Spring Wildflower Walks 2/24/16


State Park Docents will lead guided Wildflower Walks every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. beginning on Sunday March 6 and continuing through at least Mother’s Day, May 8. Depending on how the flowers are doing, we may go to mid-May.

Guided hikes last about two hours along the Buttermilk Bend trail, an easy 2.5 mile round trip hike. Meet at the trail head in the north parking lot, just past the concrete bridge which crosses the South Yuba River on Pleasant Valley Road. Sturdy walking shoes are recommended along with a hat, sunscreen, and remember to bring water. A $3.00 donation is requested and appreciated.

For more information throughout our short season, call the park at (530) 432-2546, or go to http://www.southyubariverstatepark.org. (Rain will cancel walks)

Covered Bridge Repair on Track 1/13/16

Bridgeport Covered Bridge Repair On-track Despite Cost Increases

Penn Valley, Ca – County officials and members of the Save Our Bridge Campaign Committee received a thorough briefing on the status of the Bridgeport Covered Bridge renovation project from California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) staff today. DPR representatives reported that following an extensive assessment of the condition of the Bridge and the work needed to completely renovate the structure, a new cost estimate for the work now stands at $3.9 million.

Sierra District Chief Ranger Matthew Green explained that the original estimate of $1.3 million was based on a very limited assessment performed in 2011. The revised estimate was completed last December. The increased estimate is due in large part to increased construction costs and a large contingency fund to address unforeseen issues with a very old, uniquely designed structure over a large river. With the $1.3 million already funded, an additional $2.6 million is needed to restore this 1862 iconic structure to its’ former majesty.

DPR staff reported that new engineering and architectural plans are in the final stage of completion, detailing the work necessary to save the longest single span wood covered bridge left in the world. These plans call for a complete renovation of the bridge and engineering work that will ensure the bridge will be able to withstand future flooding and storms; hopefully lasting for another 150+ years.

Matthew Green and DPR staff said, “The Bridge is a very high priority for our department”. Green and DPR staff also said that any new requests for State funding would have to wait until after all permits were completed. In the meantime, there are sufficient funds to proceed with the permitting and other processes. The permits needed are quite extensive and involve California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, The Army Corp of Engineers and other agencies. The project will also need to comply with CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) and NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) requirements, which may take up to 24 months to complete before construction can begin. Nevada County Supervisor Hank Weston stated “We are going to be actively involved in following the Environmental and Permitting process and provide whatever assistance we can to see the process moves as rapidly as possible”.

Doug Moon, Chair of the Save Our Bridge Campaign Committee asks that community and supporters everywhere stay engaged. “There will be more work ahead for us. When the project funding is requested, we will need your support to encourage the Governor and Legislature to fully fund the total renovation. Together we can Save Our Bridge.”

Important SYRSP Bridge News 1/6/16

Bridgeport News South Yuba River State Park 2016 JANUARY SYRPA NEWSLETTER January 2016 IMPORTANT BRIDGE NEWS On December 13, 2015, two of the Bridgeport Park Rangers discovered that during the storm on the previous day, a large limb had broken off of a tree next to the Bridge. The tree limb had broken one of the sup-port cables for the stabilization structure that has been installed on the Bridge. Luckily, the Bridge itself did not sustain any damage! The next morning, State Depart-ment of Parks and Recreation (DPR) staff were on site assessing the damage and returned on December 16th to affect the repair and install a new cable. A huge thank you to DPR staff and their quick response and repair!

Now; regarding the next phase of the restoration project of the Bridge: On Monday, January 11, 2016, the Save Our Bridge Campaign Committee is meeting with DPR Staff to receive an update on:  The semi-final plans for the restoration  The progress that has been made in the permitting process  How much has been spent so far and how much is still available from the $1.316 Million allocated for the project  An updated cost estimate based on the thorough assessment of repairs needed  If there are cost increases, how does DPR plan to attain the additional funds needed? The Committee is expecting the updated cost estimates for the total project to exceed the budget currently allocated.


Greek Festival in Yuba City 8/26/15

baklavaThe Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Greece come to Yuba City, October 3rd One Day of Authentic Food, Music and Family Fun Promised at the 7th Annual Yuba-Sutter Greek Food & Wine Festival Yuba City, CA/ October 3, 2015 — Calling all food and music lovers. The Yuba- Sutter Greek Food & Wine Festival is set to take place near Plumas Street, on Teegarden Avenue in Downtown Yuba City, California on Saturday October 3rd, from 3-9pm.

The festival will feature street vendors, craft stations, authentic Greek cuisine and live performances by world-class musicians and dancers. Experience the sights, sounds and tastes of a proud people whose cultural history dates back over 4,500 years.

Be Greek For a Day! The festival will offer a massive variety of the best food of the region prepared fresh by skilled Greek chefs and caterers. The foods will range from tasty lamb, chicken and pork skewers fresh from the roasting spit, traditional Spanakopita, Dolmades, and a variety of authentic sweet treats including homemade Baklava.

dancersInteract with costumed characters such a Hera, Zeus and Poseidon. Join the fun and dance alongside professional Greek performers as they showcasing regional choreography. A family friendly craft area will offer Greek painting, olive wreath crown making, face painting and cooking demonstrations.

Festivalgoers will also be able to enjoy many local refreshments, including Greek wines (name), Greek Beer (name) or Greek liquors such and Ouzo and Metaxas!

Dance the night away to live music performed by Mediterranean Soul. Well known in the Greek community this group performs a variety of fun Greek music styles including Kalamatiano, Tsamiko, Hasaposerviko, Zembekiko, Tsiftitelli, Hasapiko, Pentozali, Karsilama and Syrto.

All proceeds from the festival benefit the Yuba City Hands of Hope, and the Sutter Performing Arts Association Theater renovation project.

For a full schedule of performers and vendors or to buy tickets please visit http://www.yubasuttergreekfoodwinefestival.com or follow the festival on Facebook at YubaSutterGreekFoodWineFestival. Contact Fotine HalikasKopriva, festival spokesperson at (530) 415-1351 or email: fotines725@gmail.com

Toll Takers Sign at SYRSP 7/1/15

Toll Takers Sign Installed in Barn at the South Yuba River State Park

A new sign to commemorate Bridge toll takers Perkins Hutchinson (1856-64) and Gideon Graves (1876-99) was installed in the Barn June 25, 2015. Descendants of Perkins Hutchinson, David Wood’s toll taker, including his granddaughter, Sue Hutchinson Walker, attended the ceremony and funded the sign. Later the sign will be relocated near the Bridge when the renovation work is complete. An article about the toll takers is on the SYRPA website at the Cultural History page. Steve Pauly

IMG_0116 (Large)


So Yuba Bridge Work 2/11/15

2015-02-4 (92)A 9000 pound steel support was hoisted into place on the South end of the Historic Covered Bridge at South Yuba River State Park in Northern California. A similar support structure will be added on the North end and then a series of cables and girders will combine to stabilize the integrity of the bridge. The stabilization is phase one of a two phases. The restoration process will be phase two. The bridge, built in 1862, is the longest single span wooden covered bridge remaining in the world.

Support United Way 11/26/14

For the final time this year Photographer John Hollis is offering to sell any or all of these prints for $250 each – matted and mounted, sized about 21×14 inches.
ALL PROCEEDS GO TO YUBA SUTTER UNITED WAY (I pay all production costs) so they can continue to help those in need throughout it’s three-county area. Check is made out to YSUW.
If you would like a smaller print, we can work that out. Sale ends Dec. 8.

Contact John Hollis at uscgguy74@yahoo.com for information.

Chili May Be Dangerous 2/19/14

courtesy of Mountain Messenger

THE MIDDLE–More than one eastern County would-be chili cook have complained about the price of beef. Given the upcoming Great Yuba Pass Chili Cook-off, held March 1 at Yuba Pass, and the futility of attempts to use road kill, badger, wolverine and chicken, area ranchers are advised to keep an eye on their stock.
The usual suspects, always including Loyalton’s Andy White, have resorted to hiding the names of judges from honest contestants. The privilege of naming judges switches from side to side annually. This year, it’s the east side’s turn.
Our sources have suggested we plan to bribe Jeanine Hudson and Ron Strong, but the names of other judges have been stubbornly withheld.
We know that Strong is susceptible to ‘Goldwater for Emperor” lapel buttons, but are unaware of any Hudson weaknesses.

don fund The necessity of bribing judges is absolute: there are no rules in the event, but human nature and greed area natural rule. There are no entry fees, no registration, no amenities offered, no requirements but showing up. There are no rules and everyone is welcome to be disrespected by the bribed judges on an equal footing.
For the record and to avoid a libel suit, we insist on declaring there is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF Andy White’s chili sent 60 people to the hospital last year. Chuck or Danny Henson’s chili may have been responsible for that, for all we know.

Fire Plans for Camptonville February 19th

The Yuba Watershed Protection & Fire Safe Council (YWP&FSC) will be holding meetings in all five Yuba County fire districts to receive community input for the update of our Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).  The CWPP is a critical document for fire protection and for the YWP&FSC to leverage resources to fund Yuba’s fire safety efforts. It is also an opportunity for local property owners to have input. Please attend!
Please note the date for this important community meeting (information below):  Wednesday, February 19th, 6:30 p.m. at the Camptonville School Gym

Your Fire Chief chiming in here.  This “Community Wildfire Protection Plan” is an important document.  Without this “CWPP” document, we will no longer receive any funding for fire prevention.  This means projects similar to the “fuels reduction projects” recently completed along Marysville Road and Weeds Point Road and Mountain House Road will simply not happen.
And we need these projects.  The 200 miles of roadside fuels reduction work completed in Yuba County in the last couple years is some of the best insurance we can have against accidental wildfire ignitions.
The CWPP document is being written as we speak and it will be completed, but …
Here’s the catch: The only projects that will receive funding in the future will be projects identified in the CWPP.  This is the federal gov’s way of making sure that projects selected for funding are actually part of a larger integrated plan, aka a CWPP.
So, while the author’s of the plan are pondering projects to include for Camptonville (and by that I mean specific locations for projects), they and we (the fire department) can’t think or know everything, so ….
If you have a concern about a specific location that needs a “Fuels Reduction Project”, then please come to this meeting and voice your concern.  Otherwise, we’ll never know and then later … by the new rules … it will be too late.
The CWPP is updated every 5 years.  Please email and send this note to your neighbors.
Please note the date for this important community meeting:  Wednesday, February 19th, 6:30 p.m. at the Camptonville School Gym
Mark Jokerst
Fire Chief
Camptonville Vol Fire Dept
P.O. Box 37
Camptonville, CA 95922

Alcouffe Center Crab Feed 12/11/13


The annual Alcouffe Center Crab Feed is now open to accepting reservations. Attached is a flyer for the event. Please let others know and feel free to duplicate for handouts or posting. With the success of this event last year undoubtedly sales will be strong.  So please let folks know to get their reservations in early to assure seating.  No event sales will be accepted after Tuesday, January 14.

The menu will be basically the same as last year, the fresh dungeness crab is pre-cracked so no special utensils are needed.  Butter warmers and high quality clarified butter is provided or attendees may bring their own.

It is suggested that pre-paid reservations be made on line at alcouffecenter.org or can also be made by calling Sue at 632-6323.  On line reservation purchases can be handled in a single transaction with a receipt generated by pay pal and is the preferred method of purchase.


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