How can it be August Already?

8/1/12 Time sure flies when you’re having fun, at least that is how the saying goes. This summer has been busy and it ain’t all been fun. This week’s edition has some good news and some bad news and some good for some, but not for others news. We have the usual of course, Gabby , CooterJava , Jerusha and The Fringe brings Part IV of the thoughtful “Our Like It Or Not Life”.

The Grand Jury releases it’s complete report for 2011-12 Final Report . The Tahoe National Forest is soliciting project proposals for RAC funds due 8/27 go here for more info TNF & RAC .

A meaningful letter from Frank and Bette Jo Lang Lang Letter talks about past and future of the Western Sierra Medical Clinic.  Members of the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office are playing football for a good cause Cops Battle. There are new pictures in Sierra Hiker and from From the Bench . We have lost some dear friends recently and we will miss them Loss of Friends

And then there are the bike races in Downieville Aug 3-5 see here for road closures and other links Downieville Classic.  Big Springs just north of Sierra City got some television coverage this week on Fox 40 go see the video at  Big Springs .


A discussion  from the field of conflict in Afghanistan,  Peace Page  by Kathy Kelly, Chicago, the most seasoned U.S. peace journalist who writes routinely from hot conflict zones (Central America in the 1980s, Iraq and the Balkans in the 1990s, Baghdad during Shock and Awe, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan for years). She is unique, taking no armed protection, working with locals. This new piece with her local partner, Hakim, brings the reader into the midst of an indigenous Afghan effort to create positive peace–that is, peace and justice by peaceable means. It is a compelling and groundtruthing observation of Afghans seeking a new way out of the spirals of pain.

A new page, Guest Commentary features an essay by Michael Minch a teacher at Utah Valley University.

Words of Wisdom: Time is your most valuable asset. Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter. Unless, of course, you are reading the Sierra County Prospect that’s a reasonable thing to waste time on.





July 26, 2012

News FLASH – see Biomass Powerplant Grant Loyalton

Today is July 26 and I am now posting the July 25th edition. Everyone in western Sierra County knows we were without internet yesterday. Evidently a logging crew tangled with some of the important wires that allow the world wide web to be viewed via DSL in Downieville and those ATT customers went through a 24 hr withdrawal. Seems like it was a reminder of how tied we are or are not to our computers. Whereas some internet nuts were seen sweating and biting fingernails others looked around, spent more time outdoors and smelled the pine trees, watched the Osprey and geese fly through Downieville and talked to each other in living color. It was nice and a reminder we will survive no matter what.

Meanwhile be sure to check out the updates this week. The Bench gives an update on town happenings.  A new  FRINGE  Part 3 of an indepth report, well worth the read, makes you think a lot, it is good to think. Check out COOTER who appears to not be thinking this week, then there is his friend JAVA who thinks too much. Questions? ask Jerusha .  A Loyalton High School reunion at 1987 Loyalton HS Class . And of course don’t forget Gabby who likes her feet bare. Check out the TNF report at TNF fires .

Getting into thoughts from the outside world check out Michael Moore, Author & Documentarian and if you want more thoughts go to Peace Page. The Libertarian Party has organized in Plumas County Libertarians . More heavy stuff on Analysis of Violence .

Keep those cards and letters coming, it helps to know what you read and what else you would like to see in the Prospect. If you would like to participate on a regular basis we are happy to add your news and views.

Tahoe National Forest Fire Update 7/23/12 at 6pm

Over 500 lightning strikes early Monday morning ignited over 20 fires.  All are small – most under an acre and in remote areas.  Forest Service Air Attack plane flew again Monday afternoon andcontinues to identify additional smokes.  Approximately 150 Forest Service firefighters are working to contain these fires.  Calfire and Pike Fire Department are also assisting.  Additional thunderstorms are predicted for Monday evening.  Some heavy but scattered precipitation accompanied the lightning.  Crews will continue to work on some of these fires throughout theevening.  Additional fires are expected to pop up for the next several days.
11 Fires on the American River District – east of Foresthill – 3 along Deadwood Ridge, northeast of Foresthill (2 controlled); 1 near Sailor Flat; one near Sugarloaf Mt – near Sugar Pine Reservoir; one near Big/Little Oak Flat; three on the north side of the North Fork American River near Devils Peak/Helester Point/Snow Mountain, one in the Texas Hill area and one reported but not found near China Wall.
8 Fires on the Sierraville and Truckee Districts –
One near Anderson Peak, along the summit, south of I-80; two in Antelope Valley, north east of Sierraville, (both out); 2 near Webber Peak, (one controlled); one in Dark Canyon, east of Sierraville (controlled); one in Merrill Canyon (controlled); and one in the Sagehen Basin, northeast of Truckee (out).
4 Fires on the Yuba River District – one south of Bullards Bar Reservoir Dam (controlled); one north of Pike (expect containment tonight); one near Wild Plum; and one near Tuttle Lake north of Interstate 80.

7/21/12 Colorado Responses

7/21/12 There are two new posts on the Peace Page in response to the shootings in Colorado. The first is from renowned non violence advocate Professor emeritus Michael Nagler of U.C. Berkeley  Michael Nagler Homepage and the second is from our regular Peace Page contributor  Tom Hastings. These are thoughtful and important ideas of how this happens and what we can do to change this violent direction.

And on a lighter note, if you want to get away for a quiet hike and some introspective you might try this suggestion Hikes.

Rattlesnake Safety

7/20/12 Well, we have had our first reported rattlesnake encounter this summer resulting in a helicopter ride to a medical facility with anti-venom. The origin of the encounter with a rattlesnake was along the river hiking trail just south of Sierra City. There have been reports of rattlesnake sightings ( 4 to be exact) within the townsite of Downieville too, one rattlesnake lost its’ life due to being to close to kids, dwellings and a swimming hole. So be alert and be careful and know what to do by reading this.



Sad News

by Don Yegge

July 19, 2012 at about 10:30am Sierra County lost one of it’s finest. Ken Alexander died this morning at Renown Hospital in Reno after a long battle with cancer and pulmonary emphysema. Judge Alexander was elected Justice Court Judge twice and elected twice as Sheriff of Sierra County. Born in Roosevelt, Oklahoma, Ken moved to Loyalton with his parents and two sisters when he was 6 years old. He attended K through 12 grades in Loyalton, and served in the Air Force during the Korean conflict. He married his teenage sweetheart, Elsie (Kubaiko) Alexander on July 10, 1950 and raised nine children in Loyalton. Ken was a caring husband, a great father, grandfather, and great grandfather, and true friend to many. Ken was my father-in-law and my best friend for over 30 years. He will be missed by all that knew him. Services will be held Tuesday, July 24 at 11 a.m. at the Loyalton Community Church on Lewis Ave in Loyalton.


Wednesday July 18, 2012 Edition

This week we are suggesting you wait until the Thursday edition of the Mountain Messenger to read about the doings at the Sierra County Board of Supervisors. I believe the editor, Don Russell, will deliver an accurate and lively report of the whatever may have happened in Loyalton. Meanwhile, while you are waiting for the newspaper to be delivered spend some time reading what is new on the Prospect. Check out the Tennis Kids, Cooter, the District Attorney report, Entertainment at Cocina Del Oro in Downieville, Java, a new columnist “Miss Snarky” joins us and of course The Fringe has indept Part II of Agenda 21 plus an open letter to President Obama. Our local Doc Scott Kellerman is in the running in a contest so be sure to Vote early and often for Scott.  This week’s picture is a reminder of what’s to come, maybe, hopefully in the winter. It is Packer Lake Lodge in the late 1920’s posted by Jim Yeoman on “You know you’re from Sierra County if you remember” Facebook page, if you been there, go visit, some fabulous old photos and comments from past and present SC residents. Don’t forget to leave your comments on the pages and you may also write to or if you need advice write to

7/12/12 UPDATE

7/12/12 Check in above on the New News 7/12/12 and the State Fair Award for an update on happenings today. If you would like to be notified of any updates please sign in on right side of the home page for automatic notices. For fire updates go to for current information.

New News on the Prospect 7/11/12

July 12 – The photo above shows a visitor to the Pangman Picnic Site on the Downie River. Today we have posted quite a bit of new information. Check in to the above captions, Mining News, The Dragon Speaks, Yuba Theatre, Senior Town Hall, Depression, Ask Jerusha, Cooter, Java, and Gabby serves some recipes. The Fringe begins a thoughtful, informative four page analysis of stuff we need to know. This week I’ve added a new page The Peace Page, it is another thought provoking page that will be embraced by some and enrage others, but it is a discussion we should never give up on until there is world peace or as close as we humans can achieve to being peaceful.


July 4 – OOPS… I inadvertently meandered through some poison oak and forgot to update The Fringe, it is now updated, sorry Laurenc

July 3, 2012 Tomorrow is our country’s birthday and I have posted the Wednesday edition early. Click on links above to read new Gabby, Java, Cooter, Jerusha, Life Stories and July 4 News – Board of Supervisors. Find out what really happened with Jim in Letters to the Editor. Have a good 4th, have fun, be careful and drive sober and carefully.

Unusual Mountain Lion News

I have sympathy for the victim but I  have to say in almost 200 years and only 15 attacks they have more to fear from us than we them.

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