roads are not being plowed in Sierra County click on the link.

So, I’m taking a deep breath this week and trying to pretend everything is okay. We all know it isn’t, but then sometimes it is good to take a break and just think for a minute of what can we do to make things better. There is no easy solution. It is apparent the current political makeup of our representatives is not good for the middle income, poverty stricken, elderly and the young starting out. Women have taken a giant step in taking charge of their lives in the workplace and it seems it would be good for everyone to learn how stepping up, speaking out and listening to what our politicians say would be a good thing and understanding what they mean and how it will affect us is critical. Because we are told something will be good for us doesn’t insure it will be,  I guess paying attention to who someone is buddies with is important, if all your friends are rich and greedy what does that say about you…. more importantly him…. darn it … where is that deep breath. get involved, make sure you are registered to vote, pass a petition around, gather people and plan some action, whatever we do we cannot continue to be passive as we (we being American citizens) walk compliantly down this road to ruin of the American way of life.

The photo this week caught my eye and I was given permission by professional photographer Jillian Mildred Singleton to publish it.  This link will take you to articles published this week

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Holiday on Main at the Downieville Community Hall is this Saturday, Santa will be coming around noon, lots of food, vendors, fun and then before you go home see the performances at the Yuba Theatre and Bake Goods Auction, which benefits the Artists in School program, starts at 5pm  this Saturday, December 2. Don’t miss it.  “The Christmas Carol” performed by Downieville students is showing on Saturday, December 2nd at 5:00pm in the Yuba Theatre.

Don’t forget the Annual Pet Parade at the Downieville Firehouse at 12 noon sponsored by the Sierra County Animal Relief Fund (SCARF)

Big changes in Social Security coming in 2018. Click the link for more information.

Need a wonderful friend? Here are some wonderful friends that need you.

Listening to the President of the United States of America talking to Native American Veterans about their unique contribution in WWII as “Codetalkers” and in this ceremony honoring Veterans he chose to take a moment to make disparaging remarks about Senator Elizabeth Warren… WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM?? Omg… words can’t say… he’s just disgusting, I am so ashamed of his representation of the USA. Okay, but is his real motive in playing the idiot to defer attention from the real damage to all of us… for instance, when Richard Cordray Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau resigned on Friday, the agency’s Chief of Staff Leandra English, was appointed Deputy Director, a natural and wise chain of knowledge. The position requires confirmation by the Senate, however Trump immediately thwarted the due process and appointed his own lackey, Mick Mulvaney, being more interested in pleasing lobbyists for the banking industry. it is apparent time after time that Trump is only interested in dismantling our government which was developed for “of the people, by the people, for the people”, to a government favoring the wealthy and the rest of us be damned. He himself personally has taken the position it is smart to declare bankruptcy to save his money rather than pay contractors, small business owners and laborers their rightful due. Please don’t listen to his words, although hard to ignore, but watch what he is doing to our country, he is doing away with all protection for the “common man”. Too tRUMP we are all “losers” and don’t deserve protection from people like him. We need to protect ourselves before it is too late.

So, read our columnists Tom Hastings, Robert Koehler, Kary Love and Kathy Kelly to try and make sense of the times…oh these times….. Carrie’s Corner, Be Encouraged, Carol’s Movies, news, events and things to do this week. This weekend will be fun in Downieville so lets get light and smile for a day.

The photo this week is by New Your Times photographer Tiffany Brown and depicts the loveliness of our Lakes Basin area. It was in the article about the San Francisco Opera Girls of the Golden West.

Bear, Darby, USFS 11/22/17

Who? Me?

Darby is out sick with the flu, to stay home doctors orders till at least Monday…but that did not stop him from answering the door and helping the Forest Service chap that is staying in the barracks last night.

In the middle of watching a scary crime drama late last night, we were startled by a loud very rapid banging on our door…Darby peeked through the drape and noticed the Forest Service worker standing outside our door holding a small hammer.

The bear had broken in the back door of the barracks and was tearing up the kitchen. Darby sick, still chugged out, grabbed his shotgun out of his patrol car and off the two went…they entered the kitchen only slightly torn up and the bear exited out the rear door….the one scared, hammer holding Forest Service worker went around the building to make sure a second door was open so the bear could exit all the way…as the bear did.

Fun times! Hungry Bear!

Wednesday November 15, 2017

Caltrans is alerting motorists that the National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch in the Northern California area for Wednesday through Friday.. The storm is forecast to include heavy valley rains, high winds and up to 12 inches of snowfall at the higher elevations, including Donner and Echo Summit passes.

This is a great article about the (click here> Girls of the Golden West opera in San Francisco, good for Sierra County, looking forward to more visitors and tourists. It would be nice if we could get parts or all of the performance at the Yuba Theatre in Downieville, let’s work on it happening.

Gosh, I must really be turning into a little old lady. A while back I complained about car ads demonstrating totally irresponsible reckless driving on roads, kinda saying you can drive anyway you want with new technology and you still won’t kill a deer (or child) crossing the road. So it is before the holidays and Victoria Secrets new lingerie ads are irritating me, young women dressed in skimpy lingerie are depicted in sexual poses inside a residence and outside on the porch. It isn’t just VS, but perfume and jewelry and music… In today’s climate of accusations of sexual assault, rape and harassment it seems even more inappropriate than usual. Soft porn on network television, You know the advertising business needs to get “woke”. Hillary Clinton is a excellent example of what happens to a professional woman dressing in a professional way, she was constantly ridiculed for her pantsuits (and still is I might add). The news programs on television are interesting, the difference in the male and female reporters attire is striking and shoes…OMG… women’s heels are designed to accent sexual posture and think of all the back, feet, knee, hip problems as they age. I want to look pretty too, but there has to be some fairness to women and how they’re presented, children see these ads too, especially today with the advent of recording shows to watch during the day. … OK, finished with this rant, on to politics. Someone please tell t-RUMP to resign in a orderly fashion to save himself from self destruction, it may be too late for him, but not for us. Gadzooks, listened to his press conference today about his Asian trip…. apparently it was all about him, he started out trying to be gracious but then it all turned to his wonderful being.. blah blah blah .. lots of self praise and no substance, poor fool or is it poor us.

Mel Gurtov words on Congress, Patrick Hiller, Lisa Fuller and Robert Koehler provide our brain food this week, don’t miss out. Carrie’s Corner, Carol’s Movies, holiday happenings, places to go, things to do and lots of local news here for your reading pleasure. The Mountain Messenger is featuring a contest of sorts, be the first one to pick up the phone and see what awaits you as a new subscriber, remember Don loves subscriber is the key.

The photo this week was absolutely taken by Lee Adams at Haskell Peak while cutting Christmas Trees for the Downieville Lions Club and we are beginning to live in our winter wonderland of Sierra County,

Wednesday November 8, 2017

Happy Birthday John Evans, Frank Lang, Donna McNamara, Don McIntosh, and Beth Fisher, I should pay more attention to the Lion’s Club Community Birthday Calendar and let everyone get more presents. It’s good to give and get birthday presents… just saying….

All Sierra County Solid Waste Collection Sites (Alleghany, Ramshorn, Sierra City, Sattley, and Loyalton) will be closed on Saturday, November 11, 2017 in observance of Veterans Day. Questions should be directed to the Dept. of Public Works at 289-3201.

What can we do? “We” is not only us but all of humanity facing the greatest threat of all to our lovely planet. There is an answer in Kary Love’s column this week, and no it isn’t about t-RUMP, although I have to say he is bringing this threat closer to fruition. If all of humanity could come together of this looming threat we might be able to understand how to end our less lethal issues and reach the ultimate goal of Peace on Earth…. imagine how happy G-d would be.

So we have a myriad of Misdemeanor violators in Sierra County according to this “While the Humane Society of the United States cautions against feeding wild animals in just about every other capacity, feeding birds and squirrels in your own backyard is generally harmless. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get legally dinged for setting out a bird feeder.” Yep feeding birds, squirrels, raccoons and any wildlife can get you a Misdemeanor arrest. So all you people out there better rethink what you’re doing, take it from one who now knows, so if you know of someone  who’s doing this apparently it is acceptable to rat out your neighbor.

Mel Gurtov, Kary Love, Winslow Meyers. Rob Okun,  Letter from Ed, Lou’s Travels on a Boat, Carol’s Movies,  Carrie’s Corner, Be Encouraged, Board of Supes, Of course the results of today’s elections throughout the country probably isn’t the best news for t-RUMP especially when he is traveling through Asia bragging about his non existent accomplishments. Read our columnists and and think about it and maybe reminisce about when we were smarter…. you know before the Walk/Don’t Walk signs taught us not to think.

The photo of the Downie River meandering through Downieville was taken by either Lee Adams or Debby Panelli, I’m not sure and everyone is wondering just how much water we will have this winter… snow is the key, we need the snow most… Do the snow dances…..

Correction on time 11/1/17

A memorial service for Sandy Villarreal will be held Thursday, November 2 at 11:00 A.M. at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 615 Hollow Way, Nevada City. Arrangements are under the care of Chapel of the Angels Mortuary.

Wednesday November 1, 2017

This week there is an article about California 2017 EMS Awards for exemplary service and our Frank Lang, MICN, FNP was among those being chosen for this honor. Normally, this type of article would be edited in various ways to just highlight the local heroes to shorten the read, but as I read through it, I realized how interesting it is telling about what all these emergency medical responders do. It gives a greater understanding as to just how important these citizens are in our communities and how fortunate we are to have volunteers step up in Sierra County to the be there and perform these same types of heroic acts in concert with the whole state EMS system. So take the time to read and learn the names of these people and take the time to say your appreciation to your neighbor EMT, FireFighter, Ambulance Driver, Dispatcher,  better yet, be another who steps  up and becomes one of our local heroes, volunteer we have just the job for you.

Today has been a really odd day for me and it has nothing to do with t-RUMP, just picture a dinosaur with short arms, tiny hands and orange hair, but I digress. I think what I am trying to say is things are not getting any better in the national news, issues within and from out are making our country not as safe, I do have to say it is the issues within our own government right now that are making me more nervous. But because of my odd day, this is a short front page, please read the contents of this issue to update yourself on EVERYTHING.

Mel Gurtov, Oliver Arnold, Carrie’s Corner, Be Encouraged, local news, things to do, plan for Veteran’s Day, Tax Letter from Paul, lots to read.

You know I just had to use another Bear photo, Elizabeth Morgan took this in Downieville and we certainly hope this bear is being watched over by the Angel because people have been overreacting to wild animals in town. We must remember we are in their territory and they try to live with us, we need to do what we can to keep them safe.

Home in Downieville 11/1/17

A Nite of thanks to Downieville & its members. Not sure where to post it.

As Mark and I reflect on the delightful meal, exciting carnival preparations by the students (not their parents), and the excitement of each community member, we felt so at ‘home’ last night at the Downieville school. A ‘home’ where the people are few, but empowered to give, share and love one another. A ‘home’ where, people watch over each other’s ‘young’ins’ and want them to have a special day or moment. A ‘home’ where businesses go that extra step to give and show their support. A ‘home’ where everyone comes out to cheer on other friends, families and our dear elder folks. This is what makes our town of Downieville special, its history, it’s people and its future’s so important. When you live here for a long time you may become accustom to “the normal”, but this place is not “just normal, it’s special”. There’s a spot for each and everyone of us to fit. We are so blessed to share a portion of our life with you. Thank you Darcy White, you are amazing, you inspire me and our town is grateful for all you do. Good job once again. Happiest of holidays to you all. Let’s protect our ‘sleepy hallow’, keep it safe and pure for generations to follow. May your home and the town we call “home” be blessed with great health, laughter and happiness for all.
💕The Panelli’s

Wednesday October 25, 2017

Don’t forget Hwy 49 at Vista Point overnight full roadway closures currently scheduled from 6 p.m. Tuesday October 24 to 6 a.m. Wednesday October 25 and 6 p.m. Thursday October 26 to 6 a.m. Friday October 27.

Sierra City VFD is sponsoring the Basic Firefighter 1 course beginning today Wednesday October 25th at 6 p.m.. Everybody is welcome to attend, Attendance at every class is not required unless you are going for the certificate. The classes will be held every second and fourth Wednesday, from 1800 to 2000 hrs, of the month, at the Community Hall in Sierra City.  Hope to see you all there. So, all you new volunteers, and anyone who even thinks about being a volunteer in Sierra County volunteer fire services please take advantage of this opportunity.

Winter is approaching meaning weird weather and other issues a good time to register your home and cell phones and email with Code Red just go to the site and register or email LeTina Vanetti for more info at

Ok, does every woman in the world want to be a victim, the latest about an elderly man in a wheelchair inappropriately touching a woman was the tipping point… yes inappropriate behavior by men AND women needs to stop, and men and women need to speak up and say something when it happens. A crime is a crime, rape, sexual assault need to be reported immediately not only for the person assaulted but for the protection of future victims, but telling stories about something that happened many years ago when speaking up then could have stopped the action is just trying to be a victim and part of the sensationalism.

Speaking of speaking up and saying something, thank you for the members, Republicans and Democrats, of  Congress   taking a stand against the inanity of the actions taken by #O.N.E. Trump, his executive orders decimating regulations that protect the health and safety of American workers and citizens of our country is criminal. Trump’s crazed tweets are awful but the real travesty are the actions he is taking against the future of American, it has been apparent there is no truth in his “make America great again”, the reality of his motto is “make me and my cronies richer, the hell with the losers”. And make no mistake as to who Trump sees as losers, it is us, you and me and anyone who is working their butts off keeping food on the table, struggling to pay mortgages, rents, transportation costs, doctors, dentists, clothing, heat…. you know what it is like to earn a paycheck. Trump has never had that experience, why are we trusting him to do the right thing for us… he isn’t going too. He’s shown his stripes and they ain’t real.

Katy Love, Andrew Moss and John LaForge write columns this week which are brain food. Carrie’s Corner, Be Encouraged, Gabby Fringette are a little relief from the bad news, Local news, things to do, places to go, relax and enjoy the Prospect and then get the real skinny with Don’s news tomorrow or Jill’s or Milly…. one of them in the Messenger.

The Fall photo this week is over by Sattley and was taken by Don Yegge.

Wednesday October 18, 2017

State Route 49 (Sierra County) at Vista Point: Motorists can expect long term one way traffic controls around the clock through December 31 for emergency work to repair roadway erosion. Upcoming work to set bridge girders will require overnight full roadway closures currently scheduled from 6 p.m. Tuesday October 24 to 6 a.m. Wednesday October 25 and 6 p.m. Thursday October 26 to 6 a.m. Friday October 27.

Angela wrote a letter this week about her intervention in keeping a young child from jumping off the bridge into the river in Downieville. Good work and this demonstrates the pluses of living in Downieville or almost anywhere in Sierra County. We are the villagers in “it takes a village”. The first year I lived in Sierra County, I worked in Downieville and while going to the postoffice at 10 a.m. I came across a young boy walking down Main St by himself as he passed I wondered about the situation and called to him, “excuse me young man, aren’t you suppose to be in school”. He turned and said he was going to the bakery (Marcantonio’s) to pick something up and showed me the note from his teacher giving him permission to do this. As we parted ways I marveled to myself about how in our village we all know who we are, where we should be and the circumstances that may alert us to something being wrong. I once stopped Ty walking down the alley with an unknown older man, questioning who he was and where he was taking Ty, it was Christy’s father, Ty’s Grampa, here on a family visit. So the point is, while Angela has a point about being cautious concerning the whereabouts and safety of our children, what she, you, me and others do will make our community a safe place to be and let’s all help to keep it that way.

And it probably isn’t a good idea right now to have your little ones running ahead of you on the trails around the county, multiple sightings of Mountain Lions both sides of the Yuba Pass even in the populated areas, so just be aware and be careful. The Supervisors talk about it on the Board recording of the October 17th meeting. Just think of it as your favorite bi-monthly radio program, learn a lot about our county government, this week don’t miss the presentation from the court appointed receiver for the Loyalton Mobilehome  Park.

Rob Okun, Kary Love, Robert Koehler and Winslow Myers are my picks of columns this week always with a little bit more information to know what’s going on in the world, outside of our little piece of paradise. Carrie’s Corner, Be Encouraged by Angela, Carol’s Movies, local news and events to enjoy.

The photo was taken by Mike Galan “Location: Forest Service yard across from the DFPD Office. This Bear was soo hungry he did not want to leave. At one point, had a pizza box in his mouth and I dare anyone to try to take it away!” The epitome of what’s going on in Downieville this month… wild critters getting ready for winter… but apparently he understands the recycle symbol.

Friday October 13, 2017

Tahoe National Forest Ready for Red Flag Weekend

NEVADA CITY, Calif. – Tahoe National Forest firefighters will maintain 24-hour coverage through Saturday in anticipation of a forecasted Red Flag Warning. The National Weather Service issued the Red Flag Warning for parts of Northern California, including the Tahoe National Forest, due to dry, gusty north winds expected tonight into Saturday.

“High winds and low relative humidity are predicted through Saturday and we will be staffing appropriately,” said Shelly Allen, Fire Management Officer for the Tahoe National Forest.

This Red Flag Warning comes on the heels of recent gusty wind conditions that contributed to catastrophic fires in Grass Valley, Santa Rosa, Sonoma and other parts of California. Many Tahoe National Forest firefighters and resources are assisting with those large fires.

Forest visitors are encouraged to be extra careful with campfires this weekend. If windy conditions blow sparks and embers out of your campfire, consider putting out the fire or reducing it to a manageable size to prevent wildfires. Never leave campfires or lit lanterns and stoves unattended, ensure your campfire is completely extinguished before going to bed or leaving the area and make sure equipment and off-road vehicles have working spark arresters. Other wildfire prevention practices can be found at

For more Tahoe National Forest information, go to Follow us on Twitter at and “Like” us on Facebook at

Wednesday October 11, 2017

Happy Birthday Markie Pie! Sierra City will have it’s annual Oktoberfest festivities and you are all invited, it is lots of fun, food, music and magic.

Be very very careful, do not flick you ashes out of the car window, don’t burn anything outside, save our county, save yourself, your home, your family and pets, Be super careful another RED FLAG warning the next couple of days…..

Nevada Co Transit fire affects schedule 171010 Transit

Paula Crowder posted this for us who see the paw prints:

Heads up – SR-70 Load Restrictions Beginning on October 11, construction crews will be repairing the rock retaining wall on State Route 70, between the Greenville Wye and Spanish Creek Bridge. Load restrictions will be in place, limited to max. 12’ wide loads.Motorists will see flaggers the first two days, with anticipated 15-30 minute delays, and a traffic signal will be installed after that until mid-November. Please slow down.

Our columnists Lawrence Wittner, Tom Hastings, Robert Dodge, Michael Nagler, and Rob Okun speak to the daily breath taking news that comes at us from all parts of our country, it keeps reminding me that we are not alone and our idyllic surroundings in Sierra County are in the midst of a big country, ocean and planet with many different views and ideas which help make us survive and can put us on the brink of disaster, it is best to get along and work and play well with others, somehow the “leader” of the free world, POTUS has missed out on this lesson, we need to keep reminding those who represent us, that playing with fire, especially the nuclear time, will wipe us all off the face of Earth, our home. Remember you get what you give, let’s give democracy, freedom, health and welfare to all or at least try and then try harder, try again. Keep working at being the good guys.

Anyhow read all the news and then read the Mountain Messenger tomorrow, lots of local goings on and things to do, don’t miss out. See you at OktoberFest in Sierra City on Saturday October 14th.

So the photo this week is once again by Darcy White of the first dusting of snow on the Sierra Buttes…. harbinger of things to come… we hope…

Wednesday October 4, 2017

Don’t forget we are having a joint chamber mixer in Downieville, St. Charles Place October 5th 2017 from 6 to 8 p.m. This event is co-sponsored by the Sierra County Chamber of Commerce and the East Sierra Valley Chamber of Commerce, and is open to all who wish to attend.

December 2017 Exhibitions, Events, and Programs at the Crocker Art MuseumDecember 2017 Calendar Release in case you are looking for some culture in Sacramento.

Be sure to read the South Yuba River Park  2017 OCTOBER SYRPA NEWSLETTER .

If you missed Pleasant Revolution at the St Charles Tuesday evening you still have the opportunity to see them check out the schedule here… and read the most enlightening  article in this issue of the Prospect.

So many things about this past week have been heart breaking and frustrating, not only for the lost of close personal friends but listening to #ONE Trump. I don’t even know what to say anymore. I will say stop making inane comments about Melania’s shoes or outfits… that is not the issue, everyone get a grip and focus on not only Trump’s inane words but what he is doing to the country’s checks and balances in maintaining our republic of democracy while we pay attention to his latest totally insane statement or tweet. Anyhow this week there is more than usual columnists weighing in as there are a myriad of things going on, so read them all, keep paying attention, write letters, go to town halls, speak out, march, don’t let us just meander into the complete rundown of our country, there are examples of how this has happened in history, think Germany or any other country that suddenly became an authoritative regime, but I meant to say nothing and ask you to read, so please read Winslow Myers, Wim Laven, Kary Love, Robert Koehler, Tom Hastings, Rev. Robert Moore.

Also read Be Encouraged, Carrie’s Bear Corner, listen to the Supes, find out what’s going on around town and in the county and keep those cards and letters coming, I like to hear from our readers.

The lovely stately photo of the Native Daughters of the Golden West Hall in Downieville  was taken by Darcy White. In addition to her photography Darcy is well known for her scrumptious scones occasionally shared with friends (like Jill and Liz).

Wednesday September 27, 2017

Rosemary Hill of Sierra City has left us and many our mourning this loss to the county. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hill and Dines families. A Memorial is planned for later in October and we will let you know the details. Her daughter Miriam spoke genuinely and echoed the  emotions of the community when she wrote on the Post Office door notice  “our hearts are cracked .”

The eastsierravalleychamber website is a thing to behold, It has a great map, and much interesting information about eastern Sierra County and don’t forget the Chambers mixer at the St Charles in Downieville on Thursday, October 5th.

A reader recently told me he had just begun paying attention to our columnists and was surprised how much information he gained about us and the world and how he had been motivated to look up some of the information to verify its veracity. He wondered if #ONE Trump has ever gotten the opportunity to read ideas put forth in our columns. I doubt he reads the Prospect, but if he did or there was any demonstration of his ability to allow new information to his closed and shuttered world view I would try to think better of him. I don’t have a lot of hope for Trump to suddenly become openminded and soliciting more information than what now flitters through his brain , darn….. I wish I could be a little positive about his ability to be a decent President and representative of American values… but it just isn’t there. At any rate read Robert Dodge, Tom Hastings, Mel Gurtov and Lawrence Wittner and maybe by osmosis Trump will absorb some information from us.    Be Encouraged, Carrie’s Corner, Carol’s Movies are all here to read with many things to do and places to go… The first week of Fall and all is well.

David Marshall spotted this Wood Duck paring at Salmon Lake and we are blessed to share it with you.

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