Weekly Warrior by Evy Downs & Arroyo Campbell

Keep on reading this article for there is a lot of interesting information ahead and some important announcements! This week has been an interesting week for the students at DHS, and many of us have learned some new things from our teachers.
The students in Katrina Bosworth’s K-3rd class have just recently celebrated the 100th Day of School. The class enjoyed various treats and games during the occasion on February 1. The class has started learning dances from around the world with Kathy Fisher. Bosworth’s class has been busy in arts and crafts. They made drawings of a fish with oil pastels in the theme ‘Only One You.’ These pieces of art are to be made into a collage. The kindergarten and 1st graders have been learning about music with Paul Douville. The 2nd grade students are learning how to borrow and regroup in math. 3rd grade students are working on math skills for the upcoming CAASPP testing.
Maire McDermid is creating a new class blog with her 4th-6th graders and has also been planning on using movie-making equipment and software for news broadcasting in Downieville School. Ms. Maire has also announced that her YouTube link will come out shortly. Currently the class is starting the first round of seeds in the garden. They will be planting herbs. The class is also participating in the “Great Mail Race Community” with 4th graders from around the U.S.A. to learn more about the schools in other states and the students that attend them.
On the high school side, Robin Bolle’s classes (7-12) are preparing for a major overnight field trip to Reno on April 18th to visit the Reno Art Museum and to visit the University of Reno’s School of Engineering Open House. The students will stay at the Grand Sierra Resort during the nightly hours. This trip is possible thanks to a Sierra County Arts Council grant.
Josh Boli’s 11/12th U.S. History class is currently learning about American Imperialism and the Spanish/American War. The 8th grade U.S. History class is currently learning about our country under Andrew Jackson’s Presidency and the controversy surrounding it. World History is currently learning about World War 1. Future Focus students are setting up their future goals.
The Downieville Varsity Basketball team has had some pretty interesting games lately. On January 23rd the team beat Herlong with a score of 47 to 31. Freshmen Aaron and Austin Foster had an especially spot on game. Later that week, on January 26th, the team won their game against Plumas Charter with a score of 59 to 49. This was a difficult, close game throughout. DHS lost to Westwood on January 30th by a score of 55 to 63, after leading most of the game. Rosendo Marquez had eleven amazing assists, the most assists in a single game for several years; Arroyo Campbell lit the floor up and racked up 24 points. The team travelled to Loyalton on February 2nd and lost with a score of 45 to 63, another hard fought game. In other basketball news the Jr High team played a game in Portola but lost by one basket with a final score of 30 to 32. The game started off well for the Warriors with Jacob Sainsbury getting the tip and the Downieville team played really good defense, pulling down lots of rebounds. At the final buzzer Tristan Jackson dropped in a three pointer! It was definitely an exciting game to watch—and play in, according to Jacob Sainsbury.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Anybody who hasn’t ordered Valentine’s Day flowers and wants to should call the school A.S.A.P. at 289-3473. There are still roses and a few carnations available. The annual Lion’s Club Speech Contest is to be held on Thursday, February 22 at 6 p.m. in the school Learning Center. The topic is “Integrity & Civility Play What Role in Today’s Society?”

Weekly Warrior by: Austin Foster

Welcome everyone to another Weekly Warrior! This week Mrs. Bosworth’s K-3rd class has been learning about germs and hygiene. They’ve also been doing some scribble art and finishing their snow globe writings. Mrs. Bosworth’s K-3rd class received a grant from Sierra Schools Foundation to go to Crocker Art Museum. Their class is also starting a STEM program with Amber Sainsbury.
In Ms. Maire’s 4-6th class they are starting to work in the greenhouse again, thanks to the aid of another Sierra Schools Foundation grant. Also they’re starting a blog and video news report.
Ms. Bolle’s classes survived their finals throughout the week, and are ready for the next semester to begin. Ms. Bolle and the students are looking forward to the long-term projects.
Our new Project Alert director Derrick Koch has been making his thirty-minute meetings with us quite fun! He hosted right after Christmas break a fun little series of Christmas games, including a candy cane race.
The CSF/CJSF Valentine’s Day Flower Sale—a fundraiser for DHS CSF/CJSF chapters—is coming up! You can get roses and carnations in a variety of colors and combinations. Delivery for the flowers will be on Wednesday, February 14. Pre-orders are due by Wednesday, January 31st to guarantee the best selection. Order from DHS students or call 289-3473 or stop by Sierra Hardware to pick up an order form. All orders must be paid for at time of ordering!
The CSF/CJSF state organization is teaming up with Panda Express to raise money to support statewide student awards. The fundraiser itself is on February 7 but the Pre-Event competition is happening now. The Pre-Event competition can be done by anyone and we are encouraging you to help us out. All you have to do is give us your email and we will enter it into the “I’m Going” competition. The school with the most “yes” responses will win a $200 Panda Express party! You do not have to actually participate in the fundraiser itself although we hope you do. Details on this competition are on www.pandafunraiser.com.
Our high school basketball team has played four games over the past few weeks. We played Princeton on January 9th with a score of 32-49. The Princeton game was a good game in the first half, but then we started slacking and lost by a 17-point margin. The Junior Varsity were put in second half and got a fast 10 points. They played so well, in fact, that they were starters for the Westwood game. The Junior Varsity who started were Aaron Foster, Austin Foster, Jacob Rust, Kyle Bosworth, and Robert Baker. We played Loyalton on January 17th and were up by 6 for a little bit in the first quarter. We played well in the first half but then 3rd and 4th quarter came around the corner and hit us in the face again. Another home game we played was against Greenville on the 19th and we were up until the end of the fourth quarter. The final score was a loss of just 3 points (54-57), a huge improvement over the score when we played Greenville at a tournament in December! Everyone played great that night, especially Arroyo Campbell who scored a nice 22 points. The Junior High Basketball team played against Quincy on January 20th. They played a good game and were ahead by 11 points in the first quarter. The final score was 26 to 33 with Quincy only winning by 7 points.
The next high school basketball home games are on Thursday and Friday, January 25 & 26, and on Tuesday, January 30th. That’s all for this week’s Weekly Warrior; thanks for tuning in!

Weekly Warrior by Eliane Campbell 1/10/18

Welcome back Weekly Warrior readers! I hope you all had a wonderful winter break and a happy New Year. To start off, before the break Mrs. Bosworth’s K-3rd class had a gingerbread man hunt. They went around the school looking for clues to find where he was hiding. The high school students had a fun Christmas party, sharing secret Santa gifts and eating some yummy snacks.
Mrs. Bosworth’s K-3rd grade class has had a pretty busy new year. They are finishing their stuck-in-a-snow-globe writings, which will be hung up in the hallway soon, for everyone to see. The class has started a 1-3 math Prodigy online skill program and the 3rd graders have started state test prep. Mrs. Bosworth’s class has received a grant from the Sierra Schools Foundation for a tour and hands on project at the Crocker Art Museum.
The 4-6th grade class has also been doing some exciting things, too. The class did book reports over the winter break and they are starting math meetings. Ms. Maire’s class is studying ancient history and the body system.
For the high school side the math and science finals are next week, so it’s time to start studying. Ms. Bolle’s tech class has started a new coding program that they are very excited about. The tech class also got a grant from Sierra Schools Foundation to participate in Sea Perch, a navy competition in San Jose. The DHS students will submit their submersible in a competition against a lot of other schools. The 7th and 8th grade class is working on 2-point perspective drawings and they will study the Yuba Restoration Proposal in science. A reminder that there is tutoring every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday after school.
We would like to congratulate our teacher Mr. Boli and his fiancée Christina on their new baby boy, William!
The varsity boy’s basketball team went to the Elk Creek tournament on the 15 and 16th of December, and they won their game against Elk Creek. They also had a game in Providence on the 19th. Sadly we lost but the team played awesome in the 2nd and 4th quarters. On December 20 we had Junior High and Varsity games against Ipakanni. Gillian Rust made the first shot in the Junior High game with a great jump shot. Unfortunately we lost both games but only by four points in the Junior High game and the high school put up a great fight.
Now for some announcements. Next week on Wednesday the 17th and Friday the 19th there will be 2 varsity home games, the first against Loyalton and the second against Greenville. Don’t forget Friday the 19th is the end of the semester.
That’s all from Downieville School this week. I hope you all have a happy new year!

Weekly Warrior by: Sierra Folsom 12/13/17

Hello readers! On November 28 the DHS Junior Varsity basketball team played their second game against the Loyalton Junior Varsity team. We had a great game and got great practice for the season ahead. The boys’ basketball team played in a three-day tournament in Westwood on November 30 through December 2. The first game was against Redding Christian. Our team played very hard. The second game was against Greenville, and again, the team played a great game but did not come up with the win. The last game was against Herlong. Our team won the game thanks to everyone’s great shooting. Arroyo Campbell scored the most, with 12 points and Robert Baker shot 100% of his field goals.
During Holiday on Main on December 2, the elementary classes performed in the Yuba Theatre and the traditional holiday baked goods auction followed. The younger classes sang Christmas songs and the fourth, fifth and sixth graders performed A Christmas Carol. The play was very entertaining! Natalie Rust played a very funny Scrooge and everyone was great! The auction benefited the Artist in Schools Program and raised about $1500! Thank you to everyone who contributed baked goods and/or bid on them.
Mrs. Bosworth’s K-3 students have been focusing on respecting others and their beliefs. The first graders are learning how to subtract and the third graders are learning to multiply. The class has been learning about reindeer and different celebrations around the world.
Miss Maire’s students have been very busy these past weeks. The fourth, fifth and sixth graders have been learning about literary genre and the states and have been practicing punctuation. The class recently finished their literature circle, in which they read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Return of the Indian. In math the class is learning more about model drawing.
The Life Science class has been studying bacteria in nature and in Earth Science the students have been learning about glaciers and weathering. All math classes have been practicing point slope form. The culinary class is focusing on making candy.
In US History the class is learning about urbanization and immigration during the nineteenth century. The eighth grade US History class is studying the Louisiana Purchase and learning about Lewis and Clark. The World History students are studying the French Revolution. In Future Focus the class is researching careers.
CSF and CJSF members are sewing pillowcases for pediatric patients as a service project. These pillowcases will be donated to kids at the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital and UC Davis. The fabric used was donated by community members and was cut and sewn by students.
December 22 is a minimum day and the start of the two-week holiday break. Classes resume on Monday, January 8 and on Tuesday, January 9th there is a home basketball game at 5:30 against Princeton.
Have a great week.

Weekly Warrior by Hunter Davey & Robert Baker 11/29/17


Downieville School had its first basketball game on Tuesday, November 24th against Loyalton JV. Only the Downieville freshman and sophomores played and won 43-41. They will have a rematch on Tuesday the 28th in Loyalton.
Last Wednesday, November 22nd, the Downieville high school students held a Thanksgiving potluck. There was turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and stuffing and “thankful” biscuits. Everyone who attended enjoyed themselves. We would also like to remind everyone that there are only 3 more weeks till Christmas vacation.
In Mrs. Fillo’s college readiness 7/8th grade class the students are studying CSU’s and making banners for the different schools.
In Mr. Boli’s 7/8 grade history class they are studying the amendments and the Constitution and in his 9/10 grade class they are studying the Enlightenment period.
Ms. Bolle’s Technology class is putting together a grant so they can get green screen equipment to make videos and other theatrical productions
We would like to give a big “thank you” to Fredrick Penney and Associates for inviting the Downieville staff to be guests to watch the Sacramento Kings play against the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday, November 17th. The teachers were treated to box seats in the company suite and enjoyed good food and company and a great game! The Kings won!
On Veteran’s Day Mrs. Bosworth’s K-3rd grade class made thank you letters to veterans and gave them to Hillary Lozano who delivered them to the Veteran’s Day Luncheon. The 1st graders in that class are learning about subtraction; 2nd grade is learning about fact families; and 3rd grade is learning about multiplication. They have also made Christmas ornaments for the tree that is downtown. In addition the class has started practicing for their annual Holiday on Main performance.
Ms. Maire’s class is practicing intensively on their performance “The Christmas Carol” which is showing on Saturday, December 2nd at 5:00pm in the Yuba Theatre
Announcements: The Holiday on Main performances at the Yuba Theatre and Bake Goods Auction, which benefits the Artists in School program, will be held this Saturday, December 2. Don’t miss it!!
Downieville School has just finished the first trimester of the school year and would like to wish everyone happy holidays.

Weekly Warrior by Chase Noble 11/15/17

This week in Ms. Maire’s classroom the students have been learning about the microscopic world of cells and how they interact with the bigger picture, our world. They are also having fun with the different regions and climates that can be found in the U.S. On Thursday they learned that not all sweets taste good together as found when they made their Mike and Ike, Snickers, and chocolate chip cookies. Ms. McDermid would also like to give everyone a reminder that her class is going to present a beautiful Christmas play in the Yuba Theater during Holiday on Main, December 2nd. She hopes that everyone can make it to see the 4-6th grade class’ great acting skills.
Mrs. Bosworth’s K-3rd class has been learning all about Veterans Day as well as the 5 senses. The K-1st students went to the Courthouse on Tuesday, November 7th to lead the Board of Supervisors in the Pledge of Allegiance. The K-3 class has also been enjoying music from Mr. Douville and Mr. Henrix.
In U.S. History Mr. Boli is always keeping the middle schoolers intrigued and involved in the early 1800’s arguments both for and against slavery. Later they will be learning about how slavery ties into the Constitution. The 9th and 10th graders have been studying the Protestant Reformation in preparation of learning about the Renaissance.
In Ms. Bolle’s room we have been learning how to draw optical illusions by creating different shapes and angles with a compass. Robin also had generously set up a tour for the upperclassmen to go inside the 16 to 1 Mine where we got see first-hand how rocks form and get compacted into earth’s crust. There in the “Ball Room”, some 1,000 feet below the surface, the whole group ate lunch by candlelight and learned some 16 to 1 history from the wise and talented Raebell. The tech class has been 3D printing some interesting historical structures that used to stand in Downieville.
Mrs. Fillo’s 7th and 8th grade class has been sewing some festive quilt squares to honor our veterans on Veterans Day. They were then put out on display at the Veterans Day luncheon held in the school cafeteria on Saturday, November 11. Also on display were six gorgeous Quilts of Valor made by Shannon Culvahouse of Manteca for members of her son’s Army division.
Mrs. Fillo’s 7/8th English class is enjoying the novel The Witch of Blackbird Pond and how it involves Colonial America. The students made traditional quilt squares and are writing short stories to accompany the squares.
November 15, 16, 17—Wednesday, Thursday and Friday–are all minimum days due to Parent Teacher Conferences. Also November 22 is a minimum day due to Thanksgiving holiday. There will be no school on Thursday and Friday, November 23rd and 24th.
That’s all for now; see you in the next Weekly Warrior!

Weekly Warrior by Rosendo Marquez 11/15/17

Welcome back to the Downieville School news. This week in Mrs. Bosworth’s classes of K-3rd grade her students had science stations where they had to identify smells, sounds, and touch objects; they also practiced games with their sight. Many students in those classes have passed Lexia Reading Levels. The kids are also learning about Kandinsky art and even created their replicas of his circle of art. They also made autumn tree art with arm/hand outlines + pointillism (check it out on the elementary side hallway). Ms. Maire’s classes 4-6th grade presented slideshows about their trip to Goodyears Bar Museum. They are studying about cells and U.S geography. Also they are starting play rehearsals for The Christmas Carol, which will be performed on December 2nd. The high school drama class will be making sets for them to use on their performance.
On the high school side Ms. Bolle took all grades 7-12th on a fieldtrip to the Caltrans station where they got to learn about working for Caltrans through Steve Folsom and the members of his crew. The crew showed the students the trucks and tractors they use to do their work. They gave the kids a brief instruction about the machines with endless controls (too many to actually remember which led to nodding and pretending like you understood it all when they asked). All the kids had lots of fun and learned a lot about all the hard work it takes to keep our roads in shape and about other branches of working for Caltrans.
Later that week the drama class helped out with the community play, Cafe Murder. The play was amazing! It was a full house both nights, October 20th and 21st. Both the hilarious antics of the play and the short dialogues done by the students were flawless. Overall it was a great success!
On Friday October 27 the high school students put on the annual Halloween Carnival in the school gym and PTO put on a dinner right before the opening of the Carnival. Both were a success, and thanks to all who could support and bring their kids to have some fun and take some candy and goldfish off our hands.
Basketball season is officially underway. All November is practice and December we will start to have some tournaments and games.
Announcements: Report cards for the first quarter grades will be coming out sometime this week. Holiday Friday November 10 in observation of Veteran’s Day. Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled for November 15,16, and 17th. Please call the school office to schedule a conference—289-3473. NOTE: all three of those conference days will be minimum days, including Wed. Nov 15. School will dismiss at noon, with corresponding early busses.
As always, thanks for reading and till next week!

Weekly Warrior by Eliane Campbell 10/18/17

Welcome back readers to another exciting week at Downieville School! Seems time has flown by; it’s almost the end of the quarter and time to break out the winter clothes.
On September 27, a band completely bicycle powered came to the school to show us how the music production works. It was very interesting and Conner White got to ride on their elevator bike. On October 6, the Downieville Fire Department brought the smoke house up to the school. The whole Elementary learned how to safely exit a house filled with smoke. A big thank you to the Fire Department for giving the kids that experience and knowledge. Wild Things came on October 13. Everyone enjoyed getting to see the very beautiful wild animals and we can’t wait to see them again.
On October 10, our senior class went on tour of UNR and TMCC with Loyalton students and Mrs. Fillo. They were introduced to the amazing library at UNR and had the opportunity to do research for their Senior Projects. Many thanks to Amanda Osburn at LHS for inviting the DHS seniors. The PSAT was on October 11. Most of the 8th , 9th, and 10th grade students took it, myselsf included. Although it’s hard, it’s very good test practice.
The 7/8 grade car wash on October 7 was very fun and successful. They were surprised at the turnout and want to thank everyone who supported them. The German bake sale at the Oktoberfest this last Saturday also went very well for the 9/10th class with help from the culinary class. They sold out of the baked goods early, thanks to the support of the community.
Mrs. Bosworth’s K-2 class has been doing so many fun new things.They learned about Columbus Day and made tangram boats. They are also learning about their 5 senses and observation skills in science.
Ms. Maire’s 3-6 class has been very busy this week learning about various different subjects. They have been learning about the Old West. The class is making power points on everyday life in the Wild West. On October 13, they went to the Goodyears Bar Museum, getting to learn some local history. The students are also making cell cupcakes, a fun and delicious way of learning about cells. They are memorizing the states and capitals too! The 3-6 class has also started their rehearsals for the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. We can’t wait to see this awesome performance during Holiday on Main, first Saturday in December.
In Mr. Boli’s 11/12 U.S. History class they are doing research papers on the causes and increase of mass shootings. His 9/10 World History class is learning about the Middle Ages and the 7/8 U.S. History class is learning about the American Revolution. The 9th grade Future Focus class is doing a future budget to start us off in the right track.
Mrs. Bolle’s Tech Class had guest speaker Carl Butz come in and teach the students how to do spreadsheets. On Wednesday October 18, the 9/10 class are going to our local Caltrans yard to learn about work opportunities and learn about the community infrastructure maintenance with Shelly Pangman (DHS graduate) and Steve Folsom.
This past Friday one of our very own went to Colorado to finish her high school career; we will miss Makalia Rollins and wish her the best of luck.
Now for some announcements. Our school is becoming more secure. The staff and administration has decided to keep most of the doors locked during school hours starting Monday, October 16. Parent/ Guardians must come through unlocked door closest to the office. Hopefully you understand it’s for your child’s safety. If you have any questions please call, 530-289-3473.
On Friday and Saturday October 20th and 21st, the drama club, the Sierra Turnpike Players and the Sierra County Arts Council are putting on a play. The Café Murder will be at the school cafeteria at 7pm, $10 for adults and $7 for students/seniors. You can get tickets at the Downieville Day Spa OR at the door. Hope you can make it to see this wonderful murder mystery with desserts.
Friday, October 27 is our annual Halloween Carnival starting at 6pm in the school gym. It is also the end of the quarter, so if you have any late homework you better turn it in. That’s all for this week. Stay safe and have a wonderful October.

Weekly Warrior by Jacob Rust 10/4/17

Welcome readers back to another Weekly Warrior article! This week Mrs. Bosworth’s kindergarten class is making progress in their alphabet and numbers; they are learning very fast! The whole K-3 class is a strong reading class, always reading. They have a music class now. They made homemade butter, and will be making bread soon. They are studying their 5 senses– sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound.
On September 28th/29th Ms. McDermid’s 4th-6th class visited Malakoff Diggins State Park to learn about the pioneer times during the Gold Rush. They were living and acting like pioneers, cooking their own food on a campfire. It was very fun! The whole class is progressing every day in their work and behavior in Ms. McDermid’s class.
Ms. Bolle’s class is starting to build a robot called a Sea Perch for Tech Class. Everyone in Ms. Bolle’s classes received a log to work on for the whole year. They are improving every day!
The 7/8th graders will be holding a car wash on October 8th at the gas station in Downieville. It will be $6 per car wash. This money will be going for their class for all of their fun field trips. Please go and get a nice clean car!
There will be a UNR and Truckee Meadows college field trip for seniors Arroyo Campbell, Kaylon Hall, Niles Bosworth, and Rosendo Marquez on Tuesday, October 10. Loyalton invited us to join them on the UNR library tour and research sessions. Megan Parker will be leading the tour at Truckee Meadows; she was a part of the Class of 2017.
The PSAT test will be administered on campus on Wednesday, October 11th. On October 12th, Carl Butz will be teaching us about Google sheets as part of the STEM guest speaker program Ms. Bolle initiated. Anyone interested in being a guest speaker, especially in the areas of engineering, robotics or culinary arts, should call 289-3473.
The 9th/10th class will be selling German baked goods at the Oktoberfest on the streets of Sierra City on October 14th. This money will be going to their class, so please buy.
Mrs. Fillo’s 9th/10th graders are learning about the Greek myths and legends. The drama class in conjunction with the Turnpike Players will present a dessert theatre on October 20 and 21 in the school cafeteria, with spooky monologues and dialogues and a play titled Cafe Murder. Tickets are now available at the Downieville Day Spa.
Mr. Boli’s Future Focus students are learning about careers and are looking for volunteers to come visit the class and talk about their careers and how successful they were. His U.S History class is learning about early American history and the Salem Witch Trials.
Our new boys basketball coach this year will be John Smith. Everyone who is planning on playing this year needs to get a physical and turn in the permission slip. We are all ready for another great season! We want those W’s! Informal practice is now starting for the high school.
Thank you for reading another Weekly Warrior. Hope you have a fantastic week!

Weekly Warrior by Hunter, Niles, Sierra 9/20/17

by  Hunter Davey, Niles Bosworth and Sierra Folsom

On September 8th-10th the Downieville High School classes 10th-12th took a trip to Ashland, Oregon and saw two plays. On the 8th they saw Julius Caesar a play written by William Shakespeare about the conspiracy to kill Julius Caesar, a Roman emperor. On the 9th they saw the play The Odyssey, a story originally told by a Greek poet named Homer. This annual trip has been put on every year by Mrs. and Mr. Fillo, and every year they take the sophomore, junior, and senior classes to see multiple plays put on up in Ashland. Some of the students met some of the actors and Rosendo Marquez got a picture with the actor who played Brutus, one of the main characters in Julius Caesar. Everyone got to do brass rubbings, which was basically the older version of a photocopy.

To do brass rubbings, we took colored pieces of paper and wrapped the paper around the brass engravings we wanted to “copy” and rubbed them around the edges and inside the edges, which then produced copies of the engravings onto the paper. The kids enjoyed looking around the campus of Shasta College, which included looking at the dorms, tennis courts, and swimming pool as well as a drive through Lassen Park.

While the 10th-12th classes were gone on Friday the 8th Ms. Bolle took the rest of the junior high and high school on a hike. The 7th-9th went up Lavazola Road to Barney’s Hole. It was an 11 mile round trip. Some comments from students were that it was exhausting but very fun.

On September 13th a public speaker, Darryl Bellamy, came from North Carolina to talk to the junior high and high school students about facing and overcoming fears. The assembly was well received by everyone!

The Sierra Schools Foundation is offering up to $500 to seniors for their Senior Projects. Be sure to check out the DHS project posters next time you visit the school.

The fall semester CSF/CJSF members (California Scholarship Federation and Junior Federation) were treated to ice cream Friday afternoon in recognition of their outstanding grades last report card and as part of a week long guessing game as to who was each 7th grader’s buddy. Buddies are high school students who help the incoming 7th graders “get used to” the secondary side. This semester’s CSF members are Kaylon Hall, Sierra Folsom, Jacob Rust, Eliane Campbell, Esmeralda Nevarez, and Aaron and Austin Foster. The CJSF members are Jesse Folsom and Landon Jackson. Congrats to all on your excellent grades!
The tech class just got the 3d printer up and running. Tinkercad is a website they use to plan and map out their projects. Many objects have already been printed out. In the future the class will be building a robot for a Navy Submersible competition.
We are looking for public speakers to present their areas of interest to the 7-12th graders. If you are interested, contact Robin Bolle at 289-3473.
In the Kindergarten through 3rd grade class they are studying the weather and the seasons of the year. As part of their study the class observed tornadoes made in water bottles. They also now have a new free time chart that they use to promote good behavior. Mrs. Taylor, the new lead teacher in charge at Downieville School, came in to teach the class about equity versus equality.
Miss Maire’s fourth, fifth and sixth graders are going to be performing A Christmas Carol during Holiday on Main the first weekend in December. They start rehearsal this week. On September 13th the class celebrated Roald Dahl Day. Roald Dahl was an author who wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so the class got to invent candy for Willie Wonka. A field trip is planned for the end of this month to Malakoff Diggins. The students made Gold Rush eran costumes to wear when they visit the Diggins.
Have a great week!

Weekly Warrior by Rosendo Marquez 9/6/17

Welcome Back to DHS news!!! The 2017/18 school year has kicked off and we
are all very excited to make it an awesome year.
To start off we have new faces teaching this year at DHS. On the elementary side
TeresaTaylor is the new Special Education teacher and lead teacher of the school.
Katrina Bosworth, who has been working at the school as a teacher aide, is taking
a bigger role as the new K-3 teacher. Joshua Bolli is the new high school history,
journalism, Spanish and PE teacher. We are excited to have them and they seem very
happy to be here. In the K-3rd classes Mrs. Bosworth announced some new things in the room like tables and chairs and a magnetic board. They have discovered the website gonoodle.com which the kids have a lot of fun learning on. Mrs. Bosworth also commented that everyone is having fun and that they are ready for this school year.
In the 4th-6th classes they are making paper mache globes as they review about
how to make 3D objects. The classes will also be doing a scavenger hunt.
Ms Maire and her classes are all happy to be back! Mr. Bolli said he and his classes have had “a great start to the year and I am excited to be at this school and happy at how enthusiastic the students here are.”
Mr. and Mrs. Fillo are taking 10th-12th  grade students on the yearly Ashland trip on September 8-10, thanks once again to a generous SSF (Sierra Schools Foundation) grant. The Ashland trip is always a very fun fieldtrip that the students are always excited to go on. This year the group will be watching Julius Caesar and The Odyssey. Mrs. Fillo’s drama class will be joining community actors to do a community theatre event on October 20th
in the school cafeteria. The evening of mystery and intrigue will also include delicious and diabolical desserts. The students will be performing dialogues and monologues.
Other announcements: Wednesdays are now short days; students are released at 1:30 to allow teachers and staff to enjoy collaboration and planning time.
Back to School Night will be September 19th. Student Council will be holding a dinner that night, which will be Taco Tuesday, priced at $10 for a large meal or $7 for a smaller one. The School Book Fair will be October18-22. Thanks for reading! Until next time.

Weekly Warrior by: Austin Foster, Eliane Campbell & Robert Baker

Weekly Warrior
by: Austin Foster, Eliane Campbell & Robert Baker
Welcome everyone to the another Weekly Warrior article! This school year is at its end and everyone is very excited for summer vacation!
Mrs. Galan’s K-2 class got to play their didgeridoos. The first and second graders made flubber in science. They visited the Science Discovery Museum on June 6 in Reno. The students enjoyed Lunch Bunch all week, an activity where each day different students got to have lunch with the teacher and receive special treats.
Ms. Maire’s 3-5th class finished their Navajo weavings and their poems. They completed their study of Native Americans with well-researched power point presentations and intricate dioramas. They enjoyed doing music this year and had a fun water balloon fight to finish off this school year!
Mrs. Fillo’s drama class did a splendid job this year in the annual spring play held at the Yuba Theatre on June 2/3. This year’s production was named “When in Rome” and the performers did a tremendous job acting. Mr. Jenkins from last year’s play even made a cameo appearance during one of the dance sequences, adding to the general hilarity of the play. The audience enjoyed the slapstick humor and catchy tunes and many Friday night attendees returned on Saturday to see the play a second time. Many, many thanks to SCAC and SSF for grant help with the production and also to Downieville Market and Three Forks Pizza for providing dinner to the cast and crew on dress rehearsal night. Mrs. Fillo commented that once again the “School” Musical was truly a community effort!!
We held Student Council elections on Tuesday, June 6. The results were Rosendo Marquez for President; Kaylon Hall for Vice-President; Makalia Rollins for Secretary; and Robert Baker for Treasurer for the 2017/18 school year.
June 6/7th, the 7th-9th graders went camping at Rocky Rest with Mr. Fillo and Ms. Bolle. We got to explore trails and have lots of fun!
Due to poor weather on June 8, instead of the normal tradition of going to Collin’s Lake we enjoyed a barbeque and big basketball tournament. First there was a free throw competition that Niles Bosworth won. Next we had a 3-point competition with Ramon Nevarez winning 1st place. A 1on1 tournament followed with both a junior high school competition and high school competition. Austin Foster won 1st place in the Junior High bracket, while Niles Bosworth won the high school bracket.
Friday, June 9 was a minimum day and we cleaned out all of our stuff from the school. We signed yearbooks and said our final goodbyes to Mr. Corcoran, who will be teaching at LHS next year, with ice cream and brownies. Students also expressed how much of an impact Mr. Corcoran has had on their lives and that he will be greatly missed!
Senior Graduation was on Saturday, June 10, with Megan Parker and Ramon Nevarez at Herrington’s Resort. There were many great speeches given and some wonderful scholarships presented. After the graduation we headed to the community hall for some great food at a potluck. We wish our two senior lots of luck in college and we will miss them greatly.
Yearbooks are still on sale for 40$ and you can buy them from Mr. Corcoran.
Ms. Bolle received a grant from Sierra Schools Foundation for a 3D printer for a new class next school year! We also received a new video camera to film all of our great basketball games and more.
That’s all for this Weekly Warrior. Have a great summer vacation and we’ll see you next time!

Weekly Warrior by Aaron Foster 5/31/17

Welcome back to another awesome Weekly Warrior article! This week in Mrs. Galan’s class, the students are painting their didgeridoos and they are even learning about the significance of Memorial Day. The students have also been forging ahead with their reading and math programs as well.

Ms. McDermid’s class is very excited about the end of the year and they have finished all of that obnoxious state testing. Everyone has been doing a lot of activities such as their cool Navajo weavings and their Native American houses.

In Mr. Corcoran’s class we are selling the amazing yearbooks which everyone should buy. The yearbooks cost 40$ and you can buy them from Mr. Corcoran; his school contact number is 289-3473. Also at the end of the year on Thursday, June 8th the whole junior high/high school is leaving to go to Collins Lake which will be an awesome field trip. Everyone will have a blast, guaranteed. Then the two amazing seniors will be having their graduation at Herrington’s Meadow in Sierra City on Saturday, June 10th at 4:30pm. A potluck at the Sierra City Community Hall will follow the ceremony, so come down because the seniors would love to see everyone there.

The drama class has done a lot of hard work making props, practicing large amounts of lines and even dancing, but it has all come together very well with everyone’s participation. The students will be presenting When In Rome on Friday, June 2nd and Saturday June 3rd at the Yuba Theatre in Downieville at 7:00 p.m. Tickets cost 10 dollars for adults and 7 dollars for seniors who qualify at age 60 and children who qualify at 1-17. We really encourage everyone to come and enjoy the show because it will be well worth your time and money. See you there!
Last week on May 25th in Ms. Bolle’s physical science class, the 7/8th graders presented their projects which consisted of poems, musical rhyming, and even one large cookie that looked like an atom. The projects were very fun and unique and we were learning about electrons and neutrons in the atom. This week everyone 7th through 12th grade will be starting to take their finals for Ms. Bolle.

On the 24th of May we had an Awards Ceremony for the secondary students and it went very well. The Academic Excellence Awards went to Esmeralda Nevarez, Kaylon Hall, Megan Parker, Sierra Folsom and Eliane Campbell. Congratulations to them for their hard work. This summer Robin Bolle will be starting up a STEM club and it will meet from 4-6pm every Wednesday. All kids under the age of 10 years old must be with an adult. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
The school year is coming to an end and everyone can’t wait for summer because it’s right around the corner. Thank you very much for reading this week’s Weekly Warrior and have a lovely summer.

Weekly Warrior by Arroyo Campbell & Kaylon Hall 5/3/17

This week in Downieville High School has been very busy. Both the golf team and the tennis team played hard games. On the tennis side, both Niles and Kyle Bosworth are moving on to the semifinals, on May 8th. But for the rest of them, the tennis season is over. The tennis team this year included Megan Parker, Kaylon Hall, Sierra Folsom, Hunter Davey, Jacob Rust, Niles Bosworth, and Kyle Bosworth. The entire team had a great time playing this year!

The golf team that was started this year has had a lot of fun being coached by Tom Potter. The golf team, consisting of Rosendo Marquez, Ramon Nevarez, and Arroyo Campbell, has played two tournaments so far, the first at Lake Almanor and the second at White Hawk Ranch. Both were fun but neither ended in a victory.

The butterfly watch in Mrs. Galan’s class is over! The students released their butterflies on May 1st! The Kinders are learning how to stay safe in different weather, while the 1st and 2nd grade are learning about ancient times. They are also preparing for a field trip to the Reno Discovery Museum in June.

In Ms. Maire’s 3-5 class is doing a super review to prepare for CAASPP testing coming up. They are also learning about Native Americans and continuing their ceramic projects. Students who turned in most of their Reading Logs had a root beer float party. They are working on starting the garden and working on their nature journals.
Last Saturday, April 29 was the combined Prom for Loyalton and Downieville. The students who attended had a blast! In other high school news the Chemistry class got new tables over spring break and are excited to use them with future experiments. Last week, on April 26, Downieville held a Book Fair and Open House to show parents what the students have been doing in school. The event as a whole went very well. Thank you to the Sierra City Masons for providing their traditional, delicious strawberry shortcake!

Students will be state testing the weeks of May 8th and 14th. The 5th, 7th and 9th grades will be going to Loyalton for Physical Education testing on the 16th.
We invite you to join us for the LCAP State of the School address on Tuesday, May 10th at 6 in the Cafeteria. Darcy will provide a wonderful dinner.
Saturday, May 13th will be the 10th Annual Cancer Awareness Walk. Registration is at 8:30 and Walk starts at 9 at the Downieville gym. A luncheon will follow along with raffle of some spectacular prizes, prayer flags and optional skin checks by Frank Lang, NP. $10 donations are recommended along with a request to bring a hat or cap to donate to chemo patients. Hat/cap donors will receive three free raffle tickets. Hope to see you there!

Weekly Warrior by Niles Bosworth 4/19/17

The students are all off to Spring Break starting Friday, April 14 after the minimum day!

This last week Mrs. Galan’s class studied the butterfly life cycle, made butterflies in art, and their caterpillars arrived for the students to learn about caterpillars turning into butterflies. In Kindergarten they learned about staying safe in different types of weather. In first grade, they are learning about how life was different in the past. And in second grade, students are learning what makes different parts of the world different.

Ms. Maire’s class is having an exciting time learning about geometry. The students are also looking into Lewis and Clark, as well as learning about the Westward Expansion. The elementary is enjoying their dance rehearsals with Kathy Fischer in preparation for the pre-show at the Downieville high school drama class’ spring play in June.

Mr. Ludi Hinrichs is the new elementary music teacher, and he always has a smile on his face. He loves working with the kids and is happy that kids want to learn music. He loves the kids’ great participation. He is very thankful to BJ Jordan for recommending him to the school. He has always been interested in music, and in 6th grade he first started playing the trumpet. He played the trombone and piano in high school as well. It is thanks to the Sierra County Arts Program that he is able to teach and be here at Downieville School.

A WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) team visited from April 3-5 to do an evaluation on our school. The team interviewed teachers, students and community members and observed classroom activity.

The California Poet Laureate Dana Gioia spoke at the Yuba Theatre on April 4. He recited his own poems as well as the poetry of other poets. Everyone enjoyed the poems he wrote and read about California. As California Poet Laureate, his goal is to visit all the counties in California, and so far he’s visited about 20 out of the 58 counties.

The yearbook class had a work party on April 5th in order to finish the yearbook. The yearbook class met in Mr. Corcoran’s classroom after school and stayed late to get the yearbook done before the deadline. Mr. Corcoran provided snacks and the students worked hard to get the book ready for publication. For early purchase and to reserve a copy of the 2017 Echo, contact Downieville School at 289-3473 and ask Mr. Corcoran for prices.

On April 10, SSF (Sierra Schools Foundation) and SPJUSD put on “Screenagers”, which is a documentary about the use of social media for students. It helped show parents the negative effects of phones and social media on kids’ schoolwork, study habits, and overall behavior. The parents who attended said the presentation was very informative and they were glad it was shown.

The tennis team has had two matches the past two weeks against Quincy and Paradise Adventist. Against Quincy, Sierra Folsom and Megan Parker; Hunter Davey and Jacob Rust; and Kaylon Hall and Niles Bosworth all won their doubles matches! Sierra and Niles both won their singles matches. Against Paradise, Sierra and I won our doubles and Sierra won her singles, which caused us to win the match against Paradise. We are currently second in the league.

Golf has been practicing in Grass Valley and working hard towards their upcoming matches. The boys playing have enjoyed learning a new sport. The coach is Tom Potter, with students Rosendo Marquez, Arroyo Campbell, and Ramon Nevarez on the team.

Last Tuesday, April 11, we had a motivational speaker, Fred Penney, come and talk to the high schoolers about being successful. He made the presentation fun and let us know that we can achieve anything no matter where we come from. He was from a small town, not much bigger than our own, of 600 and had bad grades for most of his school career, with a GPA of about 2.3 until halfway through his junior year, when he stepped it up and achieved a 4.0 GPA. He got accepted into law school and now he is extremely successful and has his own law firm, as well as stocks in many other companies including racecars and Sunsplash. He taught us about saving our money and staying confident, but not getting a big head.

B-Street Theater came back to Downieville on April 12. They are an organization that presents short plays, many of which are written by young students and developed by B-Street into short exciting plays. This event was held in the Yuba Theatre and community members were welcomed to watch along with the student body.

Mark your calendars for the 10th Annual Cancer Awareness Walk, scheduled for Saturday, May 13. Registration starts at 8:30 am and the Walk commences at 9:00 am from the school gym. Following the Walk, for which there are a selection of routes, there will be a salad bar luncheon and raffle prizes. Skin checks will be available and participants are invited to make prayer flags. All proceeds from the Walk’s $10 donations and additional raffle ticket sales will go to help alleviate costs incurred by local cancer patients. Downieville’s CSF and CJSF students are sponsoring the Walk on behalf of Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc., a local non-profit organization that administers the funds r

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