Wednesday October 4, 2017

Don’t forget we are having a joint chamber mixer in Downieville, St. Charles Place October 5th 2017 from 6 to 8 p.m. This event is co-sponsored by the Sierra County Chamber of Commerce and the East Sierra Valley Chamber of Commerce, and is open to all who wish to attend.

December 2017 Exhibitions, Events, and Programs at the Crocker Art MuseumDecember 2017 Calendar Release in case you are looking for some culture in Sacramento.

Be sure to read the South Yuba River Park  2017 OCTOBER SYRPA NEWSLETTER .

If you missed Pleasant Revolution at the St Charles Tuesday evening you still have the opportunity to see them check out the schedule here… and read the most enlightening  article in this issue of the Prospect.

So many things about this past week have been heart breaking and frustrating, not only for the lost of close personal friends but listening to #ONE Trump. I don’t even know what to say anymore. I will say stop making inane comments about Melania’s shoes or outfits… that is not the issue, everyone get a grip and focus on not only Trump’s inane words but what he is doing to the country’s checks and balances in maintaining our republic of democracy while we pay attention to his latest totally insane statement or tweet. Anyhow this week there is more than usual columnists weighing in as there are a myriad of things going on, so read them all, keep paying attention, write letters, go to town halls, speak out, march, don’t let us just meander into the complete rundown of our country, there are examples of how this has happened in history, think Germany or any other country that suddenly became an authoritative regime, but I meant to say nothing and ask you to read, so please read Winslow Myers, Wim Laven, Kary Love, Robert Koehler, Tom Hastings, Rev. Robert Moore.

Also read Be Encouraged, Carrie’s Bear Corner, listen to the Supes, find out what’s going on around town and in the county and keep those cards and letters coming, I like to hear from our readers.

The lovely stately photo of the Native Daughters of the Golden West Hall in Downieville  was taken by Darcy White. In addition to her photography Darcy is well known for her scrumptious scones occasionally shared with friends (like Jill and Liz).

Wednesday September 27, 2017

Rosemary Hill of Sierra City has left us and many our mourning this loss to the county. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hill and Dines families. A Memorial is planned for later in October and we will let you know the details. Her daughter Miriam spoke genuinely and echoed the  emotions of the community when she wrote on the Post Office door notice  “our hearts are cracked .”

The eastsierravalleychamber website is a thing to behold, It has a great map, and much interesting information about eastern Sierra County and don’t forget the Chambers mixer at the St Charles in Downieville on Thursday, October 5th.

A reader recently told me he had just begun paying attention to our columnists and was surprised how much information he gained about us and the world and how he had been motivated to look up some of the information to verify its veracity. He wondered if #ONE Trump has ever gotten the opportunity to read ideas put forth in our columns. I doubt he reads the Prospect, but if he did or there was any demonstration of his ability to allow new information to his closed and shuttered world view I would try to think better of him. I don’t have a lot of hope for Trump to suddenly become openminded and soliciting more information than what now flitters through his brain , darn….. I wish I could be a little positive about his ability to be a decent President and representative of American values… but it just isn’t there. At any rate read Robert Dodge, Tom Hastings, Mel Gurtov and Lawrence Wittner and maybe by osmosis Trump will absorb some information from us.    Be Encouraged, Carrie’s Corner, Carol’s Movies are all here to read with many things to do and places to go… The first week of Fall and all is well.

David Marshall spotted this Wood Duck paring at Salmon Lake and we are blessed to share it with you.

Be Encouraged by Angela 9/27/17

When Jesus sat in the home of the thieving tax collector, sharing his fine wine and eating his food, the overly righteous scoffed. The opinion of the majority was of little concern to our Lord. The taxman who was collecting more than required; stealing money from his own people to furnish his lavish lifestyle, underwent serious conviction. This utterly despised soul by the masses, was gently called on the carpet by his Creator. He had to decide to either change and go a different way, or continue down the wrong path. At stake was the man’s soul and his eternal destination.

Fortunately, he chose to give his heart to Jesus. He paid back all of the money he overcharged. Collecting taxes along with other roles in government to sustain a land, is a privilege and an honor God bestows on certain persons. Yet instead of doing good, this gentleman abused his authority and lost all integrity. Jesus could have left him in his dirty state, and passed his house by to spend time with someone a tad bit more “worthy”. But Jesus does not hold our bias, and He is in the business of changing hearts and lives, whether we think that individual is worthy of being shown grace, mercy and offered a second chance or not. More and more, the world is filling up with seared hearts that feel entitled, are selfish, arrogant, prideful and greedy, inflicting gobs of frustration and pain to those around them.

People who want to live life on their own terms, forgetting that one day they will meet their Maker. When Jesus spoke to the taxman, He did it in a way where He was still kind, whether He was angry, sad or disappointed. Somehow the misconception that anger is a bad emotion or sinful, periodically circles the Christian community. But anger regarding injustice is often appropriate and needed to promote change in many situations. Furthermore, it is a God given emotion. Jesus was so angry over stealing outside the temple that He overturned tables and drove folks right out of the courtyard. Yet, He was without sin.

We are asked to be SLOW to anger, but once we get to that stage and finally push back, we should do so without sinning. I am learning that is not an easy task. Anytime you deal with an individual or a group of people who continually choose to do the wrong thing at every turn, patience can run thin, and kindness can vanish. Sometimes I am convicted and tasked with having to go back and apologize for moments of unkindness that happened while speaking or writing the truth.

Sometimes it takes all of Christ in me not to cuss at the three ring circus that goes on around me. But God wants more than exerted self control, He wants us to see folks how He sees them. To stand for what is right, but with a heart of compassion and mercy. The Scriptures declare that all of creation is awaiting the children of God to be revealed. This means there are more souls that need to come to know Jesus, and it starts with being convicted of our need for Him. Heaven is watching to see who will accept the offer of salvation from Jesus who died and rose again for our sins. In the meantime, God is waiting for folks to step up and not turn a blind eye to what is happening.

Culture may change, He does not. It is still wrong to lie, cheat and steal. It is still wrong to bruise your neighbor physically and emotionally. It is still wrong to try to sabotage in the open or behind closed doors, those that are merely trying to get on in life. God’s agenda boils right down to issues of the heart. Do you love people? Do you love yourself? Do you love people like you love yourself? Do you love God? Is your love of God reflected in your love for mankind? How do you treat animals and the earth He made? God looks down and searches for the soul that will “…seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with Him.”

Believe me, I would rather apologize 1,000 times for fumbling up an attempt to address a wrong than to one day face the Lord and be deemed a coward for being silent in things that mattered. He knows my heart, and He knows yours. My sincere prayer is that everyone I encounter, despite how they have treated me or my family, good or bad, or any mistakes I have made in my interactions with them, will still come to know Jesus in a personal way. Anyone that truly knows the Lord, will change for the better and be willing to continue to grow and aspire to be more like Him, not a walking talking set of churchy rules (churchy… new word), but like HIM. The Bible says to make the most of every opportunity because the days are evil. The days ARE growing evil, because more hearts prefer the dark over Him.

One day you will run out of time. You will not have any more chances to whisper a prayer to Jesus and ask Him to be your Savior (that is all it takes), opportunities to live on purpose and do the right thing, to use your talents and abilities to serve, to speak up for the underdog, to forgive, to apologize, to refine yourself to be more like Christ will be gone. This week, let’s pray that no house is passed by because we think someone is unworthy. We are all in this together to fight the good fight and run the race as to win. Speak the truth and live with honor as all of heaven is listening and watching. God is good! Always!

FEAST Invitation 9/27/17

F.E.A.S.T. to seed community action.

The Plumas-Sierra Community Food Council and Plumas County Public Health Agency are inviting you to be a part of the second FEAST, an event designed to focus on our local food shed. F.E.A.S.T. stands for Food, Education, Agriculture, Solutions, Together. ‘’The Plumas-Sierra FEAST Food Summit will be a celebration of local food, an exploration of the local food environment, and a community conversation about how we can build the food system and ensure access to its bounty by residents of all income levels,” says Kristi Jamason, Chair of the Plumas-Sierra Community Food Council.

This free event will be held at the Sloat Town Hall on Friday, October 20, 2017 from 10AM to 4PM. Lunch, with vegetarian options available, will be provided by Chef Sean Conry and his students. To submit the required registration, go to

For more information to register by phone or email, please contact Megan Mansfield, Health Education Specialist for Public Health at (530)283-6544 or email her at

Wednesday September 20, 2017

The Drive-Thru Flu Shot Drills Consent for Flu Clinics – Flu Shot Schedule 2017are happening next week: Tuesday September 26 (11am to 1pm) in Downieville behind the Community Hall entering off Maiden Lane and then Saturday September 30 (10am – Noon) and in Loyalton the High School Parking Lot entering off 4th street

I’ll take a breathe of air from thinking about #ONE Trump (reminder – #ONE stands for “our national embarrassment” ) which is becoming more worrisome on a daily basis as he continues to pound drums and rattle sabers instead of just letting the grownups do their jobs to enable us to continue living in a relativeiy safe world.

So, here is something I have noticed that has become bothersome, the new vehicles are being advertised, the 2018 models, the ones that are safer, smarter, like they know how to stop and not hit an old RV that has stopped on a curve to let a deer cross.  The new vehicles are all being driven in a reckless, illegal manner, breaking speed limits, passing cars on safely, having a party in the car and apparently unaware of any responsibility to abiding with rules of the road. It makes me not want to purchase any vehicle that advertises that kind of careless, reckless, insensitive behavior in the drivers seat. So what is going on… why are we getting so dumb about everything? Ok, end of that rant for now. By the way, if the RV was not there, which I imagine stopped in the old fashioned way, an alert driver, driving at a safe speed on a winding country road who knew to step on his brakes…. the deer would be toast, the new brainy car would not have been able to brake in time for a deer jumping in front of it and….. the car would be toast or at the least need it’s first body shop visit.

So we have Be Encouraged, Carrie’s Corner, Board of Supes has to be listened too, good news is we will try to help the homeless and we will hire a Tobacco Coordinator paid for by the cigarette tax. Less people smoking will be a good thing.  Don Russell is still missing from the Mountain Messenger, Freddy is looking for him…  maybe… but Patrick Hiller, Lawrence Wittner, Mel Gurtov, Kevin Martin and Robert Koehler write illuminating copy this week, food for our thought, we mustn’t go to sleep.

The photo this week was taken by Mark Fisher of Eureka Lake in walking distance from the Lost Sierra Hoedown this weekend in Johnsville, if you haven’t been before don’t miss out, good music, great people, make friends and enjoy life in a great family atmosphere. Dress warm in layers.

Wednesday September 13, 2017

Don’t forget the June Carter & Johnny Cash Tribute Show at the Yuba Theatre this weekend. Two shows on Saturday, Sept. 16th in Downieville at the Yuba Theatre: 2 PM & 7 PM. On Sunday at the Downieville Methodist Church there will be a performance of Gospel Songs with “June & Johnny” and the String-A-Longs.

Just a reminder Calpine Food Pantry is This Friday at 5 pm!! Hope to see everyone there!!! Come on down!!!

Only two more “3rd. Sat. dinner/dance”, left for this year, so, don’t be left out ! This Sat., Sept. 16th., will be a Country Style BBQ Pork dinner, $10 and a new line dance and a new partner dance, dance class is free, with a paid admission , $5, dinner will be served from 5:30-6:30.I NEED a head count !…..thanks, annie…..530-993-1182  Looking forward to seeing you at the Sierra Valley Grange hall in Vinton, Ca., on hwy. 70.

The Camptonville Courier is a neat local paper to read check it out, just click on this for a link.

We don’t have too much this week, but enough reading material and things to do that will keep us informed

Robert Dodge, Winslow Myers, Hardy Merriman, Robert Koehler have written columns this  week which require thinking, questioning and involvement. It’s easy sometimes to forget what is happening in the world around us that will affect us, our children the future of humans on our tiny planet. Mass media gives us the same old news over and over again whether it be left, right, middle, hurricanes, floods, fires, human tragedies which we absorb  feel horrible, make a donation and go on with our day. Thinking about the big pictures and what needs to change, be fixed and thwart future horrors is important.

The photo this week was taken by David Marshall a very agreeable, curious Chipmunk let him get a close up, or maybe it might  be the telephoto lens on David’s new camera, he has been getting some spectacular photos, not sure if this was in Lakes Basin area or their backyard..


Drive Thru Flu 9/13/17

Local Drive-Thru Flu Shot Clinics 2017

Flu vaccine is the best protection we have from flu and its complications. Flu vaccine also helps prevent spreading flu from person to person.

Flu can make some people much sicker than others. These people include young children, people 65 and older, pregnant women, and people with certain health conditions – such as heart, lung or kidney disease, or a weakened immune system. Flu vaccine is especially important for these people, and anyone in close contact with them.

  • Downieville – Tuesday September 26th behind the Community Hall entering on Maiden Lane from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm
  • Loyalton – Saturday September 30th entering on 4th Street, passing through the Loyalton High School parking lot and exiting onto A24 from 10:00 am until Noon

There is a Questionnaire to print off, complete and bring with you. Copies are also distributed to the Post Offices and some local businesses. View the Information sheet about this season’s vaccine.

  • Walk-in Clinics will be held in Calpine, Sierraville, Alleghany, Pike, Verdi, Loyalton, Downieville and Sierra City. Dates and locations listed on this flyer.

Provided by the Sierra County Health Department, fee is $2.00 each or $5.00 per family. Nobody will be turned away for inability to pay.

The CrackPotEtte Desk 9/6/17

Downieville–Tuesday’s regular Board of Supervisors meeting held little that would have kept the editor of this rag’s attention. Expert in the art of crafting vowels and consonants into paragraphs,however, keeping himself probably even more amused than his readers – Don Russell can stir pots, create discontent, read between the lines – and write stories. Covering subjects the supes themselves didn’t know had been discussed, Russell reports what he knows, truthfully, factually, intelligently (depending on who you ask…)
But Russell is M.I.A. Somewhere is Texas, if rumors hold any truth at all. Looting, no doubt, using his hat as a net, scooping up items that float rather than sink. His eye will naturally be drawn towards anything old, rusty, and holding little monetary value. Lug nuts, radiators, a cassette player, doohicky’s and thing-a-ma-bobs. Yep, Russell’s in his own little paradise, feeding off the sorrow of others.
Not a care in the world does he have for the little newspaper he’s left behind. So what if his readers depend on him to report local news? Shedding light on the secrets the supervisors try to keep from us, the public, is what Russell was born and bred to do! Do we need him to keep us up to date with water levels in Texas? Hell no! We’ve Facebook and the Union for that!
The supervisors are no doubt delighted with Russell’s absence. Oh the horror of it – the violations that board can commit, and no editor to write of their sins. Anyone with two bits can buy their fill of Russell’s every other week coverage of our county’s elected board.
Ah, such a sad day for us all. Russell in Texas with Irma, his hat of straw, waving goodbye to Harvey, not thinking we need him, after all. The tale of Tuesday, an agenda, gone, not so much as a single word written, of the recent boards votes, descisions or our county and its fate. (by Millicent)

Wednesday September 6, 2017

Is there anyone who doesn’t think 2017 is just whizzing by? What happened…

The Downieville Antique Bottles and Collectibles is happening for the very last time on September 9, 2017 @ 8:00 am – 3:00 pm Downieville School Gym  more information check with Rick Simi at 530-289-3659 E-mail

This week there is much news, things to do places to go and columnists to read. I am late putting this issue up so just try to be reasonable and read this anyway..

Myself I don’t know what to say, this week and the issue with the DACA and Trump’s take on it… they are all young adults…. ah duh… exactly, they were brought into the country from many different countries escaping war, terror, poverty, disease, hunger, and a myriad of many horrible events and they were babies, adolescents, teens, children brought here to save their lives be their parents, yeh, they may not have the proper documentation but when you are fleeing for your lives, there is no time to wait for papers or have the documents you need to prove why you need haven here in the United States under the arm of the Statue of Liberty “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” We need to remember who we are, and why these words were written about us by Poet Emma Lazarus, do we no longer deserve this praise to our country? So write letters, make phone calls, make our government understand the DACA were raised here, went to school here, believe America is their country and want to continue making their lives and America the best we can be. Do what you can to keep our reputation as a shining light in the darkness for all those with hope lit.  This is the time to Resist, don’t let this happen to our friends and neighbors.

The photo this week was taken by David Marshall some where in the Lakes Basin area… I want to go to there….

Wednesday August 30, 2017

Holiday Closure – Loyalton Landfill – in observance of Labor Day on Monday, September 4, 2017. Transfer sites are open as usual Saturday and Sunday 10am – 4pm.

“Lion” comes to the Yuba Theatre in Downieville Friday, September 1st at 7:30 PM

Yuba River Rib Cook-Off & Labor Day Street Dance Saturday, September 2nd at 4:00 PM11:00 PM on Main St. Downieville.

Calpine Food Pantry will be Friday the 15th due to the Market Place Event.

The news from Texas is bad, the hurricane did immense damage and caused many deaths. I know many local people have been sending donations and assistance to the residents and Wells Fargo Bank has made it possible to donate to the victims through the Red Cross at our local branch. Politically it was a cringeworthy moment when #O.N.E. Trump said,  the FEMA Director Brock Long “has really become very famous on television the last couple of days.”  Director Long has been in the media informing of the scope of the disaster, saying what’s been done and what is needed, I’m pretty sure “fame” was the last thing on his mind, he was just doing his job. But it once again points out Trump’s priorities. I do worry a little bit about Director Long’s job now, after all  we have seen what happens when someone gets more attention to Trump…. omg how has this happened…

However, for crying out loud (media) stop picking on Melania’s shoes… she made a mistake, she put on the wrong shoes… I’m sure she realizes there have been worse mistakes made by her in her life… focus on what’s important don’t trivialize your information please

 So check out Carries Corner, Be Encouraged by Angela, Carol’s Movies, Henz, Cats, Freddy, Columnists Wim Laven, Kary Love has two columns, one long one short, both worth reading, Robert Koehler and the history being created… yikes… enjoy this Labor Day Weekend, drive carefully, don’t start any fires and have fun.
The photo this week was taken by David Marshall at the Nature Walk near Sand Pond.

District Attorney Cases 8/30/17

Sierra County District Attorney
Lawrence R. Allen
District Attorney / Public Administrator
530.289.3269 530.993.4617


Jason Wardrobe (40) Loyalton. Disturbing the peace. Probation 18 months, fine $650.

Robbie Miller (39) Oroville. Driving with license suspended for alcohol related offense. Four years probation, 10 days jail, fine $2249.

David Slaughter (56) Sacramento. After a contested preliminary hearing, Slaughter was ordered to stand trial on felony charges of manslaughter caused by driving with gross negligence, reckless driving causing injury to another, causing serious bodily injury to another, and driving while suspended with priors. He remains in custody in lieu of $250,000 bail. The evidence at the preliminary hearing showed he caused an accident on highway 89 which took the life of Robert Shaffer.

Patrick Hall (34) Transit. Sentenced on felon in possession of ammunition. Three years probation, six months jail, and fine of $435.

Kari Donnelly (47) Santa Rosa. Driving with a blood alcohol level of more than .08. three years probation, two days jail, fine $1885 and attend alcohol school.

Mark Black (47) Loyalton. Black waived his right to a preliminary hearing, and was ordered to stand trial on felony failure to appear.

Philip Hayden (47) Reno. After a contested preliminary hearing, he was ordered to stand trial on felony charges of Robbery, armed with a firearm, residential (1st degree) burglary, grand theft of firearms, false imprisonment, felon in possession of a firearm, and strike offenses. He remains in custody in lieu of bail in the amount of $800,000.

Valerie Robinson (60) Loyalton. Robinson violated her probation on charges of preparing false evidence. She received 240 days jail, and her probation was terminated unsuccessfully.

Eric Armstrong (26) Loyalton. Felony sentencing on a prohibited person (prior domestic violence conviction) in possession of a firearm. Five years probation, six months jail, fine $435.

Paula Silvestri (55) Sierraville. She pled guilty to assault with a deadly weapon. Sentencing is set for October 13.

Tyler Martin (23) Sierraville. Resisting and delaying an officer. Thirty days jail, fine $650.

David Young (28) Eugene Oregon. After a contested preliminary hearing, Young was ordered to stand trial on charges of felon in possession of a firearm, and felon in possession of ammunition. He remains in custody in lieu of $150,000 bail.

Highway 49 Delays 8/23/17

Traffic Impacts Expected from Highway 49 Paving Operations
Sierra County project to utilize one-way traffic controls

DOWNIEVILLE – Caltrans is alerting motorists traveling near Downieville on Highway 49 that traffic delays for roadway rehabilitation operations are expected to begin Monday, August 28 and continue through mid-November for a $4.5 million pavement preservation project on 12 miles of deteriorating highway south of Downieville.

Motorists should expect approximately 10 to 20-minute delays Monday through Friday for one-way traffic controls utilizing a pilot car during daytime operations between Brandy City Road in Indian Valley and the Downie River Bridge in Downieville. Guardrail replacement and/or repair work will occur during the nighttime hours when intermittent one-way traffic controls will be in place. The project may also require work on occasional weekend days.
The project will grind off a layer of existing pavement and install a pavement overlay. Grinding work is expected to take two weeks with the overlay scheduled to begin mid-September.

Motorists are cautioned to reduce speeds on areas of rough roadway and to use caution in and near work zones. Weather or other unexpected delays could postpone the work.

For the latest highway traffic news, Caltrans District 3. Use Caltrans’ QuickMap at for real-time traffic information

Wednesday August 23, 2017

Welcome to the ECV1849 and Clampers who arrive from all over the world. A busy weekend for Downieville and my favorite part the Native Daughters Ice Cream Social on Saturday August 26th at noon at the Native Daughters Hall, 320 Commercial St. For entry and event information, contact Karen Galan, 289-3595 or Earlene Folsom 289-3530. Come taste and vote for your favorite delectable frozen treat!

Mark these on your calendar see the movie LION  at the Yuba Theatre on Friday September 1st. The Downieville Antique Bottle Show is on Saturday September 9th hosted by Rick & Cherry Simi, they have announced this is the final show in Downieville so don’t miss it, On Saturday September 16th see the Johnny Cash & June Carter Tribute with JimmieRay & Cyndi Cantrell, two showings at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m so you have plenty of time to enjoy the Sierra City  10th Annual Big City Rod Run & Car Show—Friday & Saturday September 15th & 16th, 2017—cruise on up and check us out!

Well, froot loops, ONE Trump is talking to the Veterans (I am a Veteran), one sentence made me sit up and quiver, “we will no longer use our military to spread Democracy” hmmm… so now we are just a killing force? And then another beginning of a sentence when he said “we are one people, one home” and I thought for a second he actually grasped the concept of one humanity and planet earth home, but then the sentence continued  “one great flag”, yes our country and it’s flag are great, in spite of Trump, but we inhabit this home planet with many different people, nations and flags, America should not join North Korea in being isolated, feared and hated by all. Sometimes I do think our only hope is G-d and we need to ask for help, quickly before it really goes sideways.

We have lots of local news and events, places to go and things to do and possibly.. I got interrupted there and forgot what I was going to say… anyhow read Rob Okun, Mel Gurtov and Carrie’s Corner, Sheriff’s Log…..

The photo this week was taken in preparation for the Eclipse by Lee Adams from his porch in Downieville, just in case the Sun didn’t return we would remember what the sun does for our views and psychic well being.. and don’t forget the ice cream this Saturday.

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