To contact:

The Mountain Messenger

PO Drawer A, Downieville, CA 95936

Call: 530 289-3262 (phone & fax)


Editor Don Russell –

Worker Milly –

Although the and the Mess have a friendly relationship and on occasion share articles there is no actual business relationship. The Mountain Messenger is the only adjudicated newspaper in Sierra County able to publish Legal Notices.

For subscription info go: Mountain Messenger Subscriptions

6 thoughts on “MOUNTAIN MESSENGER Information Page

  1. Love your new format, Sierra Country Prospect. Lots of interesting articles and opinion pieces, and lots to think about.

    To all of you (Liz Fisher, et. al.) Merry holidays!

  2. DON,this Carmella i just left there.If i wanted to sell CORN AND CANTALOUPE for the day would i need a permit or liscense?just for the day? THANKS CARMELLA.

    • Hi Marianne,
      Like most, I make mistakes and sometimes do put the wrong xword answers in the paper. Sometimes I do it on purpose, because I have an evil side.
      If the puzzle answers aren’t in the paper, it’s because of space.

      If you email me on Monday following the latest edition of the Messenger, I will send you a copy of the correct answers. Or maybe sell you a couple letters.

  3. Thank you for putting up this helpful page.
    Look! The Mess is (as close as it will ever get to being) on-line! But please, don’t tell Don Russell.

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