Weekly Warrior By Ramon Nevarez 1/25/17


Greetings from Downieville High School. Due to the weather conditions we have missed several days of school in the past few weeks, but we are attempting to get back on track. A big announcement: Our CSF/CJSF chapter is selling flowers for Valentine’s Day. All pre-orders are due January 27th, and the flowers will be delivered Tuesday, February 14th. If you would like to place an order don’t hesitate to call the school (289-3473) or talk to any CSF/CJSF student.
Please join us at our home basketball games vs. Elk Creek and Ipakanni, on Thursday, January 27th and Friday, January 28th. We are also playing Loyalton at home on Tuesday, February 7th. We need all the support we can get! Reporting back on previous basketball games, Friday the 13th we played Greenville. Unfortunately we lost but we did not go down without a fight. We also played Loyalton on January 17th. Ultimately taking a defeat, we held them down to 29 points in the first half and we scored 23. Niles Bosworth received Player of the Game for the Greenville game and Ramon Nevarez was named Player of the Game against Loyalton.
The boys’ home game against Westwood on Monday January 23 had an even score throughout the first half, which ended 20-20. The Warriors ended up being outperformed in the third quarter, which Rosendo Marquez described as being “out of gas.” Westwood pulled away with an 11-point lead. In the last quarter, the Warriors attempted to make a comeback, forcing Westwood’s lead to drop to only three points. The Warriors tried their best and ended the game with a close score, 36-45. Rosendo Marquez was named Player of the Game for his consistent hard playing throughout the game.
In the K-2nd class the kindergarteners are learning rules that should be followed in different places in their reading. In addition Christopher Nevarez is learning to add numbers greater than ten in math. The first and second graders took a short trip to downtown Downieville. They surveyed the different types of buildings throughout the town according to the material the buildings are made of and then tallied the results. Then they gathered the data to form graphs. Some of the categories the buildings were made of were rock, wood, concrete and brick.
The 3rd-5th grade class is learning about the Chinese New Year. They are also finishing up their studies on environmental change and how it affects plants and animals. They are moving on to study about the early history of the US in their history class, learning about the Thirteen Colonies. The kids are very excited to be planning their trip to San Francisco and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Till next time! Have a good weekend!

Weekly Warrior by Jacob Rust 1/18/17

Welcome back readers to another Weekly Warrior article. This week the kindergarten
class is reading about bugs/insects. The first graders are reading about community helpers. The second graders are reading about animals. Sounds very fun! Mrs. Galan¹s class is making thank you notes for Mr. Fillo for making alligator pencil holders! They were very neat! Ms. McDermid¹s 3rd-5th grade class is planning a field trip to San
Francisco and Monterey. They all are learning about fractions in their math. They are
really improving by the second.
On December 14th, the whole high school had a Christmas party. Secret Santa gifts were handed out, which was fun! We also had a gingerbread house decorating competition. There were snacks, drinks, and desserts at the party. I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas! Personally my favorite gift was a gift card. Over Christmas break the girls varsity had great practices!
On the 5th of January, the Downieville Warriors played basketball against American Christian. The boys lost with the score of 18 to 55. Hunter Davey got the player of the
game award. Hunter did well with his rebounds and persistence! The Lady Warriors also lost to American Christian, 19-64, but played hard. The Warriors will get them next time! NO GAMES this Friday, January 20. Next week we have four home games scheduled for Tues through Friday, depending on the weather. In Mr. Corcoran¹s class there is a Colombian food party planned and students will be researching the Latin American Conquistadors.

In Ms. Bolle¹s class there are finals coming up and long term projects. They always turn out to be great! We will all miss Bernie Stringer (who has retired) for doing very hard work and making everyone laugh! Thank you for your service and thank you Tom Potter for now helping the school full time! The 1st semester ends on the 20th of January. That¹s it for this edition of Weekly Warrior! Thank you for reading! Happy New Year everyone!

Weekly Warrior by Kaylon Hall 12/14/16

Welcome back readers. In Mrs. Galan’s class all three grades are starting new units that are science oriented. The Kindergarteners will be learning about how tools help people explore. First graders will be discovering how their bodies move, and second graders will learn about animal habitats.
Ms. Maire’s 3rd -5th grade students made synonym cinnamon rolls and plan to follow up with antonyms. They are also wrapping up their unit on ecosystems and fractions. Now they are learning about heritage and landmarks. Last week the Mountain Messenger held a writing contest for the 3rd to 5th graders. The students had to write a story and poem. Logan Kinneer was the winner for story writing. Sully Kaiser and Shaylan Williams won 2nd place. Their imaginations and use of adjectives really wowed the judges. Poem winners were Lily Antrim for first, Mariah White for second and Colton White and Serenity Downs tied for 3rd place.
Both elementary classes performed at the Yuba Theatre for Holiday on Main on Dec. 3rd. Mrs. Galan’s class started it off with a great show about what Merry Christmas means followed by Ms. Maire’s class (plus two 8th graders) playing “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”. Then both groups came together for a Zumba dance. A big thanks to Kathy Fisher, Lynnea White and Melissa Kinneer for creating fantastic Who hair and make-up. And last but not least thank you community members for buying from the “Baked Goods Auction”; we raised over a $1,000 for the Artists in School program!
In sports, both the boys’ and girls’ varsity basketball teams attended the Greenville Tournament on December 1-3 The girls won one of their three games in a double-overtime against Herlong with only three DHS players left on the court. The boys, unfortunately, did not win any games but it was a close call in a game with Westwood, 32-34.
Last Tuesday the boy’s varsity went to Loyalton to play against their JV team. Sadly the score was 22 to 35 against DHS, but everyone played great and Hunter Davey was the high scorer for the DHS team.
Last weekend, December 9/10, we hosted the first Downieville Small Schools Tournament. Three outside teams from Westwood, Herlong and Loyalton participated along with our varsity boys. The first place trophy went to Downieville since they won the most points; Westwood got 2nd, Herlong 3rd, and Loyalton JV 4th. Congratulations to Rosendo Nevarez for receiving the MVP award. Also Congrats to Hunter Davey, Arroyo Campbell and Rosendo Marquez for receiving All Stars Awards.
Our math and science teacher Robin Bolle went to a Math and Technology conference in Monterey last week. She said that she had a great time listening to guest speaker Don Meyer and she now has many new ideas to bring back to the classroom.
Please remember that this Friday December 16th is a minimum day and that winter break will be from the 16th through January 2nd; school will resume on Tuesday, January 3. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Weekly Warrior by Arroyo Campbell 11/30/16

Since our last account a lot has happened in Downieville Jr/Sr High School. I would like to start by thanking Ms. Bruns, the art teacher, for all the help she has given. We secondary students have been very happy learning how to draw portraits and learning shading techniques.

The high school celebrated Thanksgiving on Wednesday the 23rd. It was a half day, in which the students held a pep rally then indulged in food made for a feast, including two turkeys, mashed potatoes, a variety of pies, and much more.

The construction class students are having fun building scale houses that have been made to 1/16 to an inch. This is teaching students terminology and skills that will help them in their futures.
In other news a former student, Tommy Dines, graduated from Marine boot camp on Friday, November 14. We believe the Marines are lucky to have a man like Tommy. The whole school got to see the ceremony, thanks to Megan Parker who live-streamed the event for us.

This last Tuesday the boys Jr. Varsity team played against the Loyalton J.V. basketball team. Both teams played hard, but we are proud to announce that Downieville won with a score of 29 to 28. The team (Hunter Davey, Jacob Rust, Makalia Rollins, Robert Baker, Niles Bosworth, Kyle Bosworth, and Arroyo Campbell) played very hard.
The K-3 class not only learned about the first Thanksgiving, but they also joined Ms. Maire’s class for a Thanksgiving feast on November 23rd. The kids even helped with the food. Before the feast the kids worked on crafts and enjoyed their Zumba lessons. The K-3 students are also practicing for their Holiday on Main performance.

Ms. Maire’s class has also been getting ready for Holiday on Main. This class hosted the Thanksgiving feast for the entire elementary. They are also learning about climates and ecosystems. Ms. Maire’s class held a See’s candy fundraiser for a trip to Monterey Bay.

We have many announcements this week. Holiday on Main is on December 3rd, this Saturday, at the Community Hall in Downieville. Both the K-3 and the 4-6 classes are performing that day at the Yuba Theatre. The 7/8th graders are hosting a cookie-decorating booth during Holiday on Main. They are also selling hot chocolate, coffee, and pie. On Friday and Saturday, December 9th/10th we are hosting a boys varsity basketball tournament. Both the boys and girls have varsity teams and hope to get many wins this year. We look forward to seeing you on the bleachers, cheering the teams on!

Weekly Warrior by Hunter Davey 11/16/16

Last Thursday, November 10, we had the annual dinner and play night put on by the high school drama class. This year it was called Enchiladas and Entertainment. The students presented monologs, dialogs and short skits; one skit was an original, written and performed by Jacob Rust, Aaron Foster, Austin Foster and Daniel Dunham. We’d like to thank everybody that supported the high school drama class; we had a record-breaking turnout!

The boys high school basketball team is also back for another year. We kicked off the season with an inter squad scrimmage between up and coming players, varsity players, and those who have played under Coach Corcoran in the past years. It was a nail biting very close game and the final score was 33 to 37; the new varsity team won. The official varsity roster this year is: Ramon Nevarez, Rosendo Marquez, Arroyo Campbell, Hunter Davey, Niles Bosworth, Jacob Rust, Robert Baker, and Kyle Bosworth. We look forward to a fun and successful season.

This is also the first year in awhile that we have a girls’ varsity basketball team. For this to be possible all of the girls in the high school had to play. The players for the girl’s varsity team are: Megan Parker, Kaylon Hall, Makalia Rollins, Gabriela Abreu, and Sierra Folsom. They are coached by Coach Steve Fillo. The 7-8th grade boys and girls basketball team has also started their basketball season under Coach Fillo.

The kindergarten through 2nd grade class is writing appreciation letters to veterans and the speakers from their firefighter presentation. They have learned how to identify and write numbers up to 20 and are learning how to use their chromebooks. This week the 3rd through 5th graders will learn about ecosystems, geography, and U.S. History. Some of them are practicing a play for Holiday on Main. Don’t miss it!!

This Friday, November 18 will be a minimum day for teachers to work on programs and WASC, and next Wednesday, November 23 will be another minimum day before the Thanksgiving break; no school Thursday and Friday, November 24 and 25.
On November 29 there will be a home game between Dville Varsity and Loyalton JV. December 3 is the annual Holiday On Main celebration. The 7-8th graders will be operating a hot chocolate sale and cookie-decorating booth as a class fundraiser. Friday and Saturday, December 9th and 10th, is the first annual Downieville Small Schools Basketball Tournament.

We’re now starting to get into flu season and we are encouraging parents to get their kids vaccinated and to stay home if sick.

Weekly Warrior by Kaylon Hall 11/2/16

These past two weeks a lot has been happening. To start, Wild Things came to the gym on October 20th, to teach and show the school about different types of animals. Wild Things is a company that takes care of animals that cannot live in their natural habitat. They brought cool animals such as a baby crocodile, a big frog, a large hedgehog and an owl. Also the next day the Sierra County Dept. of Public Works provided a Magic Show to teach everyone the importance of recycling. They did a great job of being funny while still being educational. Last week was Spirit Week. Club Live and Friday Night Live kids provided a week of fun foods and dress-up days to remind the students of the importance of living a drug free life.
On October 28 there was a hot dog dinner at the cafeteria preceding the annual Halloween Carnival organized by the students from 7th to 12th grade. Each grade set up a few games such as face painting, beanbag toss, tug war, and the famous cakewalk. There were people from Downieville and from others close towns like Grass Valley. The kids had lots of fun and they got lots of candy.
On the Elementary side of things both classes joined together to learn about fire safety. Deputy Chief Mike Lozano, Mike Galan, Ramon Nevarez, Megan Parker and Kaylon Hall all took part in teaching the lower grades how to stay safe in case of emergency. Ms. Marie’s students are doing Powerpoint Presentations for their new unit about ecosystems. So far they have visited the museums in Downieville and Goodyears Bar, and plan to do many local hikes. Mrs. Galan’s students are getting in the fall spirit by carving pumpkins. The 2nd graders are learning about spiders and the kindergarten just finished learning the last letter of the alphabet.
This week the varsity boys basketball team will be starting practice in preparation for a game with the alumni on Friday Nov. 4th at 5:30pm at the gym; the community is invited. Also on Thursday Nov. 10 the drama class will be hosting a dinner-theater event themed “Enchiladas and Entertainment” starting at 5:00 in the cafeteria. Following the dinner, drama students will present a montage of monologs, dialogs and short skits. We hope to see you there!

Weekly Warrior by: Megan Parker 10/12/16

We are halfway through the quarter and progress reports are going to be sent out. Two weeks ago, the upperclassmen met up for ice cream with their “CSF buddies”. A CSF buddy is chosen by an upperclassman and we leave clues for them to guess who we are. The buddies were all in 7th grade. As upperclassmen buddies, we are supposed to help with school or personal problems. My buddy is Evy Downs; Ramon Nevarez’s buddy is Jesse Folsom; Rosendo Marquez’s buddy is Conner White; Arroyo Campbell’s buddy is Katie Epps; and Kaylon Hall’s buddy is Gillian Rust.

The greenhouse has been doing nicely. This year Ms. McDermid’s class is growing more and more in the garden and plans to share the fresh veggies! They are in need of donations and volunteers to help maintain the greenhouse.
Oktoberfest was Saturday, October 8th in Sierra City and the 7/8th and 11th graders will be selling German desserts as a fundraiser.
BMX riders will demonstrate a bunch of cool tricks for the school Thursday, October 6th at 1:00 P.M. All are welcome!
Wild Things has been rescheduled for Thursday, October 20th. Cash for College Night is Thursday, October 13th in Loyalton at 6:00 P.M. The annual Halloween Carnival has been set for Friday, October 28th. Details to come!
T-shirts to support the athletic program are on sale for $20. They were designed by Rosendo Marquez and are being sold by the basketball team. Contact the school at (530) 289-3473 to buy a shirt.
The Mountain Messenger is hosting a writing contest for the entire school to enter. The contest is to write a poem or story; anonymous local residents will judge the entries.
The yearly trip to Ashland was last weekend. The students saw The Wiz, Twelfth Night, and Hamlet. We also got to go on a backstage tour of the theatres. The outside theatre interested me the most because of how it is outside, they perform even with rain, and the design is supposed to look like an Elizabethan inn. A fun fact we learned is that it is bad luck to talk about the play Macbeth in any theatre. We also visited Southern Oregon University as well as Chico State and a few students took in the Rogue River Gorge, Lava Bridges and Crater Lake, in a snowstorm. Ashland has always been an amazing, eye-opening experience and the students can’t thank Mr. and Mrs. Fillo enough!
Mr. Johnston has been substituting for Mrs. Galan and has been doing a great job. The students have been reading a bunch of books such as The Boy Who Cried Wolf. They’ve also been having fun doing art with leaves. Deer and foxes have been visiting the windows by the classroom, so they all get a fun view. Many high school helpers have been assisting Mr. Johnston, including Eliane Campbell, Esmeralda Nevarez, Kaylon Hall, Makalia Rollins, Sierra Folsom, and me, Megan Parker.
Ms. McDermid’s class has been doing STEM activities and maps. They’re also excited for future field trips. The 3rd graders are doing rainbows in connection to learning their multiplication tables, where different colors represent different numbers.
Thank you for reading. We also update school activities on the school Facebook page.

Weekly Warrior – by Sierra Folsom 9/21/16

We are off to another great year! We are happy to have all our new students and our new elementary teacher Mrs. Galan. Candy Corcoran’s niece Gabriella came from Brazil for a semester of school here; she fits in very well and we all really like her.
At the beginning of the school year we elected Student Council officers. They all had to write speeches to present to the Jr. High and High school students. Ramon Nevarez is Student Council President; Rosendo Marquez is VP; and Makalia Rollins is Secretary/Treasurer.
On September 12th, Mr. Corcoran took the Juniors and Seniors to Feather River College in Quincy to a College Fair. There they learned about financial aid, out of state costs and possible degree options offered by a variety of schools and colleges. The guest speaker was a deaf person who spoke about the need to treat everyone as equals. The students enjoyed her message and humorous delivery.
September 14th was Back To School Night, annual Book Fair, and the Student Council Spaghetti Dinner. Parents enjoyed visiting classrooms and on the elementary side, welcoming back Maire McDermid (grades 3-5) and greeting the new K-2 teacher, local Karen Galan. Mrs. Galan was honored with a Certificate of Appreciation from the State Assembly for her long running dedication to education and specifically to the youth of this area; Karen came “out of retirement” to fill the vacancy for the 2016-2017 school year.
On Monday, September 19th, Patrick Crosby, a structural engineer was at the school to talk with us about his career. It was a very cool experience, and we all liked it and got a lot out of it. We all got to see how buildings are made to withstand earthquakes and much more.
Mr. Corcoran and his wife Candy donated Rosetta Stone, a Spanish Language program for all students who are eligible.
The Sierra Schools Foundation Golf Tournament is on Saturday, October 1st at Plumas Pines Golf Resort in Graeagle, CA. It starts at 10:30 AM and costs $110 per person and $400 dollars for a foursome. That includes green fees, cart and dinner. There will also be raffle drawings and an auction. Non-players can attend the dinner, provided by Roen Ranch, for $20. All proceeds benefit Sierra and Plumas County students through grants offered by Sierra Schools Foundation. You can sign up at www.sierraschoolsfoundation.org.
The next Boosters/PTO meeting is on October 14th at 3:30. We are trying to form a Girls Varsity Basketball team. There is a Varsity Boys intersquad basketball game on November 4th and the public is invited to come and watch.
Collect those BoxTops and turn them into the school! There will be prizes for the most turned in BoxTops in grades k-2 and 3-5; prizes will be awarded December 1st, March 1st and June 1st.
In Mrs. Galan’s kindergarten, first and second grade class the kindergarteners are learning to read words and the 1st and 2nd graders are working on their new math curriculum. In science the students are studying plants. The class is enjoying the book Boxcar Children Number 1 that Mrs. Galan is reading to them.
Miss Maire’s third, fourth and fifth grade class is having a great start to the school year. The students are busy studying geography and they visited the Kentucky Mine and all had a great time. The class does plan to go on more field trips throughout the year and they are raising money. One field trip they plan to go on is to the Black Chasm Cavern in Amador County. In the early spring the class is going to take a big trip to visit the San Francisco Academy of Sciences and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Have a great week.

Weekly Warrior – by Makalia Rollins 9/21/16

Welcome back Downieville to the first official Weekly Warrior of the 2016/2017 school year. We have a lot to report on so let’s get to it!!

First off we’d like to announce the seniors of this year, Ramon Nevarez and Megan Parker. Ramon Nevarez is the Student Council President this year who put together and organized a great spaghetti and meatball dinner for Open House last Wednesday, September 14th, with the help of the rest of Student Council. Our other Student Council officers this year are Rosendo Marquez as our VP;  Makalia Rollins, as Secretary; and Augustine Corcoran as  Adviser. The class reps are Megan Parker for 11-12th; Robert Baker for 9-10th; Aaron Foster for 8th; and Katie Epps for 7th grade.

The 10-12th grade class will be heading to Ashland, Oregon the 30th of September to watch amazing performances put on by amazing actors/actresses just as they do every year. Thank you to Mr./Mrs. Fillo and Sierra Schools Foundation for making this trip possible every year for us to enjoy. And also thank you to the community, parents, and the students for keeping this trip alive with your funding and your spirit and good behavior!!

School pictures look beautiful as always! The pictures were taken last Thursday and are in the office ready for pick up if they have not already been sent home with your student.

Ms. Maire’s class went on a field trip to the Kentucky Mine last week and had a blast! The students enjoyed making tie-dyed shirts with their names on them to wear to the mine as well as learning all about the Kentucky Mine.

Mrs. Galan’s K-2nd grade class is off to a great start this year with all the amazing art projects they have been doing! These kindergartners really know how to color! And wow! The first and second graders are math whizzes.

We had a guest speaker from the Crosby group that came in and gave an excellent presentation on engineering and construction. Thank you Patrick Crosby and Mrs. Bolle for setting up the presentation.

Thank you once again, Downieville, for reading the article and supporting our school!

Weekly Warrior   by: Megan Parker 6/1/16

A little more than a week until the last day of school. The year sure went quickly.
Loyalton’s prom was last weekend and seven people from Downieville accepted their invitation to attend. This year the prom was held in Portola at the Grizzly Lodge. It was a 50s themed dance which was a lot of fun.
The 7th/8th graders went camping at Ramshorn last Thursday. Their favorite part was roasting s’mores and experiencing the life of Native Americans. Many thanks to Robin Bolle for organizing the trip and Steve Fillo and Karen Hamilton for helping chaperone. Steve Folsom made a late night popcorn delivery, to everyone’s delight.
This week is finals week; we will be busy studying and testing but the end of the school year will be here before we know it.
The yearly Spring Musical is “Hot Rod”, a 50s play. Performances are scheduled for Friday, June 3rd and Saturday, June 4th both at 7:00 P.M. Seniors/Students are $7 and Adults are $10. Advance tickets can be purchased from students or at Sierra Hardware.
Next Tuesday, June 7 will be the annual Awards Night for grades 7-12, in the school cafeteria starting at 5:30.
This year’s seniors are Karlee Bolle, Tommy Dines, Matthew Lozano and Daniel Long. Graduation will be Saturday, June 11th with the Barbeque and Potluck at 3:00 P.M. and Graduation at 5:00 P.M. on the school field in Downieville.
The end of the year trip for grades 7-12 is on Thursday, June 9th. We will be going to Collins Lake for the day; bring a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, and your bathing suits!
The last day of school grades 7-12 will be having a fun day, eating food, passing out yearbooks, watching a movie, and playing a baseball game against the teachers. Every year the teachers dominate, but that’s only because we let them have it easy!
Mrs. Larson’s and Mr. Douville’s classes went to Sand Pond Tuesday, May 31. The K-3 class also took a local field trip to see the water plant. They’re also going to do a tour of the jail and Forest Service next week.
Mr. Douville’s class painted the fire awareness posters Wednesday, June 1. Look for them to be posted on the highway soon. Wednesday, June 8th is the 6th grade graduation.
This is the last edition of the Weekly Warrior. Enjoy your summer!

Weekly Warrior by: Sierra Folsom 5/18/16

Hello, Readers! We are preparing for the Spring Musical, “Hot Rod”, that will be presented on the 3rd and 4th of June at 7pm in the Yuba Theatre. Tickets are available at Sierra Hardware and from junior and senior high school students. The class is busy putting together the sets, but Ramon Nevarez and Tommy Dines have been putting the most time into them and they look great.
The Cancer Awareness Walk held on May 7 was a success although it was raining. A huge thanks to all the supporters and the businesses that donated food and raffle prizes. All the profits will go towards helping local cancer patients and/or people needing financial support for diagnostic tests.
The 7th, 8th and 11th grade did their testing last week. We appreciate Marlene Mongolo’s technical support and our test administrators, Mrs. Fillo and Robin Bolle.
Yearbooks are on sale for $40. Megan Parker and Rosendo Marquez have been working on video editing for a basketball video highlighting the Varsity’s 2015/16 season. We are working on our long-term projects in Robin’s classes. They will all be about the history of Sierra County. The Biology class will be releasing the Rainbow Trout soon. Robin also invited John Ponta to talk to us about his career in law enforcement and his experience in the navy. We liked having him come in and it was really cool that we could get an idea of what that career was about.
The tennis team had a great time playing in Quincy on May 9th. Kaylon Hall and I won a doubles match 6-4; Kyle Bosworth won 2 singles matches; and Makalia Rollins and Nick (a player from Quincy) won a doubles match. Megan Parker and Kaylon Hall played doubles together and were a great pair. Makalia Rollins and I had lots of fun playing doubles together and we had a good match as well. The high school players finished the season with a tournament in Redding from May 12-14. All of them had a great time and good games the first round, but only Makalia Rollins made it to the second round. Congrats to the team and Mr. Douville on their season!
Mrs. Larson’s K-3rd class went to the planetarium in Reno. Also, they were able to raise butterflies, which sounds super cool. Mr. Douville’s class has lots of awesome field trips planned, including a trip to the Planetarium in Reno and an overnight stay at The Grand Sierra. On May 17th they will be going to a museum in Sacramento to learn about California History. At the end of May the students are going to learn about Gold Mining in Sierra City.

Weekly Warrior by: Megan Parker 5/4/16

One more month! It seems like yesterday it was August and we were just getting into the groove of things. Now, we are getting ready to end the year.
Last weekend, 9-11th grade went to San Francisco and Sacramento while the seniors went on their senior trip to Monterey and San Francisco. The 9-11th graders were learning to use public transportation, so they got around using the train, BART and muni. They also rode on the ferry and a cable car. They visited Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square Garden, Chinatown, Tiffany’s and fancy hotels! Lee Adams and Robin Bolle were the supervisors and they were so much fun! The seniors went to the Monterey Aquarium–big thanks to Paul and Linda Guffin for making their Aquarium passes available to the group–and Fishermen’s Wharf and a Giants baseball game, which the Giants won! Mr. and Mrs. Fillo were their supervisors, and everyone had a great time!
Last Tuesday, April 26th, the tennis team had a match in Quincy. Hunter Davey had his first win, which was very exciting. Kaylon Hall and I played two doubles matches, and I’d say we make a pretty good team. Makalia Rollins was doing really well during her singles match, as was Sierra Folsom. We had to leave early, so they didn’t finish their games but it was fun. Jordan Best and Niles Bosworth played an excellent doubles match.
The LCAP meeting was last Wednesday, April 26, following a delicious rib dinner. Many community members attended along with teachers and staff. It was a successful recap and report for what’s been going on this year, and plans for next year.
Mrs. Larson’s K-3 class went on a field trip to the Planetarium in Reno on Friday, April 29th. They saw a kid’s science movie, the previous night’s stars and planets, a museum with interactive meteors, a youth gift shop, and enjoyed a picnic on the grass. It’s a really fun place to go; I went myself when I was younger and enjoyed it.
Mr. Douville’s class has been busy as well. Fourth graders are making a mission of Santa Barbara and 6th graders are working on country reports such as Italy, Vietnam, Canada, and Ireland. They’ve finished working on origami and are working on learning Spanish and American Sign Language.
This Saturday, May 7 is the annual Cancer Awareness Walk, with all proceeds going to assist local residents with the cost of diagnostic testing, cancer treatments and transportation to medical appointments connected with cancer treatments. Registration for the Walk begins at 8:30 a.m. at the school gym and is $10, which includes a prayer flag and raffle ticket. Additional raffle tickets will also be for sale and we have a wonderful selection of raffle items. The Walk starts at 9:00 am and includes a number of different routes of varying length; a healthy luncheon will follow. Frank Lang will provide free skin checks and information on non-toxic cleaning supplies will be provided. Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc. sponsors this year’s Walk; the local CSF/CJSF chapters will be running the event. Please join us in helping our neighbors!
Also, happy birthday to Arroyo Campbell on April 30th and Makalia Rollins on May 1st!

Weekly Warrior by: Makalia Rollins 4/20/16

We are back from spring break and working hard. Open House was April 13th. We had a great turn out. The Student Council Dinner went awesomely! We had way more people show up then we thought. We made approximately $300. Thank you everyone who came to support our school and thank you to the Masons who provided strawberries and ice cream for dessert.
The Juniors and Seniors went on a field trip to UNR on April 12th. They went to an Engineering lab and saw some awesome ways to fix things and some new ways to make crashing in a car less dangerous. According to Megan Parker, they learned about “liquid goo” which is solid when a force hits it and liquid when it’s still. Students got to punch the “liquid” and it was hard when touched. There was also a mini pool of goo and students got to run quickly across it. Then, they learned about “soft robotics” which are robotics not using any metal, such as silicone and 3D printing. They also learned about actual robots that use sensors to see, robots that don’t need humans to do things, and robots that interact with people. Finally, they saw earthquake simulator videos. UNR is the only university in the country to have four earthquake simulators. It was an excellent learning experience with a lot of information. All the students had a great time.
The 4-6th Grade Class also went on a field trip on April 12, to Anna Harvey’s Sheep Farm in Sierra Valley. They spun yarn, fed animals such as lambs and baby sheep, and got to hold animals. Natalie Rust said her favorite part was holding a full grown chicken. They had a lot of fun!
The tennis team attended its first tournament Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th in Quincy. The players this year are Niles Bosworth, Hunter Davey, Jordan Best, Kaylon Hall, Megan Parker and I, Makalia Rollins. Jordan Best won his tennis match 6-2. He played awesomely and it was a great win! Megan Parker won a match 6-0! She played her heart out and had a killer backhand. I also won a match, 6-4. I played my best. I was behind four games in the beginning but I decided not to give up and turned that almost loss into a definite win! The players who didn’t win a match had great attitudes and supported all of the players. We celebrated with Starbucks after the match.
All of the 7th and 8th CJSF members went to Folsom with Mr. and Ms. Fillo to the annual regional conference on April 16th. Sierra Folsom reported that it was very fun and helpful. The students got to choose 3 workshops to be in. They learned some good tips and also learned some fun things to make. The theme was Carnival so there were carnival games, photo booth, makeup booth and free cotton candy and popcorn throughout the day as well.
Some of the high school drama students saw the musical The Music Man in Auburn on April 17th; the play featured our very own retired science and math teacher Stephen Tassone. He was part of the barbershop quartet. The play was performed by the newly formed State Theatre Acting Company and was directed by former Sierra County teacher John Deaderick. I have to say that it was one of the best performances I have ever seen! The actors were so happy and energetic and their voices were lovely!
On April 27th Dr. Grant will hold a meeting to discuss how next year will/should work. A hosted dinner will be held starting at 6:00pm in the cafeteria; reservations are required. The community is encouraged to join us.
May 9th the elementary, junior high and 11th graders start their end of the year testing. If parents would like to donate snacks that would help the classrooms out a lot!
For my Long Term Project I am holding an afterschool program every Thursday for grades K-6th. It is free and students are welcome to join. We play games and hold bake sales to raise money for parties! The program is called BFF–Best Schools Foundation.
The annual Cancer Awareness Walk will once again be held on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, May 7. Registration begins at 8:30 at the school gym and costs $10. Following the walk, a healthy salad luncheon will be served. We will also have raffle prizes, prayer flags and updates on programs in Grass Valley as well as information on toxic vs. safe cleaning products. All proceeds from the Walk are made available to local residents to help cover costs of cancer treatments and screens.
Thank you Downieville for your support these past couple weeks!

Weekly Warrior by: Makalia Rollins 3/23/16

Mrs. Fillo is submitting Box Tops for Education to earn money for the school and classrooms. If you see a box top on your cereal boxes or pancake boxes please feel free to donate them to Downieville School. It would be greatly appreciated. Box Tops can be turned into any Downieville staff member.

The quarter ends April 8th and the 8th will be a minimum day. Open House follows closely on April 13th along with a Book Fair. The secondary students Long Term Projects are due April 8th and will be displayed at Open House.

The Banff film Festival is April 1-3. The Juniors and Seniors will be selling snacks to raise money for their classes.

Spring Break runs March 25th through April 3rd. Tommy Dines is holding a basketball camp April 1st and 2nd for his Senior Project. Both days the session for 10-13 year olds will start at 9:00am and end at 1:00 pm; the session for ages 14-18 will start at 1:00pm and end at 4:00pm. Drinks will be provided (Gatorade) as well as a T-Shirt. Please come and support Tommy Dines’s Senior Project.

The yearbook staff had a Yearbook party on March 18th to finish the Yearbook. We made great progress and had an awesome time! Thank you to Mr. Corcoran for donating the food and also to the Downieville Grocery Store for donating pizza to us. If you are interested in purchasing the new 2015/2016 Yearbook you can contact the school, 289-3473.

Ms. Bolle’s classes are doing virtual picture slideshows using an app called Animoto. We will be using this app to make slideshows about our long-term projects to present to the community at our Open House on April 13th.

Our Rainbow Trout eggs are due to arrive on Wednesday, March 23rd. We will raise the trout and watch them develop and then when they are ready we will release them into the Downieville River behind the Pizzeria.

Mr. Douville’s 4th grade class is making visual timelines about the history of California. The fourth graders will present the timelines to the community at Open House as well. Karlee Bolle presented an Origami lesson to the 4th-6th grade class as part of her Senior Project. She taught them about Origami and taught them how to make objects out of Origami. The students said that it was really fun and that Karlee did an awesome job. Thank you Karlee!

Mrs. Larson’s K-3rd class has finally finished their unit on space! They are now in the process of planning a field trip to the UNR Planetarium and Space Museum. That sounds out of this world! I’m sure they’ll have great fun!

On Monday, March 21st we had a guest speaker come to school all the way from the East Coast to talk to everyone about tobacco use. He has appeared on Fox News and is a magician. He did a couple of tricks for us along with his interactive speech that was very good.

Thank you Downieville for reading Weekly Warrior! Have a great Easter, everyone.

Weekly Warrior By: Megan Parker 3/16/16

We are counting down the days to Spring Break, and it is coming up quickly. March is going to go by so fast.

The Junior and Senior class had their Mexican dinner February 27th and it went extremely well. Many people said the enchiladas were delicious and both classes made about $300 each. We thank everyone who came and supported our classes; at a small school like this it’s really helpful when people come and support us!

The Alumni basketball game hit the courts on February 26th and as always, it was a fun time for both teams. Although the Alumni won, the game was still played with a lot of intensity.

Tennis practice has started, the coaches being Paul Douville and John Smith. We have a nicely sized team this year. Our first tournament is Friday, April 15th in Quincy.

Mr. Corcoran’s scholarship is due soon for the seniors, the topic being “Should Election Day be a holiday, and should voting be required?” Every year he comes up with a topic and a lucky senior gets chosen as the winner.

Junior High REACH was last weekend with attendees Aaron Foster, Jaime Kaput, and Robert Baker. It was Aaron’s first time and he said it was a lot of fun and he can’t wait until next year. He said he loved the dance and that was his favorite part. Students are encouraged to go because it’s an uplifting event and raises awareness about bullying and how others are feeling. The high schoolers leave to REACH today!

Ms. Bolle is planning a fun, educational trip to San Francisco for grades 9-11 in May, There will be fundraisers in the upcoming weeks to help support the trip.

Mrs. Larson’s class is having a fun time learning about solar system. Mr. Douville’s class is getting to learn a lot about different countries.

That’s all for this week! Thanks for reading.

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