Weekly Warrior by: Megan Parker 5/4/16

One more month! It seems like yesterday it was August and we were just getting into the groove of things. Now, we are getting ready to end the year.
Last weekend, 9-11th grade went to San Francisco and Sacramento while the seniors went on their senior trip to Monterey and San Francisco. The 9-11th graders were learning to use public transportation, so they got around using the train, BART and muni. They also rode on the ferry and a cable car. They visited Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square Garden, Chinatown, Tiffany’s and fancy hotels! Lee Adams and Robin Bolle were the supervisors and they were so much fun! The seniors went to the Monterey Aquarium–big thanks to Paul and Linda Guffin for making their Aquarium passes available to the group–and Fishermen’s Wharf and a Giants baseball game, which the Giants won! Mr. and Mrs. Fillo were their supervisors, and everyone had a great time!
Last Tuesday, April 26th, the tennis team had a match in Quincy. Hunter Davey had his first win, which was very exciting. Kaylon Hall and I played two doubles matches, and I’d say we make a pretty good team. Makalia Rollins was doing really well during her singles match, as was Sierra Folsom. We had to leave early, so they didn’t finish their games but it was fun. Jordan Best and Niles Bosworth played an excellent doubles match.
The LCAP meeting was last Wednesday, April 26, following a delicious rib dinner. Many community members attended along with teachers and staff. It was a successful recap and report for what’s been going on this year, and plans for next year.
Mrs. Larson’s K-3 class went on a field trip to the Planetarium in Reno on Friday, April 29th. They saw a kid’s science movie, the previous night’s stars and planets, a museum with interactive meteors, a youth gift shop, and enjoyed a picnic on the grass. It’s a really fun place to go; I went myself when I was younger and enjoyed it.
Mr. Douville’s class has been busy as well. Fourth graders are making a mission of Santa Barbara and 6th graders are working on country reports such as Italy, Vietnam, Canada, and Ireland. They’ve finished working on origami and are working on learning Spanish and American Sign Language.
This Saturday, May 7 is the annual Cancer Awareness Walk, with all proceeds going to assist local residents with the cost of diagnostic testing, cancer treatments and transportation to medical appointments connected with cancer treatments. Registration for the Walk begins at 8:30 a.m. at the school gym and is $10, which includes a prayer flag and raffle ticket. Additional raffle tickets will also be for sale and we have a wonderful selection of raffle items. The Walk starts at 9:00 am and includes a number of different routes of varying length; a healthy luncheon will follow. Frank Lang will provide free skin checks and information on non-toxic cleaning supplies will be provided. Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc. sponsors this year’s Walk; the local CSF/CJSF chapters will be running the event. Please join us in helping our neighbors!
Also, happy birthday to Arroyo Campbell on April 30th and Makalia Rollins on May 1st!

Weekly Warrior by: Makalia Rollins 4/20/16

We are back from spring break and working hard. Open House was April 13th. We had a great turn out. The Student Council Dinner went awesomely! We had way more people show up then we thought. We made approximately $300. Thank you everyone who came to support our school and thank you to the Masons who provided strawberries and ice cream for dessert.
The Juniors and Seniors went on a field trip to UNR on April 12th. They went to an Engineering lab and saw some awesome ways to fix things and some new ways to make crashing in a car less dangerous. According to Megan Parker, they learned about “liquid goo” which is solid when a force hits it and liquid when it’s still. Students got to punch the “liquid” and it was hard when touched. There was also a mini pool of goo and students got to run quickly across it. Then, they learned about “soft robotics” which are robotics not using any metal, such as silicone and 3D printing. They also learned about actual robots that use sensors to see, robots that don’t need humans to do things, and robots that interact with people. Finally, they saw earthquake simulator videos. UNR is the only university in the country to have four earthquake simulators. It was an excellent learning experience with a lot of information. All the students had a great time.
The 4-6th Grade Class also went on a field trip on April 12, to Anna Harvey’s Sheep Farm in Sierra Valley. They spun yarn, fed animals such as lambs and baby sheep, and got to hold animals. Natalie Rust said her favorite part was holding a full grown chicken. They had a lot of fun!
The tennis team attended its first tournament Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th in Quincy. The players this year are Niles Bosworth, Hunter Davey, Jordan Best, Kaylon Hall, Megan Parker and I, Makalia Rollins. Jordan Best won his tennis match 6-2. He played awesomely and it was a great win! Megan Parker won a match 6-0! She played her heart out and had a killer backhand. I also won a match, 6-4. I played my best. I was behind four games in the beginning but I decided not to give up and turned that almost loss into a definite win! The players who didn’t win a match had great attitudes and supported all of the players. We celebrated with Starbucks after the match.
All of the 7th and 8th CJSF members went to Folsom with Mr. and Ms. Fillo to the annual regional conference on April 16th. Sierra Folsom reported that it was very fun and helpful. The students got to choose 3 workshops to be in. They learned some good tips and also learned some fun things to make. The theme was Carnival so there were carnival games, photo booth, makeup booth and free cotton candy and popcorn throughout the day as well.
Some of the high school drama students saw the musical The Music Man in Auburn on April 17th; the play featured our very own retired science and math teacher Stephen Tassone. He was part of the barbershop quartet. The play was performed by the newly formed State Theatre Acting Company and was directed by former Sierra County teacher John Deaderick. I have to say that it was one of the best performances I have ever seen! The actors were so happy and energetic and their voices were lovely!
On April 27th Dr. Grant will hold a meeting to discuss how next year will/should work. A hosted dinner will be held starting at 6:00pm in the cafeteria; reservations are required. The community is encouraged to join us.
May 9th the elementary, junior high and 11th graders start their end of the year testing. If parents would like to donate snacks that would help the classrooms out a lot!
For my Long Term Project I am holding an afterschool program every Thursday for grades K-6th. It is free and students are welcome to join. We play games and hold bake sales to raise money for parties! The program is called BFF–Best Schools Foundation.
The annual Cancer Awareness Walk will once again be held on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, May 7. Registration begins at 8:30 at the school gym and costs $10. Following the walk, a healthy salad luncheon will be served. We will also have raffle prizes, prayer flags and updates on programs in Grass Valley as well as information on toxic vs. safe cleaning products. All proceeds from the Walk are made available to local residents to help cover costs of cancer treatments and screens.
Thank you Downieville for your support these past couple weeks!

Weekly Warrior by: Makalia Rollins 3/23/16

Mrs. Fillo is submitting Box Tops for Education to earn money for the school and classrooms. If you see a box top on your cereal boxes or pancake boxes please feel free to donate them to Downieville School. It would be greatly appreciated. Box Tops can be turned into any Downieville staff member.

The quarter ends April 8th and the 8th will be a minimum day. Open House follows closely on April 13th along with a Book Fair. The secondary students Long Term Projects are due April 8th and will be displayed at Open House.

The Banff film Festival is April 1-3. The Juniors and Seniors will be selling snacks to raise money for their classes.

Spring Break runs March 25th through April 3rd. Tommy Dines is holding a basketball camp April 1st and 2nd for his Senior Project. Both days the session for 10-13 year olds will start at 9:00am and end at 1:00 pm; the session for ages 14-18 will start at 1:00pm and end at 4:00pm. Drinks will be provided (Gatorade) as well as a T-Shirt. Please come and support Tommy Dines’s Senior Project.

The yearbook staff had a Yearbook party on March 18th to finish the Yearbook. We made great progress and had an awesome time! Thank you to Mr. Corcoran for donating the food and also to the Downieville Grocery Store for donating pizza to us. If you are interested in purchasing the new 2015/2016 Yearbook you can contact the school, 289-3473.

Ms. Bolle’s classes are doing virtual picture slideshows using an app called Animoto. We will be using this app to make slideshows about our long-term projects to present to the community at our Open House on April 13th.

Our Rainbow Trout eggs are due to arrive on Wednesday, March 23rd. We will raise the trout and watch them develop and then when they are ready we will release them into the Downieville River behind the Pizzeria.

Mr. Douville’s 4th grade class is making visual timelines about the history of California. The fourth graders will present the timelines to the community at Open House as well. Karlee Bolle presented an Origami lesson to the 4th-6th grade class as part of her Senior Project. She taught them about Origami and taught them how to make objects out of Origami. The students said that it was really fun and that Karlee did an awesome job. Thank you Karlee!

Mrs. Larson’s K-3rd class has finally finished their unit on space! They are now in the process of planning a field trip to the UNR Planetarium and Space Museum. That sounds out of this world! I’m sure they’ll have great fun!

On Monday, March 21st we had a guest speaker come to school all the way from the East Coast to talk to everyone about tobacco use. He has appeared on Fox News and is a magician. He did a couple of tricks for us along with his interactive speech that was very good.

Thank you Downieville for reading Weekly Warrior! Have a great Easter, everyone.

Weekly Warrior By: Megan Parker 3/16/16

We are counting down the days to Spring Break, and it is coming up quickly. March is going to go by so fast.

The Junior and Senior class had their Mexican dinner February 27th and it went extremely well. Many people said the enchiladas were delicious and both classes made about $300 each. We thank everyone who came and supported our classes; at a small school like this it’s really helpful when people come and support us!

The Alumni basketball game hit the courts on February 26th and as always, it was a fun time for both teams. Although the Alumni won, the game was still played with a lot of intensity.

Tennis practice has started, the coaches being Paul Douville and John Smith. We have a nicely sized team this year. Our first tournament is Friday, April 15th in Quincy.

Mr. Corcoran’s scholarship is due soon for the seniors, the topic being “Should Election Day be a holiday, and should voting be required?” Every year he comes up with a topic and a lucky senior gets chosen as the winner.

Junior High REACH was last weekend with attendees Aaron Foster, Jaime Kaput, and Robert Baker. It was Aaron’s first time and he said it was a lot of fun and he can’t wait until next year. He said he loved the dance and that was his favorite part. Students are encouraged to go because it’s an uplifting event and raises awareness about bullying and how others are feeling. The high schoolers leave to REACH today!

Ms. Bolle is planning a fun, educational trip to San Francisco for grades 9-11 in May, There will be fundraisers in the upcoming weeks to help support the trip.

Mrs. Larson’s class is having a fun time learning about solar system. Mr. Douville’s class is getting to learn a lot about different countries.

That’s all for this week! Thanks for reading.

Weekly Warrior By: Makalia Rollins 2/24/16

Welcome back to Weekly Warrior, readers! Mrs. Larson’s class is kicking the week into gear early. They already have started learning about the phases of the moon and started some beautiful drawings to show the different phases.

Ms. Maire announced that starting this week Paul Douville will be her long-term sub. Paul and the 3-6th grade class will be finishing up their unit on Ancient India this week and will start dissecting owl pellets at the end of this week and the beginning of next week. Ms. Maire said she will miss everyone while she is away. We will miss you too Ms. Maire, and we wish you the best!

The Junior High Co-ed Basketball team played Loyalton Junior High boys on Friday, February 12 and won, 13-9. Aaron and Austin Foster dominated in rebounds along with Esmeralda Nevarez. Jacob Rust had some beautiful shots, followed by Jesse Folsom and Katie Epps with their awesome defense! You all did so well and we are so proud and happy to get to watch you play!

The Varsity Basketball team played Herlong at home the same night, February 12, and won 42-36. It was a very exciting game for all the players and the crowd. Ramon Nevarez got many rebounds, and Arroyo Campbell played like a superstar with his steals and passes. Tommy Dines put in a three pointer at the buzzer!

The Varsity played Core Butte on February 16th at home as well. We started out the game dominating the court, but after half time they began to catch up, and by the end of the game they had surpassed us by 5 points, the final score resulting in 39-44. Niles Bosworth had an awesome highlight with a block against a player twice his size! The Player of the Game award went to Rosendo Marquez. Good game Warriors!

Last week, February 16-19, was Spirit Week to show school spirit for the Varsity Basketball team’s last set of games. This was one of the most successful Spirit Weeks this year! Everybody dressed up for almost every day! Tuesday was Twin Tuesday. Wednesday was Green and Gold Day. Thursday was Super Hero Thursday. And Friday was Physical Friday. Congratulations to the Jellypuff Spartan Spirit team for winning the spirit competition!

A huge “thank you” to Loyalton High School students and chaperones for extending an invitation to their Winter Formal. Over half of Downieville’s high school students attended and had a terrific time!

The Alumni Basketball game will be held this Friday, February 26 at 6:00 pm at the Downieville High School Gymnasium. Concessions will be open.

The Jr./Sr. class will be holding a fundraiser, Mexican themed dinner Saturday, February 27 at the Downieville Cafeteria starting at 5:30 pm. Please come and support the classes. Since this is also the night of the Snowballer Dance, reservations are encouraged. To make a reservation call the school at 289-3473.

It is the end of the season for basketball, so we would like to thank Coach Corcoran and Coach Steve Fillo for all you do for us and the community. You are both amazing coaches and we are all looking forward to training for next season. Thank you also to

the community for coming and supporting our teams and for our awesome volunteers on the clocks, Rachel and Paul Guffin. Go Warriors!

Have a great week Downieville; hope to see you at the upcoming events!

Weekly Warrior By: Megan Parker 2/10/16

To start things off, CSF would like to thank everyone who helped make the yearly Valentine’s Day flowers fundraiser another huge success!! If anyone missed out placing an order, there will probably be carnations available on Friday, February 12. Call the school 289-3473. The senior class would also like to thank Linda Fields for baking for the cake raffles!

The Junior High basketball teams have been doing extremely well. Saturday, January 30 they played two games against the Panthers. The girl’s game went into double overtime. In the first overtime, Eliane Campbell made a shot that tied them. Esmeralda Nevarez made four points within 30 seconds in an effort to tie them again. The girls did an amazing job, and we are expecting them to turn into wonderful varsity players. In the boy’s game, Coach Fillo said they really came together as a team and had a strong win, with the help of some of the girls to make up a full team. During the IKCC game on February 3, the co-ed junior high team was doing so well that the top scorers weren’t allowed to shoot! I believe Esmeralda really stepped up that game and scored most of the points.

As for Varsity, we had a two game winning streak against Elk Creek and IKCC last week. The Elk Creek game on February 1 was our best game of the entire season. One specific play was that the team was 3 points away from 60 points, so Tommy Dines said, “oh yeah!” barely stepped away from the green line, and shot a three, five seconds before the buzzer. The IKCC game was also fun to watch; we really dominated as a team. The second string played quite a bit and showed they’re really improving. Next, we played Loyalton away. Although we lost, we really played to their level. They played some of the JV team, so our subs got to join as well. Makalia Rollins had really good defense, and Matt Lozano received Player of the Game for his shooting. He played with confidence and skill. Our last home games are Friday, February 12th; Tuesday, February 16th; and Thursday, February 18th. Make sure to come; they will all be great teams to compete against!

The Snowball Dance is Saturday, February 27th at 7:00 P.M. The Juniors and Seniors will be hosting a Mexican themed dinner at 5:30 P.M. at the DHS cafeteria. The price is $12 and reservations are encouraged. Please come support us!

Mrs. Larson’s 1st-3rd grade class is studying space and will be doing reports on planets. They will be presenting a slideshow.

Ms. McDermid’s 4th-6th grade class is moving onto their unit on Ancient India and also studying birds and participating in the Great Backyard Bird Count. They will be dissecting owl pellets, going on short field trips, and doing bird-centered art projects.

No school Monday, February 15 in honor of Presidents’ Day. Spirit Week will be the 16th through the 19th, with a different theme each day. Make sure to dress up!

Weekly Warrior By: Makalia Rollins 1/27/16

It’s the beginning of a new quarter and we are already crazy busy! The second quarter ended January 22. Ms. Bolle’s classes had their Long Term Projects due the 22nd as well. The Long Term Projects are due before the end of every quarter. Ms. Bolle wanted to highlight the two projects done by Megan Parker and me, Makalia Rollins. Megan Parker did her Project on Cosmetology. She presented a time lapse video of herself doing her makeup, which was really good. She showed us which brushes were used for what, and she had a very nice poster. She did a very great job and everyone really liked it, especially the girls!

I did my long term project on Water Sampling. I tested two sources of water from Sierra City, one from the Fillo’s house and one from the Davey’s house. I also took water samples from Downieville and Goodyears Bar. I tested the water for Chlorine, Nitrogen, and Copper; conducted a hardness test; and also tested the Ph, or the acidity, of the water.

The Sierra City water came out on top, passing almost every test. Fillo’s was the best, then Davey’s, then Goodyears Bar water, and last was Downieville. It was a great test and really fun to do. I’m glad my class and the others who came to view it had a good time!

We had a very hands-on speaker teach us about making Google Maps and other good things about Technology. Her name was Amy Behlke, a former student of Downieville. She taught us about Google Backpacks and Google Maps. We created our own maps and even went on a virtual tour of Paris, New York, the Galápagos Islands, and an under the sea tour around the Great Barrier Reef. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to teach others how to use Google and put this new knowledge to use in a real world situation. Thank you, Amy, for coming to Downieville School and teaching us so much!

We are studying Western Sierra County in all of the high school science classes. Ms. Bolle is having us each choose an attraction or a part of Western Sierra County we find interesting and report on it. We got some game cameras to capture images of wild animals to include in our projects. I’m really excited to see how this assignment turns out.

It’s sure getting close to February, which means Valentine’s Day and Flowers! CSF is selling roses and carnations again this year. Orders are due February 1st and will be delivered on Friday February 12th. If you would like to order some flowers you can call Downieville School at (530) 289-3473.

It’s amazing how far the basketball teams, both junior high and high school, have come! The junior high team won third place in the tournament in Loyalton on January 14-17th, playing against Loyalton, Alturas, and Portola. The final score against Loyalton, 20-12, gave the Downieville team the 3rd place trophy.

The varsity team has come a long way from last year! Last year the team averaged around 19 points per game and won NO games. This year we are averaging around 39 points per game, we have won 3 games, including our home game on Wednesday, January 21st against the Ipicani Early College Starters. Tommy Dines got Player of the Game, with the final score 51-23. In the game against Loyalton on January 20th, I got Player of the Game.

We then played two games on Friday, January 22. One was a JV game where the subs for the varsity team played a whole game against the JV Greenville team. We lost 30-66, but we really brought it back in the second half. I am really proud of my teammates who tried their hardest and did a fantastic job! The JV players are Niles Bosworth, Hunter Davey, Arroyo Campbell, Jordan Best, and myself, Makalia Rollins. The Varsity team played Greenville Varsity and lost as well. They put up a great fight and tried their hardest. We really appreciate the awesome crowd we had every game, but especially Wednesday night; that crowd was on fire!

Ms.Maire’s class is studying Geology, Geometry, and Geography of different places. They have recently started building a Greenhouse for the school with SSF grant money. Ms. Maire’s students are all really excited to start growing plants and veggies, but I think that might be a while due to the season and the weather.

Mrs. Larson’s class is getting ready to celebrate the 100th day of school on February 5th! Sounds exciting. The 3rd graders are doing a slide show presentation on Google slides.

I hope you enjoyed the basketball games and all of the great information to keep you up to date on the activities of Downieville School! Thank you for reading!

Weekly Warrior By: Megan Parker 1/13/16

This is our second week back from our break, unfortunately. We all wish it would’ve lasted longer, but that is not the case.

Vacation started late for basketball players because there was the Elk Creek tournament Friday, December 18. We played three teams: Biggs, Princeton, and Elk Creek. Princeton score was 26-50, Biggs was 23-70, and Elk Creek was 44-51. Makalia Rollins got a steal against Princeton’s team; the crowd and I went pretty crazy. Daniel Long got an amazing block against Elk Creek. Elk Creek was a very exciting game to watch.

During the vacation, some exciting things that happened were that Jaime Kaput went to the Bay Area and saw family. Esmeralda Nevarez went to LA and went to Disneyland along with seeing family.

Ms. Bolle’s class is studying biological, historical, and geological sites of West Sierra County and would like input.

Last weekend the Jr. High Basketball team went on a tournament. The girl’s team played Loyalton and lost, but the boy’s team played Loyalton and won! It was 18-12. Their next game is Thursday, January 14th at Loyalton. We wish them luck!

As for the elementary, they have also been busy. Ms. McDermid’s class got a new student named Austin Peters! He’s a fourth grader from the Bay Area and says he enjoys it here. Connor White went to Reno over break and Jesse Folsom went snowmobiling at Gold Lake.

Mrs. Larson’s students have pen pals! Her brother teaches K-6 English in Korea, so the class is practicing their letter writing skills and learning about another culture.

The end of the semester is coming on the 29th. We also have many games to come! Friday, January 15th we are going to Westwood. Tuesday, January 19th we are playing Loyalton at home. We are also having a new team in our league; their school is called IKCC. We have a home game against them Wednesday, January 20th. Then, we have another home game Friday, January 22nd against Greenville. All home games are at 5:30 P.M.

That being said, Mr. Corcoran would like to alert the community to the fact that due to circumstances beyond our control–weather conditions and not enough refs in the League to cover the Division scheduled/sanctioned days of Tuesday and Friday here in Downieville– our game schedule can change on short notice. We would like to thank the community for their patience and urge everyone to check the sign down town for last minute changes or call the school, 289-3473. In Corcoran’s words “it is out of our control and definitely not of our asking!”

If anyone would like to help alleviate the situation by being trained as a ref, please contact Mr. Corcoran or Mr. Fillo at 289-3473. Refs get reimbursed for mileage and receive a stipend for reffing games. It would be wonderful to finally have some hometown refs on board and a great way to earn a little extra spending cash!

Weekly Warrior By: Makalia Rollins 12/16/15

We are off to a great start this basketball season! Our Varsity Basketball team won their FIRST Varsity game of the year, against Herlong, at the Greenville Tournament on December 5. The final score was 40-32. We had previously lost a game to Elk Creek by 3 points, final score being 37-40. We also had played against Westwood and lost by one point after going into triple overtime. The game was lost on 1 free throw shot. The Player of the Game Award went to Matthew Lozano for the Elk Creek game. Tommy Dines got Player of the Game for the Westwood game, because he made the most points. Ramon Nevarez got Player of the Game for the Herlong game, in which he made 20 of the 40 points! The whole team did very well and we are proud of everyone who played. The subs for the basketball team played a whole game against the Loyalton JV team on Tuesday December 8th in Loyalton. Everyone did a great job and played really well. Although we did not win, we tried our best and played our hearts out!

The Jr. High team has also brought home not one but two victories from their tournament in Portola on December 4/5th. They beat the Loyalton Boys Team 21-13, and the Loyalton Girls team as well, 20-16. Thank you to everyone who provided rides for our players and also for the players and other teams who made our victories possible.

We would like to thank Peggy Daigle for helping Mrs. Fillo’s College Readiness class make beautiful reindeer Christmas ornaments for the Christmas tree in front of the Yuba Theater. The tree looks wonderful. Thank you Peggy and also thank you 7th and 8th grade College Readiness class.

Holiday on Main, December 5, was a great success! Shelly Fischer’s Preschoolers performed a classical Jingle Bells song, and blew the crowd away! Mrs. Larson’s K-3 class performed Pete the Cat Saves Christmas and also did a musical number, “All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth.” Ms.Maire’s class performed a hysterical play called the Great Computer Caper. All of the performances were so good and we really appreciate everyone who came and also those who performed; getting up on stage took a lot of courage.

Thursday the 17th of December the high school had their Christmas party. It was very fun and exciting. We started off by having a pep-rally playing a lot of little Minute-to-win-it Christmas games and decorating gingerbread houses. We also had an amazing performance by the Jr. High students. They performed A Monster Christmas for us. We then exchanged gifts from our Secret Santas, and finished off our spectacular party with a wonderful feast provided our classmates.

Mrs. Katie Kelly’s art class has been working on their drawing skills. We started out drawing shadows with shapes; we then all picked a tool and drew the tool and the shadow coming from the tool after we put direct light over the tools. We then drew faces. Our artwork is always displayed in the hallway if the community would like to see what we have been working on. Thank you Mrs. Kelly for teaching us all about art!

Mrs. Larson’s class had their Christmas party as well. Her students’ day was filled with many exciting surprises and lots of fun. They had an art session and some desserts as well as a lot of fun games and an extended recess. The theme of their party was the Polar Express. They had hot chocolate and watched a movie to support that theme.

Hunter Davey and Arroyo Campbell fixed the foosball table in the Student Lounge. Now all of the students can enjoy their breaks with a game of foosball. Thank you to both for the time and energy they gave to get the table working for all of us to enjoy.

Ms. Bolle’s Algebra class is doing a unit on conversions and is also learning, and I have to say has pretty much mastered, the calculation Celsius and Fahrenheit conversions for the weather. Her flex class has just finished a group project on the attractions of our school and what is remarkable about our school. Biology as well is working on Power Points on the Yuba Watershed. Everyone is working very hard and doing very well to make these projects fantastic. Christmas Break starts the 18th of December, which is a minimum day. The varsity basketball team is going to a tournament in Elk Creek on the 18th and 19th of December. We are all hoping for good results coming home from those games. Wish us luck.

Happy Holidays to all! “See you” in the New Year!!

Weekly Warrior By: Megan Parker

Basketball season has arrived and we all have Christmas vacation to look forward to. As always, we have a million things to do and get done.
The Alumni Basketball Game was November 20th and the varsity team has improved a lot from last year! The Alumni had a lot of older people from the Glory Days of Downieville’s athletic teams. The final score was around 24-46. It was entertaining to watch and I’m sure both the teams had a lot of fun participating.
Just before Thanksgiving break the secondary school held a holiday dinner. Everyone brought something for the party – utensils, food and drinks. There was a pep rally to get some bonding involved then afterwards the feast started. Music played while everyone set up and took a seat. Everyone wrote what they were thankful for on a piece of paper and switched it around so everyone read someone else’s. It was a really fun time!
We are in the second quarter of Mr. Corcoran’s new reading program in which we chose a nonfiction book from his private collection from topics such as history and anthropology to current events and travel. He’s also providing a time between the end of school and practice for the basketball players to have a study hall in his classroom. The cultural theme for the November Spanish party was Bolivian food. Students prepared food from that country and had a party with music and videos from that culture.
On November 23, Joe Graney of Santa Cruz Bikes gave an inspiring talk about career choices and specifically the engineering and technology involved in the design and production of top performing Santa Cruz bikes. Loyalton students came over thanks to Megan Meschery. Joe worked on derivatives with us, which is how his team decides how strong they have to make the bike. They consider how much pressure, speed, and weight will be put on the bike. They think of the most extreme situations and configure that into the bike model. The Loyalton students had an easier time solving the math problems than us! It was an exciting experience to be a part of; thank you to Robin Bolle for bringing Joe in and a huge thanks to Joe for taking time to share his expertise with us!!
Mrs. Larson’s class had a Thanksgiving feast with Ms. McDermid’s class that was super fun for the kids. Thanks to the creative ideas of Darcy White matched with the sewing abilities of Erik Blankenbiller, each student wore traditional Pilgrim attire and the table was dressed in fall themed decorations. The K-3rd grade students are also practicing their Holiday on Main production of “Pete the Cat Saves Christmas” with a musical number!
Ms. McDermind’s class has made snowmen for fun and the students are working on decorating the Christmas trees downtown on Main Street! Connor White and Katie Epps’ stories (Story of the Gods) could be published. The 4th-6th students also have a play prepared for Holiday on Main called “The North Pole Computer Caper” that will be on stage at 5 P.M at the Yuba Theatre on December 5.
Again, Holiday on Main is Saturday December 5th. The Jr. High/Elementary Basketball team’s first game is Friday, December 4th at 1:00pm in Portola. Their tournament is Friday and Saturday in Portola; the high school team will be in Greenville for a tournament.
Thanks to everyone for the wonderful support towards our school; we plan on doing a lot more wonderful things!

Weekly Warrior by Makalia Rollins 11/18/15

It has been a very exciting week at Downieville School with all of the events and projects the students have been working very hard on. Mrs. Larson’s class is doing a project on the history of Downieville. The students will be learning and exploring the culture of the miners who were here in the 1850s as well as a session on the Indian tribes.
Ms. Maire’s class is also hard at work preparing a play for the annual Holiday on Main festival to be held December 5. The play, “enter play name” will be presented at the Yuba Theatre at 5:30pm. Natalie Rust was very excited to inform the town that she has graduated from her speech class. We are very proud of Natalie for her hard work and commitment.
Mr. Corcoran has his country reports due very soon and the students are hard at work trying to perfect their PowerPoints and/or prezi.
Ms. Bolle’s math and science classes are making nature videos and doing projects tying in with our town. I love this idea and I love the way we are learning as well as having fun.
Jordan Best and I participated in a staged bullying act last week. We pretended to be fighting and bullying each other to see if any of our classmates would intervene. I am very pleased that two students stepped in to stop the fight, Ramon Nevarez and Rosendo Marquez. Thank you two for helping to stop bullying.
The Veterans lunch on November 11th was a huge success thanks to the community members and vets who attended as well as Ramon Nevarez, Tommy Dines, Kaylon Hall, and Makalia Rollins for helping serve and prepare for the event. Also thank you to the juniors and seniors for providing the really good desserts! The documentary “The Forgotten Flag Raisers,” by Dustin Spence was shown at the Yuba Theatre. It was a one-hour documentary that told the story of filmmaker Dustin Spence’s quest to identify the heroes who first raised the American flag during the battle of Iwo Jima in World War II. Tommy Dines was the MC for the event. He did a spectacular job and we were all very impressed by his speech and his confidence being alone on the stage. Tommy you did a great job; thank you for the hard work.
On November 12th the drama class held “ Soup, Sausages and Soliloquies,” at the cafeteria; the food and the performances were spectacular! All of the students did an amazing job and the audience had a very fun time watching the students perform their monologues, dialogues and skit.
The Alumni basketball game is this Friday, November 20th. The 2015/16 Downieville basketball team will be playing the Downieville graduates from years back. The game will be at 6:00pm; please come and support our team!
That’s all the news for this week! Thanks for reading and read again next time to keep tabs on the Downieville student activities and projects.

Weekly Warrior By: Megan Parker

This month has been crazy busy because of the quarter ending and another one beginning! A quarterly assignment has been given out by Mr. Corcoran for the juniors and seniors. Every quarter he assigns an historical, sociological, or philosophical novel and a book report on it after it’s finished. It’s had a positive effect so far, because we are able to read out loud better and get some more knowledge about things we usually don’t study about. He also assigned each class to do a report on a country of their choosing, using information from the CIA World Fact book. The junior high class is also working on their family trees.
Ms. Bolle has been doing a wonderful job this year! She has done many activities with the classes and is trying to connect math and science to the real world. She had the 7/8th and 11/12th graders individually do an egg drop. The 7/8th graders had no rules and it was very successful! The 11/12th graders were restricted to strings, tape, and straws. It wasn’t as successful, but very fun to do! Daniel Long and Ramon Nevarez were the only eggs that survived. She also did a project called “Math at the Cemetery” where the class picked out graves from the 1800s and studied them. She tried to connect math with history. She also had Dr. Sandy Loving, a Pediatrician, come in to talk about how technology has changed throughout the year; she told some gory stories. Tom Schumann also came in and talked about waves and their actions. He did a presentation to the 7/8th grade class. Ms. Bolle is also trying to make videos in relation to science and math! We have done some and we’re trying to get better and better as the year goes by.
Spirit Week was October19th – 23rd. This year the students were divided into two spirit teams that competed for points. The team with the people who dressed up the most won mocha brownies and the person who dressed up the most won $15! The elementary students also dressed up and were adorable as always. The themes were Macho Monday, Twenties Tuesday, Western Wednesday, Thug Thursday, and Freaky Friday. It was fun to see everyone dress up. The two teams were “Dungeon Defenders” and “Jellypuff Spartans” and the Jellypuff Spartans won! Eliane Campbell won the $15 for showing the most individual school spirit. Congrats to all.
From October 26th – 30th Shelly Fischer held Red Ribbon Week, which is raising awareness about drugs and not doing them. She had cute snacks she gave out each day and even held a raffle. It was a wonderful project for Friday Night Live. Thank you Shelly!
IMG_4355October 30th was the annual school Halloween Carnival! The turnout this year was exceptional! Among the many awesome costumes were Candice and Andy Robinson and kids, Lola and Aiden, dressed up from Star Wars. They were very adorable. The Cake Walk was a huge success and the seniors made $249 on the Walk alone! Thank you to all the generous community members who baked for the Cake Walk; the Senior Class could not have done it without you!! There was also a raffle with a few baskets of treats and an auction of scarecrows made by the 4-6th grade class. It seemed like the most productive Halloween Carnival yet!
Ms. McDermid is happy to announce that the turtle has been found! The class is studying fall festivals around the world, ranging from Mexico to India and including the Native Americans. She had many Halloween items for sale at the carnival like barn quilts and scarecrows made by her class. The class is still working on entering plays for B-Street Theatre. Ms. McDermid is also having the students work on collaboration books for a program called “Kids are Authors” where student winners get their books published! They are also wrapping up their unit on Native California. Last but not least, they are going on a field trip to Sierra College to study the Nisenan Maidu.
Sausage, Soup, and Soliloquies is happening Thursday, November 12th. The dinner will start at 5 P.M. at the cafeteria and the show will start soon after. The price is $10 for dinner and the show, or just dinner. The price of just the show is $5. The drama class is performing a series of dialogues and monologues and would love for you all to come and support us! We have a big class of 18 this year, so our spring musical should be a huge hit.
Friday, November 20th at 6 P.M. is the Alumni Game. Please come and support the first game for the 2015/2016 Boys Varsity Team! They have improved tremendously and have a team of 10. Makalia Rollins is part of the team. Watch former DHS team members and new team members compete for bragging rights.
That’s all for this edition; thanks for reading!

Weekly Warrior by Makalia Rollins 10/21/15

Welcome back readers to another amazing week at Downieville Elementary and Jr/Sr High!

Mrs. Larson’s class has had a great week. They had a spectacular field trip to the Pumpkin Patch in Bishop on October 9th. They enjoyed hayrides, a train ride, and a huge swirly slide. They also got to mine for marbles. All the students were enthused while telling me what they did on their field trip. Their next project is autobiography writing. I can’t wait to see them when they are displayed in the hallway.
Ms. Marie’s students are also looking forward to future events. They will be attending a hike to Mills Peak off Gold Lake Road. They are studying native Californian people, plants and animals. They are now movie producers in the big “DV”, making algebraic equations movies as well as movies about invasive species. I’m sure the movies will be amazing!
The high school side has started using google spreadsheets as well as google classrooms to receive homework assignments and discuss homework questions. Geometry has started using an app called Geogebra that I find is an amazingly helpful app for calculating and graphing problems. The 9/10th grade Spanish class had their first Spanish party on October 16th. The Stem Academy field trip took place October 10th. Katy Epps, Esmeralda Nevarez, Elaine Campbell, and Gillian Rust attended and had an amazing time. The Octoberfest was a success as it usually is. The drama club’s dessert booth did very well and everyone had an amazing time. Thank you to all who patronized the student booths!!
Friday October 16th, the 7th graders met their CSF buddies for ice cream at the Downieville Grocery Store.
Saturday the 17th of October was Loyalton’s Homecoming and several Downieville High School students attended. It was very elegant and bright. Everyone looked amazing and had a blast. We were in the gym and the walkway was lit with strings of sparkly lights. We all felt like royalty. The 11/12th grade drama students attended a play in Grass Valley called The Crucible presented by LeGacy Family Productions. The play was set in Puritan times and was about the Salem Witch trials. The students reported that it was a very intense, well-performed play!
Parent-teacher conferences will be held on Thursday October 29th and Friday October 30th, which are also minimum school days. Please call NOW to schedule an appointment with your child’s teacher(s)–289-3473.
The Halloween Carnival will be held October 30th at 6:00 P.M. in the school gym. October 30th is also the end of the quarter. On the 2nd of November basketball season will start.
Have a great rest of your week Downieville!

Weekly Warrior by Megan Parker

It’s that time of year again… Fall! Many things have been happening. Wild Things took place on October 1st. Gabe, the man who always comes and shows us the animals, was cracking up jokes and was a very good host. Among the animals shown were an opossum, skunk, coyote, lemur, and cockroaches. It’s always an exciting event.

The annual Sierra Schools Foundation Benefit Golf Tournament took place October 3rd. There were 30 teams! The Downieville/Sierra City team consisted of Mr. Corcoran, Mr. Fillo, Mr. Wright and Mr. Hemstalk. They improved a lot from last year! There was good weather and the event raised a lot of money for the Foundation that in turn awards grants to Sierra County teachers to use for student field trips and classroom projects. Next year, they hope for more participants.

Ms. McDermid’s 4th and 6th graders went up to Lassen Park for four days. They stayed in a cabin, played cards, and told campfire stories. They went on a hike and saw caves, and a sulfur pot with lots of bubbles that smelled like rotten eggs. They went to a Yahi Indian Museum and saw lots of pictures and woven baskets. The kids said the water was too cold and muddy! They said they also saw “golden” squirrels. It was a lot of fun and a great experience.

On September 28th, Mrs. Larson and her K-3rd graders went on a “farm day” field trip to the Nevada County Fairgrounds. They saw horses, honeybees, rescue birds, worms, and Smokey the Bear. They learned about a dog named Dozer who sniffed out produce, how to milk a cow and about different types of soil. It sounded like a lot of fun, as all the kids were very excited to share it with me.

We have had four guest speakers this year! Corey Peterman has been coming in, and not only helping students with math and science, but talking to us about “STEM” careers (Science- Technology-Engineering-Math). Tom Schumann came in and talked about laser diffraction, which was really cool! He showed demonstrations of different ways light “bends” and we even got to help. Phil Cammack came in and talked about all the work he has done on the Apache helicopter. He had done a LOT of work as an engineer on world record breaking helicopters, which hold to this day. He is a humorous man and we enjoyed having him. Johan Khalilan came in thanks to Barbara Weaver. He talked about his hard childhood and how he overcame it. He told us many people told him he wouldn’t make it, and sadly he listened. However, he began to believe in himself and he has been motivating kids not to listen to the people who tell them they can’t make it. He definitely pulled some heartstrings! He was humorous and related to us very well.

On Friday, October 9th, Mrs. Larson’s class is going to a pumpkin patch (and I am totally jealous). Mr. Corcoran wants to announce that basketball practice starts in November. Also, in his World History class he is starting a new project. The class is going to draw two maps: Europe and the United States. The flag for each country or state will be painted onto the map. The students are all very excited to start.

Oktoberfest is Saturday, October 10th in Sierra City. Please come and support the student booths. The drama club will be selling a lot of yummy delicious German desserts and the 9/10th graders will have a smoothie/ice cream booth!

Monday the 19th through Friday the 23rd is Spirit Week. Monday is Macho Monday; Tuesday is Twenties Tuesday; Wednesday is Western Wednesday; Thursday is Thug Thursday; and Friday is Freaky Friday! We hope everyone will participate. The secondary students will be divided into teams with the winning team receiving a surprise prize!

The annual Halloween Carnival is Friday, October 30th (also when the quarter ends). Please come and support the classes. It will be a ton of fun, as always. Thank you for reading!

Weekly Warrior By: Megan Parker 9/23/15

It’s already the fourth week of school and it’s going fast. We’ve had a couple of field trips and fun events!

The yearly Ashland, Oregon trip was September 9th – 11th. This year we saw “Much Ado About Nothing” (a Shakespearean comedy) and “The Count of Monte Cristo” (a melodrama). “Much Ado About Nothing” was a hilarious play with a beautiful stage in the indoor amphitheater. “The Count of Monte Cristo” was in the outdoor theatre, and it was also beautifully done. In my opinion, it wasn’t my favorite; however the movie is phenomenal. Ashland is a small town with cute shops all around. I recommend adults to go next year!

On the way home from Ashland, we went to two colleges. One group went to Lassen College in Susanville. Davis Murphy, the outreach coordinator, gave them a tour. It’s a community college with housing on campus. Davis said housing was fairly cheap for a community college and a college in general. It was a small college and fairly close to home. The other college the group visited was Shasta College. We didn’t go on an official tour, but we did walk around. It has a swimming pool, many tennis courts, and a huge firefighter program. There is also on-campus housing. It was a good trip; I cannot thank Mr. and Mrs. Fillo enough for the wonderful experience.

On September 14th, the 11th and 12th graders went to FRC College for the College Career Day event. Many different college booths were set up around the gym (including TMCC, UNR, Oregon Tech, Paul Mitchell in Reno and many others). An awesome outgoing speaker named Bert Jarvis talked about being confident with yourself and not letting obstacles hold you back from having a great future. He connected well with the students and kept the speech from being “boring” by making jokes continually. He ended his speech with a freestyle rap!

The annual River Clean Up was held on Saturday, September 19th at three different locations–Sierra City, Downieville, and Indian Valley. It started at 9 A.M. and the volunteers were all very involved in cleaning up the community. A special thanks to Ms. Maire for helping organize the whole event!

Join us Saturday, October 3rd for the Sierra Schools Foundation “Swinging For The Schools” Golf Tournament, which is sponsored by the Garrigus Family and West Orthodontics. We are in need of additional players. Why not organize a foursome and enjoy a day of golf while benefiting the schools? The event will be at Plumas Pines Golf Resort in Graeagle. A shotgun start is set for 10:30 A.M. and a BBQ around 4:00 P.M. It costs $110 per person or $400 for a complete foursome (which includes green fees, cart, & BBQ dinner by the Roen Ranch). There will be prizes for the winners and a prize drawing and silent auction at the BBQ! For additional information call Mr. Corcoran at DHS, 289-3473.

Upcoming events in October include Oktoberfest on Saturday, October 10th in Sierra City and once again the drama club will be selling German desserts. The PSAT will be administered on campus on Wednesday, October 14th, and the Halloween Carnival will be held on Friday, October 30th. We hope to see you at all events and we thank you for your support.

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